She seemed to see clearly that he smiled at him and couldn’t tell a joke, and then she fell asleep again.

Although the children are premature, they are in good health.
I invited a special person to look at Nine Ye Xiaochen, and the hospital will also go to the intensive care unit to accompany Qin Miaomiao.
Didn’t even talk. Then watch
This situation is the most uncomfortable. The doctor once said that she almost lost her life and her heart stopped several times during the operation.
He lost nearly two thirds of his blood, but he was very weak even though he was transfused later.
It can be seen how dangerous this situation is.
This plays an important role in their lives. If anything happens to her,
Waiting days are the hardest.
I didn’t sleep for three days, and I didn’t even eat a few mouthfuls.
She’s just lying like a broken doll. She’s used to watching her alive and kicking. It’s really sad to see her like this.
Everyone is afraid of losing such a person, especially.
Small six small seven they didn’t go into the intensive care unit, most of the time staring at three children.
I found a wet nurse before. I really have a grandmother.
Most of the time, there are special nurses to take care of them, but it is their duty to protect the young masters as bodyguards
Especially, they have to learn to take care of young masters.
"Brother Liu, are you the boss?"
"Stupid! Didn’t the little princess see our little princess with fine features?"
"Brother Liu doesn’t have eyebrows yet, and this dress is exactly the same. How can you tell?"
I have to say that the three hours are really beautiful, even if the facial features haven’t been opened yet, but the whitening skin, big eyelids are still quite good, and there is no trace of the bully in the future.
In particular, everyone is full, sleeps and wakes up, except when he is hungry and stinks, he will mumble for a few times, which is especially quiet at ordinary times.
"Second brother, you said little lady should be fine?"
Xiao Qi said that both of them were silent. Madam Shao is still in the intensive care unit.
No one knows what will happen, and no one dares to think the worst.
The second child is holding a child. He moves with a straight face but is very careful. It is really difficult for him to hold such a child.
Xiao Liu said, "I’m sure, young lady. How can something happen to a lucky person?"
The second child also said, "Nothing will happen. My wife is a blessed person."
On the fourth day, Qin Miaomiao was completely awake, and the recovery situation was not bad. He turned out of the intensive care unit and entered the ward.
The children were brought in and put in her hand, but for physical reasons, she couldn’t hold them at all.
Can watch
Lu Qing’s posture is a little stiff, and she shows it to her one by one.
Qin Miao Miao restored some spirit and said with a smile
"Why are you acting like a little old man?"
Maybe he understood what she said and began to cry. One of them cried, and the two of them began to cry as if they had discussed it.
Immediately ward cry became a piece of Qin Miaomiao puzzled mouth muttered
"I just said that I cried when I was ugly. Lu Qing, you are quick to coax."
Lu Qing didn’t sleep for three days and nights. Ba grew green stubble and he smiled.
You should cry. If it weren’t for these little bastards, you would have suffered so much;
Chapter 746 You old bastard
"You call yourself a kid and you’re an old bastard."
Qing Lu looked at teasing Qin Miaomiao with him, and suddenly he was in front of her head, word for word
品茶"Simon, Simon, it’s good that you are all right.
He couldn’t tell her how scared he was at that time and she just left.