It was a night of entertainment. At the beginning, the president and vice president of the Student Union were really idle.

I took something to say hello to Pearl Krabs. I didn’t go home for dinner. I went out and took a bus directly to the coffee shop in the usual old place on the pedestrian street
Vivi has been waiting there without saying anything, dragging me to pick out clothes.
Vivi Weiting AG store is not cheap.
My belly has been a little prominent for two and a half months, and my small belly is getting more and more prominent. This kind of waist-trimming ceremony can’t be worn naturally.
Finally, Vivi insisted that I change a one-shoulder suspender dress, because the waist position is relatively high, although the small belly is obvious, it is not very obvious
The effect of wearing is not bad.
Vivi dragged me to put on a simple nude makeup again to be finished. When everything is done, it is already 5: 10.
It takes half an hour from here to Shengshi Washington, and I’m afraid I’ll be late for Shengshi Washington.
"It’s important for you to be late if you are late slowly." I think Vivi’s speed is a little fast and I can’t help waking her up.
Vivi hey hey smile speed is to keep the traffic rules allow speed.
I always feel that something is wrong with this girl today when I look at her with fear and excitement.
"You’re a little overexcited today."
"Really?" She hey hey smile again also don’t deny that "will see when the abundant god handsome comparable to the sun, the moon and the stars, president of the adult can not excited …"
I must have looked at her for a long time before I remembered that she used to be the so-called rich and handsome girl who was more attractive than the president of the sun, the moon and the stars.
What’s the name of the so-called president of the sun, the moon and the stars? I forgot for a moment.
As far as I’m concerned, when I want to remember, my little fan sister opens her mouth to wake up "White Dusk"
"The original surname is Bai" I sigh.
Fang Miaomiao gave me a white look when he heard this, and he didn’t good the spirit and said, "Somehow you are still the double high flyers of S University management and design, or those who had the best grades at the beginning, and they didn’t even know that the man of the hour was the president’s adult who had always kept the first place."
Okay, I admit I’m a little low, but I really didn’t care about him at the beginning
What did I do? I can’t extricate myself from wandering and part-time jobs.
It’s probably like this. I thought of something bad. I came to Vivi to live, and now I’m in the parking lot of Shengshi Washington
The dinner party on the second floor directly behind the car has already started.
There are quite a few people, but it seems that they have just started eating.
I was taken by Vivi, and someone saw me as soon as I entered the door. I really remembered when I saw people passing by.
At present, this man who looks really elegant and wears leisure suit is the president who Vivi never forgets.
"Hey, President of the elder brother" Fang Miaomiao immediately smiled before opening his mouth.
I shook a pair of Fang Miaomiao to see the expression of the little girl in the white sunset, and I was so happy with this shameless girl.
"Vivi Mo Xuemei"
Section 4
"Long time no see, Senior Bai"
I reached out and shook hands with him for a while, calling us to go to the table where he sat.
I’m surprised that we’re late, my Lord, who has always been the most popular president of Baiyu Sunset!
It’s still next to him. It’s a little weird
And Fang Miao Miao is next to the white sunset, and the two look quite harmonious.
It’s amazing to be able to do this after several years.
I sit next to me and eat a little with chopsticks, but no matter who is next to me for several years, I’m not in the same class. I really don’t recognize anyone except Baiyu Sunset.
I still have a little impression of white sunset because of this guy Vivi.
The two men chatted happily. I saw Vivi’s eyes, which almost sparkled with stars, and my heart smiled.
约茶At that time, the little girl is still a little girl today, and the little girl’s mind is even more complicated.
I don’t know what white dusk is!
This meal is very dull. In the past, it was followed by playing on the fifth floor. The fifth floor is a good place to drink, sing, dance and so on.
I was dragged by Vivi in flat shoes.
I just walked to the door and the door opened.
Several people wanted to rush in, but I looked at the inside of the ladder and suddenly froze.
The ladder reached one of the two men with his hand in his trouser pocket, and his expression was indifferent. At this time, his eyes were fixed and he looked at me.
I haven’t said "Wei Xuechang …" before I was delighted with the white sunset next to me.
I leng leng, others leng leng.
Has always been quietly elegant and noble white dusk would be so embarrassing to Wei … Very kind and with a little admiration.