Ou porcelain saw that the blood on his cheek was completely dried up, and the dark brown lining his pale skin was shocking.

She avoided the subtle question before and reached out and touched his cheek. Were you scared when there was a car accident in Lingyi City that night?
Are you afraid of risking your life to go to Bo?
A smile appeared on Ling Yicheng’s thin lips. Fear!
She knew if he wanted a woman because of his high status.
Ou Porcelain’s contemptuous pie mouth was really good at that time, and she was so excited.
Ling Yicheng was despised by someone, lightly picked her eyebrows, then buckled her and kissed her until she was panting. He whispered in her ear, I’m afraid you won’t be my woman.
What will happen in a second is always known.
European porcelain has endured several times, and Lingyi City is also ready to go.
But the man didn’t move.
Ou porcelain was rubbed and abused by him, and his heart was already silently surrendered.
She even wants to die early and live early.
But nothing happened afterwards.
Ling Yicheng got up from her body with slender fingers and unbuttoned her clothes and buttoned them one by one again.
Then he rubbed her hair. Take an early rest tonight and I’ll take you to see grandpa.
Ou porcelain grabbed his wrist for the purpose that his trousers were propped up in a tent.
LingYi city where are you going? Hospital?
Ling Yicheng’s face changed slightly and his eyes were cloudy. Do you know what you are talking about, little porcelain?
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Actually said he went to the hospital?
Does Ou Porcelain mean that he is going to the hospital to find Yu Qingqing for release?
It’s not that he doesn’t want to touch her because there is Keranran in the room.
夜网论坛He didn’t have a hobby of being watched while having sex with Ou Porcelain.
The porcelain hanging eyes didn’t answer.
She didn’t know that stupid question she just blurted out.
Who cares who he goes to?
Isn’t it just a relief that he’s gone?
Ling Yicheng saw that she was so remorseful that she pulled back her hand and knocked her forehead with a chestnut. What are you thinking about all day?
He has said that he has her as a woman, and she seems not to listen at all.
This is the first time that Ling Yicheng has been rough with her.
What seems to be a hard knock is actually a gentle touch.
But Ouci feels very painful.
Finger rubbed his forehead, eyes suddenly red.
Ling Yicheng left after tossing her over and over again.
When he disappeared for several days, he kept Yu Qingqing’s side and Ou Porcelain felt that he had a good grievance these days.
Now Ling Yicheng is around her, not only not comforting her, but always bullying her.
Sniffling a foot may be dipped in the past roll! Lingyicheng, get out of here!
Her mood has completely collapsed.
Ling Yicheng is really a little puzzled by women’s minds.
It was like they made up just now, and then she suddenly got angry?
But it’s not white or white. What he is good at is violence.
Conveniently buckle the porcelain ankle and easily drag her to your front arm. The porcelain has been in his arms.
Ling Yicheng, what are you doing?
Ou porcelain pushed him desperately.
Ling Yicheng picked him up with a sullen face and left.
Binhu Yicheng
Ou porcelain was thrown into the big bed in the master bedroom by Ling Yicheng.

