It’s not haven’t seen also shy? Why didn’t I know you were still shy in that small room? Ji Weiyan smiled at her and turned to wash her hands. I’m going to put on the bath water and take a bath before going to sleep, huh?

He turned his back on her and asked her. She grinded her teeth and looked at his back. Ji Weiyan, how dare you? When other people’s homes were all men, you asked me to take the initiative to hum.
What about now?
Yu color face Teng is red now, almost every time he takes the initiative to peak sexually, which makes her feel overwhelmed every time.
I’ll wash it myself later reminds me that the car park in the clubhouse is still haunted. Is this man so fierce because he hasn’t seen her for a few days?
She’s afraid of him.
Good Ji Weiyan really deserves it.
Yu Se breathed a sigh of relief. I was tired of closing my eyes lazily.
Tired of being tossed about by him
For her, this is definitely a strange place, but it is amazing that she actually feels very cordial here.
This is the place where A Ran once lived, and he has lived in the room for many years. She likes everything here, even this absolutely male bed sheet.
She likes his world.
夜网论坛Ji Weiyan jumped out of bed wrapped in sheets when he saw that he couldn’t sleep. Look at this and see where everything is spotless and clean. Open the drawer and everything is neatly placed, which shows how serious this man’s cleanliness is.
They’re all men, not a woman.
Seeing this, she smiled. It seems that Shi Anshu, the pure girl, has never been here.
However, when she thought so and opened the closet in the room, she was stunned by everything.
The wardrobe is divided into two parts: men’s clothes on the left and women’s clothes on the right.
There are all kinds of clothes and skirts in all kinds of colors. Open the top drawer again, and there are clothes in it. A look at them will make her ears jump. Will Ji Weiyan buy such clothes for her?
She’s sure he gave it to herself because the size is what she’s used to, and the label is returned, which proves that these are all new.
So is hanging clothes.
When I first opened it, the moment of unhappiness has now vanished.
She is at ease.
Eyes are once again passing behind that row of clothes, suddenly thinking of a man’s voice choose a pajamas
Good She also wants to take a bath. Just now, the tossing in the car made her feel sticky and uncomfortable all over. Since she wants to wash, she should change into a clean pajamas.
The little hand dialed it, but when I dialed one pajamas after another, the metaphor was confused and she couldn’t choose it.
And then there’s the special, the special, um, forgive her, her speech style
And I’m embarrassed to ask her to wear Ji Weiyan and hang around her.
Choosing for a long time means not choosing. She can’t choose.
I just took a Ji Weiyan shirt and said, I’ll wear you.
That’s a man’s model, but you’re a woman.
Ji Weiyan, did you pick these pajamas? How bad is this? It’s bad enough for grandma’s house. She’ll hate him.
You smell like this. She sniffed at him for the first time.
She was surrounded by sheets, but the sheets couldn’t cover her body for a long time. Two whitelegged sheets were looming. His nose was hot and he smiled gently. Do you think these pajamas are more flowing than what just happened in the car?
Yu se’s little face turned red, Ji Weiyan you bastard
The man has come over and picked a pajamas, but his hand has long been selected.
Will she tasikmalaya carried away soon into the wash your hands.
The metaphor in the fog was put into the bathtub, and the warm water washed away the skin. She was soft and remembered that when she came here overnight, she was eager to feel that he felt as unreal as a dream.
Dye, can you bite me? If it hurts, he is really around her.
Ps is coming to an end. Can you be sweet and astringent? Love dyeing, please ask Android to’ read’ into this group of astringents and wait for you to explode! ! Consulting q group 17566566
Chapter 923 Fanwai Dye Combination (445)
Silly Ji Weiyan smiled gently, and her tall figure was slightly bent and her long fingers were low, so her fingertips lit her cheeks with heat.

When they found that Xuanye Sato had lost an arm and his strength was greatly reduced, they attacked Xuanye Sato in unison.

The spiritual power of Mount Olympus is abundant, but it is not inexhaustible. However, Xuanye Sato is like a spiritual power absorber. If Xuanye Sato stays on Mount Olympus for less than two years, the spiritual power of Mount Olympus will be exhausted.
The master of the ancient holy shura Vatican couldn’t wait to kill Sato Xuanye because he was afraid of Sato Xuanye’s fiend strength, and no one dared to make a move.
But this time Sato Xuanye failed and returned to Staplos. They can take the opportunity:
Chapter 139 Capture wild dogs
Trinis was the first to attack, and then Sergilios joined the fray.
Sato Hirono, although follow focus’s wing suffered a big loss during the match, its strength plummeted, but the lean camel was bigger than the horse and fought Trinis and Segirico alone.
But when Staplos also attacked, Sato Hirono was overwhelmed.
In addition, many spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Church, Sato Xuanye, did not strike back and was slapped by Segiricos vest to vomit blood on the spot.
Once again, I saved Sato Xuanye’s life or his elusive technique.
Hiding from the ruins of the ancient holy shura, Sato Xuanye did not leave Mount Olympus. Without the spiritual power of Mount Olympus, the humiliation he suffered would be wiped out forever.
I found a secret place on the periphery of Mount Olympus to hide, and Sato Xuanye used the selfhealing method in the alien intelligence program to heal my wounds.
This injury is no less serious than the broken arm injury in Lake IssykKul. It took Hirono Sato more than a week to recover.
Although the injury doesn’t matter, the strength is far from being restored. Sato Xuanye still dares to wander around the periphery of Mount Olympus and has to hide his whereabouts to avoid being discovered by the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura.
Two or three days later, Sato Hirono sadly found that the spiritual power around Mount Olympus became extremely thin. It is no wonder that when he first started Mount Olympus, the peripheral spiritual power was almost absorbed by him.
If you can’t enter the periphery of the core hinterland of Mount Olympus, you won’t be able to recover your strength until June, let alone seek revenge from Jiao Yi.
