He felt very curious, and he really admired that woman Lin Ya!

Goddess, it’s a real goddess!
Muchuan saw that he didn’t answer and couldn’t help turning his head to see his one eye.
The eyes see liuyan heart quiver busy a nod a way "yes".
It’s up to the boss to stop guessing. There’s a song how to sing it. It’s wrong for a woman to guess at the bottom of the sea ~
He found that their boss seemed to fit in!
At that time, Alice had been persuaded by her father, Duke Kent, to apologize to dik after she came home.
She didn’t want to be deadlocked.
After lunch, the Duke of Kent couldn’t help but persuade him, "If you want david to run for the throne smoothly in the future, go there."
Alice asked, "What do you mean?"
Duke Kent was disappointed to see her, but a translator could understand the problem, but his precious daughter hasn’t figured it out yet.
He is so straightforward to say the deep meaning of "testing his meaning!"
So Alice finally understood that wringing her eyebrows and thinking would solemnly say, "OK, I’ll go."
Soon the assistant bought some cars to help her, and Alice drove there herself.
Dik’s injury is not as serious as david’s. He was bruised by a bullet in his left arm, so it won’t be a big deal. He hasn’t been out, and he wants to wait for news from david.
Alice drove her car straight to his yard and went with her things.
When she comes to him, she never needs to tell him that he is reading a newspaper in the living room when she goes in.
Alice went in and saw someone sitting on the sofa.
Rudely threw the things in his hand on the sofa, but forgot to tell his father to be sincere and gentle when he went out!
Alice is a little angry. david has been lying in bed for a few days, but he’s sitting on the sofa watching!
桑拿When dik saw her coming, a smile immediately appeared on her face.
If I had known he was so hurt, she wouldn’t have come to see him!
Alice approached and said in an unhappy tone, "Not dead?"
Dik gave her a wronged look and asked, "Do you want me to die?"
Section 69
Alice is welcome to sit and hum, "Early death and good morning!"
At the beginning, she hurt him and told her how badly he was hurt. She still felt sorry for her for a long time! If I had known this, she would have felt guilty!
Dik didn’t bother to keep pestering her about this topic and asked, "Why did you come to see me now? Shouldn’t you be hanging around david?"
According to normal reasoning, yes, but her father forced her to come here.
Thinking of her father, she remembered the business.
So he glanced at him and hung up his arm and asked, "Are you okay with this injury?"
I heard that dik looked at her strangely. It’s rare that she would care for him? !
It looks like nothing happened, and she thinks it’s redundant. Did her father ask her to apologize? Well, then apologize!
So I tried to say in a gentle tone, "I came to apologize. I shouldn’t have hurt you impulsively."
This time, dik felt even more incredible. Alice Y’s royal family was notoriously unruly. Every time she saw him, she either sneered or sneered.
Now she sits beside him calmly and apologizes to him so sincerely that he feels like two completely different people!
He really wondered if Alice was a little abnormal today …
Dik looked at the woman beside him and seemed to study what was wrong with her.
By his eyes, she gritted her teeth and endured her feelings of being on the verge of collapse and asked, "hello, can you hear me?" I said I came to apologize to you! "
Afraid that he was deaf, she deliberately aggravated the word apology!
Dik tilted his head to avoid her face and "heard"
At last, he added, "I don’t think it’s like something that can come out of your mouth."
They have been growing up together for so many years, and dik thinks that if he doesn’t know this woman very well, he will get nine points!
If I let her go, david cut himself with a knife. He thinks it’s possible! Now that david is so badly hurt, instead of being with him, she apologizes to him? !
He thinks it’s incredible and unreasonable!
Almost without thinking of him, he guessed her purpose of coming here.
Thought of here, his mouth flashed a bitter.
She really loves david, otherwise she would like to come here because she hates herself?
He said that Alice couldn’t pretend at all. "Oh, you and I want to come over …"
She almost blurted out on impulse, but luckily she stopped!
However, dik took her unfinished words and continued, "Isn’t it forced by your father or david?"
He was right. She was embarrassed.
Dik said in silence, "Alice, when can you treat me like david?"
The woman beside me turned her head and looked at his sentence "impossible!" After seeing his sincere eyes, he didn’t say it after all.
He is not like you.
It’s bitter to hear dik chuckle. "It’s different. Your position in your heart is different."
She didn’t hesitate. david shot and wounded him, but never killed him. He shot like david. That’s the difference!
Alice thinks that dik speaks strangely today, and the whole person feels strange, which makes her feel unaccustomed and uncomfortable!
She didn’t want to sit with him like this again, so she came straight to the point and said, "I just came to tell you that david and I were the ones who shot you. You can’t threaten him with this!"
Smell speech dik sneer at "with him? Who in country Y doesn’t know that you don’t need me to say it? Naturally, someone will help me! Threats? Now I don’t need threats at all in his situation! "
“dik!” Alice got angry and stood in front of him. "Can you compete with david?" Stop dreaming and stop trying! "
Dik you’re welcome to ask "hard work? ! Since you think it means you have to make this trip again today? ! If you can’t argue, you have to try to know! "