It’s not haven’t seen also shy? Why didn’t I know you were still shy in that small room? Ji Weiyan smiled at her and turned to wash her hands. I’m going to put on the bath water and take a bath before going to sleep, huh?

He turned his back on her and asked her. She grinded her teeth and looked at his back. Ji Weiyan, how dare you? When other people’s homes were all men, you asked me to take the initiative to hum.
What about now?
Yu color face Teng is red now, almost every time he takes the initiative to peak sexually, which makes her feel overwhelmed every time.
I’ll wash it myself later reminds me that the car park in the clubhouse is still haunted. Is this man so fierce because he hasn’t seen her for a few days?
She’s afraid of him.
Good Ji Weiyan really deserves it.
Yu Se breathed a sigh of relief. I was tired of closing my eyes lazily.
Tired of being tossed about by him
For her, this is definitely a strange place, but it is amazing that she actually feels very cordial here.
This is the place where A Ran once lived, and he has lived in the room for many years. She likes everything here, even this absolutely male bed sheet.
She likes his world.
夜网论坛Ji Weiyan jumped out of bed wrapped in sheets when he saw that he couldn’t sleep. Look at this and see where everything is spotless and clean. Open the drawer and everything is neatly placed, which shows how serious this man’s cleanliness is.
They’re all men, not a woman.
Seeing this, she smiled. It seems that Shi Anshu, the pure girl, has never been here.
However, when she thought so and opened the closet in the room, she was stunned by everything.
The wardrobe is divided into two parts: men’s clothes on the left and women’s clothes on the right.
There are all kinds of clothes and skirts in all kinds of colors. Open the top drawer again, and there are clothes in it. A look at them will make her ears jump. Will Ji Weiyan buy such clothes for her?
She’s sure he gave it to herself because the size is what she’s used to, and the label is returned, which proves that these are all new.
So is hanging clothes.
When I first opened it, the moment of unhappiness has now vanished.
She is at ease.
Eyes are once again passing behind that row of clothes, suddenly thinking of a man’s voice choose a pajamas
Good She also wants to take a bath. Just now, the tossing in the car made her feel sticky and uncomfortable all over. Since she wants to wash, she should change into a clean pajamas.
The little hand dialed it, but when I dialed one pajamas after another, the metaphor was confused and she couldn’t choose it.
And then there’s the special, the special, um, forgive her, her speech style
And I’m embarrassed to ask her to wear Ji Weiyan and hang around her.
Choosing for a long time means not choosing. She can’t choose.
I just took a Ji Weiyan shirt and said, I’ll wear you.
That’s a man’s model, but you’re a woman.
Ji Weiyan, did you pick these pajamas? How bad is this? It’s bad enough for grandma’s house. She’ll hate him.
You smell like this. She sniffed at him for the first time.
She was surrounded by sheets, but the sheets couldn’t cover her body for a long time. Two whitelegged sheets were looming. His nose was hot and he smiled gently. Do you think these pajamas are more flowing than what just happened in the car?
Yu se’s little face turned red, Ji Weiyan you bastard
The man has come over and picked a pajamas, but his hand has long been selected.
Will she tasikmalaya carried away soon into the wash your hands.
The metaphor in the fog was put into the bathtub, and the warm water washed away the skin. She was soft and remembered that when she came here overnight, she was eager to feel that he felt as unreal as a dream.
Dye, can you bite me? If it hurts, he is really around her.
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Chapter 923 Fanwai Dye Combination (445)
Silly Ji Weiyan smiled gently, and her tall figure was slightly bent and her long fingers were low, so her fingertips lit her cheeks with heat.

Simon, have you learned the great curse? Say who will die!

Simon, are you an actor sent by Xiao Mu? Tell us!
Play you banana balapi! Simon’s mouth twitched. He’s back in power again.
Soon Simon’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled up and it’s not easy to play.
It’s really hard to fight. It’s all blown up
The road snowballed quickly, and now Simon is definitely no match for Dao Mei.
And Lu Dazui is a hero in the later stage. Wait until the later stage and let him spray for almost one second and five times!
Although the middle fisherman now has a vague pressure on the demon Ji to fight the situation, it is only a small advantage. After all, the fisherman has never taken the demon Ji’s head
The economy of the two will not be too bad!
And soon the bad news from the middle road also made Simon Nai smile.
The fisherman was still caught dead!
Demon Ji deliberately lured the enemy into the depths, and when all the skills of the fisherman were left behind the demon Ji, the demon Ji was also busy and hung to ignite the demon Ji. If the fisherman A 3 was to be killed again.
But Li Qinger has done so many things, so it is not natural to be killed by a fisherman.
The two chains of the fish man have already indicated that the fish man will also be hurt by the demon Ji.
However, it is also true that the fisherman is not empty. Both of them are out of the abyss and can’t wait for each other.
But at this time, a figure suddenly flashed in F4. It was Zhao Xin, the blue side playing wild.
It was a surprise to see Zhao Xin flash out, but it seemed too late by this time.
In Zhao Xin, the fish man was thrown directly into the blue tower in the middle of the road.
Double Chain Imprisonment Effect Zhao Xin made a big move to prevent the tower from attacking the enchantress.
The fisherman was killed in an instant!
After the fisherman died, the red tower in the middle road was also pushed away by Yu Le and Li Qinger.
Pushing off the outer tower of the red middle road means that the demon Ji has been released, and Li Qinger can manipulate the demon Ji to wander other roads when she is connected for a while.
The red party can say that all the four roads were blown up.
At this point, it is difficult for heroes to develop peacefully, because opponents will not give you this opportunity.
At this time, everyone often has to face the attack of two people.
The live broadcast of Yule is also a cheer.
Perfect with a few more heads!
Well, Xiao Mu’s equipment is about to take shape, and both the ghost rope and the lich disaster have been made, so we can consider playing a group.
Yes, although the development of the demon Ji is not very good, the opposite fisherman is also half a catty. Even so, the outbreak of the demon Ji is still very high. Now whether it is the big mouth demon Ji Zhao Xin or Dao Mei, it is the opposite headache!
Simon is also a headache at this time. He Jianji is far behind a tower in Hongfang Road and watched Dao Mei tear down his tower.
Dao Mei has got up. Now Simon, don’t say that Dao Mei is hard. It’s good for Dao Mei not to cross the tower and kill him.
But now Dao Mei has the strength to kill Simon Jianji.
The fans of Simon’s live audience didn’t send any more jokes about Simon’s language. Everyone knows that this game has been very difficult to play here.
Simon sighed and he didn’t expect that he had just returned to the highend bureau and was abused by a younger sister.
But is Simon the kind of person who cares about winning or losing? Obviously, he is not!
Just after Dao Mei pushed a tower off the road, Simon also sent a message on the public screen, Add a friend after the game of Blade Girl and leave a contact way?
Seeing that Simon is so shameless that he wants to broadcast live in a joint way, the fans are all covering their foreheads with a look of hating iron and not turning into steel.
Simon, you’ve lost your integrity. Pick it up.
I grass mud horse Simon, if you do this again, I will report you!
夜生活I can’t believe I’m so shameless when I’m blown off by my sister.
The fans of Yule live audience burst out laughing when they saw Simon’s message.
It’s too unethical for me to go to this Simon.
I’m shameless enough for Xiao Mu. I don’t think Simon is more shameless than Xiao Mu. What can I say!
It’s not important for 6666 Simon to play beautiful games. It’s most important to solve lifelong events!
After seeing Simon’s funny words, Yu Le also made fun of Lin Wan and said, Sister Lin Wan seems that Simon wants to chase you. Think about it.
I think you are a big head ghost! Lin Wan denounced Yu Le and Li Qinger from the earphone immediately.
At this time, everyone can see that Lin Wan sent a sentence on the public screen, I’m sorry, I like strong men, you are too timid!

Once again, the turbulent heart is calm, and the sound of shaking his head is stiff. If you don’t agree, I will go to court …