What makes Sato Hirono even more frustrated is that Huaxia Jiaoyi’s strength has increased horribly every time. Even if his alien martial arts are restored to the third and fourth order, refocusing the wing will end in panic.
However, he didn’t have the guts to venture near the site of the ancient holy shura. It is a question whether he can get away if he is besieged by those spiritual practitioners again.
However, no matter how thin the spiritual power around Mount Olympus is, it is a hundred times better than other places. Sato Hirono has the patience to try to regain his strength and then kill Staplos and his troops in one fell swoop to enjoy the spiritual resources of Mount Olympus.
However, the fact is still different from Sato Xuanye’s expectation.
Stapoulos, who was driven away by Sato Xuanye, couldn’t sleep well. After all, Sato Xuanye was completely offended. Once Sato Xuanye turned over, it would be a disaster for them.
However, Staplos and others also know that it is impossible for Sato Xuanye to restore his strength without spiritual power, and the whole West La and even the whole earth are really suitable for spiritual cultivation, and there is Mount Olympus.
If Xuanye Sato leaves Mount Olympus, there is nothing to be afraid of, but it is most likely that Xuanye Sato will leave Mount Olympus to rub his spiritual strength.
Sostapoulos and his three masters decided to thoroughly search the mountains and strengthen patrols.
In the first month, Soushan team was led by Staplos, Segiricos and Trinis, but Sato Xuanye was never seen.
Later, Staples relaxed and stopped leading the search himself, but the ordinary brother did not stop patrolling Mount Olympus.
At first, all spiritual practitioners were cautious, but after more than a month, they didn’t even see the shadow of Sato Xuanye, and the brothers of the ancient holy shura relaxed. They wanted to come to Sato Xuanye and almost died. Where did they have the courage to stay on Mount Olympus?
Sato Hirono, a spiritual practitioner who came in droves, was humiliated and avoided. If he was led by the three masters of the Holy Shura Church, he could run away like a lost dog.
But one day more than a month later, Hirono Sato finally seized an opportunity to vent his evil spirit, and a spiritual practitioner was finally alone.
This spiritual practitioner is called Julius, and the younger brother of the ancient holy shura is a sinister and despicable tourist.
Billy uz nickname wild dog is as good at attacking eggs and digging anus as African wild dogs. Sato Xuanye will be hit by Segiricos, which is Imbili Usta’s crotch harassment
To be honest, even if Sato Xuanye’s strength is far from being restored, he is afraid of Staplos and his three masters in the whole ancient Shengshura Vatican. The patrol of the ancient Shengshura Vatican is just worried about disturbing Staplos and them.
夜生活But the existing Billy uz, a Sato Xuanye, is absolutely sure to take him and will not disturb others.
Indeed as expected Billy uz didn’t come to make any noise, so he controlled Billy uz.
Julius was terrified, and Xuanye Sato actually returned to Mount Olympus.
It’s a pity that he can’t speak but act to give the news to Staples. It will be a cruel fate for them to wait for him.
But what happened to Julius was much more terrible than he thought.
Wild dogs didn’t expect to fall into the hands of old hands. You were very arrogant and proud when you were in the Vatican Hall. Guess what the old man will do to you.
Pyrrhus naturally replied that Sato Xuanye actually smiled, but in Pyrrhus’ eyes, his smile was more terrible than the ten levels of hell demons.
Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so fast. I always have to drink your blood bit by bit, eat your meat bit by bit, and then throw your bones to the wolves in the back hill.
Hirono Sato didn’t scare Julius. He really did what he said.
Grabbed Billy’s arm, Sato Hirono opened his mouth to show his dense white teeth, and Billy’s frightened gaze actually bit Billy’s wrist vein.
Julius didn’t feel pain, but the great fear of blood loss chilled his heart and his vitality disappeared little by little with the blood loss.
Sato Hyuno drank the blood of Pyrrhus to vent his hatred for Pyrrhus, but the blood poured into his stomach and Sato Hyuno almost jumped with excitement.
There is a lot of dense and pure spiritual power in the blood of Pyrrhus.
This discovery made Sato Hirono change his plan, and he didn’t have to hide and absorb the pitiful spiritual power outside Mount Olympus, which could kill the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura and enjoy it.
Hirono Sato’s hate eyes gradually became hot, revealing the greed of a beast.
At first, it was passively swallowing the blood in the vein of Perius’s wrist. When the blood flow became smaller, Sato Xuanye took the initiative to suck it.
A lot of blood loss made Julius faint, and there was no blood in his face.
The blood in the wrist vein gradually dried up. Sato Hirono looked up and aimed at the neck of Pyrrhus. His mouth was full of blood, and his bloody teeth were exposed. He aimed at the artery behind the neck of Pyrrhus and bit it:
Chapter 14 The third and sixth order!
Sucked the blood of Pyrrhus, Sato Xuanye’s spirit was greatly boosted. The spiritual power obtained from Pyrrhus was almost equal to his practice outside Mount Olympus for more than a month.
I found a shortcut to absorb spiritual power, and another plan was quietly born in Sato Xuanye’s heart.
There are dozens of spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura church. If their blood department is drained and their alien martial arts can be restored, it is very likely that they will directly break through to the fifth order.
The third alien martial arts practice to the fifth order, he Sato Xuanye will no longer have to hide and hide, that is, Jiao Yi will kill them, and the five of them will not be afraid to join hands.
It is feasible to absorb the spiritual force of all spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Vatican into their own bodies.

Oh, let’s hear it.

Snow Wolf charming smile anyway, now it is in somebody else’s hands. This man’s strength is absolute. If she wants to save her life, she must be smart enough to see her weight, or wait for the opportunity to act.
Who sent you here? What’s the purpose of your coming in?
Shit, we don’t know their details yet. Then she’s nervous.
Don’t be so rude, a href” arge”bnk. Just think about it. Can you find a rich man? Do you have to say this?
The rich man smiled.
