Once again, the turbulent heart is calm, and the sound of shaking his head is stiff. If you don’t agree, I will go to court …

Section 6
Qi Jingzhou suddenly raised his eyes.
Suddenly, I couldn’t say the words left. She saw his eyes and couldn’t hide the injury.
按摩Yue surplus suddenly cried and sat on the sofa like a child to wipe tears. Thick Jingzhou is sincere to you. How can you do this to him … Qi Jingzhou reacted that her eyes were more shaken than Lu Nong.
Mrs. Qi also has a sad face. He didn’t blame you and didn’t say that he wanted to divorce you. From beginning to end, we parents made it out. You can’t put the blame on Jingzhou … She carefully observed the mood swings of her son as she spoke, fearing that Lu Nong would say something to stimulate Jijingzhoushe didn’t know whether Jijingzhou would be like Xi Xuning.
Lu thick lips slightly Zhang was about to speak, but Qi Jingzhou dialect rang first.
Qi Jingzhou took the words and didn’t say anything. Mrs. Qi quickly said, Is the press conference about to start? Jingzhou, you go first. Dense will not go anywhere here. You can talk about the reception when you come back later. You can’t screw up.
When Mrs. Qi spoke, she glanced at Lu Nong guiltily, and the corners of her mouth were just about to say that she couldn’t stay here and wait for him to come back, but she didn’t form a sarcastic arc yet. When she saw Mrs. Qi’s eyes slightly humble and begged, she was pressured to go back.
Mrs. Qi smiled gratefully. She knew that if the atmosphere was glued like this, the talks might collapse. It would be better to give the two parties a little calm. Maybe she could see her son’s mind when she was alone.
Can we talk about it when I get back? JiJingZhou some looking forward to looking at the road.
Lu Nong opened his mouth and didn’t come out.
Qi Jingzhou’s face suddenly overflowed with a happy smile, and her silence was already agreed with him.
When I come back
Lu Nong held Lu Yun Luo and sat on the sofa with his head down. His fingers regularly teased the little guy’s eyes, but there was no focal length.
She was in a daze.
Mrs. Qi and Yue Ying sat opposite each other and exchanged glances from time to time. They were afraid to speak to Lu Nong for fear of accidentally saying something wrong, which provoked Lu Nong to leave with Lu Yunluo when he was unhappy.
Lu Nong’s mind is a mess. If Qi Jingzhou is in front of her at this time, she certainly doesn’t know what to choose.
She didn’t dare to deceive herselfthe trip to Qi Jingzhou really shook her original idea.
She couldn’t help thinking with some expectation that he really liked her? Are these not fake? Does he really want her to do that?
Can’t help but wonder if she’s really not like Lin Aman?
You can’t get divorced even if you file a lawsuit with the court, Mrs. Qi said suddenly.
She didn’t say why Yue Ying looked up from her mobile phone and echoed, Right, right, right, right! She raised her mobile phone and waved it at the road. I just checked that if you and Jingzhou don’t meet any conditions, you can’t leave this marriage!
Road thick eyelashes quiver quiver lift eyes lightly looked at the two people across the street and look back to the line of sight without a trace of fluctuation.
Mrs. Qi and Yue Ying saw her reaction, and some of them were not sure of her mind. Mrs. Qi asked the servant to change the subject depending on the opening. The press conference is about to start, right? Listen to jingzhou live hope he don’t have any changes over there …
The reception has already started. As soon as the cold face of Qijingzhou is opened, the screen appears.
Lu Nong’s sight was attracted by the man’s deep and magnetic voice. After watching it for a while, he sorted out several messagesthis press conference was specially held by Qi Jingzhou in response to the storm on the Internet the other day, perhaps because things have been almost solved. This reception is a formality to answer some urgent questions. The main purpose is to formally send a message to tell those netizens who are making a lot of noise that it is just a misunderstanding.
Screen Qi Jingzhou slightly twisted an eyebrow into the microphone and said, … she and your film actor are good friends, which is beyond doubt. My family can also prove that the video was a joke. I explained it before. His eyes suddenly became gentle and mixed with a little coldness. Besides, she is my wife and I love her. I don’t want to see it again this time, no matter who it is.
He proudly warned the camera that anyone who tries to hurt her should be prepared to be retaliated by me!
Lu Nong’s heart beat violently with a handsome man who looked at the screen with extraordinary bearing.
The camera shook for a while, and some female reporters couldn’t help screaming and then asking questions, which turned into the daily love of Qi Jingzhou and Lu Nong.
Qi Jingzhou doesn’t seem to want to say much about these questions. He smiled and responded without answering.
Through the screen, the road was thick, and his eyes caught a fleeting gloom.
Maybe it’s not that they don’t want to answer, but that they answerwhen did they love each other? Looking through the memory, there are extortion, mutual suspicion, and false promises.
Lu Nong suddenly felt ridiculous. How did Qi Jingzhou love her in such an atmosphere?
