At the end of the war, he suddenly said, Mom, I think so.

Qin Xiaobao stretched out his hand and knocked at the end of the war from the little head mix small you whether I was born? How can I spit out my mother all day?
At the end of the war, he said, I also doubt that I am not your own son because I have never seen my mother run around all day.
Qin Xiaobao …
Qin Leran was about to say something to persuade the two mothers when a tall man came up to the three of them and said politely, Excuse me, are you the family members of the war commander?
Yes Qin Xiaobao didn’t think it nodded his head.
Because she usually likes to call their mother and daughter by the name of family members of other war commanders, it proves that she and Zhannian North are inseparable parts.
The man said, The commander of the war wants to invite you three to go to a place with me.
Qin Xiaobao asked, Where to?
The man said, Don’t ask me about Mrs. Zhan. The commander of Zhan told me that he would give you a surprise and let me keep it a secret.
Oh, good. Qin Xiaobao nodded with a smile and didn’t forget to praise his own man. The old man in Zhannian North is really getting older and more emotional, thinking of giving me a surprise.
The man smiled politely and made a gesture of Mrs. Zhan, please come with me
Qin Xiaobao added, The old guy in Zhannian North wants to surprise me. Of course, I can’t just go to see him like this. Wait for us for a few minutes. I’ll put on makeup and go with you later.
When Qin Xiaobao spoke, Qin Leran had firmly grasped the end of the war. When Qin Xiaobao turned around, Qin Leran took the war and walked side by side with Qin Xiaobao.
What the hell is that? Dare to call our idea and wait for the old man to come back. I have to let him strip those dogs. Qin Xiaobao muttered as he walked.
桑拿Qin Leran trail Don’t be angry, little aunt. There are many pairs of eyes staring at us around now, and I don’t know who they are sent. Let’s calm down and try to escape.
Qin Xiaobao and Qin Leran found the abnormality when the man spoke the second sentence.
If you really want to surprise Qin Xiaobao, he will never be so gentle, and it will definitely make people directly tie Qin Xiaobao away.
Chapter 76 The goal is Qin Leran
Qin Xiaobao understands the truth, but she can’t help but get angry at the thought of a king’s egg trying to hit on them. Give me those king cakes, and I’ll let my old man take them out and stew them for the dogs.
Mom, don’t say these words until we are out of danger. Although he is young at the end of the war, he speaks and acts like a grownup. Many times, he is much more sensible than his temperloving mother.
Smelly little you hurt your mother again! It may be that Qin Xiaobao didn’t take it seriously when he was in danger because he was too well protected by the war in the North over the years.
Maybe it’s because deep down in her heart, she believes that Zhan Nianbei will definitely appear, and he won’t let anyone touch them.
Little aunt Xiao Li is right. Let’s walk slowly, don’t walk too fast, and we can’t let the other side find out that we know they are fake. Compared with Qin Leran, Qin Leran sees far and thinks more than Qin Xiaobao.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can, there are many other people, and she doesn’t know where they are coming from, and she doesn’t know whether Chang Li has followed her, which makes her a little worried
After all, she’s still with her little aunt and little Limo. How did she bring their mother out? Of course, she’s going to bring them back to her uncle and grandfather completely.
Walking out of a distance, Qin Xiaobao took out his mobile phone and looked at the rear because he couldn’t look back. He observed and judged the situation from the screen of the mobile phone.
She said, The man probably called to ask our company to instruct my little aunt to leave at the end, so we can take the opportunity to walk a little faster.
Qin Xiaobao nodded good
The man with false news is not a person who doesn’t eat, and then looks away after the conversation. When Qin Leran was three people, he instantly sensed that something was wrong. He waved and stepped forward and chased them.
Qin Leran said, Little aunt, the man from the end is coming. Let’s walk faster and go to a crowded place together for a while. No matter what happens, you hide behind me and I’ll protect you.
Among the three people, Qin Leran is the only one who knows kung fu and kung fu is not bad.
If the other person is not too many and not very good, how can she hold on for a while until their reinforcements arrive?
Qin Xiaobao worried that however …
Qin Leran interrupted her, Little Aunt, don’t say anything for a while. You mainly protect Xiao Li from the end. You should also take good care of your mother, you know?
Well, I will nodded heavily at the end of the war.
Since the end of the war, his father was fighting for the North, and he was nursed and raised by fighting for the North since he was a child. Such a scene does not scare him at a young age.
Soon Qin Leran discovered the situation again. The tourists around them don’t seem to be real tourists. They don’t look at the scenic spots, but look at them from time to time.
Qin Leran dark call a it seems that they want to escape should not be so easy.
Qin Xiaobao also found an anomaly. However, those people around him are coming to us again, and their eyes look like they are going to eat us.
Qin Leran can effectively protect Qin Xiaobao and the end of the war. Little aunt, let’s first say that we can escape one after another anyway.