She doesn’t even know why. Shy is a strange word, but she just feels shy at the moment.

And she just doesn’t think it’s a good idea!
Especially unwilling to show him herself, but she doesn’t want him to be unhappy.
How contradictory!
Nan Chen’s eyes are dark and her throat is slipping unconsciously. Is this definitely to seduce him? What’s the trick of this little thing? Good. He’ll make her regret her childish behavior at the moment!
He breathed heavily in the air for a long time, but I didn’t hear his voice
Raised his little face and glanced at him quietly and found that his face was not as happy as he said.
Little face can’t help but be more wronged. "You lie! You don’t look happy at all "and it seems very painful! Is she ugly? So he saw himself in pain?
品茶论坛Nan Chen took a cold breath at night. Oh, damn it, little thing!
This deer-like blur is absolutely fatal to him.
"I didn’t lie to you!" He answered!
"But you didn’t laugh!" Not laughing means unhappy! Kexin is so recognized!
"Want me to laugh?"
"yeah!" She thinks he looks good when he smiles! And she loves it.
"Climb up to me!"
"Ah?" Ke Xin stare at a small mouth and grow into a cute O-shape.
"Cross your legs and sit by me …" Nan Chen night continued to abduct.
"Don’t you want me to laugh? Then listen to me! "
"Oh, all right!" Kexin should be ashamed to cover the place where he felt very shy and slowly sat down according to his instructions. Of course, he never dared to look at his eyes.
"Very good!" The dark eyes of Nanchen night can almost ignite a fire.
"Don’t hide here, you are beautiful!" Pull her little white arm, and his hot eyes stare at her beautiful body.
Kexin was even more shy when he looked at her little face like this. She was flustered and didn’t know that she felt ashamed to be optimistic about him! And bare body ma sense.
Reach out and cover his eyes, pouting and blushing, "Don’t look!"
"Ha ha!" Nan Chen chuckled at night and loved her little appearance at the moment. "What’s not allowed for me?"
"I … I feel so ashamed of my face …" Kexin told him what she thought and she felt that those places could not be seen!
"It’s normal for a baby to be looked at by his own man …" Nan Chen replied seriously without breaking her hand to block her sight. He likes her game! I am more willing to cooperate with her, but in the end, he will definitely not spare her easily. Tonight, she will wait for mercy and say no!
"Really?" But it is true that she prefers that he doesn’t like it!
"Of course!"
"Still don’t!" I want to open my hand, but she still feels awkward. Oh, I still feel shy!
"Then don’t look!" Nanchen night sinks.
"Are you angry?" Judging from his tone, he felt angry.
Kexin felt that she had done something wrong again. She looked at the eyes as if they were small animals about to be abandoned. "Do you hate me again?"
"Then why do you hate me?" She wants to know why!
"Because you don’t show it to your man!"
"Then you won’t hate me if I show you?"
"yes! Not only do I not hate you, I will like you! "
"Really?" Listen to him and you will like yourself? Kexin is a little happy and expecting.