When the reception was coming to an end, it seemed that everything was going well. While brushing her mobile phone, Yue Ying suddenly exclaimed, … what are these things? !”
She put her mobile phone in front of Mrs. Qi and let her see Lu Nong. I don’t know what happened. I saw two women across the street looking more and more ugly.
At this moment, Qi Jingzhou was about to leave the reception when a reporter asked, Mr. Qi, you said that your wife and Xi Ying Emperor are friends, so have you seen what has just been exposed online? What do you think?
After one person started, he asked questions one after another
Someone on the net was exposed to attend the film actor’s agent and went to see your wife, but she was injured by your wife and put highdefinition pictures! Excuse me, do you know about General Manager Qi? Is this true?
It was revealed that Miss Cheng Shuang, the agent of the film winner, was in conflict with Miss Cheng Shuang, his wife. Is it the film winner?
If your wife really doesn’t have feelings beyond friends, why do you want to attack Miss Shuangcheng?
Is Mr. Qi’s wife Xi Yingdi really a friend?
The reception was a mess. Yue Ying stayed in wait for a while and looked at the screen. How did it end so quickly? I just brush it out …
Mrs Qi cold face this also ask? Someone must have deliberately targeted Jingzhou! OrShe looked at Lu Nong or for Nong, it must have been prepared for the reception in Jingzhou!
Road thick Meng moment hurriedly took out his mobile phone and looked at her and frowned.
The news was that the net had just been exposed, and the picture turned out to be a scene in front of her house in pairs!
The picture is a pair of highdefinition faces with their backs to the camera. Her face is exposed, and her cold face and frown are clearly photographed!
Then there are photos of entering the door in pairs, and then there is the scene of walking in pairs and covering the corners of the mouththe finger prints on the swollen side face are clearly visible!
Lu Nong’s face was cold. She didn’t make it clear that she was kind to each other, but when these pictures were put together, everyone would think it was her!
Who made this? What will be beaten in pairs? But someone else happened to take these photos, so it’s really a pair of hands? But what is the reason for her doing this?
What is this? Yue surplus has been urgent did you hit that woman? The ….. The Xi Xuning? Do you want to divorce Jingzhou because
Not me! Lu Nong rudely interrupted Yue Ying and looked at her coldly. If I want to divorce him, is it myself and others?
Yue Ying shrank her neck and couldn’t help hugging Mrs. Qi’s arm. What should I do now? She anxiously looked at the screen is a mess these people prepared to jingzhou he …
Lu thick looking at the screen eyes reveal don’t know it.
At the press conference, Qi Jingzhou twisted his brow and face because of this sudden accident, but he did not see a trace of panic.
He raised his hand lightly and said, Please be quiet.
There was no threat in his tone, but his powerful aura made the reporters involuntarily quiet. When they aligned with Jingzhou’s eyes, they were scared to dodge. Although the news just now was not premeditated before being discovered by people from the Internet, there was still an illusion of doing something wrong.
In a few minutes, the order was restored at the reception site. Qi Jingzhou looked at the hand and handed me the mobile phone and then said, You said I just found out.
Many people were surprised by this statement, and they all admitted that they knew and then made sure that things were not harmonious, but he denied it? What does this mean? Is it because of conclusive evidence that I know that things can’t be suppressed …
impossible! A female reporter retorted the companion next to her, What did Manager Qi just say?? He said he loved his wife! And don’t you see how gentle his face is when he remembers his wife? How is it possible to leave the blame on his wife at this time? Besides, can you reach it? It’ s good to have a brain!
The male reporter sneered at her and asked her face to face without saying anything to her. Does General Qi mean that your wife did it but you didn’t know it beforehand?

Although the communication between the two sides was stumbling, Jiang Weihan and them still heard a general idea.

Two years ago, a celebrity from Azeroth visited the planet Sireser with his wife and children, calling on all races in Sireser to unite, because the world will soon be invaded by the Burning Legion.
Few people will believe the words of celebrities except the hobgoblin prophet, who has great prestige among the hobgoblin clan. He called on the hobgoblin to stop the war with the Zodanga Empire and actively prepare for the coming demon invaders.
The Zodanga people, that is, Jiang Weihan’s fourarmed people with graygreen skin and long horns, accepted the armistice agreement on the surface, but secretly detected that the goblins had been preparing for the war. After that, these greenskinned goblins were preparing for the armistice agreement to paralyze them, and they were secretly on high alert.
However, the Burning Legion really came, and it was the most powerful empire of the Zodanga people. Emperor Nodis attracted them. After the war broke out, the Zodanga people were defeated, but the hobgoblins led by the celebrities became the first counterattack burning legion and won a victory. With the expansion of the war, more and more races and troops joined the celebrities in the whole Shireser war. After a year of hard resistance, they finally stabilized the situation and the burning legion entered the stalemate stage
It was also at this time that Jiang Weihan and his team put on a holy shelter to drop the sacred light beam, and they saw it before they brought troops here.