Section 6
Qi Jingzhou suddenly raised his eyes.
Suddenly, I couldn’t say the words left. She saw his eyes and couldn’t hide the injury.
按摩Yue surplus suddenly cried and sat on the sofa like a child to wipe tears. Thick Jingzhou is sincere to you. How can you do this to him … Qi Jingzhou reacted that her eyes were more shaken than Lu Nong.
Mrs. Qi also has a sad face. He didn’t blame you and didn’t say that he wanted to divorce you. From beginning to end, we parents made it out. You can’t put the blame on Jingzhou … She carefully observed the mood swings of her son as she spoke, fearing that Lu Nong would say something to stimulate Jijingzhoushe didn’t know whether Jijingzhou would be like Xi Xuning.
Lu thick lips slightly Zhang was about to speak, but Qi Jingzhou dialect rang first.
Qi Jingzhou took the words and didn’t say anything. Mrs. Qi quickly said, Is the press conference about to start? Jingzhou, you go first. Dense will not go anywhere here. You can talk about the reception when you come back later. You can’t screw up.
When Mrs. Qi spoke, she glanced at Lu Nong guiltily, and the corners of her mouth were just about to say that she couldn’t stay here and wait for him to come back, but she didn’t form a sarcastic arc yet. When she saw Mrs. Qi’s eyes slightly humble and begged, she was pressured to go back.
Mrs. Qi smiled gratefully. She knew that if the atmosphere was glued like this, the talks might collapse. It would be better to give the two parties a little calm. Maybe she could see her son’s mind when she was alone.
Can we talk about it when I get back? JiJingZhou some looking forward to looking at the road.
Lu Nong opened his mouth and didn’t come out.
Qi Jingzhou’s face suddenly overflowed with a happy smile, and her silence was already agreed with him.
When I come back
Lu Nong held Lu Yun Luo and sat on the sofa with his head down. His fingers regularly teased the little guy’s eyes, but there was no focal length.
She was in a daze.
Mrs. Qi and Yue Ying sat opposite each other and exchanged glances from time to time. They were afraid to speak to Lu Nong for fear of accidentally saying something wrong, which provoked Lu Nong to leave with Lu Yunluo when he was unhappy.
Lu Nong’s mind is a mess. If Qi Jingzhou is in front of her at this time, she certainly doesn’t know what to choose.
She didn’t dare to deceive herselfthe trip to Qi Jingzhou really shook her original idea.
She couldn’t help thinking with some expectation that he really liked her? Are these not fake? Does he really want her to do that?
Can’t help but wonder if she’s really not like Lin Aman?
You can’t get divorced even if you file a lawsuit with the court, Mrs. Qi said suddenly.
She didn’t say why Yue Ying looked up from her mobile phone and echoed, Right, right, right, right! She raised her mobile phone and waved it at the road. I just checked that if you and Jingzhou don’t meet any conditions, you can’t leave this marriage!
Road thick eyelashes quiver quiver lift eyes lightly looked at the two people across the street and look back to the line of sight without a trace of fluctuation.
Mrs. Qi and Yue Ying saw her reaction, and some of them were not sure of her mind. Mrs. Qi asked the servant to change the subject depending on the opening. The press conference is about to start, right? Listen to jingzhou live hope he don’t have any changes over there …
The reception has already started. As soon as the cold face of Qijingzhou is opened, the screen appears.
Lu Nong’s sight was attracted by the man’s deep and magnetic voice. After watching it for a while, he sorted out several messagesthis press conference was specially held by Qi Jingzhou in response to the storm on the Internet the other day, perhaps because things have been almost solved. This reception is a formality to answer some urgent questions. The main purpose is to formally send a message to tell those netizens who are making a lot of noise that it is just a misunderstanding.
Screen Qi Jingzhou slightly twisted an eyebrow into the microphone and said, … she and your film actor are good friends, which is beyond doubt. My family can also prove that the video was a joke. I explained it before. His eyes suddenly became gentle and mixed with a little coldness. Besides, she is my wife and I love her. I don’t want to see it again this time, no matter who it is.
He proudly warned the camera that anyone who tries to hurt her should be prepared to be retaliated by me!
Lu Nong’s heart beat violently with a handsome man who looked at the screen with extraordinary bearing.
The camera shook for a while, and some female reporters couldn’t help screaming and then asking questions, which turned into the daily love of Qi Jingzhou and Lu Nong.
Qi Jingzhou doesn’t seem to want to say much about these questions. He smiled and responded without answering.
Through the screen, the road was thick, and his eyes caught a fleeting gloom.
Maybe it’s not that they don’t want to answer, but that they answerwhen did they love each other? Looking through the memory, there are extortion, mutual suspicion, and false promises.
Lu Nong suddenly felt ridiculous. How did Qi Jingzhou love her in such an atmosphere?
When the reception was coming to an end, it seemed that everything was going well. While brushing her mobile phone, Yue Ying suddenly exclaimed, … what are these things? !”
She put her mobile phone in front of Mrs. Qi and let her see Lu Nong. I don’t know what happened. I saw two women across the street looking more and more ugly.
At this moment, Qi Jingzhou was about to leave the reception when a reporter asked, Mr. Qi, you said that your wife and Xi Ying Emperor are friends, so have you seen what has just been exposed online? What do you think?
After one person started, he asked questions one after another
Someone on the net was exposed to attend the film actor’s agent and went to see your wife, but she was injured by your wife and put highdefinition pictures! Excuse me, do you know about General Manager Qi? Is this true?
It was revealed that Miss Cheng Shuang, the agent of the film winner, was in conflict with Miss Cheng Shuang, his wife. Is it the film winner?
If your wife really doesn’t have feelings beyond friends, why do you want to attack Miss Shuangcheng?
Is Mr. Qi’s wife Xi Yingdi really a friend?
The reception was a mess. Yue Ying stayed in wait for a while and looked at the screen. How did it end so quickly? I just brush it out …
Mrs Qi cold face this also ask? Someone must have deliberately targeted Jingzhou! OrShe looked at Lu Nong or for Nong, it must have been prepared for the reception in Jingzhou!
Road thick Meng moment hurriedly took out his mobile phone and looked at her and frowned.
The news was that the net had just been exposed, and the picture turned out to be a scene in front of her house in pairs!
The picture is a pair of highdefinition faces with their backs to the camera. Her face is exposed, and her cold face and frown are clearly photographed!
Then there are photos of entering the door in pairs, and then there is the scene of walking in pairs and covering the corners of the mouththe finger prints on the swollen side face are clearly visible!
Lu Nong’s face was cold. She didn’t make it clear that she was kind to each other, but when these pictures were put together, everyone would think it was her!
Who made this? What will be beaten in pairs? But someone else happened to take these photos, so it’s really a pair of hands? But what is the reason for her doing this?
What is this? Yue surplus has been urgent did you hit that woman? The ….. The Xi Xuning? Do you want to divorce Jingzhou because
Not me! Lu Nong rudely interrupted Yue Ying and looked at her coldly. If I want to divorce him, is it myself and others?
Yue Ying shrank her neck and couldn’t help hugging Mrs. Qi’s arm. What should I do now? She anxiously looked at the screen is a mess these people prepared to jingzhou he …
Lu thick looking at the screen eyes reveal don’t know it.
At the press conference, Qi Jingzhou twisted his brow and face because of this sudden accident, but he did not see a trace of panic.
He raised his hand lightly and said, Please be quiet.
There was no threat in his tone, but his powerful aura made the reporters involuntarily quiet. When they aligned with Jingzhou’s eyes, they were scared to dodge. Although the news just now was not premeditated before being discovered by people from the Internet, there was still an illusion of doing something wrong.
In a few minutes, the order was restored at the reception site. Qi Jingzhou looked at the hand and handed me the mobile phone and then said, You said I just found out.
Many people were surprised by this statement, and they all admitted that they knew and then made sure that things were not harmonious, but he denied it? What does this mean? Is it because of conclusive evidence that I know that things can’t be suppressed …
impossible! A female reporter retorted the companion next to her, What did Manager Qi just say?? He said he loved his wife! And don’t you see how gentle his face is when he remembers his wife? How is it possible to leave the blame on his wife at this time? Besides, can you reach it? It’ s good to have a brain!
The male reporter sneered at her and asked her face to face without saying anything to her. Does General Qi mean that your wife did it but you didn’t know it beforehand?

Mom, rest assured that the only sister has always been calm, and nothing can beat her.

For Shen, Hao Changqing, the only one, is still a little powerful in shaping his image.
So the only thing in his eyes is indestructible, and nothing can hit her.
You seem to like Miss. Zhao Xin speed skater looked at his son with kindness in his eyes.
Although it was a mistake at the beginning, Zhao Xin speed skater never regretted it for so many years.
Even if there is nothing left, she still has a son to accompany her.
Like it very much? The only sister is very powerful. He still remembers the first meeting scene. At that time, the only thing was simply handsome.
A few words made the man find nothing to refute.
Get along well with your only sister, and don’t touch what belongs to your only sister. Shen Shi doesn’t belong to us. It’s your only sister’s mother who made it herself. No one can erase it.
Zhao Xin speed skater is also afraid that he can’t stand the temptation to do something. Money will really make people want to put a lot of money.
I know my mother and I won’t touch anything that belongs to my only sister. Hao Changqing was well educated
Well, Zhao Xin speed skater smiled and looked at his son’s eyes with relief.
The only one who came out here was Mo Yu driving. What the hell is going on? What did people say over there?
It’s not convenient to talk about it in there just now, but it’s different now. There are two people in the car.
Just when the Public Security Bureau called, it was said that Duan Yinghong died because of poisoning!
These things haven’t arrived at the scene yet, so we can’t check them. Many things are still uncertain.
I’m curious who poisoned people in front of many of us in such a big way.
What the hell is it that people want to do that? Suddenly, the only thing that comes to mind is Duan Yinghong.
Are you the only one who wants you to die? Shen only wants you to die a lot. Don’t worry so much.
Who is it? Who is it? What is so deliberately trying to persecute yourself?
Don’t think the wife will know soon. The ink royal face is not very good. These people are the only ones.
Mo Yu went to pick up Mo Ao Han first and three people went to a mental hospital together.
Now the scene of death is isolated, and no one dares to go in except the police.
What’s going on, Director Wang? Didn’t you send someone to protect Duan Yinghong?
Before Mo Yu left, the temperature dropped rapidly, just like the cold weather in October.
Captain Mo also checked that it was our negligence that we didn’t value people. I’m sorry. Now, no matter what, apologize first
Mo Yu is definitely not a goodtempered person.
A proud cold you go to see what’s going on ink royal tilted at his third brother.
Well ink proud cold and turned around and walked before wearing gloves began to check the body.
The only person who looked at the quiet bed without any temperature was not touched.
She always felt that it was too cheap for her to let Duan Yinghong die.
Mo Yu looked at the body and didn’t know what to think.
Mo Ao Han checked for a while and came out to take off his gloves and wiped his fingers with a wet towel.
It is indeed poisoned to death. Arsenic trioxide, also known as arsenic, should be familiar to everyone.
But the only thing I was surprised to hear was this name.
Isn’t this in charge of pharmacy? What will be here? These hands are a little too long.
Is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to kill Duan Yinghong.
Is it because Duan Yinghong knows their secret that they are eager to kill them or because of some other reasons?
Isn’t this poison fatal if you eat it? Let’s go and see if there are any suspicious people today.
A proud no ink cold looking at the only.
She’s not a big dose, she’s a very small dose, so the dose may be a few days ago, not today.
Because the dosage of this medicine is very in place, you can see that you are an expert.
And the other party should be good at pharmacy and made sustainedrelease tablets, so the goal is even bigger and the base can’t be found.
Listen, Mo Aihan explained that the only thing that happened was a look at the body.
Call Shen Yan if you touch the words. It’s his wife who will arrange it himself.
Look at that person who has lost his breath, the only feeling is quite a lot.
After calculating for a generation, I finally got nothing or no one died.
Now Shen Shuang’s whereabouts are very secret, so he can’t find his roots.
Looking at this situation now, the only feeling is headache. She has a hunch that the other party will never kill Duan Yinghong as simple as that.
Should there be any other moves or goals to achieve?
But what is the purpose of being so mad?
In a dark room
Ah, ah, ah, ah, Shen, the only Shen, the only one I hate you, I hate you is full of hatred and murder.
Screaming at the top of my lungs to vent my compassion.
What, what, what is going to kill my mother? What, Shen, the only one, you are so cruel and cruel.
The woman looked at the photo in her hand, which was the photo of Duan Yinghong’s body, and this man was Shen Shuang who had been missing for a long time.
A woman in a red cheongsam looks at the mouth of the person who is completely crazy now and evokes a radian.
Hate it, hate it, only in this way can I maximize what I have
It’s terrible to be alone, and even worse, it’s a woman
桑拿按摩Shen only Shen only won’t kill you, I won’t give up, I won’t give up. Shen Shuang’s hooked eyes in the past are now gloomy, cold and hateful.
What if you hate it? If you are as weak as you are now, you will be like your mother. Even if you die, no one will sympathize with her. Even your socalled father will ignore her.
The female voice is faint, but it has a bit of charm to confuse people.
Tell me what you want me to do to kill Shen, the only thing you want me to do! Shen Shuang, get up with the photo.
What can I do? The woman repeated it as if she were not sure.
I can do anything, but I need Shen to die. The instant hatred made the woman feel better.
Including abandoning this face? The woman looked at Shen Shuang’s beautiful face.
Shen Shuang’s eyes flashed when he heard this. It is this face that he loves most at ordinary times.
But it’s still a dark corner, no matter how beautiful it is.
This dark corner looks at Shen, the only bitch who can’t do it like happiness.
She just wants Shen’s only pain and wants her dead.

