Kouga couldn’t help biting his handsome eyes again and bursting out. Sen’s cold heart secretly vowed to have a birthday. He would definitely be sworn with Li Zhenyu!

Lu Sasha lay in Wu Tianyou’s arms enjoying his tenderness and occasionally stole a look. When he saw that he seemed to be in a trance, but his handsome face expression was hideous and cold, he knew that he had made a dead enemy with Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue! She can’t help laughing, even if the whole world knows that she is a fake pregnancy? It is enough for Wu Tianyou to trust her!
Zhen-yu li some accident-she was still a perfect match! Xia Xue saw a flash of surprise in the black eyes of the man, and there was a bit of meaning. He gently licked a tear from the corner of her eye and pitied the tunnel "The first time … why didn’t you tell me?" Waiting for him until he found out his mistake, he had made her suffer too much.
"Now you know … can you restrain yourself …" Xia Xue bit his silver teeth. There is a creature called man in this world. He talks about cherishing you, but she can’t see that he has half a convergence.
"It’s a wonderful thing to trust you to me!"
The night is getting deeper and deeper, and a room is full of beautiful spring scenery. I don’t know when the lights have gone out, and there are dragons, phoenixes, red candles and tireless flames flickering.
When Xia Xue woke up, some strange environment in front of her eyes made her feel a little trance. At that time, she didn’t know where she was. Her body ached slightly and she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows. So last night, she played back her mind with passion and blushed for her cheeks.
But then she woke up, and she quickly glanced at the wall and hung the clock, and saw that the hour hand had pointed to the point, and it was not good to get up and wash her hands.
The mirror reflects Xia Xue’s rosy cheeks and bright hickey on her neck. She remembered that the man was wild last night and she couldn’t help burning her cheeks again.
Five minutes later, Xia Xue came out and opened the cupboard to change clothes. The weather was getting hotter. The silk scarf seemed a little weird, covering the neck marks. She chose a high-necked pleated chiffon shirt with a pair of jeans and tied a ponytail behind her head. It was pure and pure like a college student who had just left school.
After changing clothes, Sister Xu pushed open the bedroom door and said to Xia Xue with a big smile, "Little Lady, let’s go to the restaurant for dinner!"
Young lady? Just one night, her family status has changed. Yes, she is already a Li Zhenyu woman. Although there is no formal wedding, she was recognized by all the elders of the Li family last night (except Du Hua). She consummated with Li Zhenyu, and now all the servants in her Li family have already become a part of this family.
"No need, I’m late for class!" Xia Xue reluctantly smiled at Xu Jie and hurried upstairs with her bag.
I didn’t expect the old lady, Li Yuanfen and Fang Ruolan to wait for the building long ago. When they saw Xia Xue, they all greeted each other with three faces and smiled into three flowers. "Wake up? Go to the restaurant to eat! "
Xia Xue was a little surprised that all the women in the family were waiting for her. Of course, there were still many touches. "No need, I have to go to school at once when it’s time for class!"
"Jin Woo has asked for three days off for you, so you can eat with peace of mind!" Old Mrs. Li looked at Xia Xue with a smile and her eyes were very happy. "He went to the company to deal with some things and said that he would come back soon to accompany you shopping!"
"…" I heard that Zhen-Yu Li helped herself to have a fake Xia Xue, and then I slacked off and listened to the old lady Li, saying that Zhen-Yu Li would come back from the company later and go shopping with her. I couldn’t help but think of yesterday’s car. He said he would accompany her to buy clothes.
Shirley’s three women accompanied Xia Xue to the restaurant with hospitality.
Sister Xu asked the kitchen to have a big breakfast. Fang Ruolan smiled and said, "Come on, we’ve all eaten!"
Xia Xue smiled shyly and picked up chopsticks. Three women watched and enjoyed breakfast slowly.
"You don’t have to go to class after you are a woman in Jin Woo! Can’t the Li family afford a woman? " Liyuanfen smiled and said with certainty, "quit your job!" Stay at home with the old lady and take care of Tingting, and add a descendant to the Li family as soon as possible! Aren’t these things busy enough for you? Where can I spare the time and energy to go to work? "
Xia Xue holding chopsticks hand a slight delay and didn’t speak.