Jiang Weihan, the general of Dangue, who has similar appearance characteristics to the famous generation, respectfully saluted.
It is precisely because the celebrities once said that their family came from the Greiser hobgoblins in Azeroth that it is convenient to communicate with them. Some wise people have learned a little Azeroth.
This celebrity aroused Jiang Weihan’s strong interest in them. Each of the four of them is brilliant. Who can’t recognize the deep admiration and worship in the tone of these wise creatures who call them celebrities?
Although it is neutral and slightly derogatory, it refers to the savior and the great hero!
They became more and more curious about the true identity of this Azeroth visitor.
No matter who he is, this man is not simplein just two years, he integrated the resistance of the whole planet or became the supreme commander of indigenous creatures as an outsider. This is not something that ordinary people can do. Khadga specially took a look at Jiang Weihan and suddenly laughed. Speaking of which, you are really a little similar, Jiang.
Isn’t it? Jiang Weihan arrived in Azeroth as an outsider and also revealed that the Burning Legion invaded almost two years ago and became a leader, a strange hero and a savior.
I can’t compare with him. Jiang Weihan smiled and shook his head. I have the support of Azeroth heroes and people behind me. If I were away from them, maybe I would be a famous person now?
Kyle corners of the mouth become warped become warped Khadga laughed, what a celebrityha ha, but if you come to Alonso Faaoge, you will be the savior of Azeroth and you will never be mediocre.? It is always gold that shines!
Celebrity! The temporary translator looked at Jiang Weihan with admiration. His general language was not good. He barely recognized that Khadga called Jiang Weihan a famous generation. Suddenly, Jiang Weihan was also a strange hero who came to this world as a famous generation, and Jiang Weihan’s performance on the battlefield was even more shameful.
Famous people! The hobgoblin danced and said a few words of aboriginal language to other aborigines, and soon the whole aboriginal Coalition army shouted enthusiastically.
Celebrity! Famous generation!
Jiang Weihan they looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
Half a day later, they finally met the modest celebrity, and at this time, all kinds of speculations made HwaSung Do exclaim the most incredible Khadga.
Turayan is you!
The human commander who came out of the khaki dome also saw the exclamatory Master Bai Hu through the crowd. He rubbed his eyes and also exclaimed, Khadga? Why are you here?
Isn’t it coming? Khadga blinked wittily, and two close friends who had not seen each other for years hugged each other through the crowd to be continued.
Chapter 415 Alien Commander Tulayan
You left without saying a word. I can’t see you in my generation. Khadga took a little sour nose and raised his sleeve and wiped his red eyes.
They are really old friends, from the second war to the expedition across the dark door. Although they are not blood brothers, they have a brotherhood beyond blood brothers.
I can’t see you either. Turayan sighed. He turned to see Jiang Weihan and they looked back at Khadga. Why don’t you introduce me?
品茶论坛This is Jiang Weihan, the leader of the Vololand Federation, and the other two are his heroes’ Kayle The Judicator’ Lord Kyle’ Virtual Walker’ Casadin Pavilion’ Khadga, who introduced them one by one and then said to Jiang Weihan,’ This guy who doesn’t grow a beard is Turayan!’
Before meeting people, Jiang Weihan always wondered who had visited the world first. This person must have extremely high military talent and leadership skills, and he is very charming and modest.
Putting these conditions together, Jiang Weihan deduced that it was probably Turayan.
The only possible mistake is that the former aborigines realized that this person came to Shireser with his wife and children, but it is easy to understand that Aurelia Windrunner disappeared with Turayan, but the child is not easy to explain, because the two children Alator have been in the Glory Castle and have not disappeared together.
Now it seems obvious that this couple of human beings and high elves have another love crystallization.
After introducing each other, Turayan took them inside. Everywhere he passed, everyone saluted him and called him a celebrity enthusiastically.
Although Turayan has become the commander of hundreds of thousands of troops, he is still a little overwhelmed by the joking eyes of his old friends. After he arrived in his reception room, he waved away the others, and suddenly these old people from Azeroth were left in the room.
You are really good’ celebrity’! Without outsiders, Khadga finally burst out laughing.
Turayan blushed, I knew you would laugh, but I’m not used to people always calling me a savior. It’s good to wake myself up.
That’s quite reasonable, Khadga slowly stopped laughing. But we heard that you became their commanderinchief in just two years. It’s really rare. Are these Shiresers particularly simple or are you particularly easy to win their trust?
Turayan shook his head. These two years are two years for Shireser, not two years for Azeroth.
How do you say? They all looked at Turayan.
That’s a long story.
This alien commanderinchief is only in his thirties now, much younger than Khadga’s original age, but his experience is really rich.
According to the Azeroth calendar, it is now the 24th year of the Dark Gate, and it has been ten years since Tulayan and Aurelia disappeared.