Otherwise, you think it’s ok for me to fight with handsome men and get shot.
She said with a smirk in her heart, but she secretly called it bad. This shota root doesn’t know who he is in today’s banquet list. That President B shouldn’t be watching, so there is no lethality. How can he be such a superrunning club president? If he thinks too much, he definitely thinks too much.
Ha ha, do you think it’s interesting for you to make such a gag? Don’t you say that I have many ways to make you believe?
She has the face of an angel, but at the moment she looks like a demon from hell, but she is too dark to understand this little threat.
Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth. If you have to be passionate, I can’t help it.
Hehe, interesting, interesting.
This side was caught, and something happened over there. After the song was finished, Yan couldn’t wait to leave Xiao soul with Ni, but when she turned around, she found that the snow wolf was gone. Damn it, what happened?
Baby, show you my private villa. I’m sure you’ll like it very much.
Wait, my friend is missing me.
That Yan looked around.
She may have found her home tonight, so you’d better leave her alone.
Rose smiled and looked at Yan’s heart and couldn’t help cursing. At the key moment, where did the snow wolf go? Forget it, and then drag it away to be afraid of this. That Yan will be suspicious. It is better for her to follow him.
Well, maybe you’re right. I really shouldn’t bother her.
It’s purely a duck chase. Ni followed Yan to leave. When she saw that this cow force could not form a skyhigh sports car, a few words came to her mind.
really rich
Rose really doesn’t want too many words to shape a sports car here, because you can’t imagine a word no matter how professional words are. It doesn’t matter what the car looks like. What matters is that it’s worth more than 10 million people. The guy next to him is still very windy and coquettish. He said that it’s really his entrylevel garage, and dozens of them are limited. The gap between the rich and the poor is so obvious that Ni can’t help but think that people are different.
Riding on the copilot motor sounds really cool. It’s like a subwoofer. It’s like going out of the door. It’s crazy to die. It’s not driving. It’s like driving a rocket. Nima has a feeling of flying. The wind roared past her ears. Don’t let her hair and lace ribbons blow away. In the moonlight, she seems to have strayed into the car mirror. She can’t help but narrow her eyes. He has met many beautiful women, but he rarely meets such a woman who is to his liking. If she is not close, then maybe he will let her live as his pet
After a while, I saw another villa no different from the palace in the dim light. These calves are really
Well, shall we have something to drink?
Connie is really a little nervous
Drink, but I’d rather eat you now. You are more attractive than wine.
As she said, the posture of men and women pressing her against the sofa was very ambiguous. arge”bnk danced wildly and G reminded her of an animal lion.
It’s as if the satisfaction of watching her prey makes her feel overwhelmed.
You are so anxious. It’s not good.
What do you think? As far as she’s calm, the ring has long been prepared. If you want her to plunge into his meat a little, the drug horse will make him unconscious. This specific medicine is usually used by local security personnel to save lives.
I think you women all like men to take the initiative, and it doesn’t mean that when women love to be sarcastic, don’t just say that it’s good to say bad.
Fuck you, who’s so melodramatic? If you don’t want it, then what the fuck is more logical?
I like the atmosphere. Let’s have a drink, okay? You don’t want the bad atmosphere to spoil the fun.
Yan looked at her and it was a clever little woman. Anyway, this is his territory. It is absolutely impossible for a duck to fly away when it comes to its mouth.
Okay, what do you want to drink, Lafite? I don’t think you’re so vulgar.
Lafite is not the best in red wine. Of course I don’t choose wine. It’s better to choose the right thing than the expensive one.
This remark deepened Yan’s love for her.
This is my private winery. There are ten barrels of Niang red wine. You are the first lucky woman to taste it.
He got up and went to the wine cabinet to untie his shirt, and the diamond cuff was folded twice to reveal a small arm. Ouch, this line is really beautiful. He reached out and took out a crystal bottle, which was very elegant. The round bottle cap was a blue teardropshaped gem, and a bottle should be so luxurious. Rich people are rich people.
Then I am deeply honored.
Your grandmother added silently in the second half of her leg, no wonder these chicks want to get rich one after another. Not everyone is a god in this life.
When Yan turned around, Ni wanted her finger ring to let Ya get some sleep quickly, and then she could find some information herself, but she just wanted to find out that the reflective effect of the wine cabinet was so good that it was easy to leak, so she took it.
Watching the mellow wine pour into the big red wine glass, the wafting fragrance made Ni intoxicated. It was really good wine.
try it.
Take it and pass it to me. First, I went to smell the glass, then I waved it and looked at it. I knew it was extremely extreme and tasted it again. Mom absolutely forced me to steal it. It was not sour or astringent. It was not Bordeaux red wine. It was a little strong, but how could it make it too fucking delicious if I didn’t make it?
Although she could tell from her expression that she was going to talk, he still asked.
It’s very good. It’s a pity that your private winery doesn’t sell this wine. I said it’s a pity that you can’t drink people. You must not lack this money to sell wine.
Her words made Yan Xiao proud.
All the kids in the club begged me to let me sell them the wine, but I couldn’t help but give them a drink when I was in a good mood.
Brother, this wine of yours is good, but it’s not so desirable. Look at him tilting his body and slightly raising his neck to drink. It’s a good opportunity to measure his body. Naturally, he leaned over and the ring was exposed and went straight to the exposed arm of Yan.
S: Please leave a message if you have any sister papers.
V5, handsome boy, you are so handsome that I …
Slight stabbing pain makes Yan’s eyebrows wrinkle, followed by a great sense of dizziness. Of course, when the glass falls to the ground, it will be quickly caught by the rose, otherwise it would be a pity to spill such a good wine.
Drink all the wine in that strict glass, and Ni greatly praised it.
Good burp
I’m still very satisfied. I had a hiccup.
Rich people are rich people.
