My wife is also welcome to come to me in high heels, and then her beautiful eyes are not good at staring at Zhao Siying. "What do you want to talk about when you come to our husband and wife?"

I sat down, but my wife was still there. I pulled her, and she was willing to sit down. Even if she sat down, her wife was still staring at Zhao Siying.
桑拿It doesn’t matter how angry my wife is if she doesn’t set a trap for me to cheat. Anyway, this anger is not about fighting for who I love.
"Girl you go upstairs first" Zhao Siying rushed YuQingXue commanded.
My little girl is reluctant, but this time she is very obedient and pursed her mouth and went upstairs.
"Miss Zhao, you need a solution from our husband and wife …"
I was just about to question Zhao Siying. I didn’t expect my wife to simply grab the coffee table cup and throw it at Zhao Siying’s face. Fortunately, this is clean water and not hot, otherwise Zhao Siying will be disfigured.
Zhao Siying closed her eyes and smoked her cheek muscles. Obviously, she was angry, but she suppressed her anger and smoked tissue to clean the water stains on her face. However, a lot of water in the neckline didn’t come to clean it, and it flowed into her neckline. My clothes were wet and my eyes were straight.
I was worried about her jealousy around my wife. I peeked at her carefully and found that her attention was full of Zhao Si. Only then did I feel at ease and continue to appreciate the beauty in spring.
"Zhao Siying, why do you want to leave our marital relationship? If you don’t give me an explanation today, don’t blame me for being rude to you."
It’s the first time I’ve seen my wife so angry.
Zhao Siying’s face is also dark and blunt, and his wife tries to reckon, "I’m sorry that I specially invited you here today just to apologize. I’m also entrusted by my friends. I hope Miss Su won’t get angry."
"I’m Mrs. Sun, not miss."
"I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. I know you hate me for setting up a trap away from your husband and wife, but I mean it for the best."
"A kindness?" I can’t help but sneer at "what good intentions can a husband and wife leave others"
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look. "The person who asked me to do this is my good friend. She told me something. As far as I know, Mr. Sun, you don’t seem to believe your wife."
"What do you mean?" I frowned.
Zhao Siying gave me a slightly meaningful look and then looked at his wife and asked, "Mrs. Sun, do you dare to say that your husband and wife have no problems recently?"
"We …" My wife looked at me in an awkward way. I glared at Zhao Siying with a black face. "What are you trying to say?"
Zhao Siying smiled slightly smugly. "I won’t beat around the bush when the person who commissioned me to set up the bureau told me something. Mr. Sun, why do you suspect that your wife is cheating? That person didn’t tell me, and I don’t want to get into it. But she wanted to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be misinterpreted and cheated. I cooperated to set up this bureau to test your loyalty to your wife on the one hand and to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be wronged on the other."
I frowned deeply. Who would be so idle as to interfere in our husband and wife’s private affairs and not tell Zhao Siying that it is not necessarily true? What if she is out again?
I quickly looked at my wife, who frowned deeply and seemed to think about the truth of her words.
Zhao Siying went on to say, "I know you doubt whether what I said is true or not. I thought there would be a showdown before I did anything, so I signed an agreement with that man today. Although this agreement has no legal effect, it can hardly prove that everything I did was inspired by her and she really wanted your husband and wife to be happy."
Zhao Siying pulled the tea table drawer and took out a contract and handed it to me.
I took it and opened it with my wife. I found that it was a handwritten agreement, but Zhao Siying actually painted the name of the person at the signature.
"What are you doing? What are you going to do?"
I am angry and stare at Zhao Siying.
"I’m sorry, Miss Sun. I don’t want her to know that I betrayed her."
"Hum, I want to set up a chastity memorial arch after making a watch." My wife rudely hurt her by saying that I smiled awkwardly next to her, which was reasonable but too rough.
Zhao Siying didn’t get annoyed, but smiled faintly. "I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. We agreed early in the morning that we can’t get her out because she still wants to be friends with you."
"So this is someone around me. You didn’t draft this agreement, did you?"
"I didn’t write it"
"That’s good. I told you that this handwriting is so familiar. This nosy woman is a person around me. She is so familiar with my family’s affairs and her handwriting is so familiar …"
My wife was lost in thought, then she took out her mobile phone and opened some documents and photos. Some people signed them one by one. Before Li Jie’s signed photo, she stopped and sighed, "How could it be Li Jie?"
"Is it her?" I was shocked. How is that possible? Does she have a stomachache when she is full? I cann’t believe I have nothing to do to get involved in our husband and wife
"I didn’t expect Mrs. Sun to be so clever that I didn’t say anything." Zhao Siying immediately picked herself clean.
Section 9
I took a deep look at her and then at the agreement in my wife’s hand, and I felt something was wrong.
What, Zhao Siying suddenly asked my wife to explain so much, and did Li Jie really write this agreement? If she writes about what she wants to do, do we have to mind her own business?
My wife and I are so gullible. Why did we go there long ago? We just lied for our wife and lied to me. Besides, she is an unfaithful woman. She may want me to see if my wife and I have a harmonious relationship. A woman like her wants my wife to cheat and then mock me.
I think this agreement can be forged afterwards, so I can study Li Jie’s handwriting for me. I can imitate it for a long time. Will this be another game for Zhao Siying? But what is her purpose?
And …
All kinds of doubts are rising and wandering in my heart, which makes my head so big
The body of the Chapter 56 【 Li Daitao stiff 】
"Why did you suddenly choose to show your cards to us and say these things? Since you are entrusted, you should be loyal to people."
Although I appreciate Zhao Siying’s sudden honesty, I’m not sure how sincere she has shown. Now I’m going to analyze my doubts one by one and get answers from her.
Otherwise, we can’t say anything on the basis of this agreement, and maybe it will mislead us to find trouble with Li Jie.
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look and replied, "Lin Miaomiao informed me that she persuaded me to have a showdown with you."
"She?" I frowned.
"That’s right, Miss Sun doesn’t know if your wife told you that she wanted to play along. Lin Miaomiao played a good play in front of me and was teased around by you. I might as well confess and be lenient as soon as possible."
The wife sneered, "Yes, Lin Miaomiao did promise to act well in front of me. I didn’t expect to defect with you in an instant. How many benefits did you give her to make her so dead set on you?"
"The advantage is not that it was my daughter who helped her when she was in the most difficult time. She was grateful."
Zhao Siying’s words made me want to roll my eyes. What am I grateful for? It’s just holding someone’s bed and threatening them. Although it’s shameful for Lin Miaomiao to betray his wife, I don’t blame her for bowing to the mother and daughter when I was taken so desperately.
My wife snorted and was too lazy to talk nonsense with her. I continued to ask, "Well, I can believe that you listened to Lin Miaomiao’s persuasion and chose to abandon evil …"
Zhao Siying interrupted me and said, "Mr. Sun, I know you doubt my sincerity. Do you have this need? Your wife is very powerful, but I can’t play with her. I have to confess all this to her."
"Huh?" I was surprised and confused. I looked at my wife and whispered in my ear, "Remember my private investigator friend? He helped me find out that several of them were false accounts, tax evasion and hard evidence of tax evasion in Zhao Siying Company. If I publish these things, she will die. "
I looked at my wife in amazement. I never imagined that my wife had such a powerful help behind her back. How could she know such a powerful private investigator that she could even get fake accounts?
The mystery of my wife’s body deepened, which made me more and more incomprehensible.
"Teacher Sun, you can trust my sincerity now."