At that time, Aurelia was just pregnant and had our second child. He recalled the past with some sighs. You should know that pregnant women are usually slowwitted and have poor alertness. She was assassinated by the devil when she was on patrol. Later, I tracked her all the way to the distortion and it took a lot of effort to save her.
After a pause, he slowly said, Then after some twists and turns, we helped get rid of the devil’s pursuit in a creature of light and finally moved to Sireser.
Is it Naru?
Yes, that’s Naru. It seems that you know them, too? Turayan gave them an unexpected look and then continued, Aurelia gave birth to our first daughter soon after she came here. Her name is Sif. She is really beautiful and very likable!
Recalling his daughter Tulayan’s face with a happy smile.
So now Sif is almost two years old?
Yes, according to the calendar here, she is two years old. Turayan nodded and then smiled. She is already so tall! He compared his waist, which is more than one meter high.
Can a twoyearold child grow that tall? Khadga looked at Turayan suspiciously. It’s only seven years old to have a height.
But according to Azeroth’s algorithm, she should be twenty years old now, Turayan explained. One year in the Shireser calendar is almost equal to four years in Azeroth.
That’s really interesting, but it seems normal to think that you became a commander in chief when you were young. Caderas teased and pointed to Jiang Weihan. Jiang Weihan Pavilion in front of you really became the leader of Azeroth in almost two years.
Turayan was very curious about Jiang Weihan, but it was not convenient to ask too many questions when we first met. Now there is Khadga, and he immediately asked him. Soon, he probably knew that this pavilion, which is several years younger than him, really made great achievements.

Chapter 24 Love of the World

"Tong Tong, what did you say that the little emperor bullied you and he hit you?"
Tong Tong’s black eyes looked at He Lianyin and saw that he shook his head gently and followed the force. "No, mom, I wasn’t bullied. You just heard wrong."
Twist the eyebrow to Yin "Tong Tong tells mom the truth"
Tong Tong looked at He Lianyin behind Yin and shook his head again. "Mom, I’m really not bullied."
Glanced back at He Lianyin with lip-biting. Eye pupil indifference "You warn him to try again"
Section 333
Helianyin one leng koo shrugged.
Won-hee, do you want to laugh?
He Liantong also endured the smile and dared not laugh.
Scene silence
HeLianYin lazy eyebrow motioning with his hand "okay, I don’t care"
按摩Then he walked back to the sofa, his legs crossed with Yuan Xi.
Sure enough, he is a wife and slave.
Yuan-hee chuckled while covering her mouth.
High soft bed
Looking at Yin’s eyebrows, Tong Tong "Tong Tong, tell your mother what happened at school today?"
"Really not"
"Dad said he didn’t know, but you didn’t tell the truth?"
Tong Tong’s mouth was flat. "Nothing happened. The little emperor secretly took away my business because he didn’t want me to associate with his sister. He told me to go outside the classroom and punish me, but he fought with him."
Instantly cold face to Yin "What’s the result?"
"It’s probably even. I didn’t win and he didn’t lose."
"The somebody else is to take away your career. Why don’t you tell them something? Why are you so violent? "
"I don’t want to talk nonsense with him."
To Yin a face of depression just at this time Song Jie walked into the room and said, "Young Master, wealthy family, young master Yuan Xi, young master Tong can have dinner."
He Lianyin got up, and the eyebrows were slightly folded. "It’s good to know that everyone is going upstairs to have dinner. You can call Chen Xi and Ah Xiao and ask them to come over for dinner. It’s crowded."
"Good" YuanXi take out a cellular phone to make a phone call.
Xiang Yin and He Liantong are still facing each other.
He Lianyin walked over and picked up Tong Tong with a soft expression. "Xiao Yin, come on, Tong Tong is still a child. That’s how they get along with each other. It’s good for our parents to know that children are not hurt. Boys are naturally passionate and occasionally fight normally."
"It’s not right for you to teach a child like this. You should reason with him."
He Lianyin chuckled, "I don’t think Tong Tong needs to speak any truth. I should know that he knows how to fight. It should be tolerable. Besides, neither of them has been hurt by anything but playing house and pinching each other."
To frown at Yin Mei’s heart
"Yes, we were all so grown up when we were young, maybe we will become brothers." Yuan Xi also helped He Lianyin to speak.
Tong Tong nu way "I will never become good friends with him"
"Yuanbao, did you call Ashi?" HeLianYin ignore tong tong anger turned to ask yuan xi.
"I called Ah Xiao and told Chennai Department Store to come over together."
He Lianyun had a smile in his eyes. "Are they together now?"
"I don’t know," Yuan Xi quipped. "Ah Xiao said they are friends now, but I don’t know what friends they are."
"Nineteen" He Lianyin’s eyes smile more strongly.
To Yin Yi leng "Are you sure?"
"Don’t believe you wait for yourself to ask Chennai." Then he held Tong Tong out of the room. "Let’s go to dinner, Xiao Yin. You can also call me if you want to invite friends."