Kick off the highheeled shoes and walk barefoot on the carpet. There are not many rooms in the main building, but which one is where he puts important things? Usually, the novel opens a room at will and touches an arm bracelet, which instantly becomes a small hand light source, which is very good and not too ostentatious.
How come there is more than 100 square meters in the novel room, and then there is a circle around it. The novel books are all classified and then arranged in order from A to Z. Ni couldn’t help but spat lightly. Ya is an obsessivecompulsive patient. After reading it for a long time, there is no problem at all. This cheongsam is just in the way. I put the front and back two curls to the side, got a bow, and then squatted down, but I still can’t see anything wrong. The rich people are so boring and make such trouble. Why are you pushing Rose so hard? Just slip away and find a position and find it a bit.
The bracelet goes forward and looks at these microeconomics in front of it.
What’s wrong with it? But what’s wrong with it? She can’t come out. It’s right, it’s in order. It’s all arranged in order. So, after arranging it in the right order, it’s pa. The size of a safe becomes a door that automatically opens. Looking at this safe in front of her, Nelly is happy.
Haha, little kind, I told you, can’t beat me?
When crossed, I was ready to crack the password of the safe. The girl once again laid eggs, hurt, chrysanthemum and tightened. These words mean double doors. What about the G refrigerator? It is designed to cheat the safe.

Say ignore Xia Xue angry protest Cui Siyan smile turned and left.

Xia Xue tried to chase out but was stopped by those bodyguards. Although they didn’t start work on her, she couldn’t leave the suite.
It’s no use pulling! Think of lying in the bedroom Li Zhenyu Xia Xue can swallow a mouthful of evil spirit and turn back.
In this way, Xia Xue lost her personal freedom and communication tools. She can stay in the bedroom with Li Zhenyu! There is nothing to eat except a water dispenser in the room! Doctors and nurses are all gone! Don’t even want to give Li Zhenyu a bag of saline!
Xia Xue heart like fire burning don’t know what to do! Listen to Cui Siyan’s tone, there is no landing for dinner tonight! She’s hungry! If Li Zhenyu wakes up again, what will she feed him?
No, you cann’t just sit back and wait! Xia Xue racked his brains and couldn’t think of a way! The only … Wu Tianyou! Is he like Cui Siyan? Ready to starve her to death with Li Zhenyu?
In my memory, Wu Tianyou is gentle, affectionate and considerate. Although he has moved away from Cui Siyan, he is not as vicious as Cui Siyan!
Look at the time when one minute goes by. Xia Xue can’t delay it any more. She is afraid that after Li Zhenyu wakes up, there is no food to feed him. Isn’t it a waste of time to wake up? You know, his first awakening is precious.
Thinking of this, Xia Xue could no longer calm down. She went out of the bedroom again and asked the bodyguards, "I want to see Wu Tianyou!"
The bodyguards looked at each other for a long time, and one of them said, "We’ll give it to the big lady!"
Xia Xue was there waiting to see the bodyguard call Wu Tianyou, say Xia Xue’s request, and then say a few words before hanging up the phone and saying, "Second Uncle will be here soon!"
That’s right. I’ve been waiting for nearly an hour! Wu Tianyou finally came when Xia Xue almost lost his temper and wanted to go out and urge the bodyguards to play again.
Still that cold look! Wu Tianyou handsome face hung "I am not familiar with you" expression and asked "What can I do for you?"
Even though my heart was full of anger, Xia Xue still suppressed and told him calmly as far as possible, "I’m hungry! But your wife won’t let anyone send me anything to eat! "
Wu Tianyou’s indifferent and handsome face finally moved slightly, which seems unbelievable. "What?"
"I said I was hungry and wanted to eat!" Xia Xue angrily told him.
After a short silence, Wu Tianyou turned around and told people around him to "tell the kitchen to prepare dinner according to the taste that the big lady likes for a long time and send it to the suite"
Finally solved the dinner problem! Xia Xue quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She felt that Wu Tianyou was slightly better than Cui Siyan. She didn’t intend to starve her. Maybe he was more accommodating? "God bless one more thing!" Xia Xue told me about the evacuation of doctors and nurses. "Can you ask Dr. Zhou to come in and give me and Jin Woo a blood transfusion …"
"no!" Wu Tianyou and Cui Siyan have a high degree of agreement on this issue. "You have given him blood for so long … it will be dangerous to go like this again!"
"I’m really fine!" Xia Xue’s heart is cold, but he still refuses to give up. "God bless you …"
"That’s enough!" Wu Tianyou turned around and was obviously ready to end the conversation. "There is nothing else for me to go!"
"Wu Tianyou" Xia Xue angrily stopped him "how could you! Are you like Cui Siyan? I want to bully me when my father is not there! "
"Whatever you think!" Wu Tianyou always keeps a cold attitude and keeps people away. "It’s enough for me to finish what my father told me!"
"Did Dad tell you to treat Li Zhenyu like this?"
"He told me to take care of you!" Say Wu Tianyou didn’t even look at Xia Xue again, so he lifted his leg and went out. It seems that he came here to do his duty, otherwise he wouldn’t bother to take care of Xia Xue.
Xia Xue’s heart suddenly felt cold and some regrets. Maybe she should have left earlier with Li Zhenyu. The so-called family delayed the trip again and again, resulting in this embarrassing and helpful situation.
What should she do!
Good Wu Tianyou ordered the kitchen to bring in a dinner.
桑拿网Yes, it’s a copy! No Li Zhenyu! Because Li Zhenyu was unconscious, the kitchen didn’t prepare his meal.
Xia Xue can hold back his anger and bring these precious foods to the bedside cabinet and start trying to wake up Li Zhenyu.
"Jin Woo, get up and eat!" Xia Xue gently shook his body and whispered in his ear.
She’s a little worried that the food will get cold because it’s impossible to make do with her and Li Zhenyu now! Even if Zhen-Yu Li wakes up, as things stand, they may not be willing to prepare food specially for him.