Ou porcelain saw that the blood on his cheek was completely dried up, and the dark brown lining his pale skin was shocking.

She avoided the subtle question before and reached out and touched his cheek. Were you scared when there was a car accident in Lingyi City that night?
Are you afraid of risking your life to go to Bo?
A smile appeared on Ling Yicheng’s thin lips. Fear!
She knew if he wanted a woman because of his high status.
Ou Porcelain’s contemptuous pie mouth was really good at that time, and she was so excited.
Ling Yicheng was despised by someone, lightly picked her eyebrows, then buckled her and kissed her until she was panting. He whispered in her ear, I’m afraid you won’t be my woman.
What will happen in a second is always known.
European porcelain has endured several times, and Lingyi City is also ready to go.
But the man didn’t move.
Ou porcelain was rubbed and abused by him, and his heart was already silently surrendered.
She even wants to die early and live early.
But nothing happened afterwards.
Ling Yicheng got up from her body with slender fingers and unbuttoned her clothes and buttoned them one by one again.
Then he rubbed her hair. Take an early rest tonight and I’ll take you to see grandpa.
Ou porcelain grabbed his wrist for the purpose that his trousers were propped up in a tent.
LingYi city where are you going? Hospital?
Ling Yicheng’s face changed slightly and his eyes were cloudy. Do you know what you are talking about, little porcelain?
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Actually said he went to the hospital?
Does Ou Porcelain mean that he is going to the hospital to find Yu Qingqing for release?
It’s not that he doesn’t want to touch her because there is Keranran in the room.
夜网论坛He didn’t have a hobby of being watched while having sex with Ou Porcelain.
The porcelain hanging eyes didn’t answer.
She didn’t know that stupid question she just blurted out.
Who cares who he goes to?
Isn’t it just a relief that he’s gone?
Ling Yicheng saw that she was so remorseful that she pulled back her hand and knocked her forehead with a chestnut. What are you thinking about all day?
He has said that he has her as a woman, and she seems not to listen at all.
This is the first time that Ling Yicheng has been rough with her.
What seems to be a hard knock is actually a gentle touch.
But Ouci feels very painful.
Finger rubbed his forehead, eyes suddenly red.
Ling Yicheng left after tossing her over and over again.
When he disappeared for several days, he kept Yu Qingqing’s side and Ou Porcelain felt that he had a good grievance these days.
Now Ling Yicheng is around her, not only not comforting her, but always bullying her.
Sniffling a foot may be dipped in the past roll! Lingyicheng, get out of here!
Her mood has completely collapsed.
Ling Yicheng is really a little puzzled by women’s minds.
It was like they made up just now, and then she suddenly got angry?
But it’s not white or white. What he is good at is violence.
Conveniently buckle the porcelain ankle and easily drag her to your front arm. The porcelain has been in his arms.
Ling Yicheng, what are you doing?
Ou porcelain pushed him desperately.
Ling Yicheng picked him up with a sullen face and left.
Binhu Yicheng
Ou porcelain was thrown into the big bed in the master bedroom by Ling Yicheng.

Tired of leaning against the stone pillar, I relaxed my tight muscles, and then I was greatly relieved.

The right shoulder hand is still very painful, and the separated skin seems to be stitched up. However, I feel that the shoulder dressing method is very rough. If I want to move my body slightly, the bandage will pull the muscles and there will be the possibility of secondary tearing of the wound.
What a careless person, but as he saved himself, Natsume didn’t say anything anymore.
Take off the lining, tear the red bandage slowly, and then look at the place where the quasiperson appeared just now.
Maybe there is something.
It’s a partition. In addition to an old energytype video camera in the field of vision, there is only one footstool left. No, there are a bunch of benches on the surface, so hurry up and tie them.
品茶论坛I walked over and picked up the bandage, and a smell of disinfectant came out. I would have dumped it in disgust before, but now Natsume needs this thing
Try to wipe off the blood with extra bandages, and then skillfully wrap it around your right shoulder. Natsume did this kind of thing in the past, and that was when he was injured. After all, he used to be himself and didn’t know how to ask for help.
Even if you feel pain, or you feel sad, you won’t show it in front of others. What? Until now, Natsume didn’t know it was his own defect, but after he came to this world, he found himself changing, which is really ridiculous.
A little bit wrapped around the wound, seeing that the blood was still dyed red, Natsume sighed, sighing at the cost of his wrong choice.
However, compared with those things, Natsume wants to find out more about when it was recorded in the prospective people’s knowledge.
It has been recorded that she can’t be seen by outsiders, and she can’t appear in front of outsiders except Natsume. So what about that day?
Is it a calculation? Is it a guess? Or did he deliberately tell himself that he imagined it? Natsume denied it, and did not hesitate to do everything to the prospective person the day before yesterday. Instead, he let Natsume kill the record with a very positive tone.
To tell the truth, Natsume doesn’t like recording very much, but that girl is also her benefactor and a representative of the world observer, and there will be trouble in dealing with it. Natsume doesn’t intend to confront the’ silent recording frame’.
But think about it again, the other party is obviously very sure. If it is talking nonsense, it will not be said that Natsume will be killed and recorded, but this secret will threaten Natsume.
After all, in the face of the weak in the battle, profit is the best way than killing.
Wrapped up the bandage, Natsume tried to move his right hand. Although he could not move greatly, he was much better than before. This kind of resilience is not recognized by Natsume as something that human beings should have.
It may also be a kind of unification, speeding up the recovery of wounds.
If only it could heal before the wound appeared, then Natsume would not die, even if she broke into the women’s bathhouse, no, even if she broke into the 11th district government hall, don’t worry, right?
Natsume shook his head, even with that kind of ability can’t save the situation now.
What will the Lu Lu order do?
Declare Natsume dead to expose ‘arhur?
No matter what he did, Natsume felt that it was difficult for him to gain an advantage, and most of the meetings with Lu Lu on the plan to rob the Japanese liberation front ended in failure.
At the same time, Natsume also noticed a problem, that is, there is a degree of shyness. At present, it has reached a point, and it is still 2 points short of completing the strategy, but it is unclear where the 2 points are obtained.
For Natsume, the best way to have a high degree of goodwill is to save Lu Lu Xiu from crisis in front of him. In that case, the influence of’ hero’ will be slightly stronger.
Let’s talk about it later. If it doesn’t work, it’s hard to bow.
But it is estimated that it will be killed, so forget it.
Wearing a coat, Natsume plans to leave and go back to college.
This is the east of the military region, and the college is in the northwest. From here, you can vaguely see the bell tower full of light bulbs.
It takes some time to walk, and there is no car at this time. It seems that we can walk slowly.
Kururugi Suzaku?’
The next morning, after an hour’s rest, Natsume yawned and wrapped his right hand bandage in search of Lu Lu’s figure in the college. He was coming out of the main teaching building of the college when he was blocked by three soldiers.
Like a conditioned reflex, Natsume put his hand behind his back, but there was nothing there.
Is this Kururugi Suzaku?
Answered one of the soldiers, Natsume nodded in response.
Princess euphemia wants to see you.
See me? Ah, good.

After taking a taxi to Fang Jun’s home, Gu Xiaomi hesitated, how to speak? If Fang Jun apologizes, should she forgive him? Gu Xiaomi thought as he walked into the ladder, rising higher and higher. Gu Xiaomi became more and more nervous as he watched the ladder change figures. She gave Fang Jun a chance. She decided to ask Fang Jun to forgive him, and she would forgive him.