Kexinxian felt a change somewhere

It’s hard to be held by Nan Chen night like this without feeling it.
Kexin shy little face with a panic …
She is really at a loss! After all, it’s been a long time …
Just when she didn’t know it was such a good time, Nan Chen suddenly got up in a mess and went to the bathroom.
Kexin looked at the closed door and felt a little uneasy. What happened to him?
Nanchen’s fist smashed into the wall in the bathroom at night.
He twisted his eyebrows and cursed in annoyance. Damn it! Damn it! He must have scared her again.
桑拿Knowing that he had left a deep shadow on her, he was ashamed and lusted after her.
Damn it!
Once again, the fist made a powerful sound towards the wall.
Nanchen night opened the rain and cold water washed over his strong body for a long time. I’m afraid I won’t bow my head for hours.
Kexin stared at bathroom door. He had been in for a long time.
What’s taking you so long?
She doesn’t know what happened to him suddenly.
It was fine just now!
He also asked himself if he could kiss her and asked her how shy she was.
She really wanted to nod, but she felt so shy.
Looking at the closed door, at last she couldn’t help walking from the bed to the bathroom.
Bathroom door didn’t lock it. She pushed bathroom door and opened it.
Hearing the sound of Nan Chen’s body becoming stiff at night, he looked up consciously, but his eyes met happily. His hands stopped moving, but he still held his posture. The two men looked at each other face to face.
Nan Chen night didn’t expect Kexin to suddenly open the door.
He has solved himself for a while, but he has not retreated at all.
His mind is full of happiness about his appearance.
I didn’t expect that the more I thought about those pictures, the hotter he became.
If you don’t want to retreat, you will have it.
Let her bump into this shameful picture, Nanchen Night. At this moment, she even has to abolish her own mind.
It’s ugly for a man to come here, and he’s so much older than usual
He hasn’t left her any good memories in that respect in the past, but some are painful.
How much shadow will this little woman leave in her heart?
Damn it!
Seeing the scene in front of her, it was gratifying that her brain was stunned for a long time, and she didn’t respond, just looking straight at Nanchen night.
When she realized what he was doing, her face burned directly to her ears. She didn’t know everything about herself. Of course she knew what Nan Chen was doing.
"Yes … I’m sorry … I … I …" I didn’t finish stuttering, but Kexin door ran quickly towards the big bed.
Nanchen night nervously and hurriedly chased him out because he was in a hurry. He didn’t wrap himself in a fig leaf and ran out naked to see Kexin curled up in the quilt and his heart was firmly seized.
She must feel sick that she just looked obscene.
Chapter 32 Nanke Happiness Fanpian (2)
Nan Chen knelt down on one knee at night, and he looked at the quilt, and the fear of losing it gripped his throat and he couldn’t relax for a moment.
His voice was tense and uneasy. "I’m sorry, I … can’t help it …"
Moved slightly by the small figure, Kexin suddenly emerged from the quilt. She sat up as shy as a deer and looked at him before opening her mouth. She reached out and hooked his neck. Then when he didn’t react, she leaned forward shyly and pressed her tender lips against his lips.
At the moment when Nanchen’s lips were kissed, the eardrum suddenly rang. A man so big can be said to be an old man. At this moment, there is such a stupid state that a little girl is kissed by a boy.
Kexin was shy and separated from Nanchen’s lips after a kiss, and he didn’t know what to say. He avoided his sight and his face was burning red.
Actually, she was ready last night, but the fool didn’t move further. She waited for a long time, and he was holding himself. Finally, she was so sleepy that she fell asleep.
I don’t know that he is not white …
Someone has not recovered from that kiss just now.
It took him a long time to recover from his stupefaction, and he was ecstatic. This move was a great surprise for him.
You know, she didn’t kiss him unconsciously, and when his memory was washed away, Kexin was a blank sheet of paper. Since she learned to watch those idol dramas in the TV, she always kissed him when he was unprepared.
But that was when she was unconscious. Now it’s different. She took the initiative to kiss him … Although it was a dragonfly kiss, even though it stayed for a short time, he felt happy to die suddenly.
I didn’t respond to him for a long time, but I sighed in my heart. She was so white about this fool that he didn’t take any further action.
She took a sip lip "you … can … can"
It’s really hard for Kexin to say these words after several paragraphs.
In the past, if you want to kiss her, you have to ask for her advice first. He has become cautious. She knows that he is afraid of hurting her and that she will not accept him, just as he wanted her very much just now, but he has to endure and be afraid that she will resist and not accept it. He would rather hide in his hands and solve it himself …
This fool, since she has returned to him, she must give him her body and heart.
He is not so careful.
Besides, those shadows in the past have faded away with time.
Just now he said he wanted to kiss her, and her heart beat faster.
Nan Chen’s excitement hasn’t calmed down from that kiss, and he’s ashamed to spit out such a sentence. What is it that his brain fragment can’t react at the moment?
It took a long time to understand the meaning of this sentence. His eyes knew that his abdomen was swollen again.
"Really … really?" He can … but …
Kexin is more difficult to feel. She feels very embarrassed … shy and beautiful eyes can’t look him in the eye, but she still nodded shyly.