"Jin Woo don’t sleep again! It will be cold if you sleep again! " Xia Xue gently kissed Li Zhenyu’s lips. She remembered that he liked all kinds of kisses and physical contact with her best. He was tempted to wake up quickly. She leaned over his ear and said softly, "Get up and eat! Shall I let you kiss me later? "
Her voice is very low and soft, with a hint of sobs. She has no confidence and assurance that she can bite the bullet and give it a try.
Li Zhenyu didn’t respond to her, so she continued to kiss him and made all kinds of promises and temptations in his ear. She even said that she would give birth to another daughter for him! Because she once heard him think of wanting another girl who looks like her.
Maybe Xia Xuemi’s sweet words played a role, maybe her persistence paid off, and the sleeping man finally responded with thick eyelashes and trembling lips.
"Jin Woo, open your eyes!" Xia Xue was excited. She leaned over and kissed his lips, his nose and his forehead … "Wake up!"
Finally, the man slowly opened his eyes and his deep black eyes slowly turned to Xia Xue.
Xia Xue’s charming body trembled and his heart almost missed a beat. He woke up! This is really sober! Not a short awakening! Because she saw the familiar and wise light in his eyes again, "Jin Woo!"
Section 262
The sexy thin lips slightly evoke the male cast handsome face to float and smile. He slowly raises his arm and gently caresses her pretty face. She is delighted to look at him and gently says, "Thank you!" "
"…" He spoke! Xia Xue was jumping for joy in her heart, but she didn’t dare to touch at all, for fear that any sign of trouble might frighten him or affect his recovery. Her clear eyes were filled with ecstatic tears and she trembled with excitement.
"Help me up!" Lizhenyu stretched out an arm to her.
Xia Xue just came to her senses. She quickly grabbed his arm and helped him sit up.
Although Li Zhenyu is awake, he seems to be very weak, and he gasps slightly when he just sits still.
Xia Xue realized that he woke up too soon! It’s less than four days since he fell into a coma and really woke up! I’m afraid he’s the earliest one to wake up among all the people infected with the virus and plague! She doesn’t know whether he is out of danger in this way! I want to call a doctor, but I’m afraid I’ll attract Cui Siyan’s attention, but I’ll bring disaster.
Cui Siyan is bent on waiting for Li Zhenyu to die! She must be more careful at such times.
"Jin Woo, how do you feel?" Xia Xue asked carefully.
"I have no strength!" Li Zhenyu’s eyes closed slightly, breathing slightly, but he was sober and fluent in question and answer.
"Well, you eat first!" When Xia Xue didn’t dare to delay, he was afraid that he would fall into a coma again at any time. He hurriedly took the plate and began to feed.
Li Zhenyu took a few bites and found that there was a large number of people at dinner. "You don’t want to eat?"
Xia Xue’s heart was full of joy and bitterness. He was really awake and so meticulous. The bitterness is that it’s pathetic that they can’t even eat a full meal now.

Ye Xiangyuan nodded. "Well, there must be."

Say that finish smile at me.
Gu Changning said, "She is still a little clever."
After listening to it, it doesn’t look like praise, but it looks like ridicule in disguise.
I pursed my lips in embarrassment.
Then I felt Ye Xiangyuan scratching my palm.
As soon as my face gets hot,
Gu Changyu gently coughed, "Ayuan, when you come back, should you give me lessons sometimes?"
Ye Xiangyuan explained it last night, so I didn’t think much.
But I saw that Gu Changning’s face became ugly, but in the end he frowned and said nothing.
Ye Xiangyuan smile "well"
Gu Changyu’s lip angle is curved with a beautiful radian.
I consciously went to see Lu Xun. His expression was so dull that I couldn’t see anything unusual.
Everyone didn’t leave immediately after dinner.
Zhou Yi went to give my eldest sister-in-law a routine check-up. I thought about it and pulled Ye Xiangyuan back to my room.
Behind the door, the leaves lean far away from the door and gently hook the corners of the mouth.
I can’t see that he teased seriously, "I want to discuss something with you."
He leaned slightly and made a listening gesture, "Well, you say it."
I said, "Xiaojin has to continue kindergarten. I don’t think Qinyuan is safe."
Section 99
Ye Xiangyuan seems to be a little surprised, and then he laughs and his eyebrows are very gentle. "What do you mean?"
I feel a little shy to avoid his sight. "I don’t know much about these things …"
Ye Xiangyuan thoughtfully for a moment, "I will arrange to pick him up, his homework will be heavier, and I have to make my wife worry."
When I heard the word’ wife’, I felt as if my whole face was on fire.
I gently um "I am white"
The descendants of Ye’s family are burdened with a blood feud, and Xiao Jin must bear his responsibility.
In addition to being an ordinary child, he goes to kindergarten to get in touch with the normal world of children, and he also has to receive various trainings.
As far as I know, besides firearms and fighting, psychological trials are compulsory courses for Xiao Jin every day.
I can’t judge whether this life is good or not, but this is Xiaojin’s life.
Ye Xiangyuan clenched my hand and took me into his arms. "Sometimes the more I love him, the more I hurt him."
I put my head on his shoulder for a long time and gave a gentle sigh.
The atmosphere was just outside when suddenly there was a knock at the door.
I was startled and hurried to open the door.
Zhou Yi smiled at the door and said, "Sister-in-law woke up and asked you to go there."
I was overjoyed and Ye Xiangyuan glances also saw the joy of his eyes.
Sister-in-law lay weakly in bed and smiled at us when she saw us coming in.
I hurried over and asked in a low voice, "How does Sister-in-law feel? Does the wound still hurt?"
She shook her head and smiled at me again.
Then his eyes turned to Ye Xiangyuan. "Just … running back … is everything okay in the army?"
The sound is intermittent and particularly difficult.
I couldn’t help clench her hand.
Ye Xiangyuan said softly, "Don’t worry, everything is going well, sister-in-law. You just have to take a good rest."
