Mom, rest assured that the only sister has always been calm, and nothing can beat her.

For Shen, Hao Changqing, the only one, is still a little powerful in shaping his image.
So the only thing in his eyes is indestructible, and nothing can hit her.
You seem to like Miss. Zhao Xin speed skater looked at his son with kindness in his eyes.
Although it was a mistake at the beginning, Zhao Xin speed skater never regretted it for so many years.
Even if there is nothing left, she still has a son to accompany her.
Like it very much? The only sister is very powerful. He still remembers the first meeting scene. At that time, the only thing was simply handsome.
A few words made the man find nothing to refute.
Get along well with your only sister, and don’t touch what belongs to your only sister. Shen Shi doesn’t belong to us. It’s your only sister’s mother who made it herself. No one can erase it.
Zhao Xin speed skater is also afraid that he can’t stand the temptation to do something. Money will really make people want to put a lot of money.
I know my mother and I won’t touch anything that belongs to my only sister. Hao Changqing was well educated
Well, Zhao Xin speed skater smiled and looked at his son’s eyes with relief.
The only one who came out here was Mo Yu driving. What the hell is going on? What did people say over there?
It’s not convenient to talk about it in there just now, but it’s different now. There are two people in the car.
Just when the Public Security Bureau called, it was said that Duan Yinghong died because of poisoning!
These things haven’t arrived at the scene yet, so we can’t check them. Many things are still uncertain.
I’m curious who poisoned people in front of many of us in such a big way.
What the hell is it that people want to do that? Suddenly, the only thing that comes to mind is Duan Yinghong.
Are you the only one who wants you to die? Shen only wants you to die a lot. Don’t worry so much.
Who is it? Who is it? What is so deliberately trying to persecute yourself?
Don’t think the wife will know soon. The ink royal face is not very good. These people are the only ones.
Mo Yu went to pick up Mo Ao Han first and three people went to a mental hospital together.
Now the scene of death is isolated, and no one dares to go in except the police.
What’s going on, Director Wang? Didn’t you send someone to protect Duan Yinghong?
Before Mo Yu left, the temperature dropped rapidly, just like the cold weather in October.
Captain Mo also checked that it was our negligence that we didn’t value people. I’m sorry. Now, no matter what, apologize first
Mo Yu is definitely not a goodtempered person.
A proud cold you go to see what’s going on ink royal tilted at his third brother.
Well ink proud cold and turned around and walked before wearing gloves began to check the body.
The only person who looked at the quiet bed without any temperature was not touched.
She always felt that it was too cheap for her to let Duan Yinghong die.
Mo Yu looked at the body and didn’t know what to think.
Mo Ao Han checked for a while and came out to take off his gloves and wiped his fingers with a wet towel.
It is indeed poisoned to death. Arsenic trioxide, also known as arsenic, should be familiar to everyone.
But the only thing I was surprised to hear was this name.
Isn’t this in charge of pharmacy? What will be here? These hands are a little too long.
Is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to kill Duan Yinghong.
Is it because Duan Yinghong knows their secret that they are eager to kill them or because of some other reasons?
Isn’t this poison fatal if you eat it? Let’s go and see if there are any suspicious people today.
A proud no ink cold looking at the only.
She’s not a big dose, she’s a very small dose, so the dose may be a few days ago, not today.
Because the dosage of this medicine is very in place, you can see that you are an expert.
And the other party should be good at pharmacy and made sustainedrelease tablets, so the goal is even bigger and the base can’t be found.
Listen, Mo Aihan explained that the only thing that happened was a look at the body.
Call Shen Yan if you touch the words. It’s his wife who will arrange it himself.
Look at that person who has lost his breath, the only feeling is quite a lot.
After calculating for a generation, I finally got nothing or no one died.
Now Shen Shuang’s whereabouts are very secret, so he can’t find his roots.
Looking at this situation now, the only feeling is headache. She has a hunch that the other party will never kill Duan Yinghong as simple as that.
Should there be any other moves or goals to achieve?
But what is the purpose of being so mad?
In a dark room
Ah, ah, ah, ah, Shen, the only Shen, the only one I hate you, I hate you is full of hatred and murder.
Screaming at the top of my lungs to vent my compassion.
What, what, what is going to kill my mother? What, Shen, the only one, you are so cruel and cruel.
