Ye Xiangyuan nodded. "Well, there must be."

Say that finish smile at me.
Gu Changning said, "She is still a little clever."
After listening to it, it doesn’t look like praise, but it looks like ridicule in disguise.
I pursed my lips in embarrassment.
Then I felt Ye Xiangyuan scratching my palm.
As soon as my face gets hot,
Gu Changyu gently coughed, "Ayuan, when you come back, should you give me lessons sometimes?"
Ye Xiangyuan explained it last night, so I didn’t think much.
But I saw that Gu Changning’s face became ugly, but in the end he frowned and said nothing.
Ye Xiangyuan smile "well"
Gu Changyu’s lip angle is curved with a beautiful radian.
I consciously went to see Lu Xun. His expression was so dull that I couldn’t see anything unusual.
Everyone didn’t leave immediately after dinner.
Zhou Yi went to give my eldest sister-in-law a routine check-up. I thought about it and pulled Ye Xiangyuan back to my room.
Behind the door, the leaves lean far away from the door and gently hook the corners of the mouth.
I can’t see that he teased seriously, "I want to discuss something with you."
He leaned slightly and made a listening gesture, "Well, you say it."
I said, "Xiaojin has to continue kindergarten. I don’t think Qinyuan is safe."
Section 99
Ye Xiangyuan seems to be a little surprised, and then he laughs and his eyebrows are very gentle. "What do you mean?"
I feel a little shy to avoid his sight. "I don’t know much about these things …"
Ye Xiangyuan thoughtfully for a moment, "I will arrange to pick him up, his homework will be heavier, and I have to make my wife worry."
When I heard the word’ wife’, I felt as if my whole face was on fire.
I gently um "I am white"
The descendants of Ye’s family are burdened with a blood feud, and Xiao Jin must bear his responsibility.
In addition to being an ordinary child, he goes to kindergarten to get in touch with the normal world of children, and he also has to receive various trainings.
As far as I know, besides firearms and fighting, psychological trials are compulsory courses for Xiao Jin every day.
I can’t judge whether this life is good or not, but this is Xiaojin’s life.
Ye Xiangyuan clenched my hand and took me into his arms. "Sometimes the more I love him, the more I hurt him."
I put my head on his shoulder for a long time and gave a gentle sigh.
The atmosphere was just outside when suddenly there was a knock at the door.
I was startled and hurried to open the door.
Zhou Yi smiled at the door and said, "Sister-in-law woke up and asked you to go there."
I was overjoyed and Ye Xiangyuan glances also saw the joy of his eyes.
Sister-in-law lay weakly in bed and smiled at us when she saw us coming in.
I hurried over and asked in a low voice, "How does Sister-in-law feel? Does the wound still hurt?"
She shook her head and smiled at me again.
Then his eyes turned to Ye Xiangyuan. "Just … running back … is everything okay in the army?"
The sound is intermittent and particularly difficult.
I couldn’t help clench her hand.
Ye Xiangyuan said softly, "Don’t worry, everything is going well, sister-in-law. You just have to take a good rest."
Sister-in-law Ye Xiangyuan’s plan for so many years should be informed. She must be worried about Ye Xiangyuan’s departure this time.
I quickly followed Ye Xiangyuan’s words and said, "Yes, Sister-in-law, it’s the most important thing that you don’t want to take good care of yourself. Besides, aren’t you worried about Ayuan?"
Sister-in-law sighed gently.
I am depressed. "Sister-in-law was injured only to save me … I will be particularly sorry if she doesn’t have a good rest …"
Sister-in-law patted me on the back. "Silly girl, in that situation at that time … if it were you … you would choose to save people just like me."
At that time, Li Yu pointed a gun at my heart. If there was no sister-in-law, I guess I would have died long ago.
I choked up and said, "I don’t care. Anyway, eldest sister-in-law should cherish herself …"
Sister-in-law smiled naively at Ye Xiang, "Don’t coax your wife."
Ye Xiangyuan put his generous palm on my shoulder and smiled in a low voice. "That eldest sister-in-law will get better soon and she will cry every day."
桑拿论坛Sister-in-law was teased and coughed.
I was busy patting her back.
After resting for a while, the eldest sister-in-law said, "I called you here to say … this is a good opportunity …"