Han Shu went home and found a cigarette and lighter. He lit a cigarette in the balcony and smoked it slowly.

This is also the first time in such a long time that he smokes at home with Gao Xiaoxiao. He didn’t even bring a lighter and a cigarette case, so he thought it would be hard to quit smoking. Unexpectedly, it became a natural habit later.
There are many exquisite gift boxes in the corner of the bedroom, all of which are wedding gifts sent by others. Red "Xi" characters are posted everywhere in the room, and the bedding of the big bed has also been replaced with big red pillows, all of which are pink pillows. There are also huge wedding photos taken by him and Gao Xiaoxiao’s wedding dress shop on the bedside wall.
In the photo, two people face to face, forehead sticking to forehead, nose sticking to nose laughing … a bit silly.
However, watching Han Yan can’t help but evoke my thin lips to laugh.
I thought of some situations when I took pictures that day …
After smoking, he went to the bathroom and took a shower. He came back and lay alone in the bedding. He really tossed and turned inside, but he couldn’t sleep.
My mind is full of Gao Xiaoxiao’s beautiful white face. He took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Gao Xiaoxiao, "Wife, I can’t sleep."
If she says she can’t sleep and miss him, he will get up and go to Yu’s house to accompany her at once.
I didn’t reply for a long time.
Han Dong "…"
What a heartless woman! Did she fall asleep so soon?
I wanted to make a message in the past, but when I saw her eyes, it was already twelve o’clock at night. After she got pregnant, Ji went to bed at one o’clock every day. Just now, Yu Jia saw that she was so sleepy. Think about it … Forget it.
I put my mobile phone back, just turned off the light, but suddenly there was a WeChat tone.
Immediately take the phone back and open it, but it’s not sent by Gao Xiaoxiao, but the group information in the "ambush"
Yan Nansheng "Yao Xi Yao Xi? Is there anyone else? "
Feng Chen’ an "Others don’t know that the second brother is sure."
Qi Chenghao: "Ah Chan will definitely not be able to sleep if he wants to be the groom’s official."
Yan Nansheng "Ah Shu, come out quickly!"
Yan Nansheng "Come out and I will crusade against you! It’s too boring. Why don’t I give you a bachelor party in Jindi later? "
Feng Chen’ an "is the result that we are single. It’s so boring."
Lu Ziheng "It really is a single banquet, and all of them go to single dog."
Yan Nansheng "…"
Seal Chen An "…"
Yu Yuting: "Go to bed early, and whoever is late will never get a wife."
Yan Nansheng "Don’t curse me!"
Feng Chen’ an "Yu Ting, you are too poisonous!"
Yan Nansheng "It’s amazing to have a girlfriend!"
Yu Yuting: "It’s great. Do you want to find something?"
Yan Nansheng "…"
桑拿会所Han Shu saw the frown at last as if he could pinch a fly to death.
He just clicked the exit machine and went to bed.
The next morning Gao Xiaoxiao woke up with a knock at the door.
The big bed has her, big red bedding, pink, but some strange rooms wake her up.
This is Yu’s family and today is her wedding.
Gao Xiaoxiao was busy uncovering the door after getting up.
Yang Xi, dressed in a bright pink dress, smiled and said to her, "Are you awake? Come upstairs and have breakfast. "
After Yang Xi left, Gao Xiaoxiao went to the French window and opened the curtains to look at the building. Many cars had stopped, and laughter could be heard in the living room.
She bent her lips and turned into the bathroom to wash.
After breakfast, the dresser, makeup artist and stylists all led by Yang Xi came to the building and began to help Gao Xiaoxiao do the bride’s styling.
Because the bride is pregnant after greeting before, the makeup artist gave Gao Xiaoxiao a light makeup, which is also designed for pregnant women to stimulate childbirth.
After putting on makeup, the hair stylist gave her a Korean bride’s hair to reveal her white mark, melon face, and then a veil with delicate and beautiful facial features to create a romantic and dreamy beauty.
Finally, after tossing, Gao Xiaoxiao changed her wedding dress into a slim mirror.
In addition to the workers, the room began to be crowded with people, all of whom came to watch the excitement early in the morning in the courtyard, and relatives of Yu family D city came to attend the wedding and watched and praised Gao Xiaoxiao.
"The bride is really beautiful!"
"This is so beautiful!"
"The bride has a great figure!"