"What? Qiu Chuji is dead? I don’t believe it! " Zhou Botong suddenly rushed over and grabbed Ling Feiyang by the collar and asked, "What’s going on? Tell me quickly!"

Zhou Botong was trapped in the island of Huang Yaoshi for more than ten years. Ling Feiyang knew everything about the outside world, so he picked up some important events and told him. Although Zhou Botong was stubborn, he was not confused. He temporarily restrained his playfulness and listened carefully to Ling Feiyang’s story.
喝茶约茶  title="If this hateful Huang Laoxie hadn’t trapped me here, my disciples and grandchildren wouldn’t have suffered so much injustice!" Zhou Botong suddenly put the resentment in his heart on Huang Yaoshi and shouted at the top of his voice, "Huang Laoxie, you little puss-head, get out of here! I want to find you desperately!"
Zhou Botong’s superb gas-filled cry shocked Ling Feiyang’s ears to numb, but there was still no movement after calling for more than a dozen peach blossoms in succession.
Zhou Botong was so tired that he sat down and said nothing. Ling Feiyang also sat next to him and comforted him. "I will definitely take you out of this peach blossom array after dawn!"
"With these stones, you can get out of the peach blossom array?" Zhou Botong asked with disbelief.
"You don’t understand that this is called’ left-handed rule’ plus’ stone positioning * *’. If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet!" Ling Feiyang pointed to the four words and said, "If I can’t walk out of this peach blossom array, I will yell these four words ten times, but if I can walk out, you should yell ten times!"
Ling Feiyang had long known that Zhou Botong’s playful personality had made a bet with him. Zhou Botong rolled his eyes a few times and then clapped his hands and shouted, "Good, good, then we have a deal that whoever loses is an idiot!"
"Don’t you ever pick up all my marked stones again!" Ling Feiyang has guessed his mind from Zhou Botong’s expression.
"Okay, okay, then I won’t play this bet!" Zhou Botong’s trick was exposed, but he didn’t want to admit that he was a fool, so he pursed his mouth like a child who did something wrong.
Ling Feiyang bent down to pick up the small stones one by one. Zhou Botong also leaned in to help him pick up the stones and said, "I have been trapped by this peach blossom array for more than ten years. If you can take me away, I can promise you anything you want!"
Zhou Botong’s words were really early when Ling Feiyang calculated that Ling Feiyang’s face was motionless and said, "You are my granduncle. Should I help you and how dare I learn martial arts from you?"
"You said you were embarrassed. You must be thinking about letting me teach you martial arts!" Zhou Botong said, "I can’t leave until tomorrow. I’ll teach you some martial arts tonight!"
At this time, it was already a month when Zhou Botong went to the peach blossom bushes and the moonlight began to punch. This fist did not carry any wind, but it seemed to be weak on the surface, but it was just a trick to avoid the heavy weight. It was Zhou Botong’s 72-way "boxing" that created martial arts.
"This fist is a soft fist, but the top martial arts in this day can’t be learned overnight. Guo Jing also learned the essence of this fist for more than a month …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Zhou Botong, but he had already finished a set of fists.
"Remember?" Zhou Botong asked ling Feiyang.
"Of course I can’t remember you playing so fast …" Ling Feiyang said naively. "It’s good that I can learn two or three of your seventy-two tricks one night …"
"That how to do! What should I do! " Zhou Botong seems to be more anxious than Ling Feiyang. After a while, he suddenly said, "I’ll teach you these boxing moves when I have a chance. Today I’ll teach you a quick practice first!"
Ling Feiyang was overjoyed and quickly said, "Thank you, granduncle!"
Zhou Botong went on to say, "My fist moves really depend on sixteen words, namely, mind formula, loose mouth, wind and dream, rushing to the poor and making tricks, and tong Yong’s bow worm. The most basic of these sixteen words is this word!"
Zhou Botong suddenly stretched out his right palm and said, "Give me a push and I’ll try your kung fu!"