Gu Xiaomi knocked on the door and didn’t respond. She knocked hard or didn’t respond. Where did Fang Jun go? Just as she turned to go, the door suddenly opened with a fragrance. Gu Xiaomi knew that this was Li Mei’s sole love for hane n5. Otherwise, Gu Xiaomi turned around and saw Li Mei’s slender legs, a4 waist, forward and backward, and her delicate makeup always kept a false smile.
Xiaomi is you. Come in. Li Mei was not surprised and warmly greeted Gu Xiaomi.
Li Mei is familiar with her slippers from the shoe rack and smells like a hostess.
This pair is me Gu Xiaomi said, pointing to Li Mei’s slippers.
That’s when Gu Xiaomi and Fang Jun went shopping six months ago. It was Mickey and Minnie Fang Jun who felt childish and said that they didn’t wear Xiaomi to soften the foam before they brought them home. Now these shoes are wearing Li Mei’s feet. Gu Xiaomi is very angry, and she keeps staring at Li Mei.
Two people are so rigid that neither of them will compromise.
Millet, why are you here? Fang Jun came out of the bedroom and saw two people, so he was a little flustered.
Fang Jun, you explain how this happened. How could she do this? Gu Xiaomi squeezed words through his teeth.
Fang Jun bowed his head and said nothing.
Li Mei looked at Fang Jun and walked quickly to Fang Jun’s side. He straddled Fang Jun’s arm and said,
Xiaomi, since you have seen it, I won’t deceive you. I have been with Fang Junhao for more than a month. This time, it is not appropriate for you to go to Shenzhen with him. Let’s separate.
Fang Jun is it true? Gu Xiaomi shouted.
I looked at Xiaomi and cried. My eyes were full of sadness and accused Fang Jun of some unbearable things. He felt that he had done unforgivable things.
Fang Jun me Li Mei saw Fang Jun softhearted and pulled him behind him and said to Xiaomi.
Xiaomi, you give up. You can’t give him anything with Fang Jun. You can’t help him. You know how he got his Shenzhen job depends on me. I can help him. You can be a stumbling block to him. Look at yourself. Besides being cute and coquettish, what qualifications do you have to accompany Fang Jun?
Gu Xiaomi looked at Fang Jun. Fang Jun didn’t speak or stop Li Mei. Gu Xiaomi was disappointed. She pushed away Li Mei, squatted and picked up Minnie slippers and threw them into the trash can.
I wish you happiness Gu Xiaomi turned and left Fang Jungu.
Gu Xiaomi in the ladder can’t cry.
She cried all the way until her tears dried up, and then she went home and put herself into the bedroom.
Chapter II beijing beijing
Gu Xiaomi locked herself in the bedroom for three days. In these three days, she didn’t respond to how Wang Yali knocked at the door. Wang Yali couldn’t call Yuan.
Gu Xiaomi, why are you so worthless? The dog men and women are not worth it. Yuan rang rang while knocking at the door.
You are quick to come out. If you don’t come out, I can smash the door and go in.
On what Yuan said, Gu Xiaomi didn’t answer. When Yuan shouted tired, he sat outside the door and stayed with Xiaomi for one afternoon.
Evening round to go home, round took Wang Yali hand and said aunt, don’t worry. Xiaomi is a strong person. She hasn’t thought about it yet. You can rest assured that you can call me if there is anything.
Round away, Wang Yali went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of wonton and took it to Xiaomi’s door.
Xiaomi, come out and eat something. You haven’t eaten for three days. Don’t let your mother worry if you want to damage your body. It’s hard for your mother.
Wang Yali cried. After her father left, Gu Xiaomi had never seen Wang Yali cry. She was a strong woman and loved people. She was always elegant and capable, as if she were an indestructible female King Kong. After all these years, Gu Xiaomi was raised by herself like an eagle to protect Xiaomi, but some Xiaomi knew that Wang Yali was pretending to be strong and she was afraid.
Wang Yali cried bitterly outside the door, and Xiaomi felt sorry for herself. She endured it for too many years, and Xiaomi was her real support. Once Xiaomi fell down, Wang Yali would never get up again.
Gu Xiaomi couldn’t stay any longer. She couldn’t stand this picture of Wang Yali. She opened the door and pulled Wang Yali up from the ground. Wang Yali clung to Gu Xiaomi and wouldn’t give up. It was very uncomfortable for them to stay in her arms. When they were young, Xiaomi relied on Wang Yali all the time, but since that incident, Xiaomi was not so close to Wang Yali. I always felt that there was something between them.
Before the dinner table, Wang Yali kept picking vegetables for Xiaomi, and the rice bowl was full. Since Xiaomi came out of the room, Wang Yali has never come out of the kitchen and cooked a lot of delicious food in a different way. I can’t wait for Gu Xiaomi to make up for it for three days.
Mom, I want to leave for a change. Gu Xiaomi said while eating chicken wings.
桑拿Ya-li wang soup hand stopped carefully ask
Where do you want to go? How long?
As far away from Fang Jun as possible, I will go north if he goes south.
Wang Yali hasn’t spoken since Gu Xiaomi said that she wanted to go to the North. She silently helped Gu Xiaomi pack things and moved things from the shopping mall to her home. She was afraid that Xiaomi could not stand the northern climate. She bought several pairs of cotton trousers, but she didn’t think it was warm enough. Wang Yali bought one online with a thick layer of wool to wear to Oyimiakang cotton trousers. She was afraid that despite Xiaomi’s nose sensitivity, she bought a lot of nasal spray drugs and packed a small sorting box. Western medicine and Chinese patent medicine even stuffed it into the suitcase.
In two days, Wang Yali packed up three big suitcases. Gu Xiaomi looked at three tense suitcases and said, Old lady, you are exaggerating. I am going to the north, not to live in the wild in Beijing. I can go there and buy so many. How can I get them myself?
What will you buy? You will buy something fancy and untrue.
That’s too much. Can we take less? Gu Xiaomi said that she was about to open the box. Wang Yali was just about to stop the box that had not come. It bounced open like a spring and the contents jumped out.
Look at me, I have to reload, said Wang Yali, and I have to squat down and put something in it.
Don’t pretend, I’ll see what I didn’t take out. Gu Xiaomi said, and went out to pay for something.
This one has, hey, don’t pay this one, hey, that one also has. Two people just took it out and I put it back for a whole afternoon, and finally compromised on two suitcases.
Looking at the two big suitcases in the living room, Wang Yali felt very uncomfortable, but she knew that Xiaomi was not suitable to stay here now. Fang Jun and Li Mei left yesterday. Gu Xiaomi knew, but she deliberately avoided talking about Wang Yali’s understanding that Xiaomi’s threshold was not yet a temporary escape, but if Xiaomi can escape a little bit, just escape. After all, this millet will think of Fang Jun when it looks at this familiarity, so Xiaomi will suffocate.
The light in Xiaomi’s room is still on, and Wang Yali walks into Xiaomi’s room with a box in her hand.
Xiaomi was lying in bed and saw Wang Yali come in and turned over. Wang Yali sat on the bed and opened the box in her hand.
Take this card of Xiaomi. I’ll save money for you and give it to you later, but maybe you can spend money outside now than at home. He said and stuffed the card into Xiaomi’s hand.
I have a room in Beijing. Here is the key. You take it.
Yes, old lady, when did you buy a house in Beijing without telling me? Gu Xiaomi sat up.
It was a long time ago. It’s an old house. I haven’t seen it in the past for so many years. I don’t know what it looks like when you get there. If it’s ok, live there.
Go to Beijing and see when you want to come back. Wang Yali touched Xiaomi’s head.
Gu Xiaomi looked up at Wang Yali. I don’t know when Wang Yali’s hair began to turn white. There were many wrinkles around her eyes. Xiaomi really felt sorry for Wang Yali, but he just didn’t know how to get close to her.
Yeah, I will. You don’t worry about me. How old am I? Gu Xiaomi shook Wang Yali’s hand. This is the closest way she can do it.
Well, it’s getting late. Go to bed early. I have a plane to catch.
Said ya-li wang walked out of the millet room gu millet looked at ya-li wang figure silently say mom’s sorry.
Wang Yali’s room light went on all night and got up early to make breakfast for Gu Xiaomi. She made Xiaomi’s favorite steamed buns. Gu Xiaomi looked at Wang Yali with red eyes and knew that she must have cried again. Wang Yali’s eyes were like this every morning when her father just left. Whenever this time Gu Xiaomi would avoid looking at Wang Yali’s eyes, she was afraid to see through Wang Yali’s weakness, because she knew that Wang Yali was strong and she had the courage to face life.
Mom, don’t send me for a while. I’ll just take a taxi myself. Otherwise, don’t you still have activities in your fitness club?
Wang Yali joined a fitness club after retirement. She has nothing to do with practicing yoga, dancing and climbing mountains.
Yes, Wang Yali said while tidying up the dishes.
The third chapter at first sight
Gu Xiaomi dragged her luggage out of the house. This is the first time that she left home. Because the university is also a city school, she went home in a few days, and there were not many senior classes. She stayed at home with Fang Jun every day and had classes. Two people came back to school by bus hand in hand, but she was determined when she thought of Fang Jun’s footsteps. She turned back and walked out of the house. Wang Yali always entrusted I must eat on time and talk frequently.
Oh Xiaomi dare not look back.
When I got to the building, Gu Xiaomi looked at her window. There was a figure behind the curtain. She knew that Wang Yali secretly looked at her. Gu Xiaomi took a deep breath and turned away with the box. She knew that Wang Yali must have looked at her at the window at this time. She felt that her back was wet. It was her and Wang Yali’s tears.
The plane took off, looking at the smaller and smaller buildings on the ground, looking at everything I used to know, and Gu Xiaomi closed his eyes. Goodbye to the sea, goodbye to mom, goodbye to Yuan and never see Fang Jun again.

When they found that Xuanye Sato had lost an arm and his strength was greatly reduced, they attacked Xuanye Sato in unison.

