The little girl heard the grievance and pouted, "Is Jun Qian’s brother too distrustful of me?"

"No, I have no confidence in myself." Jun Qian raised his hand and touched the top of her head. "Don’t try to hide. I simply think that I may not protect you well, and I may not control the magic weapon to bring you trouble." After all, he has just been promoted and he hasn’t found the feeling yet.
"If only I could sit and talk to these giant eagles calmly," Qin Xiao sighed regretfully.
At this moment, there was a loud noise in front of the mouth, and a huge number of sand cones came from all directions to form a sand ball that surrounded Jun Kuang, and then the sand ball kept shrinking, although it was as small as half its size, and it suddenly exploded when it was taller than Jun Kuang.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Tao "bird" nest 3
The explosion swept through the surrounding dust and threw itself at Jun Qian and Qin Xiao with a full face. They were too surprised by the sudden changes in front of them to guard against the sudden changes. The aura of heaven and earth around them surged violently, forming a strong wind blowing on their faces, which made their skin ache, and it seemed that the continuous spread of the wind wall threatened to force them to retreat.
"Jun" Qin Xiao looked anxiously at the explosion center.
"He is not so easy to get hurt." Jun Qian held her shoulder to avoid her making a move, but was trapped.
Their opponents are resourceful and cunning than all the opponents they have met before, which makes him have to pay more attention.
After the baptism of war, Jun Kuang destroyed him and joined forces with many powerful races to make a large array of refining and refining, and successfully let a group of monks escape from the cauldron. How could Jun Kuang be injured by such a weak attack?
It can be seen that male cultivation is not advanced. Now, a lot of mysterious power must have been almost exhausted. If the former sand ball is a male, the last trick must be that the male will hand it over to you crazy today.
"Little sister, do you like the roasted wings in Orleans?" Jun Qian gave Qin Xiao a half-joking look.
"Nothing is tasteless when you eat with a mouthful of sand." Qin Xiaozhen fell into dust and took out a water bag to gargle
Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and pointed forward without regret.
Looking at the past along his direction, Qin Xiao found that when you were crazy, you had already put a pair of wings in your hands, and you must have been hurt badly.
The giant eagles have put on fighting postures, and it seems that they will lay down their lives to attack if they are mad at men.
"Look at them, they are United." Jun Kuang looked at the man with a funny smile. "It’s not worthwhile for you to attack and hurt the enemy for a thousand times."
"I didn’t grasp the distance well." The man also put all his eggs in one basket. I didn’t expect Jun crazy to burst into a frightening momentum instead of being unscathed, forcing him to explode because he was excited. This is the reason for his injury.
The man ruthlessly rubbed his teeth and looked at the monarch. "Let my people go. We are just born. We can leave here and return to the dreamland with the wishes of our ancestors. You are powerful. I admit that I have overreached and provoked your majesty. I do things alone when they are not wrong. I hope you can be lenient."
"You said you wanted to leave here." Jun’s crazy eyes rolled and he wanted to speak, but he saw a giant eagle rushing over with anger.
You are crazy about hurting "bargaining chips", so take a step back a little. I don’t know that the giant eagle actually picked up the male wings and flapped up the giant wind and flew out dozens of feet away in an instant.
Seeing this, the giant eagles followed suit and left two of the strongest "rear guards" to make sure that his giant eagle had escaped before turning away.
You are crazy to hold your arms and laugh and watch them leave the direction and say to Qin Xiao, "If you are somewhat sure."
"If you mean that I can track down their nests," the little girl proudly raised her hand. "We have finally left the body mixed with a black silk thread, and we will find their nests along the silk thread."
Qin Xiao leads the way. Within a moment, the three brothers and sisters are already in front of a cliff. There are many tall trees at the top of the cliff. There are many bird nests at the top of the trees. I think it should be a gathering place for giant eagles.
"One two" Qin Xiao carefully counted the number of bird’s nests.
"I don’t count," Jun said with laughter. "Previously, you saw that it should be the elite of the clan. It is impossible to have elites. There are also some old, weak, women and children, and so are animals." He paused and said, "Of course, we are not here to kill this meaningless thing. What we want to do is another thing."
"What is it?" The little girl was puzzled.
"It’s a more important hostage, of course." Jun Qian gave me a bad smile. "We have to throw something out while they are not paying attention." He didn’t say what to do if he wanted to buy one.
Qin Xiao glared at him angrily, carefully looked at each bird’s nest and asked Jun crazy, "Are you interested in the egg with special color?"
Almost all bird’s nests contain bird’s eggs. Ordinary bird’s eggs are light blue or have some white spots, and one of them is more than half as big as ordinary bird’s eggs, and the pattern is very broken. The cracks are not like bird’s eggs at all.
Besides, there must be something special about this egg, which is guarded by a giant eagle so precious.
"I bet 50 cents that the cliff is not a bird’s egg." Jun smiled modestly. "But I’m more curious about its taste when I heard that eating an animal’s egg can instantly rise and repair it."
"Do you want bacon and fried eggs?" Jun Kuang sighed in his heart when he felt the blazing light.
"Actually, I prefer roasted wings."
You are too lazy to ignore him and turn to Qin Xiao. "The one in the middle is probably the dragon egg."
Qin Xiao seems to have heard of the "dragon egg", but the dragon egg seems to be very big, not to mention the bird’s nest. Even the whole mountain can be occupied by half, which doesn’t look like such a thing at all.
桑拿会所"A dragon’s egg can’t be judged by its appearance. For example, a dragon can’t judge by its appearance. There are many branches and veins, and of course its body shape may be different." Jun Kuang said, "Remember that my master often had an ice-blue dragon with little ice?"
Smell speech little girl carefully wanted to think "seems to have"