Mrs. Li nodded and seemed to agree with her daughter’s words. She winked at Fang Ruolan next to her and said, "Go!"
Fang Relan immediately got up and didn’t know what to do.
Xia Xue ate breakfast slowly, thinking that if she told Li Zhenyu her mind, let him tell her elders that her attitude might be more tactful! After all, in front of Shirley’s old lady, she directly refused to give some face to her elders.
In a short time, Fang Relan returned. She sent a card to Xia Xue and said with a smile, "There is one million in it for you to spend money! When the flowers are finished, say that a horse will put money in it! "
The appetite is not big. Xia Xue put chopsticks when she felt full. She pushed the card back to Fang Relan and looked up at the three women in the Shirley family. Her voice was very peaceful but firm. "I have a job and love my job and love the school children! Work not only makes me gain money, but also makes me gain enrichment and joy! Teachers are very relaxed, with weekends, holidays, a year and winter and summer vacations, which are enough for me to accompany my family. I really don’t want to quit this job! Can you understand me? "
Xia Xue has a sincere tone. She tries to communicate with her elders on an equal footing, hoping that they can understand her.
桑拿会所Shirley the old lady and others looked at each other and exchanged glances. It seems that Xia Xue’s resolute attitude cannot be changed in a short time.
"If you can’t bear to quit your job, you can do it for the time being and wait until you get pregnant, so you can have a safe baby!" Fang Relan still smiled kindly and pushed the card back to Xia Xue and said, "This card is more convenient for you to buy a dress and a bag! Li Jia woman, you can wear it in line with your identity! "
Rao is Xia Xue’s counterpart Ruolan’s excellent impression. When she heard this, she still felt uncomfortable as if she had been stabbed. She got up and tried to keep smiling. "Jin Woo didn’t choose me because of what clothes I wore and what bags I took. Tingting liked me, nor because of these places … I feel that I am in a good state of life now. I don’t want to spend too much money and energy on brand-name clothes, brand-name bags and those expensive jewelry. I’m really not interested!"
Fang Relan realized that she had made a gaffe and apologized embarrassedly. "Look at my good mouth and did something bad! Xia Xue, don’t argue with Fang Yi! "
"Fang Yi is so kind, where can I be ungrateful!" Xia Xue affectionately shook La Fong Ruolan’s hand to show his understanding. "But everyone has different values of life. In the past, my self-sufficiency day was ordinary, but I was very fulfilling. Do I want to keep this habit?"
"Of course!" Fang Ruolan comforted her with a smile. "Look at what you said. It’s so pitiful to be seen by Jin Woo and bullied by our mother!"
Shirley the old lady nodded and praised with satisfaction, "It was an unusual girl. No wonder it could tempt Jin Woo! It’s a good boy not to covet money and glitz. "
Seeing that his mother was satisfied with Xia Xue, Li Yuanfen also smiled and praised, "Jin Woo is blessed to have Xia Xue as his wife!"
Xia Xue quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She was glad that all the elders in the Shirley family couldn’t drive so much. She kept the card too much, and she refused it. She finally won the first step-keep her original life!
Deep in the solid, Xia Xue still has a bad feeling. She is deeply afraid that she is used to attaching to Li Zhenyu and Li’s family. One day … she can’t imagine the consequences! The only thing that can make her invincible is to try to keep her original life, not to change too much and not to rely too much!
Xia Xue accompanied three elders to talk and laugh. In the morning, the little unhappiness caused by two small things, work and bank card, has long since vanished. Her personality is gentle, gentle, generous and cultivated, and she knows how to move. It is very comfortable to get along with each other. Therefore, not only the old lady Li and Fang Ruolan like her, but even Li Yuanfen praised her again and again.
"It was a sincere girl! Educated, polite, not vain, not greedy, not temperament, not inferior to everyone! " The more Li Yuanfen looked at it, the more satisfied he was. "When can Yichen take me home to a girl like Xia Xue? I don’t care even if she has a family background!"
Fang Ruolan comforted, "Master Yichen is so handsome that he chased his girl to the sea. If he goes, he will definitely be able to bring home a girl that will satisfy you!"