The spiritual power of Mount Olympus is abundant, but it is not inexhaustible. However, Xuanye Sato is like a spiritual power absorber. If Xuanye Sato stays on Mount Olympus for less than two years, the spiritual power of Mount Olympus will be exhausted.
The master of the ancient holy shura Vatican couldn’t wait to kill Sato Xuanye because he was afraid of Sato Xuanye’s fiend strength, and no one dared to make a move.
But this time Sato Xuanye failed and returned to Staplos. They can take the opportunity:
Chapter 139 Capture wild dogs
Trinis was the first to attack, and then Sergilios joined the fray.
Sato Hirono, although follow focus’s wing suffered a big loss during the match, its strength plummeted, but the lean camel was bigger than the horse and fought Trinis and Segirico alone.
But when Staplos also attacked, Sato Hirono was overwhelmed.
In addition, many spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Church, Sato Xuanye, did not strike back and was slapped by Segiricos vest to vomit blood on the spot.
Once again, I saved Sato Xuanye’s life or his elusive technique.
Hiding from the ruins of the ancient holy shura, Sato Xuanye did not leave Mount Olympus. Without the spiritual power of Mount Olympus, the humiliation he suffered would be wiped out forever.
I found a secret place on the periphery of Mount Olympus to hide, and Sato Xuanye used the selfhealing method in the alien intelligence program to heal my wounds.
This injury is no less serious than the broken arm injury in Lake IssykKul. It took Hirono Sato more than a week to recover.
Although the injury doesn’t matter, the strength is far from being restored. Sato Xuanye still dares to wander around the periphery of Mount Olympus and has to hide his whereabouts to avoid being discovered by the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura.
Two or three days later, Sato Hirono sadly found that the spiritual power around Mount Olympus became extremely thin. It is no wonder that when he first started Mount Olympus, the peripheral spiritual power was almost absorbed by him.
If you can’t enter the periphery of the core hinterland of Mount Olympus, you won’t be able to recover your strength until June, let alone seek revenge from Jiao Yi.
What makes Sato Hirono even more frustrated is that Huaxia Jiaoyi’s strength has increased horribly every time. Even if his alien martial arts are restored to the third and fourth order, refocusing the wing will end in panic.
However, he didn’t have the guts to venture near the site of the ancient holy shura. It is a question whether he can get away if he is besieged by those spiritual practitioners again.
However, no matter how thin the spiritual power around Mount Olympus is, it is a hundred times better than other places. Sato Hirono has the patience to try to regain his strength and then kill Staplos and his troops in one fell swoop to enjoy the spiritual resources of Mount Olympus.
However, the fact is still different from Sato Xuanye’s expectation.
Stapoulos, who was driven away by Sato Xuanye, couldn’t sleep well. After all, Sato Xuanye was completely offended. Once Sato Xuanye turned over, it would be a disaster for them.
However, Staplos and others also know that it is impossible for Sato Xuanye to restore his strength without spiritual power, and the whole West La and even the whole earth are really suitable for spiritual cultivation, and there is Mount Olympus.
If Xuanye Sato leaves Mount Olympus, there is nothing to be afraid of, but it is most likely that Xuanye Sato will leave Mount Olympus to rub his spiritual strength.
Sostapoulos and his three masters decided to thoroughly search the mountains and strengthen patrols.
In the first month, Soushan team was led by Staplos, Segiricos and Trinis, but Sato Xuanye was never seen.
Later, Staples relaxed and stopped leading the search himself, but the ordinary brother did not stop patrolling Mount Olympus.
At first, all spiritual practitioners were cautious, but after more than a month, they didn’t even see the shadow of Sato Xuanye, and the brothers of the ancient holy shura relaxed. They wanted to come to Sato Xuanye and almost died. Where did they have the courage to stay on Mount Olympus?
Sato Hirono, a spiritual practitioner who came in droves, was humiliated and avoided. If he was led by the three masters of the Holy Shura Church, he could run away like a lost dog.
But one day more than a month later, Hirono Sato finally seized an opportunity to vent his evil spirit, and a spiritual practitioner was finally alone.
This spiritual practitioner is called Julius, and the younger brother of the ancient holy shura is a sinister and despicable tourist.
Billy uz nickname wild dog is as good at attacking eggs and digging anus as African wild dogs. Sato Xuanye will be hit by Segiricos, which is Imbili Usta’s crotch harassment
To be honest, even if Sato Xuanye’s strength is far from being restored, he is afraid of Staplos and his three masters in the whole ancient Shengshura Vatican. The patrol of the ancient Shengshura Vatican is just worried about disturbing Staplos and them.
夜生活But the existing Billy uz, a Sato Xuanye, is absolutely sure to take him and will not disturb others.
Indeed as expected Billy uz didn’t come to make any noise, so he controlled Billy uz.
Julius was terrified, and Xuanye Sato actually returned to Mount Olympus.
It’s a pity that he can’t speak but act to give the news to Staples. It will be a cruel fate for them to wait for him.
But what happened to Julius was much more terrible than he thought.
Wild dogs didn’t expect to fall into the hands of old hands. You were very arrogant and proud when you were in the Vatican Hall. Guess what the old man will do to you.
Pyrrhus naturally replied that Sato Xuanye actually smiled, but in Pyrrhus’ eyes, his smile was more terrible than the ten levels of hell demons.
Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so fast. I always have to drink your blood bit by bit, eat your meat bit by bit, and then throw your bones to the wolves in the back hill.
Hirono Sato didn’t scare Julius. He really did what he said.
Grabbed Billy’s arm, Sato Hirono opened his mouth to show his dense white teeth, and Billy’s frightened gaze actually bit Billy’s wrist vein.
Julius didn’t feel pain, but the great fear of blood loss chilled his heart and his vitality disappeared little by little with the blood loss.
Sato Hyuno drank the blood of Pyrrhus to vent his hatred for Pyrrhus, but the blood poured into his stomach and Sato Hyuno almost jumped with excitement.
There is a lot of dense and pure spiritual power in the blood of Pyrrhus.
This discovery made Sato Hirono change his plan, and he didn’t have to hide and absorb the pitiful spiritual power outside Mount Olympus, which could kill the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura and enjoy it.
Hirono Sato’s hate eyes gradually became hot, revealing the greed of a beast.
At first, it was passively swallowing the blood in the vein of Perius’s wrist. When the blood flow became smaller, Sato Xuanye took the initiative to suck it.
A lot of blood loss made Julius faint, and there was no blood in his face.
The blood in the wrist vein gradually dried up. Sato Hirono looked up and aimed at the neck of Pyrrhus. His mouth was full of blood, and his bloody teeth were exposed. He aimed at the artery behind the neck of Pyrrhus and bit it:
Chapter 14 The third and sixth order!
Sucked the blood of Pyrrhus, Sato Xuanye’s spirit was greatly boosted. The spiritual power obtained from Pyrrhus was almost equal to his practice outside Mount Olympus for more than a month.
I found a shortcut to absorb spiritual power, and another plan was quietly born in Sato Xuanye’s heart.
There are dozens of spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura church. If their blood department is drained and their alien martial arts can be restored, it is very likely that they will directly break through to the fifth order.
The third alien martial arts practice to the fifth order, he Sato Xuanye will no longer have to hide and hide, that is, Jiao Yi will kill them, and the five of them will not be afraid to join hands.
It is feasible to absorb the spiritual force of all spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Vatican into their own bodies.

Close my eyes, I feel that my hands touch the strings uncontrollably, as if they have their own thoughts, playing freely and casually.

I feel that there seems to be more and more people watching me around, and around here I hear a sound that seems to say a perfect word to play with me.
I feel very clearly in my heart that this is a woman’s voice, and it is getting more and more coordinated. When I finish playing this last note, I hear the continuous clapping around me.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Lin Chi in front of me. He said to me in amazement, "Brother Lei, you are amazing. You and that beautiful woman just now seem to be one soul. Neither of them paused so tacitly."
"A woman" I asked Lin Chi.
"yeah, a woman with short hair like a dream."
At this moment, many pictures suddenly appeared in my brain. I got up from my chair and looked around at everything around me, including flowers, grass, people watching me, and even more pure places in my mind
I gave the guitar to Lin Chi and let him go. "Thank you, buddy, thank you for the guitar."
With that, I walked out of the crowd. She was here just now. It must be her.
At the moment, I am looking for a fire in my heart, which is instantly lit up in the night. I saw and saw the figure running with me in the same pace ahead.
I was so scared to see her running ahead.
In the square where gorgeous lights gathered, she stopped running ahead and looked up at this huge tree covered with light.
I stopped and looked at her quietly in front of me, and in a flash, she turned around.
I’m at the same level as her, and it’s full of light, so I can see her face more clearly.
She smiled, and I smiled. I slowly got up my feet and walked towards her. She didn’t retreat, and she didn’t dodge. Instead, she smiled at the man who chased her so far like Lai.
When I came to her, she finally said to me, "Sir, are you tired of chasing me so far?"
I asked her, "Miss, are you tired of running so far behind my back?"
Yan Jiaxin took the initiative to take my hand, turned around and pointed to the beautiful fireworks in the sky and sighed, "Vienna is beautiful."
I pulled her all over the sky and kissed her again in an instant.
I won’t let go this time. I’m going to take her home and give her a real home.
I let go of her and looked at her with a very serious eye. She said "Come home with me to our house" again.
I led her toward our happy paradise.
It took 300 days to finish it. I finally finished it. From the time I signed the contract for 17k, I have finally achieved my goal. This is my best effort to finish it. I also admit that there are many shortcomings in No.1 middle school. Let the story really start and end. Some things will not be explained in detail. There will always be something left in each room for others to daydream. Everyone has different opinions. If too many opinions will make people feel disgusted, it may be best to watch it with their own thinking.
There have been some drafts of the new story, and the new story will be more exciting than pure nature. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if you are looking forward to it. If you want to play a new role, you can chat privately and add me qq5335122. I’ll try to join.
I hope to support Sanjin friends, but I can continue to support them. No, I don’t want more people to like every role of my pen. Well, I’m going to have a rest, too. See you later.
I also wish all friends can find their natural girlfriends and find their own happy paradise.
Mr. mo mo
1 Duyier
Moshi group a city is the leading chaebol.
At the moment, a new conference is being held, and the name of the cloud is flashing.
The man with a cold face on the rostrum is the focus of media’s scrambling to record.
Dark and deep eyes, high nose, sharp corners, bright and clean face, white gestures, flaunting his elegance.
At present, this talent is just in his early thirties, but he is the helmsman of Mohs. His wisdom, composure, coldness and extravagance have fascinated many women.
And such a he is also let a city media love and hate intertwined.
品茶论坛If the news wants him to touch Mo Chengkun, even if there is a little bit, it will definitely become a hot spot, so they have to love it.
But even though Mo Chengkun has too many stories, no one dares to open them. How can they not hate it?
At this moment, Mo Chengkun will hold the newly designed jewelry in his hand, and the light projection surface of the hall will shine with many-hued light.
Today, all this is also a necklace that is said to be inlaid with 99 diamonds.
"This jewelry collection is the only one of the top diamonds." When he began to introduce this product to everyone, it was full of his own personality charm, and the music hall echoed.
They haven’t returned to absolute being, but he has been silent.
There are not many words, not even a word of going through the motions, but there is no denying that everyone is boiling.
Everything that comes next is based on this jewelry. Ask him to cooperate and answer one by one.
At that time, it was just sunny in Wan Li, but suddenly it began to rain heavily.
Chu Yannai can try her best to escape the sudden downpour while struggling to get rid of the fans chasing behind her.
When the mobile phone suddenly starts calling for its owner, the people behind it are still chasing after it.
Consciously want to be faster, but often unlucky, and then my feet are sluggish.
Seeing the office building in front of her, she breathed a sigh of relief, took off her high heels, gritted her teeth and started running away.
I just stopped talking and came in again.
"I said, aunt, have you arrived yet?" Just press the answer key, and the leader’s flustered voice came out from the other end.