The woman looked at the photo in her hand, which was the photo of Duan Yinghong’s body, and this man was Shen Shuang who had been missing for a long time.
A woman in a red cheongsam looks at the mouth of the person who is completely crazy now and evokes a radian.
Hate it, hate it, only in this way can I maximize what I have
It’s terrible to be alone, and even worse, it’s a woman
桑拿按摩Shen only Shen only won’t kill you, I won’t give up, I won’t give up. Shen Shuang’s hooked eyes in the past are now gloomy, cold and hateful.
What if you hate it? If you are as weak as you are now, you will be like your mother. Even if you die, no one will sympathize with her. Even your socalled father will ignore her.
The female voice is faint, but it has a bit of charm to confuse people.
Tell me what you want me to do to kill Shen, the only thing you want me to do! Shen Shuang, get up with the photo.
What can I do? The woman repeated it as if she were not sure.
I can do anything, but I need Shen to die. The instant hatred made the woman feel better.
Including abandoning this face? The woman looked at Shen Shuang’s beautiful face.
Shen Shuang’s eyes flashed when he heard this. It is this face that he loves most at ordinary times.
But it’s still a dark corner, no matter how beautiful it is.
This dark corner looks at Shen, the only bitch who can’t do it like happiness.
She just wants Shen’s only pain and wants her dead.

Close my eyes, I feel that my hands touch the strings uncontrollably, as if they have their own thoughts, playing freely and casually.

I feel that there seems to be more and more people watching me around, and around here I hear a sound that seems to say a perfect word to play with me.
I feel very clearly in my heart that this is a woman’s voice, and it is getting more and more coordinated. When I finish playing this last note, I hear the continuous clapping around me.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Lin Chi in front of me. He said to me in amazement, "Brother Lei, you are amazing. You and that beautiful woman just now seem to be one soul. Neither of them paused so tacitly."
"A woman" I asked Lin Chi.
"yeah, a woman with short hair like a dream."
At this moment, many pictures suddenly appeared in my brain. I got up from my chair and looked around at everything around me, including flowers, grass, people watching me, and even more pure places in my mind
I gave the guitar to Lin Chi and let him go. "Thank you, buddy, thank you for the guitar."
With that, I walked out of the crowd. She was here just now. It must be her.
At the moment, I am looking for a fire in my heart, which is instantly lit up in the night. I saw and saw the figure running with me in the same pace ahead.
I was so scared to see her running ahead.
In the square where gorgeous lights gathered, she stopped running ahead and looked up at this huge tree covered with light.
I stopped and looked at her quietly in front of me, and in a flash, she turned around.
I’m at the same level as her, and it’s full of light, so I can see her face more clearly.
She smiled, and I smiled. I slowly got up my feet and walked towards her. She didn’t retreat, and she didn’t dodge. Instead, she smiled at the man who chased her so far like Lai.
When I came to her, she finally said to me, "Sir, are you tired of chasing me so far?"
I asked her, "Miss, are you tired of running so far behind my back?"
Yan Jiaxin took the initiative to take my hand, turned around and pointed to the beautiful fireworks in the sky and sighed, "Vienna is beautiful."
I pulled her all over the sky and kissed her again in an instant.
I won’t let go this time. I’m going to take her home and give her a real home.
I let go of her and looked at her with a very serious eye. She said "Come home with me to our house" again.
I led her toward our happy paradise.
It took 300 days to finish it. I finally finished it. From the time I signed the contract for 17k, I have finally achieved my goal. This is my best effort to finish it. I also admit that there are many shortcomings in No.1 middle school. Let the story really start and end. Some things will not be explained in detail. There will always be something left in each room for others to daydream. Everyone has different opinions. If too many opinions will make people feel disgusted, it may be best to watch it with their own thinking.
There have been some drafts of the new story, and the new story will be more exciting than pure nature. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if you are looking forward to it. If you want to play a new role, you can chat privately and add me qq5335122. I’ll try to join.
I hope to support Sanjin friends, but I can continue to support them. No, I don’t want more people to like every role of my pen. Well, I’m going to have a rest, too. See you later.
I also wish all friends can find their natural girlfriends and find their own happy paradise.
Mr. mo mo
1 Duyier
Moshi group a city is the leading chaebol.
At the moment, a new conference is being held, and the name of the cloud is flashing.