Sister-in-law Ye Xiangyuan’s plan for so many years should be informed. She must be worried about Ye Xiangyuan’s departure this time.
I quickly followed Ye Xiangyuan’s words and said, "Yes, Sister-in-law, it’s the most important thing that you don’t want to take good care of yourself. Besides, aren’t you worried about Ayuan?"
Sister-in-law sighed gently.
I am depressed. "Sister-in-law was injured only to save me … I will be particularly sorry if she doesn’t have a good rest …"
Sister-in-law patted me on the back. "Silly girl, in that situation at that time … if it were you … you would choose to save people just like me."
At that time, Li Yu pointed a gun at my heart. If there was no sister-in-law, I guess I would have died long ago.
I choked up and said, "I don’t care. Anyway, eldest sister-in-law should cherish herself …"
Sister-in-law smiled naively at Ye Xiang, "Don’t coax your wife."
Ye Xiangyuan put his generous palm on my shoulder and smiled in a low voice. "That eldest sister-in-law will get better soon and she will cry every day."
桑拿论坛Sister-in-law was teased and coughed.
I was busy patting her back.
After resting for a while, the eldest sister-in-law said, "I called you here to say … this is a good opportunity …"

My wife is also welcome to come to me in high heels, and then her beautiful eyes are not good at staring at Zhao Siying. "What do you want to talk about when you come to our husband and wife?"

I sat down, but my wife was still there. I pulled her, and she was willing to sit down. Even if she sat down, her wife was still staring at Zhao Siying.
桑拿It doesn’t matter how angry my wife is if she doesn’t set a trap for me to cheat. Anyway, this anger is not about fighting for who I love.
"Girl you go upstairs first" Zhao Siying rushed YuQingXue commanded.
My little girl is reluctant, but this time she is very obedient and pursed her mouth and went upstairs.
"Miss Zhao, you need a solution from our husband and wife …"
I was just about to question Zhao Siying. I didn’t expect my wife to simply grab the coffee table cup and throw it at Zhao Siying’s face. Fortunately, this is clean water and not hot, otherwise Zhao Siying will be disfigured.
Zhao Siying closed her eyes and smoked her cheek muscles. Obviously, she was angry, but she suppressed her anger and smoked tissue to clean the water stains on her face. However, a lot of water in the neckline didn’t come to clean it, and it flowed into her neckline. My clothes were wet and my eyes were straight.
I was worried about her jealousy around my wife. I peeked at her carefully and found that her attention was full of Zhao Si. Only then did I feel at ease and continue to appreciate the beauty in spring.
"Zhao Siying, why do you want to leave our marital relationship? If you don’t give me an explanation today, don’t blame me for being rude to you."
It’s the first time I’ve seen my wife so angry.
Zhao Siying’s face is also dark and blunt, and his wife tries to reckon, "I’m sorry that I specially invited you here today just to apologize. I’m also entrusted by my friends. I hope Miss Su won’t get angry."
"I’m Mrs. Sun, not miss."
"I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. I know you hate me for setting up a trap away from your husband and wife, but I mean it for the best."
"A kindness?" I can’t help but sneer at "what good intentions can a husband and wife leave others"
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look. "The person who asked me to do this is my good friend. She told me something. As far as I know, Mr. Sun, you don’t seem to believe your wife."
"What do you mean?" I frowned.
Zhao Siying gave me a slightly meaningful look and then looked at his wife and asked, "Mrs. Sun, do you dare to say that your husband and wife have no problems recently?"
"We …" My wife looked at me in an awkward way. I glared at Zhao Siying with a black face. "What are you trying to say?"
Zhao Siying smiled slightly smugly. "I won’t beat around the bush when the person who commissioned me to set up the bureau told me something. Mr. Sun, why do you suspect that your wife is cheating? That person didn’t tell me, and I don’t want to get into it. But she wanted to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be misinterpreted and cheated. I cooperated to set up this bureau to test your loyalty to your wife on the one hand and to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be wronged on the other."
I frowned deeply. Who would be so idle as to interfere in our husband and wife’s private affairs and not tell Zhao Siying that it is not necessarily true? What if she is out again?
I quickly looked at my wife, who frowned deeply and seemed to think about the truth of her words.
Zhao Siying went on to say, "I know you doubt whether what I said is true or not. I thought there would be a showdown before I did anything, so I signed an agreement with that man today. Although this agreement has no legal effect, it can hardly prove that everything I did was inspired by her and she really wanted your husband and wife to be happy."
Zhao Siying pulled the tea table drawer and took out a contract and handed it to me.
I took it and opened it with my wife. I found that it was a handwritten agreement, but Zhao Siying actually painted the name of the person at the signature.
"What are you doing? What are you going to do?"
I am angry and stare at Zhao Siying.
"I’m sorry, Miss Sun. I don’t want her to know that I betrayed her."
"Hum, I want to set up a chastity memorial arch after making a watch." My wife rudely hurt her by saying that I smiled awkwardly next to her, which was reasonable but too rough.
Zhao Siying didn’t get annoyed, but smiled faintly. "I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. We agreed early in the morning that we can’t get her out because she still wants to be friends with you."
"So this is someone around me. You didn’t draft this agreement, did you?"
"I didn’t write it"
"That’s good. I told you that this handwriting is so familiar. This nosy woman is a person around me. She is so familiar with my family’s affairs and her handwriting is so familiar …"
My wife was lost in thought, then she took out her mobile phone and opened some documents and photos. Some people signed them one by one. Before Li Jie’s signed photo, she stopped and sighed, "How could it be Li Jie?"
"Is it her?" I was shocked. How is that possible? Does she have a stomachache when she is full? I cann’t believe I have nothing to do to get involved in our husband and wife
"I didn’t expect Mrs. Sun to be so clever that I didn’t say anything." Zhao Siying immediately picked herself clean.
