Say ignore Xia Xue angry protest Cui Siyan smile turned and left.

Xia Xue tried to chase out but was stopped by those bodyguards. Although they didn’t start work on her, she couldn’t leave the suite.
It’s no use pulling! Think of lying in the bedroom Li Zhenyu Xia Xue can swallow a mouthful of evil spirit and turn back.
In this way, Xia Xue lost her personal freedom and communication tools. She can stay in the bedroom with Li Zhenyu! There is nothing to eat except a water dispenser in the room! Doctors and nurses are all gone! Don’t even want to give Li Zhenyu a bag of saline!
Xia Xue heart like fire burning don’t know what to do! Listen to Cui Siyan’s tone, there is no landing for dinner tonight! She’s hungry! If Li Zhenyu wakes up again, what will she feed him?
No, you cann’t just sit back and wait! Xia Xue racked his brains and couldn’t think of a way! The only … Wu Tianyou! Is he like Cui Siyan? Ready to starve her to death with Li Zhenyu?
In my memory, Wu Tianyou is gentle, affectionate and considerate. Although he has moved away from Cui Siyan, he is not as vicious as Cui Siyan!
Look at the time when one minute goes by. Xia Xue can’t delay it any more. She is afraid that after Li Zhenyu wakes up, there is no food to feed him. Isn’t it a waste of time to wake up? You know, his first awakening is precious.
Thinking of this, Xia Xue could no longer calm down. She went out of the bedroom again and asked the bodyguards, "I want to see Wu Tianyou!"
The bodyguards looked at each other for a long time, and one of them said, "We’ll give it to the big lady!"
Xia Xue was there waiting to see the bodyguard call Wu Tianyou, say Xia Xue’s request, and then say a few words before hanging up the phone and saying, "Second Uncle will be here soon!"
That’s right. I’ve been waiting for nearly an hour! Wu Tianyou finally came when Xia Xue almost lost his temper and wanted to go out and urge the bodyguards to play again.
Still that cold look! Wu Tianyou handsome face hung "I am not familiar with you" expression and asked "What can I do for you?"
Even though my heart was full of anger, Xia Xue still suppressed and told him calmly as far as possible, "I’m hungry! But your wife won’t let anyone send me anything to eat! "
Wu Tianyou’s indifferent and handsome face finally moved slightly, which seems unbelievable. "What?"
"I said I was hungry and wanted to eat!" Xia Xue angrily told him.
After a short silence, Wu Tianyou turned around and told people around him to "tell the kitchen to prepare dinner according to the taste that the big lady likes for a long time and send it to the suite"
Finally solved the dinner problem! Xia Xue quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She felt that Wu Tianyou was slightly better than Cui Siyan. She didn’t intend to starve her. Maybe he was more accommodating? "God bless one more thing!" Xia Xue told me about the evacuation of doctors and nurses. "Can you ask Dr. Zhou to come in and give me and Jin Woo a blood transfusion …"
"no!" Wu Tianyou and Cui Siyan have a high degree of agreement on this issue. "You have given him blood for so long … it will be dangerous to go like this again!"
"I’m really fine!" Xia Xue’s heart is cold, but he still refuses to give up. "God bless you …"
"That’s enough!" Wu Tianyou turned around and was obviously ready to end the conversation. "There is nothing else for me to go!"
"Wu Tianyou" Xia Xue angrily stopped him "how could you! Are you like Cui Siyan? I want to bully me when my father is not there! "
"Whatever you think!" Wu Tianyou always keeps a cold attitude and keeps people away. "It’s enough for me to finish what my father told me!"
"Did Dad tell you to treat Li Zhenyu like this?"
"He told me to take care of you!" Say Wu Tianyou didn’t even look at Xia Xue again, so he lifted his leg and went out. It seems that he came here to do his duty, otherwise he wouldn’t bother to take care of Xia Xue.
Xia Xue’s heart suddenly felt cold and some regrets. Maybe she should have left earlier with Li Zhenyu. The so-called family delayed the trip again and again, resulting in this embarrassing and helpful situation.
What should she do!
Good Wu Tianyou ordered the kitchen to bring in a dinner.
桑拿网Yes, it’s a copy! No Li Zhenyu! Because Li Zhenyu was unconscious, the kitchen didn’t prepare his meal.
Xia Xue can hold back his anger and bring these precious foods to the bedside cabinet and start trying to wake up Li Zhenyu.
"Jin Woo, get up and eat!" Xia Xue gently shook his body and whispered in his ear.
She’s a little worried that the food will get cold because it’s impossible to make do with her and Li Zhenyu now! Even if Zhen-Yu Li wakes up, as things stand, they may not be willing to prepare food specially for him.
"Jin Woo don’t sleep again! It will be cold if you sleep again! " Xia Xue gently kissed Li Zhenyu’s lips. She remembered that he liked all kinds of kisses and physical contact with her best. He was tempted to wake up quickly. She leaned over his ear and said softly, "Get up and eat! Shall I let you kiss me later? "
Her voice is very low and soft, with a hint of sobs. She has no confidence and assurance that she can bite the bullet and give it a try.
Li Zhenyu didn’t respond to her, so she continued to kiss him and made all kinds of promises and temptations in his ear. She even said that she would give birth to another daughter for him! Because she once heard him think of wanting another girl who looks like her.
Maybe Xia Xuemi’s sweet words played a role, maybe her persistence paid off, and the sleeping man finally responded with thick eyelashes and trembling lips.
"Jin Woo, open your eyes!" Xia Xue was excited. She leaned over and kissed his lips, his nose and his forehead … "Wake up!"
Finally, the man slowly opened his eyes and his deep black eyes slowly turned to Xia Xue.
Xia Xue’s charming body trembled and his heart almost missed a beat. He woke up! This is really sober! Not a short awakening! Because she saw the familiar and wise light in his eyes again, "Jin Woo!"
Section 262
The sexy thin lips slightly evoke the male cast handsome face to float and smile. He slowly raises his arm and gently caresses her pretty face. She is delighted to look at him and gently says, "Thank you!" "
"…" He spoke! Xia Xue was jumping for joy in her heart, but she didn’t dare to touch at all, for fear that any sign of trouble might frighten him or affect his recovery. Her clear eyes were filled with ecstatic tears and she trembled with excitement.
"Help me up!" Lizhenyu stretched out an arm to her.
Xia Xue just came to her senses. She quickly grabbed his arm and helped him sit up.
Although Li Zhenyu is awake, he seems to be very weak, and he gasps slightly when he just sits still.
Xia Xue realized that he woke up too soon! It’s less than four days since he fell into a coma and really woke up! I’m afraid he’s the earliest one to wake up among all the people infected with the virus and plague! She doesn’t know whether he is out of danger in this way! I want to call a doctor, but I’m afraid I’ll attract Cui Siyan’s attention, but I’ll bring disaster.
Cui Siyan is bent on waiting for Li Zhenyu to die! She must be more careful at such times.
"Jin Woo, how do you feel?" Xia Xue asked carefully.
"I have no strength!" Li Zhenyu’s eyes closed slightly, breathing slightly, but he was sober and fluent in question and answer.
"Well, you eat first!" When Xia Xue didn’t dare to delay, he was afraid that he would fall into a coma again at any time. He hurriedly took the plate and began to feed.
Li Zhenyu took a few bites and found that there was a large number of people at dinner. "You don’t want to eat?"
Xia Xue’s heart was full of joy and bitterness. He was really awake and so meticulous. The bitterness is that it’s pathetic that they can’t even eat a full meal now.