The man with a cold face on the rostrum is the focus of media’s scrambling to record.
Dark and deep eyes, high nose, sharp corners, bright and clean face, white gestures, flaunting his elegance.
At present, this talent is just in his early thirties, but he is the helmsman of Mohs. His wisdom, composure, coldness and extravagance have fascinated many women.
And such a he is also let a city media love and hate intertwined.
品茶论坛If the news wants him to touch Mo Chengkun, even if there is a little bit, it will definitely become a hot spot, so they have to love it.
But even though Mo Chengkun has too many stories, no one dares to open them. How can they not hate it?
At this moment, Mo Chengkun will hold the newly designed jewelry in his hand, and the light projection surface of the hall will shine with many-hued light.
Today, all this is also a necklace that is said to be inlaid with 99 diamonds.
"This jewelry collection is the only one of the top diamonds." When he began to introduce this product to everyone, it was full of his own personality charm, and the music hall echoed.
They haven’t returned to absolute being, but he has been silent.
There are not many words, not even a word of going through the motions, but there is no denying that everyone is boiling.
Everything that comes next is based on this jewelry. Ask him to cooperate and answer one by one.
At that time, it was just sunny in Wan Li, but suddenly it began to rain heavily.
Chu Yannai can try her best to escape the sudden downpour while struggling to get rid of the fans chasing behind her.
When the mobile phone suddenly starts calling for its owner, the people behind it are still chasing after it.
Consciously want to be faster, but often unlucky, and then my feet are sluggish.
Seeing the office building in front of her, she breathed a sigh of relief, took off her high heels, gritted her teeth and started running away.
I just stopped talking and came in again.
"I said, aunt, have you arrived yet?" Just press the answer key, and the leader’s flustered voice came out from the other end.

Walk over to Shengrong and have a good chat with Zhao Tingyun and others.

ChengRong and LanKeFuBo said hello to eyes a turn can’t help but say with smile, "everyone has no chance to get together on weekdays. Today, everyone is here. I might as well go and play."
He is the host, so no one will object to coming here again, even if it is fun, no one will be stupid enough to refuse.
So they all agreed and nodded, and the line of people was mighty on the second floor.
When I went to the chess table room, what was really blinding ChuYan?
夜生活She seldom gets together with these people in the circle, and her understanding of them is very limited.
There’s almost everything here. You can play anything you want.
When everyone comes, someone will decide what to play.
They chose to play and someone formed a team.
Chuyan they this line of nature is not moving.
Waiting for Shengrong to speak.
Chengrong lit a cigarette and smoked Chuyan. I didn’t expect Chengrong to smoke.
It’s the first time I saw it
But it’s nothing unusual.
Sheng Rong thought for a moment and then said, "Let’s play ball first."
They didn’t object to Sheng Rong’s eyes turning to play. "But let’s change the way of playing."
"Oh," they wondered.
There’s nothing strange about ChuYan. She’s too lazy to play. She hasn’t even thought about it.
Only to find that Shengrong had picked her up.
"I’m better than Zhao Zong." He smiled slightly and was somewhat mysterious. "But I don’t play."
Zhao Tingyun looks a little ugly. Sheng Rong and he don’t play with each other. Who do you want to shoot? This is not looking at him.
But I’m not happy. Some people here, Sheng Rong, are the first one who can’t offend him. He knows that Mo Chengkun has worked hard recently and he can’t let Mo Chengkun win him away.
Otherwise, it is a bit difficult to bring Mo Chengkun down.
Thinking about asking, "How do you always fight that sheng?"
Mo Chengkun was not surprised.
Sheng Rong smiled "I don’t fight" and reached a finger at Chu Yan "She helped me fight"
ChuYan one leng how to pull yourself?
All eyes are on ChuYan.
Before she crustily skin of head, "I’m not good at it."
Sheng Rong didn’t give her a chance to refuse. "Let’s have a bet." He snapped his fingers and said, "Let’s start with 300,000 to win over there."
They immediately talked about it.
Have to please ChengRong pressure ChuYan.
However, some people still don’t have so many taboos that they are overwhelmed by Zhao Tingyun.
Isn’t this a pendulum?
Chu Yan said that she was not very good at it, but Zhao Tingyun knew how to play. These are experts.
Zhao Tingyun never thought it was ChuYan.