Ling Feiyang stretched out his palm in accordance with the words, Zhou Botong’s right palm offset, and then coagulated his strength, but his arm just arrived in Zhou Botong and suddenly disappeared.
"Shen Shen demonstrated strength!" Zhou Botong was very dissatisfied with Ling Feiyang’s strength. Ling Feiyang also knew that his own strength could not hurt him, so he poured into Zhou Botong with authentic real strength.
"How small you are, you must have surpassed Liu Chuxuan’s deserved strength, and Tan Chuduan is not lost to Wang Chuyi." Ling Fei Yang Li kept coming to Zhou Botong, but Zhou Botong still kept talking. It seems that Ling Feiyang’s palm was deformed without any effort.
Suddenly Zhou Botong will arm a shrink ling float in the sky to detain unstable straight forward!
Zhou Botong grabbed Ling Feiyang’s arm and stopped him. Then he said, "See clearly that this is the essence of the word” tactic. If you lack it, it will not harm you. If you can’t rush it, you need to transport it to the moves, and you will get unexpected results."
After more than an hour, Zhou Botong explained the key points of the word ""to Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang felt that he benefited a lot, and then he thought that some martial arts in the True Religion, the Ancient Tombs School and the Jiuyin Zhenjing were very good. It seems that the trick of "Kang Long has regrets" can make this skill change subtly, so that he can use his strength to defeat the enemy.
At this time, it was already late at night, but it was natural for Zhou Botong to meet a person with so many talents. He was very excited and said, "I have taught you for so long, now you can play a game with me!"
"What game?" Ling Feiyang asked
"The Four Kingdoms War!" Zhou Botong said cheerfully.
Chapter 9 Hands fighting each other
"The four kingdoms war? Isn’t that just fighting with your hands? " Ling Feiyang has long wanted to ask Zhou Botong for this kung fu, but Zhou Botong has taken the initiative to come out because of his fun.
"My left hand is one person’s right hand is one person’s, and your hands are two people and four people’s melee. It must be very interesting for no one to help anyone! You are optimistic, I will show you one first! " Zhou Botong said that it was true to hit the right hand with a palm, and the left hand opened it and punched it, but it was his own fist moves.
Zhou Botong hands pushing left and right to defend himself and his playing is very fierce. Ling Feiyang looked at his heart and admired him.
"You won’t be distracted yet. Let’s play the Three Kingdoms War first!" Zhou Botong said with a clap of his left hand to Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang hurriedly also tried his best to parry. However, Ling Feiyang’s hands still beat Zhou Botong’s first-hand view of being forced to resist Zhou Botong’s right hand, but after several moves, Zhou Botong’s left hand gradually became overwhelmed, and his right hand, in turn, helped to repel Ling Feiyang’s offensive so repeatedly that Wei, Shu and Wu fought for a long time before stopping to rest.
"Have fun! I’ll teach you distraction! " Zhou Botong picked up two branches from the ground and handed them to Ling Feiyang.
"I have to practice drawing circles with my left hand and my right hand first, right?" Ling Feiyang asked
"Cong!" Zhou Botong praised.
Ling Feiyang squatted down to try to converge his mind and tried to draw different shapes with his hands. However, after trying many times, it was not the same party, the same circle, or the square was not square, and the circle was not round, so there was no possibility of success.
Physiologically speaking, the so-called multi-tasking means that the frontal lobe of the human brain assigns different things through nerve fibers, which should be an innate function of human beings, just like computer multi-process processing system. However, as the baby grows up, the cerebral cortex enables people to pay more attention to the most important secondary trigger conditions, which leads to the gradual degradation of multi-tasking. As the social environment becomes more and more complicated, most people have disappeared, not to mention multi-tasking, even if they are single-minded, they can almost do it.
However, a few people in this world have retained the skill of "one mind and two minds". For example, in the original work, Zhou Botong, Guo Jing and Little Dragon Girl have one common feature, that is, their nature is pure and their mind is distracted.
