"Get up. I’m not leaving. I’m watching you from behind."

The sudden words behind me made me get up straight from the floor, and I didn’t hesitate to smoke my soul, as if I had returned to my body immediately.
Hugging her, my mouth choked: "Don’t go, really don’t go."
It turns out that parting scares me so much, and it makes me lose my mind.
Chapter 15 My Gift
Surprise is always disappointing, and the situation suddenly appears. It turns out that I hate leaving me so much and I am so hesitant.
I’m really afraid that Yan Jiaxin will leave my life one by one and my surroundings one by one just like them.
This city is my dream and my dream city. I want to make a fortune here, have friends here and have relatives and loved ones here.
She has a scent that I have never smelled before, as fresh as cloves. "You make me afraid to see you go straight. I am really afraid that you will leave my city one by one like them."
At the moment, I really rely on holding her like a child. I am used to loneliness, but I am not used to parting.
"I’m afraid that you’re walking on the left and I’m walking on the right. I’m afraid that if you go away, there will really be no one around me." I released my nature and said whatever I wanted to say.
"But I didn’t go far. The tree behind you looked at you, and you were so desperate and hesitant."
"I dare not gamble because I don’t want to watch you leave one by one and I can stay where I am."
She pushed me away and smiled. I’m sure it was so pure but so disturbing. "Do you know what? Will everyone leave?"
I shook my head and looked blank, which showed that I was not white. I wanted her to tell me what people would leave and why.
"Because everyone has found their own goals, I will go until the cause is truly stable. I should also go and live with my dreams and find a stable harbor. I don’t want him to be handsome or rich. I want him to give me the most personal help when I need help. I can rest assured that I can do my favorite thing. It is enough for people to love me like grandpa."
This is her dream and the reason why she left. For Yan Jiaxin, the origin is a sustenance from her grandfather. She wants to keep the origin real and intact, and watch it grow and grow like a child.
When it grows, it’s time for her to let go. She can exert great pressure to pursue her happiness and find her harbor.
As for me, can I find my own sustenance like her?
"Then what is your dream?" I finally asked her with confusion and curiosity.
"Love that purest, truest and most beloved is also my heart to feel the life perfusion."
She walked to the back, and I lit a cigarette with her and watched her walk. The back was so secure, and she walked step by step. It was so pedaling but it was very secure.
I don’t know where she will go at all, because I think if I follow her ahead, I won’t lose my way. Even if there is no light on this road and there is no flashing neon lights, I can naturally walk for money as in the daytime.
喝茶约茶The surrounding temperature is getting lower and lower, and the snow is falling slowly in this gloomy day. She stopped and held out her hand to pick up the falling snow. It was so quiet.
"It’s snowing." She looked up at the sky, and the snow was falling slowly on her face, which made me feel like I saw such a picture, and the purple lilac was like being covered with a white coat.
She turned to look at me and said, "Do you like snowy days?"
I nodded, "I like it because it happened to snow on the day I was born."
"Me, too," she said again, taking out her mobile phone. "It’s my birthday as soon as this night passes. I’m glad I can see snow every birthday."
She didn’t say anything. She walked on. The snow was not heavy yet. I followed Yan Jiaxin slowly to the place where I used to eat. She drove me to my residence.
"What gift do you want?" I asked her at my own door. She smiled and didn’t give me an accurate answer. After saying the word "casual", she walked towards the building.
I lay in my bed and thought about what gift to give her, but I didn’t have a definite idea because I didn’t know what to give to match this girl.
At twelve o’clock, I called Yan Jiaxin on my mobile phone, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she fell asleep. I wanted to give her a blessing first. It seems that I can wait.
After another hour, I still didn’t fall asleep. I took out my mobile phone and played with it for about half an hour. When I was bored, I put my mobile phone aside and thought about falling asleep again, but I still couldn’t sleep.
It’s already three o’clock in the morning, and I have no choice but to lie down, even if I get up at night to play games. I just sat up from the bed and got up, and I found that snowflakes were falling outside the window. I opened the window and watched the snowflakes falling slowly outside the window, and I smiled happily.
Looking at the layers of snow on the ground, I suddenly came up with inspiration.
With this inspiration, I opened the door directly and went to the building. The snow kept getting bigger and bigger, and my hand touched the ground. The snow was freezing cold.