But the goal in the 43rd minute proved that Meijiang Middle School didn’t have Lu Wenbin to shoot.

If Maotai School relaxes its defense against other players in Meijiang Middle School and Lu Wenbin chooses to assist the ball instead of breaking the shot, they will still lose the ball.
The lost goal got them into trouble.
However, this time, they didn’t let Lu Wenbin score for 45 minutes, which is the best performance of the four teams in Meijiang Middle School.
Moreover, if they want to win, they have to continue to attack for goals.
Even if Lu Wenbin shoots or assists his teammates to score again, they must attack and compete for more goals.
Therefore, the tactics of both sides have not changed at half-time, but Maotai School has been more determined to defend when attacking, and has also paid attention to Han Dapeng and others running away.
But when they were distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and others running, Lu Wenbin’s personal ability stood out.
Although maotai school broke the 21 ST lead of Meijiang middle school goal through strong overall strength in the 64 th minute of halftime, Meijiang middle school scored only 5 minutes after they scored.
In the 69th minute, when Lu Wenbin broke through the other side’s penalty area with the ball in the backcourt, Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun also ran into the penalty area on both sides, and the members of Maotai School had to be distracted to defend them.
Although I didn’t follow them for personal defense, I had to watch them run and block Lu Wenbin and their ball path at any time to prevent Lu Wenbin from suddenly giving them the ball.
But when they are distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun, their attention to Lu Wenbin’s physical defense will drop a lot.
So Lu Wenbin was rude and distracted them. Through a series of spikes and trips to the ball, they even entered the restricted area.
Then Lu Wenbin, the goalkeeper of Maotai School who blocked the near corner, hit a far corner ball and accurately rolled it into the goal.
Lu Wenbin finally scored his first goal in the final and helped Meijiang Middle School 22 equalize the score, keeping the hope of victory.
Lu Chongxin and Sun Jiahui in the stands jumped up to celebrate the first goal in the final and cheered.
Seeing that Lu Wenbin didn’t give the ball to others this time, but broke into the restricted area and scored by himself, the Maotai school players felt crazy.
When they defend Lu Wenbin wholeheartedly, Lu Wenbin will assist.
When they guard against Han Dapeng and others, Lu Wenbin will break through the shot himself.
Do they want to increase the number of defenders?
That will lead to insufficient offensive power to break the goal of Meijiang Middle School.
When Lu Wenbin came alone, he involved three or four people in their backcourt. There were six or seven people attacking in the frontcourt, and it was difficult to defend Meijiang Middle School against ten people.
Now we have to draw people from the frontcourt to defend Lu Wenbin’s words, which will make it even more difficult to score goals.
Even if people are drawn to defend them, there is no way to ensure that Lu Wenbin will not score in the remaining time. Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is even fearful of the defending champion Maotai School.
After thinking for a while, the coach of Maotai School made a decision.
Seeing him shouting the name of the captain of Maotai tinker on the sidelines, he waved his hand to Meijiang Middle School at half-time to signal everyone to attack under pressure.
约茶Then the two sides really entered the time when Lu Wenbin compared the number of goals with Maotai School alone.
Because with the increase of physical health mistakes of both sides, Lu Wenbin got more dribbling, breakthrough and shooting opportunities in the later period, and the success rate also increased greatly
Of course, on the other hand, the defensive error rate in Meijiang Middle School has also increased, and Maotai School has also gained more shooting opportunities.
In the 74th minute, Maotai School scored a goal through a header and once again led Meijiang Middle School by 32.
However, less than 3 minutes later, in the 77th minute, Lu Wenbin connected the two men through a quick counterattack, and then hung a shot from outside the restricted area and scored a goal to equalize the score, which became 33.
Lu Wenbin scored twice.
In the second minute, Maotai School got an excellent goal opportunity.
They thought the ball was saved by Yu Yuanhang, but it didn’t go out of bounds, but flew back to the restricted area and landed on the foot of a Maotai school striker.
At that time, he was less than 5 meters away from the goal, much closer than the penalty spot, and the goalkeeper Yu Yuanhang had fallen to the ground because of saving the ball. He was facing a door
However, it was so close to the shooting distance that he kicked the ball in the department, and the ball flew far off the crossbar. He hit the plane less than 5 meters from the goal.
The cheering squad of Maotai Group in the stands held their heads and lamented.
You will be punished if you don’t enter the door.
So in the 9th minute, when Meijiang Middle School got a header, Lu Wenbin jumped high in the restricted area and sent a corner kick to Youming to head into the goal of Maotai School.
Lu Wenbin scored another hat trick, and Meijiang Middle School finally reversed the score ahead of Maotai School for the first time.
Chapter 37 Municipal Champion and University Features
Lu Wenbin’s goal in the 9th minute was the last goal in the final. Defending champion Maotai Di School was defeated by Lu Wenbin.
After 3 minutes, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. Lu Wenbin, the Maotai school team, had the last laugh in the battle of scoring goals alone.
He almost single-handedly led the weak Meijiang Middle School to defeat the defending champion Maotai School through half-time hat trick and half-time assist.
Of course, the advantage of only one goal also proves that Lu Wenbin’s decision to make skill points before the game starts is correct.
If the field of vision is still the same at halftime, maybe the last assist at halftime, he won’t see Han Dapeng running and can’t assist Han Dapeng to equalize the score.
Moreover, after leading by two goals, in case the opponent changes to a defensive counterattack, Lu Wenbin may not be able to make a hat trick and lead Meijiang Middle School to victory.
Ok, Lu Wenbin went forward a little bit and equalized the score at half time.
Meijiang Middle School finally won the championship on behalf of Meitan County High School League and got the qualification to go to Guiyang for the provincial finals in the summer vacation.
This is the first time that a county-level high school football team won the city championship stand, and the staff of Zunyi Education Bureau and Cultural and Sports Bureau also won the victory of Meijiang Middle School.
This result is naturally a blow to the defending Maotai school players who are determined to win the championship.