Eyes narrowed slightly looked ChuYan a few eyes and then the right corner of my eye went to the right lip angle followed by a wide "ok, I’ll play"
Looking at ChuYan with a smile, "Miss Chu is merciful."
ChuYan a listen to paused and then can’t help but sneer at.
She said she wouldn’t hit them, and she really believed that she wouldn’t.
Isn’t Zhao Tingyun’s remark a straightforward irony?
Others call ChuYan. He has suffered several losses in his hand, but he can’t bear this tone.
Ha ha a smile "since Zhao Zong said so, I’ll keep some for you."
Words fall to one side.
But someone pulled me.
Turned to see is Mo Chengkun.
He frowned slightly ChuYan swept his one eye.
"Don’t try to be brave" worried tone
Chuyan felt a slight warmth in her heart, gave him a reassuring look and walked forward.
All this soon everyone didn’t see the scene of two people.
Chuyan went to the billiard table and picked up a pole, a beautiful spin, natural and agile.
They were all surprised by her skill, but there were also some surprises.
It’s just a flower stand. Who wouldn’t?
It doesn’t mean much
But I listened to her talk about "how to play English, American, French or Kailun".
Many people were stunned by her series of questions.
While Zhao Tingyun listen to eyes a slight flash know ChuYan is not simple.
What happened before may be just an excuse for her.
Thought of here, he lost his cigar, walked over and took a pole, but without ChuYan’s fancy, he painted it with powder, and his eyes were a little random and he laughed "whatever you want"
ChuYan don’t like his eyes frowning slightly. When he heard this, he looked up at him and smiled "good".
Wiping her hands with magnesium powder, she aimed at the pole in a standard posture.
"Bang", the sound is crisp, the rules are set, the rules are scattered.
They looked at one leng this slightly.
Where is not a big fight is a sophisticated one, okay?
Chu Yan doesn’t mean that others look up at Zhao Tingyun "it’s your turn"
She is really good at billiards, not blindly confident.
There was a time when she was a Taiwanese player.
Almost participated in the international competition.
And here ChengRong and MoChengKun looked at are slightly with a smile in the eyes of the light is getting deeper and deeper.
There is no doubt that Chu Yan won in the end.

At the end of the war, he suddenly said, Mom, I think so.

Qin Xiaobao stretched out his hand and knocked at the end of the war from the little head mix small you whether I was born? How can I spit out my mother all day?
At the end of the war, he said, I also doubt that I am not your own son because I have never seen my mother run around all day.
Qin Xiaobao …
Qin Leran was about to say something to persuade the two mothers when a tall man came up to the three of them and said politely, Excuse me, are you the family members of the war commander?
Yes Qin Xiaobao didn’t think it nodded his head.
Because she usually likes to call their mother and daughter by the name of family members of other war commanders, it proves that she and Zhannian North are inseparable parts.
The man said, The commander of the war wants to invite you three to go to a place with me.
Qin Xiaobao asked, Where to?
The man said, Don’t ask me about Mrs. Zhan. The commander of Zhan told me that he would give you a surprise and let me keep it a secret.
Oh, good. Qin Xiaobao nodded with a smile and didn’t forget to praise his own man. The old man in Zhannian North is really getting older and more emotional, thinking of giving me a surprise.
The man smiled politely and made a gesture of Mrs. Zhan, please come with me
Qin Xiaobao added, The old guy in Zhannian North wants to surprise me. Of course, I can’t just go to see him like this. Wait for us for a few minutes. I’ll put on makeup and go with you later.
When Qin Xiaobao spoke, Qin Leran had firmly grasped the end of the war. When Qin Xiaobao turned around, Qin Leran took the war and walked side by side with Qin Xiaobao.
What the hell is that? Dare to call our idea and wait for the old man to come back. I have to let him strip those dogs. Qin Xiaobao muttered as he walked.
桑拿Qin Leran trail Don’t be angry, little aunt. There are many pairs of eyes staring at us around now, and I don’t know who they are sent. Let’s calm down and try to escape.
Qin Xiaobao and Qin Leran found the abnormality when the man spoke the second sentence.
If you really want to surprise Qin Xiaobao, he will never be so gentle, and it will definitely make people directly tie Qin Xiaobao away.
Chapter 76 The goal is Qin Leran
Qin Xiaobao understands the truth, but she can’t help but get angry at the thought of a king’s egg trying to hit on them. Give me those king cakes, and I’ll let my old man take them out and stew them for the dogs.
