"You still mouth shut" Mo Xun was angry again.

"Sooner or later, I will make you pay. I will watch your pain at the top. I will laugh and watch each of you cry."
I turned and ran out, throwing the cheque in my hand.
Section 13
Today, Qiao Xue and Mo Shuhua are cynical. Ten years ago, Qiao Xue designed Mo Xun to divorce my mother and his things.
I will get it back, even if all my dignity and self-esteem are trampled clean at this moment.
At this moment, I look at the strange eyes of busy people in front of me.
I feel that I have been abandoned by the world and have no place for me.
The condition of agreeing to Wei Qingkui is so correct at the moment. I took out my mobile phone in my bag and dialed Wei Qingkui step by step.
"Come and pick me up"
I controlled my voice not to choke. If a drop of blood fell down my cheek, the other end of the guard hung up lightly.
I shook my hands and felt burning and painful. It was a little gray but there was no rain.
I have always felt that even if my life is miserable, it will not be as miserable as it is in the TV play.
But just now, there will be a scene in that kind of TV play, and I actually happened …
"Ha ha …"
I looked up and tried to put back my tears, but they still flowed down my cheeks.
I, I will cry when the road collapses, but when the breeze blows, I don’t make a sound except tears that flow uncontrollably.
Tears blurred, people came and went in the street, and someone hit me.
I staggered and blurred my eyes and saw a tall and straight figure coming in front of me.
Wearing a black suit, I can’t see clearly but I am familiar with it.
I don’t know why I feel that it’s Wei Qingkui.
At this moment, I seemed to find something in my heart. I quickly went over and grabbed his arm accurately.
"Wei Qing, please take me away."
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Being taken away by Wei Qingxiang, he didn’t say a word, but he put his arm around me.
The expensive Silbert sports car was blocked all the way until it stopped.
I feel so tired that I just fell asleep against his bosom.
I was carried into the house by Wei Qing, only to find that this is a very large ancient building courtyard.
The courtyard is independent of a hill, and the entrance gates are all very classical, with wooden houses, gardens, small bridges and flowing water.
He held me in the hall, and there were two rows of people on the left and right sides. When they saw Wei Qingkui, they bent down and saluted and shouted, "Young master and little wife are good."
Wei Qingyi didn’t care to put me on a soft couch.
"Does it hurt?" His face is ugly, but his voice is surprisingly gentle
I shook my head and squinted "thank you"
"Go get Dr. Fu."
"Master has gone to shout," one of them said respectfully.
I turned my head a little surprised and looked at those who quit and those who were waiting.
What kind of person is Wei Qingkui? He has hired so many servants and looks like an old rich man in ancient times.
Who cares? It’s none of my business
I closed my eyes and my heart was too tired to say another word.
In a daze, my cheeks suddenly stung. I took a gasp and opened my eyes to avoid it.
A palm pressed against my forehead, who frowned slightly and said, "Deal with the wound first."
The process of treating the wound is very painful because Dr. Fu is a man and he is helping me fix my cheek.
Wei Qing’s eyes stared at me closely, which made me nervous.
"What’s the matter?"
"…" He didn’t answer. He suddenly bent down and picked me up from the soft couch and went straight away.
After turning the seventh corner, a door stopped, pushed the door open and put me in a big bed in Zhang Kuan.
I got up and he turned and went out.
There is a floor mirror next to my back and thighs.
I got up and walked over and looked at myself in the mirror.
The face wound is a little yellow and the clothes are a little messy, but the whole person feels miserable.
This is not like a miserable sister Lin, but like a crazy woman on the side of the road.
Ah …
I couldn’t help but crack my mouth and laugh, but I was involved in the cheek wound, and I was so painful that I was pumping air.
Section 14
"Go back to bed" and come behind to defend the light tone.
I went back to bed and just got laid, and he came and untied my clothes.
This scared me to grab his hand. "What are you doing?"
In the clear sky, men and women give and receive, and even worse, undress.
"Your wound needs to be treated." His wooden face and his different color eyes seemed to show that I was no different from porcelain tables and chairs in front of him.
It’s also the president of the open and balanced group. It’s not right for a pregnant woman who has just been beaten all over and is still pregnant.
My clothes were untied, but he had to strip them off. Finally, I was left with a pair of pants.
Lying on a soft bed, applying cold medicine to the wound is covered with bruises because of clothes.
I’m bored, but I’m a little sad from it
A person I have only known for a short time can give me medicine so carefully, but my own father can be so cruel.
At this time, I may be touched by being trampled by my relatives and being taken care of, and I suddenly feel at ease.
After taking the medicine, I lay in bed and slept.
President Wei Qingshen probably has a lot of things to do, and it is impossible to consume me as a woman who is not very important.
I didn’t see him come back until nightfall. Pearl Krabs came to wait for me to get up and brought clean clothes to help me take a bath.