I looked up at Yin for a moment. "Why don’t we all go to see Yu Zhou tonight?"
He Lianyin’s footsteps stopped and turned back. Yu Liying was very handsome. "What happened to him?"
"Yu Zhou is in the late stage of heart disease and must live on drugs and appliances. He is now in the hospital. Should we former classmates go and see him?" To Yin eyes calm.
Yuan Xi opened his mouth slightly. "Is he dying?"
"Yu Ge can probably live for three to five years if he speaks well of the situation." If the situation is not good for half a year, maybe.
He Lianyin tensed up and said, "Well, let’s go and visit him after dinner."
The night is deep
After dinner, He Lianyin and Xiang Yin all changed into a plain color dress. On the way, Xiang Yin made a message to Yu Ge, saying that he would now go to the hospital to visit Yu Zhou Yu Ge without saying anything. He held the words tightly, and there was thin water vapor in his pupil, which was touched by everyone.
In the black Maserati, Yuan Xi sat in the driver’s seat, and He Lianyin sat behind Yin. All three of them were silent and no one spoke.
Tong Tong didn’t follow him. He is still a child with weak physical resistance and is not suitable for staying in a hospital where germs are wanton.
"Are Chennai and others coming?" Ask Yoon Yuan-hee.
"Yes, I have just told them about the situation in the boat, and they have all come over."
"Good" hold your arms tightly to Yin, and your eyes are silent.
Soon Maserati stopped at the hospital.

"You still mouth shut" Mo Xun was angry again.

"Sooner or later, I will make you pay. I will watch your pain at the top. I will laugh and watch each of you cry."
I turned and ran out, throwing the cheque in my hand.
Section 13
Today, Qiao Xue and Mo Shuhua are cynical. Ten years ago, Qiao Xue designed Mo Xun to divorce my mother and his things.
I will get it back, even if all my dignity and self-esteem are trampled clean at this moment.
At this moment, I look at the strange eyes of busy people in front of me.
I feel that I have been abandoned by the world and have no place for me.
The condition of agreeing to Wei Qingkui is so correct at the moment. I took out my mobile phone in my bag and dialed Wei Qingkui step by step.
"Come and pick me up"
I controlled my voice not to choke. If a drop of blood fell down my cheek, the other end of the guard hung up lightly.
I shook my hands and felt burning and painful. It was a little gray but there was no rain.
I have always felt that even if my life is miserable, it will not be as miserable as it is in the TV play.
But just now, there will be a scene in that kind of TV play, and I actually happened …
"Ha ha …"
I looked up and tried to put back my tears, but they still flowed down my cheeks.
I, I will cry when the road collapses, but when the breeze blows, I don’t make a sound except tears that flow uncontrollably.
Tears blurred, people came and went in the street, and someone hit me.
I staggered and blurred my eyes and saw a tall and straight figure coming in front of me.
Wearing a black suit, I can’t see clearly but I am familiar with it.
I don’t know why I feel that it’s Wei Qingkui.
At this moment, I seemed to find something in my heart. I quickly went over and grabbed his arm accurately.
"Wei Qing, please take me away."
品茶论坛No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 9. I’m moved at the moment.
Being taken away by Wei Qingxiang, he didn’t say a word, but he put his arm around me.
The expensive Silbert sports car was blocked all the way until it stopped.
I feel so tired that I just fell asleep against his bosom.
I was carried into the house by Wei Qing, only to find that this is a very large ancient building courtyard.
The courtyard is independent of a hill, and the entrance gates are all very classical, with wooden houses, gardens, small bridges and flowing water.
He held me in the hall, and there were two rows of people on the left and right sides. When they saw Wei Qingkui, they bent down and saluted and shouted, "Young master and little wife are good."
Wei Qingyi didn’t care to put me on a soft couch.
"Does it hurt?" His face is ugly, but his voice is surprisingly gentle
I shook my head and squinted "thank you"
"Go get Dr. Fu."
"Master has gone to shout," one of them said respectfully.
I turned my head a little surprised and looked at those who quit and those who were waiting.
What kind of person is Wei Qingkui? He has hired so many servants and looks like an old rich man in ancient times.
Who cares? It’s none of my business
I closed my eyes and my heart was too tired to say another word.
In a daze, my cheeks suddenly stung. I took a gasp and opened my eyes to avoid it.
A palm pressed against my forehead, who frowned slightly and said, "Deal with the wound first."
The process of treating the wound is very painful because Dr. Fu is a man and he is helping me fix my cheek.
Wei Qing’s eyes stared at me closely, which made me nervous.
"What’s the matter?"
"…" He didn’t answer. He suddenly bent down and picked me up from the soft couch and went straight away.
After turning the seventh corner, a door stopped, pushed the door open and put me in a big bed in Zhang Kuan.
I got up and he turned and went out.
There is a floor mirror next to my back and thighs.