Section 9
I took a deep look at her and then at the agreement in my wife’s hand, and I felt something was wrong.
What, Zhao Siying suddenly asked my wife to explain so much, and did Li Jie really write this agreement? If she writes about what she wants to do, do we have to mind her own business?
My wife and I are so gullible. Why did we go there long ago? We just lied for our wife and lied to me. Besides, she is an unfaithful woman. She may want me to see if my wife and I have a harmonious relationship. A woman like her wants my wife to cheat and then mock me.
I think this agreement can be forged afterwards, so I can study Li Jie’s handwriting for me. I can imitate it for a long time. Will this be another game for Zhao Siying? But what is her purpose?
And …
All kinds of doubts are rising and wandering in my heart, which makes my head so big
The body of the Chapter 56 【 Li Daitao stiff 】
"Why did you suddenly choose to show your cards to us and say these things? Since you are entrusted, you should be loyal to people."
Although I appreciate Zhao Siying’s sudden honesty, I’m not sure how sincere she has shown. Now I’m going to analyze my doubts one by one and get answers from her.
Otherwise, we can’t say anything on the basis of this agreement, and maybe it will mislead us to find trouble with Li Jie.
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look and replied, "Lin Miaomiao informed me that she persuaded me to have a showdown with you."
"She?" I frowned.
"That’s right, Miss Sun doesn’t know if your wife told you that she wanted to play along. Lin Miaomiao played a good play in front of me and was teased around by you. I might as well confess and be lenient as soon as possible."
The wife sneered, "Yes, Lin Miaomiao did promise to act well in front of me. I didn’t expect to defect with you in an instant. How many benefits did you give her to make her so dead set on you?"
"The advantage is not that it was my daughter who helped her when she was in the most difficult time. She was grateful."
Zhao Siying’s words made me want to roll my eyes. What am I grateful for? It’s just holding someone’s bed and threatening them. Although it’s shameful for Lin Miaomiao to betray his wife, I don’t blame her for bowing to the mother and daughter when I was taken so desperately.
My wife snorted and was too lazy to talk nonsense with her. I continued to ask, "Well, I can believe that you listened to Lin Miaomiao’s persuasion and chose to abandon evil …"
Zhao Siying interrupted me and said, "Mr. Sun, I know you doubt my sincerity. Do you have this need? Your wife is very powerful, but I can’t play with her. I have to confess all this to her."
"Huh?" I was surprised and confused. I looked at my wife and whispered in my ear, "Remember my private investigator friend? He helped me find out that several of them were false accounts, tax evasion and hard evidence of tax evasion in Zhao Siying Company. If I publish these things, she will die. "
I looked at my wife in amazement. I never imagined that my wife had such a powerful help behind her back. How could she know such a powerful private investigator that she could even get fake accounts?
The mystery of my wife’s body deepened, which made me more and more incomprehensible.
"Teacher Sun, you can trust my sincerity now."

On this day, Master Yi Deng was explaining Buddhism to Ling Feiyang in the bamboo forest of the temple. A Miao girl covered in blood suddenly stumbled into the temple gate.

"The emperor’s grandfather Tianlong Temple had an accident!" The Miao girl saw Yi Deng’s master’s heart fall like a big stone and just shouted out this and fainted.
Chapter 16 Miao girl Yuan Jun
It took a long time for the Miao girl to wake up slowly and turn around and say in a weak voice intermittently, "The emperor’s grandfather … an unknown master … broke into Tianlong Temple … forced the master to hand over the six-pulse Excalibur … and the sword score master was killed by them …"
"Is there such a thing?" Although Master Yi Deng is profound in Buddhism, it is also a big move to hear about it.
A few little novice monks hurriedly helped the girl into the stone house. Master Yi Deng carefully examined her injury, but now it is still difficult for him to work. He has to ask Ling Feiyang to heal her. It took more than two hours for the female injury to get better.
桑拿会所"According to my judgment, the master who robbed the cheats is likely to have it with Mongolian Khan Temujin!" Ling Feiyang guessed
"The old monk Ling Shaoxia’s idea coincides with mine," Yi Deng said. "The master of Tianlong Temple in Dali didn’t want to be frustrated by this. The abbot of Tianlong Temple, Master Kuchan, was killed by my brother. I must go back and investigate this matter!"
"There are still about two months to go to Dali from Junshan …" Ling Feiyang thought of this and said, "Master, let me go with you before your skill is fully recovered!"
"All right!" Yi Deng knew that Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills were as high as that of losing his martial arts skills now, so he said, "But it will take three days for Ah Yuan’s injury to recover. You stay here and cure her first, and then you two will come together!"
Little novice monk in the temple packed his bags for Master Yi Deng, and Yi Deng immediately said goodbye to Ling Feiyang and left alone.
"My name is Yuan Jun, the adopted daughter of Wu Santong, the third brother of Master Yi Deng. My adoptive father sent me to Tianlong Temple to study martial arts and worship the bitter Zen master. I didn’t expect this to happen only a few days after I arrived at Tianlong Temple …" Miao girl explained to Ling Feiyang.
Even if Yuan Jun doesn’t say Ling Feiyang, he has already guessed ten * * This Yuan Jun is an orphan girl who was adopted by Wu Santong only to grow into a girl. Because of her youth and beauty, Wu Santong has a crush on her. Wu Santong knows that this kind of psychology will hurt Yuan Jun sooner or later. Cut off her affection and send her to Tianlong Temple to learn from her teacher.
In the original work, Yuan Jun later married Lu Zhanyuan Bing Xin’s apprentice Li Mochou, who tried to ruin the wedding because of his love for Lu Zhanyuan, but was stopped by a monk from Tianlong Temple. This monk is naturally Master Yi Deng’s brother Kuchan, that is, Master Yuan Jun.
I didn’t expect that the butterfly effect caused by Ling Feiyang’s crossing led to the murder of the bitter Zen master before, but it was not what Ling Feiyang could have predicted.