I wanted to get a glove before I found out that I was wearing a pajamas key. I didn’t have any thoughts or hesitation in the original coat. After I got a good position, I started to get a base. After I finished the base, I grabbed a handful of snow from the ground and rubbed it for a while. Then I rolled it on the ground and put it on the base. This cycle was repeated.
At 6 o’clock in the morning, when I inserted those two branches into the snowman, I finally sighed with peace of mind. I reached out and rubbed it for a while, trying to rub my cold hand to rub it.
"Happy Birthday" I finally started talking to her, and at the same time I was running nose and shivering from time to time.
"Thank you. Why do you have a cold?" She seemed to hear something was wrong with me.
I don’t want to disturb her mood today because of this topic, just say "you open the window"
She sighed with doubt and soon opened the window. Looking at the window, her expression was surprised. I held back my trembling and put on a smiling face, pointing to the snowman next to her and shouted, "I hope you like this gift."
In order to write Yan Jiaxin better, I am a snowman, and she immediately pulled up the window after I shouted. I wondered what was going on, didn’t she like it?
I began to lose myself and stared at the snowy man next to me. I lamented and turned around to go to the building. At this moment, a sudden embrace hugged me directly.
"Thank you for the surprise. Thank you for the gift."
Chapter 16 Lao Lai and Ugly Girl
"Lei Hao, you know, I was really shocked when I opened the window. Looking at this snowman, I was so familiar and touched. I vaguely remember that when I was a child, my grandfather always accompanied me to build such a snowman on a snowy birthday. At that time, the snowman was my best friend in winter. Although he could not talk, I could change his expression by hand. I laughed at it and made faces at me. It could also make faces at me."
Yan Jiaxin held me tightly in her hands, and now my mood is driven by her words full of memories.
Her mouth is full of memories. "When I was a child, I had no friends. I was an ugly girl who studied hard. No one wanted to play with me or communicate with me. Everyone always looked at me with such disgust. I always had this idea: Did my parents abandon me because of my ugliness? The more I think about it, the more I feel inferior. I hate myself more and more. What could be such an ugly girl with such inferiority? I dare not look in the mirror and face the ugliness."
The more I talked, the more she choked and became more sad. I patted the girl on the back and comforted her in a silent way to listen to the girl.
Her words continued: "Fortunately, my grandfather didn’t abandon me because of my ugliness. He always told me that Xin Er is not ugly. Xin Er is a kind-hearted girl, just like a snowman, who smiles with the truest smile to make people warm. If a snowman smiles, it can warm people all winter, but Xin Er smiles all season."
She let me go and took the silver pendant from my neck. Inside it was a small photo of an old man, a little girl and a moderate snowman. The old man touched the child’s head and the little girl hugged the snowman with open hands. She was very happy.
"Every birthday in these years, I will take out this photo and look at it. I feel that Grandpa is with me next to me."
I nodded and said it was really hard for me to compare this ugly girl in the photo with Yan Jia Xin. One was that her teeth were not filled and her young face was so fat, while the other was so memorable and perfect.
She went to the snowman’s side, put a scarf around him, and found a row of decorations to dress him up.
Watching her busy, I didn’t stare blankly. I accompanied her to make it up. After making this snowman, she started to build it by herself.
Building this snowman is next to a snowman, one big and one small, just not alone.
During the whole process, she gave me the gloves because she said that she wanted to feel and make them physically and mentally. After the construction, her hands were as cold as mine. I grabbed her hands and wrapped them around her hands and rubbed them warmly.
"Name it," I said to her.
She nodded and replied, "That man wrote a" such as ".
After that, she went to the snowman and erased Yan Jiaxin’s three words before writing another word. I didn’t see what she wrote. I went to the snowman and wrote it by myself.
When we finished writing the same time, we got up and looked at each other’s names, and then we all burst out laughing.
She patted me and smiled from ear to ear. I didn’t expect us to have such a tacit understanding, and even the names were so wonderful.
"How did you come up with it?" She stopped smiling and asked me. She was not angry at my name, but she was very indifferent and happy.
I replied to her in this way: "I wrote it when I thought of it. Aren’t you too?"
"Well," she asked me again, "Will New Year come again?"
"Make a snowman again"