I got up and walked over and looked at myself in the mirror.
The face wound is a little yellow and the clothes are a little messy, but the whole person feels miserable.
This is not like a miserable sister Lin, but like a crazy woman on the side of the road.
Ah …
I couldn’t help but crack my mouth and laugh, but I was involved in the cheek wound, and I was so painful that I was pumping air.
Section 14
"Go back to bed" and come behind to defend the light tone.
I went back to bed and just got laid, and he came and untied my clothes.
This scared me to grab his hand. "What are you doing?"
In the clear sky, men and women give and receive, and even worse, undress.
"Your wound needs to be treated." His wooden face and his different color eyes seemed to show that I was no different from porcelain tables and chairs in front of him.
It’s also the president of the open and balanced group. It’s not right for a pregnant woman who has just been beaten all over and is still pregnant.
My clothes were untied, but he had to strip them off. Finally, I was left with a pair of pants.
Lying on a soft bed, applying cold medicine to the wound is covered with bruises because of clothes.
I’m bored, but I’m a little sad from it
A person I have only known for a short time can give me medicine so carefully, but my own father can be so cruel.
At this time, I may be touched by being trampled by my relatives and being taken care of, and I suddenly feel at ease.
After taking the medicine, I lay in bed and slept.
President Wei Qingshen probably has a lot of things to do, and it is impossible to consume me as a woman who is not very important.
I didn’t see him come back until nightfall. Pearl Krabs came to wait for me to get up and brought clean clothes to help me take a bath.

"Get up. I’m not leaving. I’m watching you from behind."

The sudden words behind me made me get up straight from the floor, and I didn’t hesitate to smoke my soul, as if I had returned to my body immediately.
Hugging her, my mouth choked: "Don’t go, really don’t go."
It turns out that parting scares me so much, and it makes me lose my mind.
Chapter 15 My Gift
Surprise is always disappointing, and the situation suddenly appears. It turns out that I hate leaving me so much and I am so hesitant.
I’m really afraid that Yan Jiaxin will leave my life one by one and my surroundings one by one just like them.
This city is my dream and my dream city. I want to make a fortune here, have friends here and have relatives and loved ones here.
She has a scent that I have never smelled before, as fresh as cloves. "You make me afraid to see you go straight. I am really afraid that you will leave my city one by one like them."
At the moment, I really rely on holding her like a child. I am used to loneliness, but I am not used to parting.
"I’m afraid that you’re walking on the left and I’m walking on the right. I’m afraid that if you go away, there will really be no one around me." I released my nature and said whatever I wanted to say.
"But I didn’t go far. The tree behind you looked at you, and you were so desperate and hesitant."
"I dare not gamble because I don’t want to watch you leave one by one and I can stay where I am."
She pushed me away and smiled. I’m sure it was so pure but so disturbing. "Do you know what? Will everyone leave?"
I shook my head and looked blank, which showed that I was not white. I wanted her to tell me what people would leave and why.
"Because everyone has found their own goals, I will go until the cause is truly stable. I should also go and live with my dreams and find a stable harbor. I don’t want him to be handsome or rich. I want him to give me the most personal help when I need help. I can rest assured that I can do my favorite thing. It is enough for people to love me like grandpa."
This is her dream and the reason why she left. For Yan Jiaxin, the origin is a sustenance from her grandfather. She wants to keep the origin real and intact, and watch it grow and grow like a child.
When it grows, it’s time for her to let go. She can exert great pressure to pursue her happiness and find her harbor.
As for me, can I find my own sustenance like her?
"Then what is your dream?" I finally asked her with confusion and curiosity.
"Love that purest, truest and most beloved is also my heart to feel the life perfusion."
She walked to the back, and I lit a cigarette with her and watched her walk. The back was so secure, and she walked step by step. It was so pedaling but it was very secure.
I don’t know where she will go at all, because I think if I follow her ahead, I won’t lose my way. Even if there is no light on this road and there is no flashing neon lights, I can naturally walk for money as in the daytime.
喝茶约茶The surrounding temperature is getting lower and lower, and the snow is falling slowly in this gloomy day. She stopped and held out her hand to pick up the falling snow. It was so quiet.
"It’s snowing." She looked up at the sky, and the snow was falling slowly on her face, which made me feel like I saw such a picture, and the purple lilac was like being covered with a white coat.
She turned to look at me and said, "Do you like snowy days?"
I nodded, "I like it because it happened to snow on the day I was born."
"Me, too," she said again, taking out her mobile phone. "It’s my birthday as soon as this night passes. I’m glad I can see snow every birthday."
She didn’t say anything. She walked on. The snow was not heavy yet. I followed Yan Jiaxin slowly to the place where I used to eat. She drove me to my residence.
"What gift do you want?" I asked her at my own door. She smiled and didn’t give me an accurate answer. After saying the word "casual", she walked towards the building.
I lay in my bed and thought about what gift to give her, but I didn’t have a definite idea because I didn’t know what to give to match this girl.
