Allen pouted or nodded.

"I listen to mommy."
The two ladies in the house hurried after them.
Mrs. Qi looked at Allen and then at Lin Ya and asked, "Yaya, do you think the children should come with me today?"
Lin Ya frowned and bent down to ask Allen for advice. "Does Grandma Qi let you go to her house to play?"
品茶论坛But the little blurt asked, "Is Mommy going?"
Lin Ya’s face was embarrassed. "Mommy doesn’t go, Mommy has work to do."
Allen shook his little head. "Since Mommy won’t go, Allen won’t go either."
His wife a listen to panic "don’t ah Allen grandma at home to prepare a lot of toys for you! You live with grandma for one day. "
As he spoke, he was going to pull Allen’s arm, but the little one said, "I don’t want it!"
Then quickly flash to hide behind Lin Ya.
Mrs. Qi looked at Lin Ya somewhat naively. "Yaya, what can I do?"
My own grandson refused to go back with her, which is really killing me!
Mrs. Mu said airily, "Since the child doesn’t like it, forget it."
Wu Meifang was unhappy when she heard it. "What do you mean, forget it? I’ve been preparing for so long. Forget it every time! Besides, he will have to come home with me sooner or later! "
Allen hide behind Lin Ya dark and liquid to see looking at the two men you sentence her sentence.
Hold Lin Ya’s leg tightly and say, "I’ll go wherever Mommy goes."
Wu Meifang begged her eyes to look at Lin Ya when she heard this. "Ya Ya or …"
Before she finished mu lady sink a face, "don’t even think about it! My daughter-in-law ran to your house. This is nothing! "
If this is a big article for the intentional media, her son will face it! Where does she want to put her fake face?
"Yaya ~" Mrs. Qi ignored her and begged Lin Ya.
Luo Linyu directly reached out and grabbed Lin Ya’s arm. "Come back with me!"
"Yaya!" Wu Meifang also grabbed Lin Ya’s other arm.
"Stop arguing!" Lin Ya shouted a little, and then looked at the ground. Allen said, "Mommy will take you to Grandma Qi’s house. You can stay for a while. If you want to stay, we can go back to Grandma Mu’s house together, okay?"
Mrs. Qi was happy when she heard this. "That’s a good idea!"
Luo Linyu is really reluctant, but Lin Ya has already opened her mouth and she can’t help it.
"Then I will accompany you!"
In case of being photographed, at least the media with her will not dare to make it up too much.
Forty minutes later.
Several people rushed to Qijia Mansion, where Mrs Qi made people make tea, and then led Allen to his room to see toys.
There is a pile of toys in the house, and almost all kinds of limited toys are collected! It can be seen that this time Chyi Yu has made great efforts to please here!
Obviously, his move was effective. Allen was quickly attracted by those toys.
Lin Ya, watching him play happily, feels that he should not want to go back with himself today.
Mrs Qi and Mrs Mu accompanied him in the toy room.
Linya came out of the stairs and found Chyi Yu’s house.
I looked up and saw the man coming out of the room.
She is no stranger to Qijia. In the early years, before Chyi Yu moved those crooked thoughts to her, she often came and went.
Later, Mrs. Qi went to kiss Tang Yuanshan before she gradually alienated Chyi Yu.
The man obviously saw her, too, and came towards her with a smile.
Lin Ya casually asked, "Didn’t you go to the company today?"
"I just got back from talking with a few guests."
Lin Ya listened to the light and said "Oh"
Section 13
Then I heard Chyi Yu say, "Do you mind coming to my room?"
Lin Ya said with a shrug "Good"
She followed him to step in, lifted her eyes and glanced at the room, which was no different from before.
The cabinet is still standing against the wall, and even the table is still the same.
Seeing these reminds her of the time when she was a child.
Chyi Yu went over and picked up a photo frame of the table.
Asked, "Remember this?"
Lin Ya’s low eyes saw a girl in a white dress sitting in a dark brown wooden photo frame and looking down at one
When was that yourself? It’s been so long that she can’t remember.
She couldn’t help bending her mouth when her fingers brushed the photo.
Seeing this photo reminds her of a lot of the past.
It seems that her fate began to change from that year. In that year, Tang Yuanshan married Zhang Meili and brought Tang Ying. In that year, her family moved from J City to Kyoto.
Chyi Yu put the photo frame like a memory, and it seemed to be intentional. "That was the first time I saw Tang Wan beautiful and refined, which made me fall in love at first sight."
Hearing this, Lin Ya rolled her eyes. "It’s not love at first sight, it’s a big heart!"
In the second year, he urged his mother to kiss!
How old was she when I went? Underage! What about him? It seems that ten years old is still a few months away!
Chyi Yu listened and smiled. "Well, she said she was going to sue me for child molestation! Do you remember? "