I couldn’t help glaring at the two men and kicking Xu Ran. How can he return it?

At this time, Xu Ran dare to say that he left him a face by himself. I’m embarrassed to drive away if the guests don’t leave, right? Besides, it’s going to rain. Don’t worry if people leave like this?
Lin Ya didn’t good the spirit white her one eye too lazy to speak one more word.
After several people sat around the table, Muchuan was embarrassed again. The woman didn’t mean to invite him at all.
She didn’t speak Xu Ran also dare not to hit the gun.
Lu Yuan glanced at Lin Ya with one eye. Is the guest still there?
In exchange for the girl’s unkind look, I didn’t tell you that a guest didn’t prepare dinner for the guest. The identity of the guest was so expensive that I was afraid I couldn’t eat these simple meals.
This little woman is going to completely vomit Muchuan with him and consciously go out I’m not hungry for you to eat
As soon as he left, Xu Ran couldn’t help but say, Yaya makes people hungry all night? Are you willing?
Lin Ya wrinkled her eyebrows and said in a very unpreparedness tone, If you can’t bear to let him eat well.
Xu Ran finally gave up Liu Yuan, who was still the fastest eater.
After eating, I turned my wheelchair and went out.
He looked at Muchuan from the eaves and said, There should be food in the kitchen. If you don’t mind doing it yourself.
Muchuan stood there for a long time before he said good
It rained in the middle of the night after a peaceful night.
When Lin Ya got up early in the morning, Xu Ran had arranged breakfast.
She looked at the door and it was raining outside. When she turned around, she saw the man in the next room looking outside, too.
She started out and went to the kitchen.
Muchuan received liuyan words after a while.
After talking for a long time, men should occasionally say one or two words.
Lin Ya kitchen went to the bedroom after dinner.
The rain can’t go anywhere. What’s more tragic is that the cell phone signal is gone after a rain.
Just look at the nest bed
Xu Ran went out with porridge and called Muchuan, by the way.
That man really didn’t eat all night last night. She was really afraid of starving him.
After being hungry all night, Muchuan’s stomach really hurts a little.
I just took a sip of the bowl of porridge and felt heartburn!
The man frowned and let go of the bowl in his hand
Xu Ran noticed an abnormal frown and asked, What’s the matter?
Muchuan twist twist eyebrow way nothing
Then I managed to take a few mouthfuls.
Xu Ran gave him a confused look and said nothing after all.
For several meals, Lin Ya avoided sitting at the same table with that man.
The next night, when Lin Ya was washing dishes, Xu Ranyi muttered, Why does a big man eat less than a woman?
品茶论坛Lin Ya washed the bowl and gave Xu Ran a slant head and didn’t say anything.
Gave her a Xu Ran white way heart? Ask yourself.
Put those bowls away and Lin Ya said, I’ll go to the county seat to buy something someday.