Oh, let’s hear it.

Snow Wolf charming smile anyway, now it is in somebody else’s hands. This man’s strength is absolute. If she wants to save her life, she must be smart enough to see her weight, or wait for the opportunity to act.
Who sent you here? What’s the purpose of your coming in?
Shit, we don’t know their details yet. Then she’s nervous.
Don’t be so rude, a href” arge”bnk. Just think about it. Can you find a rich man? Do you have to say this?
The rich man smiled.
Otherwise, you think it’s ok for me to fight with handsome men and get shot.
She said with a smirk in her heart, but she secretly called it bad. This shota root doesn’t know who he is in today’s banquet list. That President B shouldn’t be watching, so there is no lethality. How can he be such a superrunning club president? If he thinks too much, he definitely thinks too much.
Ha ha, do you think it’s interesting for you to make such a gag? Don’t you say that I have many ways to make you believe?
She has the face of an angel, but at the moment she looks like a demon from hell, but she is too dark to understand this little threat.
Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth. If you have to be passionate, I can’t help it.
Hehe, interesting, interesting.
This side was caught, and something happened over there. After the song was finished, Yan couldn’t wait to leave Xiao soul with Ni, but when she turned around, she found that the snow wolf was gone. Damn it, what happened?
Baby, show you my private villa. I’m sure you’ll like it very much.
Wait, my friend is missing me.
That Yan looked around.
She may have found her home tonight, so you’d better leave her alone.
Rose smiled and looked at Yan’s heart and couldn’t help cursing. At the key moment, where did the snow wolf go? Forget it, and then drag it away to be afraid of this. That Yan will be suspicious. It is better for her to follow him.
Well, maybe you’re right. I really shouldn’t bother her.
It’s purely a duck chase. Ni followed Yan to leave. When she saw that this cow force could not form a skyhigh sports car, a few words came to her mind.
really rich
Rose really doesn’t want too many words to shape a sports car here, because you can’t imagine a word no matter how professional words are. It doesn’t matter what the car looks like. What matters is that it’s worth more than 10 million people. The guy next to him is still very windy and coquettish. He said that it’s really his entrylevel garage, and dozens of them are limited. The gap between the rich and the poor is so obvious that Ni can’t help but think that people are different.
Riding on the copilot motor sounds really cool. It’s like a subwoofer. It’s like going out of the door. It’s crazy to die. It’s not driving. It’s like driving a rocket. Nima has a feeling of flying. The wind roared past her ears. Don’t let her hair and lace ribbons blow away. In the moonlight, she seems to have strayed into the car mirror. She can’t help but narrow her eyes. He has met many beautiful women, but he rarely meets such a woman who is to his liking. If she is not close, then maybe he will let her live as his pet
After a while, I saw another villa no different from the palace in the dim light. These calves are really
Well, shall we have something to drink?
Connie is really a little nervous
Drink, but I’d rather eat you now. You are more attractive than wine.
As she said, the posture of men and women pressing her against the sofa was very ambiguous. arge”bnk danced wildly and G reminded her of an animal lion.
It’s as if the satisfaction of watching her prey makes her feel overwhelmed.
You are so anxious. It’s not good.
What do you think? As far as she’s calm, the ring has long been prepared. If you want her to plunge into his meat a little, the drug horse will make him unconscious. This specific medicine is usually used by local security personnel to save lives.
I think you women all like men to take the initiative, and it doesn’t mean that when women love to be sarcastic, don’t just say that it’s good to say bad.
Fuck you, who’s so melodramatic? If you don’t want it, then what the fuck is more logical?
I like the atmosphere. Let’s have a drink, okay? You don’t want the bad atmosphere to spoil the fun.
Yan looked at her and it was a clever little woman. Anyway, this is his territory. It is absolutely impossible for a duck to fly away when it comes to its mouth.
Okay, what do you want to drink, Lafite? I don’t think you’re so vulgar.
Lafite is not the best in red wine. Of course I don’t choose wine. It’s better to choose the right thing than the expensive one.
This remark deepened Yan’s love for her.
This is my private winery. There are ten barrels of Niang red wine. You are the first lucky woman to taste it.
He got up and went to the wine cabinet to untie his shirt, and the diamond cuff was folded twice to reveal a small arm. Ouch, this line is really beautiful. He reached out and took out a crystal bottle, which was very elegant. The round bottle cap was a blue teardropshaped gem, and a bottle should be so luxurious. Rich people are rich people.
Then I am deeply honored.
Your grandmother added silently in the second half of her leg, no wonder these chicks want to get rich one after another. Not everyone is a god in this life.
When Yan turned around, Ni wanted her finger ring to let Ya get some sleep quickly, and then she could find some information herself, but she just wanted to find out that the reflective effect of the wine cabinet was so good that it was easy to leak, so she took it.
Watching the mellow wine pour into the big red wine glass, the wafting fragrance made Ni intoxicated. It was really good wine.
try it.
Take it and pass it to me. First, I went to smell the glass, then I waved it and looked at it. I knew it was extremely extreme and tasted it again. Mom absolutely forced me to steal it. It was not sour or astringent. It was not Bordeaux red wine. It was a little strong, but how could it make it too fucking delicious if I didn’t make it?
Although she could tell from her expression that she was going to talk, he still asked.
It’s very good. It’s a pity that your private winery doesn’t sell this wine. I said it’s a pity that you can’t drink people. You must not lack this money to sell wine.
Her words made Yan Xiao proud.
All the kids in the club begged me to let me sell them the wine, but I couldn’t help but give them a drink when I was in a good mood.
Brother, this wine of yours is good, but it’s not so desirable. Look at him tilting his body and slightly raising his neck to drink. It’s a good opportunity to measure his body. Naturally, he leaned over and the ring was exposed and went straight to the exposed arm of Yan.
S: Please leave a message if you have any sister papers.
V5, handsome boy, you are so handsome that I …
Slight stabbing pain makes Yan’s eyebrows wrinkle, followed by a great sense of dizziness. Of course, when the glass falls to the ground, it will be quickly caught by the rose, otherwise it would be a pity to spill such a good wine.
Drink all the wine in that strict glass, and Ni greatly praised it.
Good burp
I’m still very satisfied. I had a hiccup.
Rich people are rich people.
Kick off the highheeled shoes and walk barefoot on the carpet. There are not many rooms in the main building, but which one is where he puts important things? Usually, the novel opens a room at will and touches an arm bracelet, which instantly becomes a small hand light source, which is very good and not too ostentatious.
How come there is more than 100 square meters in the novel room, and then there is a circle around it. The novel books are all classified and then arranged in order from A to Z. Ni couldn’t help but spat lightly. Ya is an obsessivecompulsive patient. After reading it for a long time, there is no problem at all. This cheongsam is just in the way. I put the front and back two curls to the side, got a bow, and then squatted down, but I still can’t see anything wrong. The rich people are so boring and make such trouble. Why are you pushing Rose so hard? Just slip away and find a position and find it a bit.
The bracelet goes forward and looks at these microeconomics in front of it.
What’s wrong with it? But what’s wrong with it? She can’t come out. It’s right, it’s in order. It’s all arranged in order. So, after arranging it in the right order, it’s pa. The size of a safe becomes a door that automatically opens. Looking at this safe in front of her, Nelly is happy.
Haha, little kind, I told you, can’t beat me?
When crossed, I was ready to crack the password of the safe. The girl once again laid eggs, hurt, chrysanthemum and tightened. These words mean double doors. What about the G refrigerator? It is designed to cheat the safe.

