"Lu sorrow, can you stop being such a wet blanket?" Su Man released her crossly.

At this time, I heard that there was a crowd at Exit 5. It turned out that Shen Qiang had returned to China. Every time she returned to China, she made a high-profile meeting. Weibo praised her for coming to pick up the plane when she returned to China.
It’s just a way to win popularity, but Su Man disdains it.
No matter where she goes or comes back, she hates it. No one knows that even if there are fans coming, she will tell everyone that it is best not to come, not to give gifts, and to pay attention to safety.
夜网论坛Actually, she doesn’t like excitement, but she likes to be alone.
She also has difficulties in choosing the most restless career, Star.
Sue diffuse doesn’t even have a look out of the corner of her eye. Shen Qiang is worried about Lu and glanced at it in a hurry.
When she was an assistant to Shen Qiang, she knew that Shen Qiang looked like a queen when she liked this kind of day everyone would fly.
"Let’s go. There’s nothing to see." Su Man pushed his suitcase to leave.
Lu sorrow also helped push a follow to leave.
When they went outside, they saw the Bentley license plate number that Gu Nanqing often took. It was very easy to remember that the two Geely numbers were composed.
While Gu Nan leans in the back seat with high-quality and expensive windows half lowered to reveal his perfect side face like a knife.
It’s amazing at a glance
There are 345 places where the two people leave the car.
And the car Gu Nanqing also saw the sorrow of Lu and Su Man on both sides of the line of sight, each with its own mind
"Gu always hello" Lu sorrow greeted him.
Gu Na nodded his head as a response, but his eyes fell on Su Man’s face and he glanced at her lightly without speaking.
This is the first time they have met since they broke up in discord.
By this time, Shen Qiang had come out surrounded by her assistant and new agent. Her beautiful face was painted elegantly with burgundy sunglasses and her bright red lip was like a blooming rose.
When she walked to the front of Gu Nan’s Bentley, she swept the original place. Su Man and Lu You proudly raised her head and gently lifted it when they passed by, but they could hear the smug cold hum as if they were challenging Su Man, and they looked after Su Man to pick me up instead of you!
Gu Na inclined to see Shen Qiang coming after this just pushed open the door car.
He is tall, graceful and heroic, and his eyes are still full of peach blossoms.
Shen Qiang stretched out his snow-white arm before his brisk steps, smiling like a flower and holding Gu Nan’s arm. It looked extremely happy. "Thank you for coming to meet me, Nan."
"Should" Gu Na inclined her arm in arm with a handsome face and a shallow smile.
"I didn’t expect Su Man to return to China. It seems that no one answered the plane." Shen Qiang smiled with some schadenfreude. "If Su Man doesn’t mind taking the South Locomotive, go home together, but your little assistant can take a taxi by himself."
"Thank you for your kindness, Miss Shen. We won’t bother you to get along with Manager Gu alone. Oh, and Lu You is my friend, not my little assistant. Please remember Miss Shen!" Su Man also smiled gracefully and hit back smartly, saying to Lu You around him, "Let’s go home."
Su Man turned away without a trace of nostalgia.
Lu sorrow also followed in her footsteps, so they got into the car and drove away.
"What’s wrong with you and Manager Gu?"? Manager Gu doesn’t know that you are coming back today? " Lu sorrow think two people atmosphere is very strange.
"As you can see," Su Man didn’t answer Lu’s question directly.
She leaned against the back of the chair and looked out of the window. Her elbow window gently closed her eyes. "I sat on the plane for more than ten hours and didn’t sleep well. I’m sleepy for a while. Please drive slowly and call me when you get home."
Lu sorrow saw that Su Man had closed his eyes and rested. I thought of her hard work in filming and didn’t want to disturb her. She had a good rest.
Lu sorrow drove to the Rhine city gate to react. Lin Mo-chen has settled his home here from the ink garden.
If she goes there, she may meet Lin Mo-chen. When she thinks of this, her heart will get throbbing. She is a little nervous, a little afraid and some don’t know how to face it.
Sue diffuse took the salute from the car to see Lu sorrow still leng car didn’t untie the seat belt.
"What’s the matter with you? Have you lost your soul? " It was already late when Su Man looked at a wrist watch. Come on, it’s five o’clock.
"Or I’ll wait for you here" Lu sorrow sip lip difficult way.
Su Man seems to feel a different atmosphere. "Hmm … something is wrong. Is manager Lin bullying you?"
"Not him" Lu sorrow hurriedly denied.
"If it’s not him, it’s someone else who bullied my good sister. I will destroy her on behalf of the moon." Su Man can see through Lu’s worries at a glance.
Although Su Man is two years older than Lu You, Su Man’s life experience is more complicated than Lu You.
"Long Lin Mo-chen has a little sister next door who grew up together. She likes that very much, but Lin Mo-chen chose to be with me, so others said that I was a third party who destroyed their feelings … Mom, I really didn’t expect this." I opened my heart to my friend Lu You and spoke my mind.
Why didn’t Lu worry about asking Lin Mo-chen these questions when he first got married? However, the outside world said that he was not close to women, and she didn’t ask. I didn’t expect things to develop like this
"Little sorrow what is small three, you know? It means to interfere in other people’s emotional life and destroy the original couple and lovers. "Su Man explained to her," Then I ask you if Lin Zong and his neighbor’s little sister are lovers or couples? Are they in love? If this little sister has a unrequited love for manager Lin, then you are not a third party, but you are husband and wife now, and she is the third party when she comes in. "
Lu sorrow was suddenly enlightened by Su Man’s advice.
She thinks Su Man is right. Her eyes are full of admiration for Su Man. "I’m so long. I said it makes sense. Why didn’t I think of it?"
"That’s because you’re in chaos and the authorities are fascinated, and I’m a bystander. I can see better than you. You’re already in the whirlpool." Su Man gloated. "There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s go."