Gao Zhiqiu returned to the dormitory after two theoretical classes at noon the next day.

As soon as I entered the room, I found that everyone was dressing up, trying on skirts, putting on makeup, tying their hair, tying their hair … Busy.
Gao Zhiqiu put it away and was about to pick up her backpack and leave Huang Xiaoyu. "Wait, Zhiqiu, you’re not going to date like this, are you?"
"…" Gao Zhiqiu one leng looked down at himself.
White cotton-padded jacket, black velvet pants, a pair of simple cotton shoes … and a red scarf because of the cold weather.
It is also her usual dress in winter.
Huang Xiaoyu looked "angry and indisputable". "Please, do you have to dress up at least for dating your boyfriend during the big holiday?" Come on, let me help you make up. "
"No," Gao Zhiqiu quickly refused, "I have to work first."
"That’s all the more reason to put on makeup. It’s Christmas today. Which customer doesn’t want to see a pretty girl?" Said Huang Xiaoyu a pull up her desk and picked up the powder puff to wipe her face.
Gao Zhiqiu refused to say, "Then you … lighten it, not too strong."
"Roger that!" Huang Xiaoyu said that he was skilled in helping her make up.
Almost a minute later, "OK!"
Gao Zhiqiu looked at herself in the mirror. This time, her makeup was not as thick as it was during the performance. She just painted her eyebrows and eyeliner, and she looked much more natural without eye shadow and lipstick.
"Isn’t it beautiful?" Huang Xiaoyu smilingly asked
Gao Zhiqiu nodded, "Xiao Yu, your makeup skills are really good."
Huang Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow proudly. "Of course, my mother taught me to make up when I was fifteen."
"So early?" My roommates were surprised to hear this.
桑拿会所"Yes," Huang Xiaoyu said while collecting tools. "My mother said that there are no ugly women and lazy women in this world. Makeup is a skill that women must learn-she also said that women should be elegant and exquisite at all times. There is a saying that women who like themselves must dress up well since they are going on a date, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu listened to the phrase "women like themselves", and her lips unconsciously raised a radian.
On the other side, Yu Jinchuan just changed his clothes and the door was knocked on a few times.
"Come in"
The door opened and old lady Yu came in and asked with a smile, "Is Jinchuan all right last night?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I have to go out for a trip."
"ah? Where to go? It’s almost six o’clock, "said Mrs. Yu with some dissatisfaction." I asked your eldest sister-in-law to introduce you to a girl who is twenty years old this year. She will come home for dinner tonight. Did you hear that? "
Yujinchuan immediately frowned. "Mom can’t stop me …"
"What’s not? Jinchuan, you don’t really listen to your father and don’t plan to have a girlfriend, do you? "
Yu old lady nasty when earnestly advised to get up "jin chuan, your father he stubborn you can’t also be confused, I tell you that men should get married first, just like your father is not married to me at the age of twenty? With a stable family and a woman behind you, you can worry about your career. Do you think mom is right? "
Yu Jinchuan nodded "yes"
Old lady Yu didn’t expect her son to be so happy. She immediately said, "It’s really nice to meet that girl later. By the way, I still have photos …"
As he said, he reached out and reached for his pocket.
"No, mom," Yu Jinchuan immediately held down her arm and pondered for a moment. It seemed as if he had made up his mind and said, "I already have someone I like."
"What?" Yu old lady suddenly dumbfounded.
Two minutes later, the old lady Yu came to the building excitedly, and she was so happy that she even hummed a tune in her mouth.
"Flower baskets and flowers are fragrant. Listen to me sing and sing and come to Nanniwan, a good place in Nanniwan …"
Yu Zhengzhong looked up from the newspaper and frowned at her. "What’s so happy?"
Old lady Yu crossed her face and said, "Do you want to know?"
Yu Zhengzhong hasn’t spoken yet …
"I won’t tell you!" Old lady Yu proudly finished and walked into the first floor with a smile.
Yu Zhengzhong "…"
Three grandchildren in the room are doing their homework.
It is said that doing homework is actually a depression because his twins are sitting in a crooked position with crayon paper in their hands and drawing ghost symbols.