This Yuan Jun is about 16 or 17 years old, and her skin color is white and greasy, and she looks beautiful and charming, and her personality is cheerful and provocative. Ling Feiyang has almost all the advantages of Miao girls. Every day, she changes her medicine and touches her body, but she will try her best to restrain herself.
Ling Feiyang feels like a different person since she had Huang Rong. Although she hasn’t pushed her sister for more than three months, she doesn’t feel itchy and difficult to scratch.
In the past three days, two people have repeatedly made skin-to-skin contact with Ling Feiyang, but Yuan Jun gradually fell in love with him. Miao girls are not as straightforward as Han people. Seeing that their injuries are almost healed, there will be no chance to get in close contact with Ling Feiyang in the future. Yuan Jun focused on deciding to fix Ling Feiyang quickly.
Ling Feiyang gave Yuan Jun a dressing change for the last time, and just unveiled the shoulder gauze for her. Yuan Jun did not cover his chest with his hands as before, but generously showed a pair of towering breasts to Ling Feiyang.
The mountain peaks and gullies are unusually beautiful. Two pink peach blossoms give off intoxicating fragrance, and the string of Miao silver collars with jade neck shows a noble and pure temperament.
"Is it nice?" Yuan Jun asked Ling Feiyang with a flush on his face.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is nostalgic, but I don’t know if the answer is to pull up her skirt and cover her chest.
"Don’t you like it?" Yuan Jun’s face showed disappointment.
"I like you very much," said Ling Feiyang truthfully.
"Then why don’t you look at it more?" Yuan Jun’s eyes are blurred and his expression is full of temptation.
"A glimpse is the most beautiful" Ling Feiyang said calmly.
"I just want to let you glance a few more times!" Yuan Jun smiled gently and reached out to untie the Miao family’s pleated skirt and slipped to the ground to show the perfect body part.
Yuan Jun * * exudes a far cry from the vitality and passion of the Central Plains women. Ling Feiyang has not seen a woman’s body for a long time, but she still picked up a sheet to cover her body.
"It seems that you don’t like me at all …" Yuan Jun suddenly burst into tears.
"But we just met for three days …" Ling Feiyang sat by the bed and stretched out his hand to wipe away her tears.
"What’s the matter with three days! I don’t care whether you like me or not. Anyway, I fell in love with you at first sight. I like you and I want to marry you! " Yuan jun suddenly said bluntly
"Girl …" Ling Feiyang immediately shocked his mouth and didn’t know how to answer. He was silent by the bed.
"You must marry me. I don’t want to marry my adoptive father!" Yuan Jun suddenly said, "Although I respect him and admire him, it is not love, but it is a pity that he is not white at all …"
Miao women, though open-minded, have no reason to have sex with men who have just met for three days. Ling Feiyang suddenly understood Yuan Jun’s intention to do so when he heard this sentence.
"Although your adoptive father likes you, he is a gentleman and will not force you!" Ling Feiyang comfort way
"Brother Ling, my mind is half empty …" Yuan Jun said, "I’m not that kind of casual girl. I really like you!"
Ling Feiyang exulted in his heart, but it was also too dangerous to "fuck", so he said, "You are really a kind girl. Now we have to go to meet Master Yi Deng and talk about it later …"
In Yuan Jun’s heart, Nai Hao dressed, and each of them rested for one night. The next morning, they left the temple in the mountain and hurried to Dali, Yunnan.
Three days later, Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived in Dali. Now Duan Zhixiang, the God of Dali, has ordered the martial law of Dali City to be posted everywhere to arrest the murderer who killed the abbot of Tianlong Temple. However, it has been half a month, but it is still a place where Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived at Tianlong Temple outside Dali according to the prior agreement with Master Yi Deng.
At the foot of Cangshan Mountain, there is a magnificent temple, three magnificent pagodas stand tall in Erhai Lake, and three long reflections are cast in Erhai Lake. The reflection of the pagodas seems to scatter golden light when the sunset shines obliquely into the water.
"This is Tianlong Temple!" Yuan Jun stretched out his slender fingers and pointed to the temple ahead.
When they came to the gate of Tianlong Temple, they didn’t see a monk temple, and there was no sound of chanting Buddha and knocking on wooden fish inside.
"How can it be so quiet?" Ling Feiyang thought about seeing the door of Tianlong Temple ajar, so he gently pushed it away. However, the scene before him was so shocking!
Chapter 161 A bloody battle Tianlong Temple
Ling Feiyang pushed open the door of Tianlong Temple and immediately saw hundreds of bodies lying upside down in the compound!
Some of these bodies are monks in the temple, and some are soldiers of Dali Kingdom who are guarding the temple. Every body looks miserable, green eyes stand out, and the death is extremely horrible. It is a strange poison!
Tianlong Temple is a monk of the emperors of Dali, which can be called the foundation and pillar of Dali. I didn’t expect it to be destroyed at this moment!
"Master Yi Deng won’t …" Ling Feiyang’s dark call in his heart is not good. He rushed into the temple like flying. These bodies were searched one by one. Suddenly, he saw a gray old monk "corpse" lying on his back to see his figure. Indeed, he looked like Master Yi Deng, but he didn’t know what insect had bitten him. There were two long bridled eyes hanging down!
"Master …" Ling Feiyang settled his mind and went to the crowd to see this "corpse" suddenly opened his eyes. A flail knife was drawn from the abdomen and suddenly cut to Ling Feiyang’s neck!
At this time, the blade is less than two feet away from Ling Feiyang’s neck. If it were someone else, I’m afraid it would be a head fall to the ground! However, Ling Feiyang’s martial arts is not what it used to be, and the strain rate is much faster than that of ordinary people. Although he was hastily attacked, he can still immediately lean his head back and avoid this fatal knife!
Seeing the blade wiping the tip of the nose across Ling Feiyang hasn’t come yet to adjust the posture, only to see that another blade is coming to his neck!