At twelve o’clock, I called Yan Jiaxin on my mobile phone, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she fell asleep. I wanted to give her a blessing first. It seems that I can wait.
After another hour, I still didn’t fall asleep. I took out my mobile phone and played with it for about half an hour. When I was bored, I put my mobile phone aside and thought about falling asleep again, but I still couldn’t sleep.
It’s already three o’clock in the morning, and I have no choice but to lie down, even if I get up at night to play games. I just sat up from the bed and got up, and I found that snowflakes were falling outside the window. I opened the window and watched the snowflakes falling slowly outside the window, and I smiled happily.
Looking at the layers of snow on the ground, I suddenly came up with inspiration.
With this inspiration, I opened the door directly and went to the building. The snow kept getting bigger and bigger, and my hand touched the ground. The snow was freezing cold.
I wanted to get a glove before I found out that I was wearing a pajamas key. I didn’t have any thoughts or hesitation in the original coat. After I got a good position, I started to get a base. After I finished the base, I grabbed a handful of snow from the ground and rubbed it for a while. Then I rolled it on the ground and put it on the base. This cycle was repeated.
At 6 o’clock in the morning, when I inserted those two branches into the snowman, I finally sighed with peace of mind. I reached out and rubbed it for a while, trying to rub my cold hand to rub it.
"Happy Birthday" I finally started talking to her, and at the same time I was running nose and shivering from time to time.
"Thank you. Why do you have a cold?" She seemed to hear something was wrong with me.
I don’t want to disturb her mood today because of this topic, just say "you open the window"
She sighed with doubt and soon opened the window. Looking at the window, her expression was surprised. I held back my trembling and put on a smiling face, pointing to the snowman next to her and shouted, "I hope you like this gift."
In order to write Yan Jiaxin better, I am a snowman, and she immediately pulled up the window after I shouted. I wondered what was going on, didn’t she like it?
I began to lose myself and stared at the snowy man next to me. I lamented and turned around to go to the building. At this moment, a sudden embrace hugged me directly.
"Thank you for the surprise. Thank you for the gift."
Chapter 16 Lao Lai and Ugly Girl
"Lei Hao, you know, I was really shocked when I opened the window. Looking at this snowman, I was so familiar and touched. I vaguely remember that when I was a child, my grandfather always accompanied me to build such a snowman on a snowy birthday. At that time, the snowman was my best friend in winter. Although he could not talk, I could change his expression by hand. I laughed at it and made faces at me. It could also make faces at me."
Yan Jiaxin held me tightly in her hands, and now my mood is driven by her words full of memories.
Her mouth is full of memories. "When I was a child, I had no friends. I was an ugly girl who studied hard. No one wanted to play with me or communicate with me. Everyone always looked at me with such disgust. I always had this idea: Did my parents abandon me because of my ugliness? The more I think about it, the more I feel inferior. I hate myself more and more. What could be such an ugly girl with such inferiority? I dare not look in the mirror and face the ugliness."
The more I talked, the more she choked and became more sad. I patted the girl on the back and comforted her in a silent way to listen to the girl.
Her words continued: "Fortunately, my grandfather didn’t abandon me because of my ugliness. He always told me that Xin Er is not ugly. Xin Er is a kind-hearted girl, just like a snowman, who smiles with the truest smile to make people warm. If a snowman smiles, it can warm people all winter, but Xin Er smiles all season."
She let me go and took the silver pendant from my neck. Inside it was a small photo of an old man, a little girl and a moderate snowman. The old man touched the child’s head and the little girl hugged the snowman with open hands. She was very happy.
"Every birthday in these years, I will take out this photo and look at it. I feel that Grandpa is with me next to me."
I nodded and said it was really hard for me to compare this ugly girl in the photo with Yan Jia Xin. One was that her teeth were not filled and her young face was so fat, while the other was so memorable and perfect.
She went to the snowman’s side, put a scarf around him, and found a row of decorations to dress him up.
Watching her busy, I didn’t stare blankly. I accompanied her to make it up. After making this snowman, she started to build it by herself.
Building this snowman is next to a snowman, one big and one small, just not alone.
During the whole process, she gave me the gloves because she said that she wanted to feel and make them physically and mentally. After the construction, her hands were as cold as mine. I grabbed her hands and wrapped them around her hands and rubbed them warmly.
"Name it," I said to her.
She nodded and replied, "That man wrote a" such as ".
After that, she went to the snowman and erased Yan Jiaxin’s three words before writing another word. I didn’t see what she wrote. I went to the snowman and wrote it by myself.
When we finished writing the same time, we got up and looked at each other’s names, and then we all burst out laughing.
She patted me and smiled from ear to ear. I didn’t expect us to have such a tacit understanding, and even the names were so wonderful.
"How did you come up with it?" She stopped smiling and asked me. She was not angry at my name, but she was very indifferent and happy.