Mom, don’t say these words until we are out of danger. Although he is young at the end of the war, he speaks and acts like a grownup. Many times, he is much more sensible than his temperloving mother.
Smelly little you hurt your mother again! It may be that Qin Xiaobao didn’t take it seriously when he was in danger because he was too well protected by the war in the North over the years.
Maybe it’s because deep down in her heart, she believes that Zhan Nianbei will definitely appear, and he won’t let anyone touch them.
Little aunt Xiao Li is right. Let’s walk slowly, don’t walk too fast, and we can’t let the other side find out that we know they are fake. Compared with Qin Leran, Qin Leran sees far and thinks more than Qin Xiaobao.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can, there are many other people, and she doesn’t know where they are coming from, and she doesn’t know whether Chang Li has followed her, which makes her a little worried
After all, she’s still with her little aunt and little Limo. How did she bring their mother out? Of course, she’s going to bring them back to her uncle and grandfather completely.
Walking out of a distance, Qin Xiaobao took out his mobile phone and looked at the rear because he couldn’t look back. He observed and judged the situation from the screen of the mobile phone.
She said, The man probably called to ask our company to instruct my little aunt to leave at the end, so we can take the opportunity to walk a little faster.
Qin Xiaobao nodded good
The man with false news is not a person who doesn’t eat, and then looks away after the conversation. When Qin Leran was three people, he instantly sensed that something was wrong. He waved and stepped forward and chased them.
Qin Leran said, Little aunt, the man from the end is coming. Let’s walk faster and go to a crowded place together for a while. No matter what happens, you hide behind me and I’ll protect you.
Among the three people, Qin Leran is the only one who knows kung fu and kung fu is not bad.
If the other person is not too many and not very good, how can she hold on for a while until their reinforcements arrive?
Qin Xiaobao worried that however …
Qin Leran interrupted her, Little Aunt, don’t say anything for a while. You mainly protect Xiao Li from the end. You should also take good care of your mother, you know?
Well, I will nodded heavily at the end of the war.
Since the end of the war, his father was fighting for the North, and he was nursed and raised by fighting for the North since he was a child. Such a scene does not scare him at a young age.
Soon Qin Leran discovered the situation again. The tourists around them don’t seem to be real tourists. They don’t look at the scenic spots, but look at them from time to time.
Qin Leran dark call a it seems that they want to escape should not be so easy.
Qin Xiaobao also found an anomaly. However, those people around him are coming to us again, and their eyes look like they are going to eat us.
Qin Leran can effectively protect Qin Xiaobao and the end of the war. Little aunt, let’s first say that we can escape one after another anyway.

It was a night of entertainment. At the beginning, the president and vice president of the Student Union were really idle.

I took something to say hello to Pearl Krabs. I didn’t go home for dinner. I went out and took a bus directly to the coffee shop in the usual old place on the pedestrian street
Vivi has been waiting there without saying anything, dragging me to pick out clothes.
Vivi Weiting AG store is not cheap.
My belly has been a little prominent for two and a half months, and my small belly is getting more and more prominent. This kind of waist-trimming ceremony can’t be worn naturally.
Finally, Vivi insisted that I change a one-shoulder suspender dress, because the waist position is relatively high, although the small belly is obvious, it is not very obvious
The effect of wearing is not bad.
Vivi dragged me to put on a simple nude makeup again to be finished. When everything is done, it is already 5: 10.
It takes half an hour from here to Shengshi Washington, and I’m afraid I’ll be late for Shengshi Washington.
"It’s important for you to be late if you are late slowly." I think Vivi’s speed is a little fast and I can’t help waking her up.
Vivi hey hey smile speed is to keep the traffic rules allow speed.
I always feel that something is wrong with this girl today when I look at her with fear and excitement.
"You’re a little overexcited today."
"Really?" She hey hey smile again also don’t deny that "will see when the abundant god handsome comparable to the sun, the moon and the stars, president of the adult can not excited …"
I must have looked at her for a long time before I remembered that she used to be the so-called rich and handsome girl who was more attractive than the president of the sun, the moon and the stars.
What’s the name of the so-called president of the sun, the moon and the stars? I forgot for a moment.