Kexinxian felt a change somewhere

It’s hard to be held by Nan Chen night like this without feeling it.
Kexin shy little face with a panic …
She is really at a loss! After all, it’s been a long time …
Just when she didn’t know it was such a good time, Nan Chen suddenly got up in a mess and went to the bathroom.
Kexin looked at the closed door and felt a little uneasy. What happened to him?
Nanchen’s fist smashed into the wall in the bathroom at night.
He twisted his eyebrows and cursed in annoyance. Damn it! Damn it! He must have scared her again.
桑拿Knowing that he had left a deep shadow on her, he was ashamed and lusted after her.
Damn it!
Once again, the fist made a powerful sound towards the wall.
Nanchen night opened the rain and cold water washed over his strong body for a long time. I’m afraid I won’t bow my head for hours.
Kexin stared at bathroom door. He had been in for a long time.
What’s taking you so long?
She doesn’t know what happened to him suddenly.
It was fine just now!
He also asked himself if he could kiss her and asked her how shy she was.
She really wanted to nod, but she felt so shy.
Looking at the closed door, at last she couldn’t help walking from the bed to the bathroom.
Bathroom door didn’t lock it. She pushed bathroom door and opened it.
Hearing the sound of Nan Chen’s body becoming stiff at night, he looked up consciously, but his eyes met happily. His hands stopped moving, but he still held his posture. The two men looked at each other face to face.
Nan Chen night didn’t expect Kexin to suddenly open the door.
He has solved himself for a while, but he has not retreated at all.
His mind is full of happiness about his appearance.
I didn’t expect that the more I thought about those pictures, the hotter he became.
If you don’t want to retreat, you will have it.
Let her bump into this shameful picture, Nanchen Night. At this moment, she even has to abolish her own mind.
It’s ugly for a man to come here, and he’s so much older than usual
He hasn’t left her any good memories in that respect in the past, but some are painful.
How much shadow will this little woman leave in her heart?
Damn it!
Seeing the scene in front of her, it was gratifying that her brain was stunned for a long time, and she didn’t respond, just looking straight at Nanchen night.
When she realized what he was doing, her face burned directly to her ears. She didn’t know everything about herself. Of course she knew what Nan Chen was doing.
"Yes … I’m sorry … I … I …" I didn’t finish stuttering, but Kexin door ran quickly towards the big bed.
Nanchen night nervously and hurriedly chased him out because he was in a hurry. He didn’t wrap himself in a fig leaf and ran out naked to see Kexin curled up in the quilt and his heart was firmly seized.
She must feel sick that she just looked obscene.
Chapter 32 Nanke Happiness Fanpian (2)
Nan Chen knelt down on one knee at night, and he looked at the quilt, and the fear of losing it gripped his throat and he couldn’t relax for a moment.
His voice was tense and uneasy. "I’m sorry, I … can’t help it …"
Moved slightly by the small figure, Kexin suddenly emerged from the quilt. She sat up as shy as a deer and looked at him before opening her mouth. She reached out and hooked his neck. Then when he didn’t react, she leaned forward shyly and pressed her tender lips against his lips.
At the moment when Nanchen’s lips were kissed, the eardrum suddenly rang. A man so big can be said to be an old man. At this moment, there is such a stupid state that a little girl is kissed by a boy.
Kexin was shy and separated from Nanchen’s lips after a kiss, and he didn’t know what to say. He avoided his sight and his face was burning red.
Actually, she was ready last night, but the fool didn’t move further. She waited for a long time, and he was holding himself. Finally, she was so sleepy that she fell asleep.
I don’t know that he is not white …
Someone has not recovered from that kiss just now.
It took him a long time to recover from his stupefaction, and he was ecstatic. This move was a great surprise for him.
You know, she didn’t kiss him unconsciously, and when his memory was washed away, Kexin was a blank sheet of paper. Since she learned to watch those idol dramas in the TV, she always kissed him when he was unprepared.
But that was when she was unconscious. Now it’s different. She took the initiative to kiss him … Although it was a dragonfly kiss, even though it stayed for a short time, he felt happy to die suddenly.
I didn’t respond to him for a long time, but I sighed in my heart. She was so white about this fool that he didn’t take any further action.
She took a sip lip "you … can … can"
It’s really hard for Kexin to say these words after several paragraphs.
In the past, if you want to kiss her, you have to ask for her advice first. He has become cautious. She knows that he is afraid of hurting her and that she will not accept him, just as he wanted her very much just now, but he has to endure and be afraid that she will resist and not accept it. He would rather hide in his hands and solve it himself …
This fool, since she has returned to him, she must give him her body and heart.
He is not so careful.
Besides, those shadows in the past have faded away with time.
Just now he said he wanted to kiss her, and her heart beat faster.
Nan Chen’s excitement hasn’t calmed down from that kiss, and he’s ashamed to spit out such a sentence. What is it that his brain fragment can’t react at the moment?
It took a long time to understand the meaning of this sentence. His eyes knew that his abdomen was swollen again.
"Really … really?" He can … but …
Kexin is more difficult to feel. She feels very embarrassed … shy and beautiful eyes can’t look him in the eye, but she still nodded shyly.

These magic shields are not simple. Can you break them in a short time?

Before listening to Morus’ plan, Chen Mo felt that Connek’s arrangement of magic shields was easy to break, but when he came in and saw Chen Mo with his own eyes, he knew that it would take him three minutes to break some of the main magic shields with Big Fat.
When giving them, it is actually a minute and a half at most.
Kangnaike guards are easy to resist, but once Kangnaike guards find out that Fa entered the treasure room for the first time, they will ask Huangshacheng guards for help.
The guards in Huangshacheng are all level 75. When several guards come, they can’t resist it any more.
And Morus wants to escape smoothly, so it takes less than 3 seconds to get the magic shield, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that he can escape smoothly.
Chen Mo doubts whether Morus can do this, and Morus is only level 7.
The Morus np template is obviously a 7level ordinary model, which is far from being compared with the elite model np. Even if the level is high, the strength is limited. Like Chen Mo, one person can play a dozen 7level Morus.
Rest assured that I would have been prepared! You have to wait until the city guards come as I say, and I will be able to leave!
Morus waved Chen Mo not to worry.
The silence at the sight of this is not much to say.
Conneker’s treasure room has a large number of gems that Chen Mo has never seen. Chen Mo has no idea about it. It’s false, but it’s limited. Now it’s important for Morus to pay. Chen Mo has never thought of taking the opportunity to steal some gems or anything
However, Chen Mo quickly glanced at all the stones he had never seen before and swept them into his head one by one.
The silence followed him to the door of the treasure room. At this time, an alarm rang loudly, and Morus began to do it.
Chen Mo pushed the door of the treasure room out of the treasure room without much thought.
It’s simple to think of the door from the outside, but it’s simple from the inside.
Alarm? Someone tried to steal my jewels? Guard! Hurry up and see what’s going on!
In another tall building, a middleaged fat man was alerted by the alarm. He woke up and shouted in a hurry.
The fact is not true. Connek shouted that the guards were already running to the treasure room.
Mutation monster? What a huge mutant monster!
The guard came to the front of the treasure room only to see a mutant lion.
This is a variation of the devil’s power. The lion is nearly twice as big as the ordinary lion, and there are black blackening lines on it.
It’s amazing that the ordinary mutant lion is half as big as the normal lion. The guards were surprised to see this mutant lion twice as big as the ordinary mutant lion.
Three guards in the great variation lion oppression is slowed down.
Of course, this mutant lion was released by Chen Mo to confuse the guards.
Although he doesn’t mind being wanted, nothing is less than one thing. If possible, he still doesn’t want to be wanted by Connek.
And the way to Chen Mo is to think of a variation lion to resist the enemy.
The silence has three mount bars, one for the ghost queen and one for the mutant squirrel.
After the level rose to level 65, while the variation strength of the surrounding monsters increased greatly, Chen Mo caught a 7level variation lion.
Level 7 mutant lions can still play some roles if they are attached to the ghost queen.
The eye variation lion is so huge because the ghost queen is attached to it.
The ghost queen controls the mutant lion and threatens to guard it.
The third is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and seven Pledge
Variation lion is so cruel that three guards hesitate slightly.
They are ordinary guards and those guarding the city np can’t be better than the real strength, that is, they are better than Morus, and their fighting capacity is actually very weak.
Chen Mo can fight several of these guards by himself and has no strength.
However, the guards Chen Mo has seen are all good in strength, and Chen Mo, the home guard of Connek, is also new. They are all as powerful as the guards he has seen.
The alarm is still ringing. Get in!
At this time, another guard rushed over. Four guards were together, and they finally got up the courage to rush to the mutant lion.
Ghost queen manipulated the variation lion to pounce on four guards.
品茶论坛Such a weak guard?
As soon as I met Chen Mo, I knew that these guards were much weaker than he expected.
A little surprised, but it’s better this way. At present, the strength of the four guards, the ghost queen and the mutant lion unite and maybe they can really resist!
Communicate with the Ghost Queen. Chen Mo asked the Ghost Queen to try her best to resist and not let the guards in.
Ghost queen nodded and tried to control the variation lion to resist the guard attack.
When the ghost queen controls four guards, she is beaten by a mutant lion and enters the treasure room.
Idiot! You are all useless! I spent so much money to invite a bunch of fools! If you are afraid of something, you will be beaten and rushed in!
Without a long time, Connor, a middleaged fat man, hurried to come over.
Seeing that four guards were resisted by a mutant lion and entered the treasure room, Connor screamed with rage.

Walk over to Shengrong and have a good chat with Zhao Tingyun and others.

ChengRong and LanKeFuBo said hello to eyes a turn can’t help but say with smile, "everyone has no chance to get together on weekdays. Today, everyone is here. I might as well go and play."
He is the host, so no one will object to coming here again, even if it is fun, no one will be stupid enough to refuse.
So they all agreed and nodded, and the line of people was mighty on the second floor.
When I went to the chess table room, what was really blinding ChuYan?
夜生活She seldom gets together with these people in the circle, and her understanding of them is very limited.
There’s almost everything here. You can play anything you want.
When everyone comes, someone will decide what to play.
They chose to play and someone formed a team.
Chuyan they this line of nature is not moving.
Waiting for Shengrong to speak.
Chengrong lit a cigarette and smoked Chuyan. I didn’t expect Chengrong to smoke.
It’s the first time I saw it
But it’s nothing unusual.
Sheng Rong thought for a moment and then said, "Let’s play ball first."
They didn’t object to Sheng Rong’s eyes turning to play. "But let’s change the way of playing."
"Oh," they wondered.
There’s nothing strange about ChuYan. She’s too lazy to play. She hasn’t even thought about it.
Only to find that Shengrong had picked her up.
"I’m better than Zhao Zong." He smiled slightly and was somewhat mysterious. "But I don’t play."
Zhao Tingyun looks a little ugly. Sheng Rong and he don’t play with each other. Who do you want to shoot? This is not looking at him.
But I’m not happy. Some people here, Sheng Rong, are the first one who can’t offend him. He knows that Mo Chengkun has worked hard recently and he can’t let Mo Chengkun win him away.
Otherwise, it is a bit difficult to bring Mo Chengkun down.
Thinking about asking, "How do you always fight that sheng?"
Mo Chengkun was not surprised.
Sheng Rong smiled "I don’t fight" and reached a finger at Chu Yan "She helped me fight"
ChuYan one leng how to pull yourself?
All eyes are on ChuYan.
Before she crustily skin of head, "I’m not good at it."
Sheng Rong didn’t give her a chance to refuse. "Let’s have a bet." He snapped his fingers and said, "Let’s start with 300,000 to win over there."
They immediately talked about it.
Have to please ChengRong pressure ChuYan.
However, some people still don’t have so many taboos that they are overwhelmed by Zhao Tingyun.
Isn’t this a pendulum?
Chu Yan said that she was not very good at it, but Zhao Tingyun knew how to play. These are experts.
Zhao Tingyun never thought it was ChuYan.
Eyes narrowed slightly looked ChuYan a few eyes and then the right corner of my eye went to the right lip angle followed by a wide "ok, I’ll play"
Looking at ChuYan with a smile, "Miss Chu is merciful."
ChuYan a listen to paused and then can’t help but sneer at.
She said she wouldn’t hit them, and she really believed that she wouldn’t.
Isn’t Zhao Tingyun’s remark a straightforward irony?
Others call ChuYan. He has suffered several losses in his hand, but he can’t bear this tone.
Ha ha a smile "since Zhao Zong said so, I’ll keep some for you."
Words fall to one side.
But someone pulled me.
Turned to see is Mo Chengkun.
He frowned slightly ChuYan swept his one eye.
"Don’t try to be brave" worried tone
Chuyan felt a slight warmth in her heart, gave him a reassuring look and walked forward.
All this soon everyone didn’t see the scene of two people.
Chuyan went to the billiard table and picked up a pole, a beautiful spin, natural and agile.
They were all surprised by her skill, but there were also some surprises.
It’s just a flower stand. Who wouldn’t?
It doesn’t mean much
But I listened to her talk about "how to play English, American, French or Kailun".
Many people were stunned by her series of questions.
While Zhao Tingyun listen to eyes a slight flash know ChuYan is not simple.
What happened before may be just an excuse for her.
Thought of here, he lost his cigar, walked over and took a pole, but without ChuYan’s fancy, he painted it with powder, and his eyes were a little random and he laughed "whatever you want"
ChuYan don’t like his eyes frowning slightly. When he heard this, he looked up at him and smiled "good".
Wiping her hands with magnesium powder, she aimed at the pole in a standard posture.
"Bang", the sound is crisp, the rules are set, the rules are scattered.
They looked at one leng this slightly.
Where is not a big fight is a sophisticated one, okay?
Chu Yan doesn’t mean that others look up at Zhao Tingyun "it’s your turn"
She is really good at billiards, not blindly confident.
There was a time when she was a Taiwanese player.
Almost participated in the international competition.
And here ChengRong and MoChengKun looked at are slightly with a smile in the eyes of the light is getting deeper and deeper.
There is no doubt that Chu Yan won in the end.

