But the goal in the 43rd minute proved that Meijiang Middle School didn’t have Lu Wenbin to shoot.

If Maotai School relaxes its defense against other players in Meijiang Middle School and Lu Wenbin chooses to assist the ball instead of breaking the shot, they will still lose the ball.
The lost goal got them into trouble.
However, this time, they didn’t let Lu Wenbin score for 45 minutes, which is the best performance of the four teams in Meijiang Middle School.
Moreover, if they want to win, they have to continue to attack for goals.
Even if Lu Wenbin shoots or assists his teammates to score again, they must attack and compete for more goals.
Therefore, the tactics of both sides have not changed at half-time, but Maotai School has been more determined to defend when attacking, and has also paid attention to Han Dapeng and others running away.
But when they were distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and others running, Lu Wenbin’s personal ability stood out.
Although maotai school broke the 21 ST lead of Meijiang middle school goal through strong overall strength in the 64 th minute of halftime, Meijiang middle school scored only 5 minutes after they scored.
In the 69th minute, when Lu Wenbin broke through the other side’s penalty area with the ball in the backcourt, Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun also ran into the penalty area on both sides, and the members of Maotai School had to be distracted to defend them.
Although I didn’t follow them for personal defense, I had to watch them run and block Lu Wenbin and their ball path at any time to prevent Lu Wenbin from suddenly giving them the ball.
But when they are distracted to pay attention to Han Dapeng and Nie Yingkun, their attention to Lu Wenbin’s physical defense will drop a lot.
So Lu Wenbin was rude and distracted them. Through a series of spikes and trips to the ball, they even entered the restricted area.
Then Lu Wenbin, the goalkeeper of Maotai School who blocked the near corner, hit a far corner ball and accurately rolled it into the goal.
Lu Wenbin finally scored his first goal in the final and helped Meijiang Middle School 22 equalize the score, keeping the hope of victory.
Lu Chongxin and Sun Jiahui in the stands jumped up to celebrate the first goal in the final and cheered.
Seeing that Lu Wenbin didn’t give the ball to others this time, but broke into the restricted area and scored by himself, the Maotai school players felt crazy.
When they defend Lu Wenbin wholeheartedly, Lu Wenbin will assist.
When they guard against Han Dapeng and others, Lu Wenbin will break through the shot himself.
Do they want to increase the number of defenders?
That will lead to insufficient offensive power to break the goal of Meijiang Middle School.
When Lu Wenbin came alone, he involved three or four people in their backcourt. There were six or seven people attacking in the frontcourt, and it was difficult to defend Meijiang Middle School against ten people.
Now we have to draw people from the frontcourt to defend Lu Wenbin’s words, which will make it even more difficult to score goals.
Even if people are drawn to defend them, there is no way to ensure that Lu Wenbin will not score in the remaining time. Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is even fearful of the defending champion Maotai School.
After thinking for a while, the coach of Maotai School made a decision.
Seeing him shouting the name of the captain of Maotai tinker on the sidelines, he waved his hand to Meijiang Middle School at half-time to signal everyone to attack under pressure.
约茶Then the two sides really entered the time when Lu Wenbin compared the number of goals with Maotai School alone.
Because with the increase of physical health mistakes of both sides, Lu Wenbin got more dribbling, breakthrough and shooting opportunities in the later period, and the success rate also increased greatly
Of course, on the other hand, the defensive error rate in Meijiang Middle School has also increased, and Maotai School has also gained more shooting opportunities.
In the 74th minute, Maotai School scored a goal through a header and once again led Meijiang Middle School by 32.
However, less than 3 minutes later, in the 77th minute, Lu Wenbin connected the two men through a quick counterattack, and then hung a shot from outside the restricted area and scored a goal to equalize the score, which became 33.
Lu Wenbin scored twice.
In the second minute, Maotai School got an excellent goal opportunity.
They thought the ball was saved by Yu Yuanhang, but it didn’t go out of bounds, but flew back to the restricted area and landed on the foot of a Maotai school striker.
At that time, he was less than 5 meters away from the goal, much closer than the penalty spot, and the goalkeeper Yu Yuanhang had fallen to the ground because of saving the ball. He was facing a door
However, it was so close to the shooting distance that he kicked the ball in the department, and the ball flew far off the crossbar. He hit the plane less than 5 meters from the goal.
The cheering squad of Maotai Group in the stands held their heads and lamented.
You will be punished if you don’t enter the door.
So in the 9th minute, when Meijiang Middle School got a header, Lu Wenbin jumped high in the restricted area and sent a corner kick to Youming to head into the goal of Maotai School.
Lu Wenbin scored another hat trick, and Meijiang Middle School finally reversed the score ahead of Maotai School for the first time.
Chapter 37 Municipal Champion and University Features
Lu Wenbin’s goal in the 9th minute was the last goal in the final. Defending champion Maotai Di School was defeated by Lu Wenbin.
After 3 minutes, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. Lu Wenbin, the Maotai school team, had the last laugh in the battle of scoring goals alone.
He almost single-handedly led the weak Meijiang Middle School to defeat the defending champion Maotai School through half-time hat trick and half-time assist.
Of course, the advantage of only one goal also proves that Lu Wenbin’s decision to make skill points before the game starts is correct.
If the field of vision is still the same at halftime, maybe the last assist at halftime, he won’t see Han Dapeng running and can’t assist Han Dapeng to equalize the score.
Moreover, after leading by two goals, in case the opponent changes to a defensive counterattack, Lu Wenbin may not be able to make a hat trick and lead Meijiang Middle School to victory.
Ok, Lu Wenbin went forward a little bit and equalized the score at half time.
Meijiang Middle School finally won the championship on behalf of Meitan County High School League and got the qualification to go to Guiyang for the provincial finals in the summer vacation.
This is the first time that a county-level high school football team won the city championship stand, and the staff of Zunyi Education Bureau and Cultural and Sports Bureau also won the victory of Meijiang Middle School.
This result is naturally a blow to the defending Maotai school players who are determined to win the championship.