As far as I’m concerned, when I want to remember, my little fan sister opens her mouth to wake up "White Dusk"
"The original surname is Bai" I sigh.
Fang Miaomiao gave me a white look when he heard this, and he didn’t good the spirit and said, "Somehow you are still the double high flyers of S University management and design, or those who had the best grades at the beginning, and they didn’t even know that the man of the hour was the president’s adult who had always kept the first place."
Okay, I admit I’m a little low, but I really didn’t care about him at the beginning
What did I do? I can’t extricate myself from wandering and part-time jobs.
It’s probably like this. I thought of something bad. I came to Vivi to live, and now I’m in the parking lot of Shengshi Washington
The dinner party on the second floor directly behind the car has already started.
There are quite a few people, but it seems that they have just started eating.
I was taken by Vivi, and someone saw me as soon as I entered the door. I really remembered when I saw people passing by.
At present, this man who looks really elegant and wears leisure suit is the president who Vivi never forgets.
"Hey, President of the elder brother" Fang Miaomiao immediately smiled before opening his mouth.
I shook a pair of Fang Miaomiao to see the expression of the little girl in the white sunset, and I was so happy with this shameless girl.
"Vivi Mo Xuemei"
Section 4
"Long time no see, Senior Bai"
I reached out and shook hands with him for a while, calling us to go to the table where he sat.
I’m surprised that we’re late, my Lord, who has always been the most popular president of Baiyu Sunset!
It’s still next to him. It’s a little weird
And Fang Miao Miao is next to the white sunset, and the two look quite harmonious.
It’s amazing to be able to do this after several years.
I sit next to me and eat a little with chopsticks, but no matter who is next to me for several years, I’m not in the same class. I really don’t recognize anyone except Baiyu Sunset.
I still have a little impression of white sunset because of this guy Vivi.
The two men chatted happily. I saw Vivi’s eyes, which almost sparkled with stars, and my heart smiled.
约茶At that time, the little girl is still a little girl today, and the little girl’s mind is even more complicated.
I don’t know what white dusk is!
This meal is very dull. In the past, it was followed by playing on the fifth floor. The fifth floor is a good place to drink, sing, dance and so on.
I was dragged by Vivi in flat shoes.
I just walked to the door and the door opened.
Several people wanted to rush in, but I looked at the inside of the ladder and suddenly froze.
The ladder reached one of the two men with his hand in his trouser pocket, and his expression was indifferent. At this time, his eyes were fixed and he looked at me.
I haven’t said "Wei Xuechang …" before I was delighted with the white sunset next to me.
I leng leng, others leng leng.
Has always been quietly elegant and noble white dusk would be so embarrassing to Wei … Very kind and with a little admiration.

Allen pouted or nodded.

"I listen to mommy."
The two ladies in the house hurried after them.
Mrs. Qi looked at Allen and then at Lin Ya and asked, "Yaya, do you think the children should come with me today?"
Lin Ya frowned and bent down to ask Allen for advice. "Does Grandma Qi let you go to her house to play?"
品茶论坛But the little blurt asked, "Is Mommy going?"
Lin Ya’s face was embarrassed. "Mommy doesn’t go, Mommy has work to do."
Allen shook his little head. "Since Mommy won’t go, Allen won’t go either."
His wife a listen to panic "don’t ah Allen grandma at home to prepare a lot of toys for you! You live with grandma for one day. "
As he spoke, he was going to pull Allen’s arm, but the little one said, "I don’t want it!"
Then quickly flash to hide behind Lin Ya.
Mrs. Qi looked at Lin Ya somewhat naively. "Yaya, what can I do?"
My own grandson refused to go back with her, which is really killing me!
Mrs. Mu said airily, "Since the child doesn’t like it, forget it."
Wu Meifang was unhappy when she heard it. "What do you mean, forget it? I’ve been preparing for so long. Forget it every time! Besides, he will have to come home with me sooner or later! "
Allen hide behind Lin Ya dark and liquid to see looking at the two men you sentence her sentence.
Hold Lin Ya’s leg tightly and say, "I’ll go wherever Mommy goes."
Wu Meifang begged her eyes to look at Lin Ya when she heard this. "Ya Ya or …"
Before she finished mu lady sink a face, "don’t even think about it! My daughter-in-law ran to your house. This is nothing! "
If this is a big article for the intentional media, her son will face it! Where does she want to put her fake face?