I couldn’t help glaring at the two men and kicking Xu Ran. How can he return it?

At this time, Xu Ran dare to say that he left him a face by himself. I’m embarrassed to drive away if the guests don’t leave, right? Besides, it’s going to rain. Don’t worry if people leave like this?
Lin Ya didn’t good the spirit white her one eye too lazy to speak one more word.
After several people sat around the table, Muchuan was embarrassed again. The woman didn’t mean to invite him at all.
She didn’t speak Xu Ran also dare not to hit the gun.
Lu Yuan glanced at Lin Ya with one eye. Is the guest still there?
In exchange for the girl’s unkind look, I didn’t tell you that a guest didn’t prepare dinner for the guest. The identity of the guest was so expensive that I was afraid I couldn’t eat these simple meals.
This little woman is going to completely vomit Muchuan with him and consciously go out I’m not hungry for you to eat
As soon as he left, Xu Ran couldn’t help but say, Yaya makes people hungry all night? Are you willing?
Lin Ya wrinkled her eyebrows and said in a very unpreparedness tone, If you can’t bear to let him eat well.
Xu Ran finally gave up Liu Yuan, who was still the fastest eater.
After eating, I turned my wheelchair and went out.
He looked at Muchuan from the eaves and said, There should be food in the kitchen. If you don’t mind doing it yourself.
Muchuan stood there for a long time before he said good
It rained in the middle of the night after a peaceful night.
When Lin Ya got up early in the morning, Xu Ran had arranged breakfast.
She looked at the door and it was raining outside. When she turned around, she saw the man in the next room looking outside, too.
She started out and went to the kitchen.
Muchuan received liuyan words after a while.
After talking for a long time, men should occasionally say one or two words.
Lin Ya kitchen went to the bedroom after dinner.
The rain can’t go anywhere. What’s more tragic is that the cell phone signal is gone after a rain.
Just look at the nest bed
Xu Ran went out with porridge and called Muchuan, by the way.
That man really didn’t eat all night last night. She was really afraid of starving him.
After being hungry all night, Muchuan’s stomach really hurts a little.
I just took a sip of the bowl of porridge and felt heartburn!
The man frowned and let go of the bowl in his hand
Xu Ran noticed an abnormal frown and asked, What’s the matter?
Muchuan twist twist eyebrow way nothing
Then I managed to take a few mouthfuls.
Xu Ran gave him a confused look and said nothing after all.
For several meals, Lin Ya avoided sitting at the same table with that man.
The next night, when Lin Ya was washing dishes, Xu Ranyi muttered, Why does a big man eat less than a woman?
品茶论坛Lin Ya washed the bowl and gave Xu Ran a slant head and didn’t say anything.
Gave her a Xu Ran white way heart? Ask yourself.
Put those bowls away and Lin Ya said, I’ll go to the county seat to buy something someday.

But the goal in the 43rd minute proved that Meijiang Middle School didn’t have Lu Wenbin to shoot.

If Maotai School relaxes its defense against other players in Meijiang Middle School and Lu Wenbin chooses to assist the ball instead of breaking the shot, they will still lose the ball.
The lost goal got them into trouble.
However, this time, they didn’t let Lu Wenbin score for 45 minutes, which is the best performance of the four teams in Meijiang Middle School.
Moreover, if they want to win, they have to continue to attack for goals.
Even if Lu Wenbin shoots or assists his teammates to score again, they must attack and compete for more goals.
Therefore, the tactics of both sides have not changed at half-time, but Maotai School has been more determined to defend when attacking, and has also paid attention to Han Dapeng and others running away.
But when they were distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and others running, Lu Wenbin’s personal ability stood out.
Although maotai school broke the 21 ST lead of Meijiang middle school goal through strong overall strength in the 64 th minute of halftime, Meijiang middle school scored only 5 minutes after they scored.
In the 69th minute, when Lu Wenbin broke through the other side’s penalty area with the ball in the backcourt, Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun also ran into the penalty area on both sides, and the members of Maotai School had to be distracted to defend them.
Although I didn’t follow them for personal defense, I had to watch them run and block Lu Wenbin and their ball path at any time to prevent Lu Wenbin from suddenly giving them the ball.
But when they are distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun, their attention to Lu Wenbin’s physical defense will drop a lot.
So Lu Wenbin was rude and distracted them. Through a series of spikes and trips to the ball, they even entered the restricted area.
Then Lu Wenbin, the goalkeeper of Maotai School who blocked the near corner, hit a far corner ball and accurately rolled it into the goal.
Lu Wenbin finally scored his first goal in the final and helped Meijiang Middle School 22 equalize the score, keeping the hope of victory.
Lu Chongxin and Sun Jiahui in the stands jumped up to celebrate the first goal in the final and cheered.
Seeing that Lu Wenbin didn’t give the ball to others this time, but broke into the restricted area and scored by himself, the Maotai school players felt crazy.
When they defend Lu Wenbin wholeheartedly, Lu Wenbin will assist.
When they guard against Han Dapeng and others, Lu Wenbin will break through the shot himself.
Do they want to increase the number of defenders?
That will lead to insufficient offensive power to break the goal of Meijiang Middle School.
When Lu Wenbin came alone, he involved three or four people in their backcourt. There were six or seven people attacking in the frontcourt, and it was difficult to defend Meijiang Middle School against ten people.
Now we have to draw people from the frontcourt to defend Lu Wenbin’s words, which will make it even more difficult to score goals.
Even if people are drawn to defend them, there is no way to ensure that Lu Wenbin will not score in the remaining time. Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is even fearful of the defending champion Maotai School.
After thinking for a while, the coach of Maotai School made a decision.
Seeing him shouting the name of the captain of Maotai tinker on the sidelines, he waved his hand to Meijiang Middle School at half-time to signal everyone to attack under pressure.
约茶Then the two sides really entered the time when Lu Wenbin compared the number of goals with Maotai School alone.
Because with the increase of physical health mistakes of both sides, Lu Wenbin got more dribbling, breakthrough and shooting opportunities in the later period, and the success rate also increased greatly
Of course, on the other hand, the defensive error rate in Meijiang Middle School has also increased, and Maotai School has also gained more shooting opportunities.
In the 74th minute, Maotai School scored a goal through a header and once again led Meijiang Middle School by 32.
However, less than 3 minutes later, in the 77th minute, Lu Wenbin connected the two men through a quick counterattack, and then hung a shot from outside the restricted area and scored a goal to equalize the score, which became 33.
Lu Wenbin scored twice.
In the second minute, Maotai School got an excellent goal opportunity.
They thought the ball was saved by Yu Yuanhang, but it didn’t go out of bounds, but flew back to the restricted area and landed on the foot of a Maotai school striker.
At that time, he was less than 5 meters away from the goal, much closer than the penalty spot, and the goalkeeper Yu Yuanhang had fallen to the ground because of saving the ball. He was facing a door
However, it was so close to the shooting distance that he kicked the ball in the department, and the ball flew far off the crossbar. He hit the plane less than 5 meters from the goal.
The cheering squad of Maotai Group in the stands held their heads and lamented.
You will be punished if you don’t enter the door.
So in the 9th minute, when Meijiang Middle School got a header, Lu Wenbin jumped high in the restricted area and sent a corner kick to Youming to head into the goal of Maotai School.
Lu Wenbin scored another hat trick, and Meijiang Middle School finally reversed the score ahead of Maotai School for the first time.
Chapter 37 Municipal Champion and University Features
Lu Wenbin’s goal in the 9th minute was the last goal in the final. Defending champion Maotai Di School was defeated by Lu Wenbin.
After 3 minutes, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. Lu Wenbin, the Maotai school team, had the last laugh in the battle of scoring goals alone.
He almost single-handedly led the weak Meijiang Middle School to defeat the defending champion Maotai School through half-time hat trick and half-time assist.
Of course, the advantage of only one goal also proves that Lu Wenbin’s decision to make skill points before the game starts is correct.
If the field of vision is still the same at halftime, maybe the last assist at halftime, he won’t see Han Dapeng running and can’t assist Han Dapeng to equalize the score.
Moreover, after leading by two goals, in case the opponent changes to a defensive counterattack, Lu Wenbin may not be able to make a hat trick and lead Meijiang Middle School to victory.
Ok, Lu Wenbin went forward a little bit and equalized the score at half time.
Meijiang Middle School finally won the championship on behalf of Meitan County High School League and got the qualification to go to Guiyang for the provincial finals in the summer vacation.
This is the first time that a county-level high school football team won the city championship stand, and the staff of Zunyi Education Bureau and Cultural and Sports Bureau also won the victory of Meijiang Middle School.
This result is naturally a blow to the defending Maotai school players who are determined to win the championship.