She doesn’t even know why. Shy is a strange word, but she just feels shy at the moment.

And she just doesn’t think it’s a good idea!
Especially unwilling to show him herself, but she doesn’t want him to be unhappy.
How contradictory!
Nan Chen’s eyes are dark and her throat is slipping unconsciously. Is this definitely to seduce him? What’s the trick of this little thing? Good. He’ll make her regret her childish behavior at the moment!
He breathed heavily in the air for a long time, but I didn’t hear his voice
Raised his little face and glanced at him quietly and found that his face was not as happy as he said.
Little face can’t help but be more wronged. "You lie! You don’t look happy at all "and it seems very painful! Is she ugly? So he saw himself in pain?
品茶论坛Nan Chen took a cold breath at night. Oh, damn it, little thing!
This deer-like blur is absolutely fatal to him.
"I didn’t lie to you!" He answered!
"But you didn’t laugh!" Not laughing means unhappy! Kexin is so recognized!
"Want me to laugh?"
"yeah!" She thinks he looks good when he smiles! And she loves it.
"Climb up to me!"
"Ah?" Ke Xin stare at a small mouth and grow into a cute O-shape.
"Cross your legs and sit by me …" Nan Chen night continued to abduct.
"Don’t you want me to laugh? Then listen to me! "
"Oh, all right!" Kexin should be ashamed to cover the place where he felt very shy and slowly sat down according to his instructions. Of course, he never dared to look at his eyes.
"Very good!" The dark eyes of Nanchen night can almost ignite a fire.
"Don’t hide here, you are beautiful!" Pull her little white arm, and his hot eyes stare at her beautiful body.
Kexin was even more shy when he looked at her little face like this. She was flustered and didn’t know that she felt ashamed to be optimistic about him! And bare body ma sense.
Reach out and cover his eyes, pouting and blushing, "Don’t look!"
"Ha ha!" Nan Chen chuckled at night and loved her little appearance at the moment. "What’s not allowed for me?"
"I … I feel so ashamed of my face …" Kexin told him what she thought and she felt that those places could not be seen!
"It’s normal for a baby to be looked at by his own man …" Nan Chen replied seriously without breaking her hand to block her sight. He likes her game! I am more willing to cooperate with her, but in the end, he will definitely not spare her easily. Tonight, she will wait for mercy and say no!
"Really?" But it is true that she prefers that he doesn’t like it!
"Of course!"
"Still don’t!" I want to open my hand, but she still feels awkward. Oh, I still feel shy!
"Then don’t look!" Nanchen night sinks.
"Are you angry?" Judging from his tone, he felt angry.
Kexin felt that she had done something wrong again. She looked at the eyes as if they were small animals about to be abandoned. "Do you hate me again?"
"Then why do you hate me?" She wants to know why!
"Because you don’t show it to your man!"
"Then you won’t hate me if I show you?"
"yes! Not only do I not hate you, I will like you! "
"Really?" Listen to him and you will like yourself? Kexin is a little happy and expecting.