"Yaya ~" Mrs. Qi ignored her and begged Lin Ya.
Luo Linyu directly reached out and grabbed Lin Ya’s arm. "Come back with me!"
"Yaya!" Wu Meifang also grabbed Lin Ya’s other arm.
"Stop arguing!" Lin Ya shouted a little, and then looked at the ground. Allen said, "Mommy will take you to Grandma Qi’s house. You can stay for a while. If you want to stay, we can go back to Grandma Mu’s house together, okay?"
Mrs. Qi was happy when she heard this. "That’s a good idea!"
Luo Linyu is really reluctant, but Lin Ya has already opened her mouth and she can’t help it.
"Then I will accompany you!"
In case of being photographed, at least the media with her will not dare to make it up too much.
Forty minutes later.
Several people rushed to Qijia Mansion, where Mrs Qi made people make tea, and then led Allen to his room to see toys.
There is a pile of toys in the house, and almost all kinds of limited toys are collected! It can be seen that this time Chyi Yu has made great efforts to please here!
Obviously, his move was effective. Allen was quickly attracted by those toys.
Lin Ya, watching him play happily, feels that he should not want to go back with himself today.
Mrs Qi and Mrs Mu accompanied him in the toy room.
Linya came out of the stairs and found Chyi Yu’s house.
I looked up and saw the man coming out of the room.
She is no stranger to Qijia. In the early years, before Chyi Yu moved those crooked thoughts to her, she often came and went.
Later, Mrs. Qi went to kiss Tang Yuanshan before she gradually alienated Chyi Yu.
The man obviously saw her, too, and came towards her with a smile.
Lin Ya casually asked, "Didn’t you go to the company today?"
"I just got back from talking with a few guests."
Lin Ya listened to the light and said "Oh"
Section 13
Then I heard Chyi Yu say, "Do you mind coming to my room?"
Lin Ya said with a shrug "Good"
She followed him to step in, lifted her eyes and glanced at the room, which was no different from before.
The cabinet is still standing against the wall, and even the table is still the same.
Seeing these reminds her of the time when she was a child.
Chyi Yu went over and picked up a photo frame of the table.
Asked, "Remember this?"
Lin Ya’s low eyes saw a girl in a white dress sitting in a dark brown wooden photo frame and looking down at one
When was that yourself? It’s been so long that she can’t remember.
She couldn’t help bending her mouth when her fingers brushed the photo.
Seeing this photo reminds her of a lot of the past.
It seems that her fate began to change from that year. In that year, Tang Yuanshan married Zhang Meili and brought Tang Ying. In that year, her family moved from J City to Kyoto.
Chyi Yu put the photo frame like a memory, and it seemed to be intentional. "That was the first time I saw Tang Wan beautiful and refined, which made me fall in love at first sight."
Hearing this, Lin Ya rolled her eyes. "It’s not love at first sight, it’s a big heart!"
In the second year, he urged his mother to kiss!
How old was she when I went? Underage! What about him? It seems that ten years old is still a few months away!
Chyi Yu listened and smiled. "Well, she said she was going to sue me for child molestation! Do you remember? "

Tehran, frightened by his naive evil sample.

Turn your head and stare at him. Unbelievable.
He Lianyin smiled and said "good morning" with an open heart.
"…" Tehran, one mouthful blood in the throat almost didn’t vomit.
"What’s the matter?" He Lianyin naturally took her back to her arms and pressed the head line to get up. The voice was cold. "Dai Mu asked the doctor to come over and Xiao Yin’s forehead was a little hot, as if he had a fever."
Hailan frowned and broke his arms and tightened his body sheet. His face was cold. "What are you doing, Mr. Helian?"
Vivid questioning tone
He Lianyin smiled blankly. "Miss Xiao was drugged last night, did you know?"
Tehran, didn’t speak sip tight pale lips.
"I saved you" He Lianyin stared at her Gherardini "Miss Xiao, do you know what I will save you?"
Chapter 12 Warm family of three
See navy don’t talk HeLianYin chuckled "because you don’t name is xiao, your name is Xiang"
Tehran, with a shock.
He Lianyin got up.
Looking at his slender and handsome figure in front of the French window, it seems that she has been staring at him all her life. Her pupils are deep and dark. "Maybe you don’t believe it, but I have proof."
Tehran, said nothing.