Ling Feiyang’s nature is not simple at all, and there are countless distractions in his heart, especially for women. In the eyes of ancient people, it can be said that sin is unforgivable
"It seems that I can’t even take the first step. Is it my fate to fight with my hands?" Ling Feiyang looked at all kinds of irregular graphics on the ground and gradually became disheartened.
"Even if you can’t learn such a simple thing, you don’t want to admit that you are an idiot!" Zhou Botong also gradually lost patience with him but didn’t know that Ling Feiyang couldn’t learn this technology precisely because he was not an idiot.
It was already late at night, when Zhou Botong couldn’t play into the Four Kingdoms War, and suddenly he fell asleep on the lawn. Ling Feiyang was still unwilling to continue practicing with branches in both hands, but he felt a sense of drowsiness and gradually lost his mind.
Ling Feiyang seems to see two gentle and graceful beauties coming up to him. One is Han Xiaoying, and the other is Bing Xin Ling Feiyang. She can’t help but stretch out her hands and hold Han Xiaoying’s shoulders with her left hand and hug Bing Xin’s waist with her right hand. However, both hands haven’t touched the beauty body yet, but the two beauties suddenly disappear in a flash.
"It turned out to be a dream … I can’t see you again until Xiao Ying Bing Xin doesn’t know …" Ling Feiyang’s heart was so missing that he found himself with his hands still holding the branches, so he absently wrote the words.
"Xiao Ying, Bing Xin" Ling Feiyang finished writing these four words and fell asleep completely.
"wake up, wake up!" Ling Feiyang was awakened by Zhou Botong at first light the next day.
"When did you write these four words?" Zhou Botong pointed to the writing and asked Ling Feiyang eagerly.
Ling float in the sky to some sleepy but see these four words immediately wake up!
"Before I went to sleep, I actually wrote two different words in both hands at the same time!" Ling Feiyang thought, "This difficulty is much higher than’ drawing a square with left hand and drawing a circle with right hand’! Can I have one heart and two minds? "
Ling Feiyang immediately picked up the two branches from the ground and squatted down to draw squares with his left hand and circles with his right hand. However, it was counterproductive. He finally drew two irregular shapes.
"Still can’t? So what happened last night before going to bed? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is a mystery, so I don’t think about this problem for the time being, but my heart still has some hope for this matter.
"It seems that you didn’t write it at the same time, and I learned to be single-minded?" Zhou Botong was very disappointed and immediately asked, "These four words seem to be the names of two women. Are they your lovers?"
"Should be …" Ling float in the sky is not hiding.
"Why do you want so many women? I have a headache …" Zhou Botong said with a sigh and seemed to think of Liu Guifei of Dali.
"Do you miss women too, granduncle?" Ling Feiyang jokingly asked
"Women are really annoying. I have offended my friends, offended my senior, and lost my virginity, so I can’t practice my magic … although I don’t want to marry her, I can’t forget her, and I don’t know whether she is well now … Women are even more shameful. It’s a big deal to teach her to touch acupuncture points and let her touch acupuncture points all over your body … On the whole, I advise you not to mess with women …" Zhou Botong, a woman, immediately talked endlessly without a preface.
Ling Feiyang didn’t have the patience to listen to him say these * * affairs with another idea in his heart.
"I have copied the book of Jiuyin Zhenjing from Chen Xuanfeng’s skin for a long time, but it is part of the book in the stone chamber of the tomb of the living dead, and there is still a lack of a Sanskrit writing outline. According to the plot, Jiuyin Zhenjing should be here in Zhou Botong. If I can extract this part of the scripture that has not yet been reached, I can no longer be restricted in practicing the book!"
"As early as Wang Zhongyang’s deathbed, he ordered all his true brothers not to practice martial arts in the Nine-Yin True Sutra, and I was really taught three generations of brothers, Zhou Botong, who had always been obedient to his brother. It was definitely impossible to lend me this Sutra …"