"You should eat more." Meng Qing-long chose Gao Shen-ran after choosing vegetables. She also chose to continue to eat Gao Shen-ran, but she was embarrassed to sit around and make herself busy, but she was not used to explaining them one by one.

Maybe there’s nothing to do. It’s really idle. Meng Qing is in a good mood. Looking at the busy Gao Shenran, the more he looks closely, the more he feels that something is wrong. Gao Shenran handed her a single. He kindly handed her a fitness card. "If you give it to you, you should exercise more. Can’t you give women a sense of beauty?"
Gao Shenran didn’t even intend to speak. Seeing Meng Qinglong talking more and more, he was curious and raised his hand and asked, "boss, can I ask you to shut up?"
"This is your explanation." Meng Qingzhong’s voice changed, and the active ingredients were hidden too deep, which Gao Shenran could identify at one time.
Gao Shenran didn’t take the initiative to explain that "if you must think so".
Meng Qingzhuo smiled strangely and touched the conversation. "Gao Shenran, are you too scared?"
I’m afraid if he said something wrong, how can I rely on her? If I insist on saying something wrong, the top of the pyramid has helped myself. He is low-spirited and humiliated, probably because he only has self-esteem left in him. Poor self-esteem lives on himself.
"What are your three conditions?" Gao Shenran suddenly became very upset. It’s not that she can easily cope with having to provoke him. She doesn’t want him to stop pestering. It’s too tired.
Meng Qingzhuo sneered and squinted dangerously at Gao Shenran. "If you apologize now, I will pretend that nothing happened just now."
Being interested in him is not to let him trample on his own bottom line at will, nor is it to let him pamper him and ridicule him. Does he give him too much?
Gao Shenran irrationally refused to open her mouth again to know that mother’s treatment was the key moment. She couldn’t lose her temper and knew that he was of great help to her. She should be grateful and bow down to do something small. She suddenly became irritable and controlled it as if her period was coming. She felt wronged and unhappy. She really wanted to have someone around to be kind to her or to cover all her difficulties.
No matter how strong, brave and indestructible she is, she pretends to be a man. In her bones, Gao Shenran is just a real woman who needs to feel safe. Occasionally, she will give up and want to break the can.
Meng Qingzhuo kicked off the table and got up. The red soup on the table swayed and spilled a lot. His face looked very angry. "Gao Shenran, don’t regret it."
He can’t clean him up yet. Shake your face and don’t turn against him.
Gao Shenran always sat motionless. Of course, she knew that Meng Qingzhuo was able to crush her as simple as running over an ant. She had no retreat and no backing. She thought she was probably crazy.
Meng Qingzhuo was still angry until he got to the car. He looked like he could get angry from childhood to adulthood. Today, he couldn’t finish it. He slammed a steering wheel and accidentally touched the horn with his fingertips. The shrill and sharp sound was dark and the night was screaming, and a fire in his chest could not be suppressed.
No one has ever dared to be angry with him. Gao Shenran is really dying.
The curtain is as dark as the night, and the thunder rumbles and thunders at first. During the day, it’s still cloudy in Wan Li, and the storm comes suddenly at night.
Someone called Meng Qinglong, and he tried to strangle him with Gao Shenran’s slender neck. The stubborn Meng Qinglong didn’t answer the bell twice in a row.
"You’d better have something important." If he doesn’t want to hear it, he must let Gao Shenran bury them together in hell.
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