He took two steps closer.
Sunlight poured in obliquely from the floor-to-ceiling window like crystal, warming his and her contours.
Section 291
He handed a pile of information to Hailan. "Look at this information and you will know what will happen to you in J City, what will be shipwrecked and what will be amnesia."
Tehran, as if what severely hit her body slightly flash took a step back.
He Lianyin held her at the right time. It was difficult to hide the pain in her eyes when she tightened her fingers, which indicated that she was suffering. Her head was very painful, but she didn’t want to show that she was holding her temples and her lips were pale. "Did you investigate me?"
She whispered softly.
"Is your head hurting again?" He Lianyin hugged her slender arms with a domineering but gentle taste. "You sit down first and I’ll call the family doctor."
桑拿网"Go away!" She pushed him away and her eyes were sharp. "Would you and I believe such a ridiculous thing?"
He Lianyin zheng heart suddenly unbearable pain.
Tehran, sneer at "with your position want to get a just consistent with my information and what’s the difficulty? Hehe, you violated me, and I was afraid that I would call the police to arrest you and make up such a thing, right? "
He Lianyun’s pupils tightened. "What do you think of me so much?"
"What? If I really said something to Yin, why didn’t you say it when you first met me? You investigated, and I know that I was in J City when I was shipwrecked, so I made things up based on this information, didn’t I? You know I don’t like you and I won’t be with you. You are very white. If you say so, I will probably believe it, but out of my feelings and guilt for forgetting Sichuan, I will never say anything and forgive you, right? "
He Lianyin suddenly raised his head and his eyes were full of shock. "How can you not like me? Xiao Yin, we have been together for more than ten years. We have been married. Tong Tong is your child. If you don’t believe us, we can test dna. I know it’s normal for you to doubt me now. I’m not angry. I won’t take what you said seriously until you recover your memory. If you don’t believe me, then you can find a trusted person, Tong Tong, to test dna. Does he naturally have an answer for your child? Whether the three of us are a family will naturally have an answer. "
Navy lip color is getting paler and paler.
He Lianyin added, "When I first met you, I didn’t go to see you because your face changed, Xiao Yin. Your appearance changed in the past. I dare not jump to conclusions. After checking your information, I realized that your face changed because of being attacked by a shark. I didn’t pick you up immediately because I was afraid of scaring you. You lost your memory. I was afraid that my rash appearance would cause you disgust."
Tehran, speechless.
She bowed her head.
Dare not look at his dark eyes like a whirlpool. She turned her head away and endured the pain deep in her head. Reason pulled away for a moment. "It hurts …"
Before knowing the truth, the first reaction of normal people is to resist He Lianyin. He can understand her mood just now, but he believes that Xiao Yin has begun to believe him now. After all, they have lived for more than ten years. Xiao Yin has a certain familiarity with him. He seems to see the light and hope. He said in a dumb voice, "I know it’s hard for you to accept this for a while, but I hope you can look at this information. If your head hurts today, don’t look at it. When you want to know what you were like in the past, just look at me."
Tehran, painfully hold your head.
Once she puts her guard down and listens to him, her head will be in unbearable pain, and her nerves will tighten and her pupils will tighten.
HeLianYin heart in a surprised to let go of the data went to the head of a bed and dialed the line.
"Call a doctor," He Lianyin said with a cold expression.
Tehran, whole body cold sweat consciousness chaos trembling body "I’m sorry, please let me go, I have to go back first"
No matter whether what He Lianyin is saying is true or not, she can’t listen because her head hurts too much.
He Lianyin didn’t speak tightly, pressed her against the bed and forbade her to move.
"You have a headache now. I’ll call a doctor to show you. Don’t move. After reading it, I’ll send you back. Be good. I really won’t hurt you or force you …"
She croaked in pain
He Lianyin’s eyes were shocked. He didn’t know that things in the past would make Xiao Yin so miserable. What’s wrong with her? What could be so painful?
The family doctor came here with a bunch of therapy. He Lianyin let go and gently held her shoulder with the other hand. Several maids held the navy doctor to diagnose her.
The doctor first looked at her eyeball.
Then I pressed her head.
Hailan is in pain.
The doctor suggested giving her an injection to stop the pain first, because her head was so painful that she needed an injection to relieve the pain.
Aside He Lianyin nodded his eyes without temperature.

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.