Is it that I always think of that man in my head these days, so she has become too sensitive?

Pushing the door and entering the night, Xi Han was in a daze.
In the huge office, the big curtain, the floor-to-ceiling curtain, is tightly pulled to prevent a ray of light.
The light here is very dark, but Xi Han still clearly captured a black shadow.
The room was so quiet that I could hardly hear him ring except for my weak breath.
In the dark, she couldn’t see his face clearly, knowing that he was leaning back in a chair decadently, and the smell of nicotine was thick in the air, which made him look a little lonely in the smoke.
This kind of atmosphere brings inexplicable tension and depression to Ye Xihan.
"Chief … President, this is the document you want!" Night city culvert some cramped into the low head put files in a large black desk.
My eyes were attracted by the unruly, arrogant and unruly Longteng carving the desk, and my heart didn’t panic.
It feels so familiar, like …
With his back to the night, Han leaned back on the sofa, and Mu Lingtian showed his body shaking violently when he heard her voice.
This sound … It’s him! Him?
Something has been hidden deep in my brain, and it has sprung up like a flood, and my brain has broken like a shadow and played it.
He suddenly opened his scarlet eyes.
Turn around and "raise your head!"
Suddenly, the male voice on the top of her head made her stare at the totem in a daze. Night Xihan was slightly surprised, and she could lift her eyes and look intently at those dark eyes as deep as obsidian. When she caught her heart and gave a black frame, that beautiful little face passed by with a touch of panic.
God, it’s him! Is it really him?
The man I haven’t seen for five years-Mu Lingtian!
Mu Lingtian’s eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s eyes. Night Xihan’s little face, pale with panic, is dim, and his eyes are burning up. He slowly got up and took his slender legs and approached her step by step.
Night Xihan panicked and shrank back. Looking at this beautiful face with deep outline and angular points, he said in his heart that it was not a taste, but it was more heartache.
Instead, she was so calm that he couldn’t recognize that he was a stranger to himself five years ago, and five years later …
"willing to come back?" Deep voice, hard and angry … Damn woman, she’s finally willing to come back! But at the moment he heard her voice, he remembered something. Although the picture was incomplete, his heart kept falling for a long time. What was the reason for that feeling? Because of this woman!
"I don’t know what you said?"
"I don’t know what to say?"
Hard cold sounds, words and strokes, the dangerous breath in the heart of night Xihan is getting closer and closer, and the strong sense of oppression makes her first reaction is to run away. She can’t help but curl her hands into fists, sweat slowly seeps into her palms and turn around quickly for a second.
Suddenly, an overbearing force pushed her against the hard wall, and the door slammed hard for a second, and the pale mouth was tightly bitten by a pair of hot lips.
The faint smell of tobacco penetrated into the lips and teeth of Yexihan …
Suddenly those clear eyes cage with a thin layer of water mist …
She struggled obstinately to get rid of this kiss that made her crazy, even if it was so infatuated with her. "Please let go …"
Mu Lingtian ignored this long-lost kiss and deepened it all the way! Sweep every inch of her lips and teeth
It took a long time for a deep voice to overflow from his thin lips. He whispered affectionately, "Baby … my baby …"
The big hand is overbearing. Grab her small hand and put it on the top of your head. The strong body will squeeze her small body tightly and press the wall …
"President … I think you mistook me for someone else … I’m not familiar with you …" Night Xihan breathed a little short and spoke vaguely.
Finally, Mu Lingtian took a bite of Xi Han’s red lip and let her go. She stared coldly at her arms with a reddish face and asked, "Not familiar?"
Night Xihan gasped and stared back at him.
Mu Lingtian evil raised his eyebrows and bowed his head close to Ye Xihan’s ear, whispering and asking her tone, gently picking a big hand and touching her red mouth.
桑拿"You this little mouth is really naughty! But I really miss its taste. "
"MuLingTian you bastard! Let me go … "
Mu Lingtian turned a deaf ear to the anger of Ye Xihan, and put his hand directly into her skirt.