I replied to her in this way: "I wrote it when I thought of it. Aren’t you too?"
"Well," she asked me again, "Will New Year come again?"
"Make a snowman again"

Kexin nodded.

"You’re really worried about me." Nan Chen raised his smile and wrinkled his eyes with beautiful texture.
"You are worried that I will be hurt by him, aren’t you?"
Kexin bit her lip slightly. She was worried about him.
She is really afraid that her brother will hurt him like that again!
Once, it was Nan Chen’s night, and my brother shot so hard at home.
This is my brother’s house …
There’s no guarantee that my brother won’t hurt him with his hands.
"Brother, if you start work again …"
Nan Chen’s smiling eyes are deep and bright at night. "Xin Er can’t get enough of my expression when she sees you worrying about it 1000 times and 10000 times."
But he’s joking at a time like this.
夜生活"Don’t worry, it will be fine."
"But I’m so worried."
Nan Chen chuckled at night, "He won’t let his sister have no husband."
Kexin’s mood is even more boring. She is worried that he will comfort him as if nothing had happened.
"Hin, your brother won’t do anything to me. If you really want to do anything to me, I won’t be in good condition in front of you now."
Kexin slightly lowered his eyelids and bit his lip and said, "My brother has a deep prejudice against you."
"I know!" He smiled and drooped his eyelids. The faint smile was still so charming.
Kexin turned to look at Nanchen night, so that he was somehow sad.
No matter what he does, his brother will never have a good attitude towards him.
Although those things have passed, it is difficult for anyone to forgive them easily.
She can understand her brother!
But she didn’t want him to be embarrassed by her brother because of herself.
Nan Chen night hold her hand "hin son your brother is angry with me is I should! I can’t even forgive myself for doing those things! "
"You didn’t mean to do that to me."
He has always been a good man! Even if he never loses his temper with his domestic servants, it is because of his parents’ grudges that he will do so. Besides, it is indeed their family that is sorry for him. If his mother had not selfish destroyed his family and robbed his father, his mother would not have died of despair.
"No matter what I hurt you, it’s true that your brother is angry with me, but my heart feels better! I am willing to bear whatever he does except let me leave you. "
"I’m sorry" kexin choked up.
"Silly girl, I’m sorry. I should say," Nan Chen looked askance at her at night. "Xin Er, I will try my best to prove to him that you are very happy to marry me."
Of course she believes that he will give her happiness.
She always knew that.
"Why are you crying?"
Kexin hurriedly wiped her tears. She was so touched.
Mujia villa
After the doorman reported the night, Xi Han took Mu Lingtian out to meet them.
MuLingTian ChaDou with one hand and took the night city culvert with the other.
But he doesn’t look very good. He eats people.
Garden road far away to see a pair of matching figure slowly.
Holding hands, the two men smelled of happiness all over.
Mulingtian looks unhappy and looks at them. They haven’t walked into his extreme sarcasm yet.
"I’m still dressed in coquettish when I’m old."
Smell speech night Xihan hurriedly pulled his clothes glaring to shut him up.
These days, she’s been trying so hard to please him with all kinds of beds. Is it all in vain?
What’s the matter? This man still can’t control his mouth.
Kexin just walked into the night and left MuLingTian toward Kexin, which was a big hug. MuLingTian’s face was distorted directly.
"Why didn’t Xiner come back today to say a word?"
Kexin saw Mu Lingtian’s "forgetting to call". She thought about talking, but she didn’t know how to say it and was afraid of her brother’s words.
"How could you forget this girl? I’m so ready to make a call before!"
"Sorry sister-in-law"
"I haven’t seen you for a few days. Let me have a good look at our family’s Xin ‘er." Night Xihan opened the distance between them and looked at it again and again, holding Kexin’s little face. "Nan Chen’s night is good. It has rounded up our family’s Xin ‘er a lot."
Kexin was embarrassed to blush.
"Our daughter is getting more and more beautiful because of love."
Being teased by Ye Xihan makes Kexin even more shy.
"Sister in law …"
Night Xi Han squinting funny.
This little girl is more shy than she is
Looking at her little red face, don’t say it’s Nanchen night, but she can’t help but want to kiss two people hard.
Just say that her husband is worried that it is unnecessary for others to know how happy and sweet they are together!
"Don’t worry, Xin-er, let Nan Chen come home at night."
Mu Lingtian, who has always been regarded, suddenly smiled coldly. "Is he also worthy of our house?"
Night Xihan is really Mu Lingtian. As soon as he meets Nanchen Night, he will be full of fighting capacity, and his mouth will not stop for a moment!
"Your brother forgot to take medicine today and ignored him."
Kexin couldn’t help laughing, but when she saw her brother’s ugly face, she hurriedly stopped. She felt that some sister-in-law dared to make fun of her brother like this …
Give her a hundred guts!
"I’ll give your brother some medicine later." Ye Xihan said with a smile and called them in. "Let’s go in!"