Liyuanfen couldn’t help but sigh, "There are so many girls chasing Jin Woo. Ask him which one he can take a fancy to? Not to mention others, Su Lin has been pestering him for many years. Is he half tempted? Fate is a rare thing! "
Just then, three people suddenly saw Du Hua coming angrily and coming straight at Xia Xue.
Xia Xue felt that Du Hua was threatening and had long been secretly vigilant, so when Du Hua waved the jade palm, she could parry "Why did you hit someone!"
Du Hua waved out the slap and was fended off by Xia Xue’s arm. He wanted to fight again but was stopped by Li Yuanfen.
"Sister-in-law, what are you doing!" Li Yuanfen was a little surprised and puzzled. "If you can’t talk well, just do it!"
To tell the truth, Li Yuanfen’s poor impression of this sister-in-law is due to Li Zhenyu’s show of respect, otherwise she would call her sister-in-law and feel that fall in price is very dissatisfied with this tone.
"Get out of my way, I’ll tear this bitch up!" Du Hua’s eyes are red with anger and her teeth are gnashing. It’s like she has a blood feud with Xia Xue.
Fang Relan hesitated for a moment or didn’t dare to stop before.
Shirley old lady is angry with a pounding crutches snapped, "what’s the matter! It’ s hard to get a daughter-in-law into the house after a long day’ s troubles. You’ re a mother-in-law who doesn’ t take good care of her, but slaps her face and puts something in her head! "
Seeing the old lady angry, Du Hua didn’t dare to be too presumptuous. He stared at Xia Xue with his poisoned eyes, as if a chained German shepherd would pounce and tear Xia Xue to pieces at any moment.
Xia Xue looked at Du Hua with hatred eyes, but he knew the reason because there was also a person who died last night. For the same reason, he couldn’t wait to kill her and Li Zhenyu. Of course, Li Zhenyu is Du Hua’s own son. Even if he does something, Du Hua won’t blame him, but will double his share and take it out on her.
"Aunt Du, can I ask you what you did to me?" Xia Xue coldly said.
"Play dumb!" Du Hua can’t say how bitter he is, but he is even more angry. I didn’t expect Xia Xue to be so insidious not only because he is vicious, but also because he knows that Wu Tianyou is her illegitimate daughter-in-law and publicly admits that he is partial to blocking her with this problem. That’s right, the mistress of Li’s family, Lu Shasha, is going to beat his daughter-in-law. This doesn’t make any sense.
Xia Xue corners of the mouth radian more cold and cheerless eyes also slowly frost "I really puzzling! What did I do wrong? I hope Aunt Du can point it out to me, otherwise how can I correct my mistake! "
"Bitch, how can you be so vicious! What good can you do if someone miscarries a child? When Jin Woo marries you, it’s like marrying a Sang Men star wife and a virtuous husband. Do you encourage him to do something unnatural all day? Is there any peace in our family? " Du Huayue said more and more angry and couldn’t help waving his hands again.
Liyuanfen grabbed Du Hua and slapped Xia Xue, which was unreasonable. "Sister-in-law, what did you get? Who had a miscarriage? Besides, who can make you so excited about abortion? You should worry about when Xia Xue’s belly is happy. This is much more reliable than worrying about some unrelated people’s abortion! "
"It is simply inexplicable that the more you live, the more you fall back!" Folded in the old lady to Du Hua more and more hate anger repeatedly pounding the crutches "hang it all! How dare you! "
"Don’t be angry, old lady. Take care of yourself!" Fang Relan hurriedly stepped forward to help the old lady Shirley. At this moment, her eyes glanced at Li Zhenyu’s return. She blinked again and let go of the old lady Shirley. She used to help Li Yuanfen to persuade Du Hua, "Sister, stop that now! Xia Xue is a sensible child, and the old lady likes her. You must have brought some irrelevant people to embarrass her! What does it matter who has a miscarriage? It’s more important than anything to make Xia Xue’s belly bulge faster! Sister has always been clever, so how can you not tell what’s important … "
"pa!" Du Hua was in a rage and tried to hit Xia Xue several times, but she hid in the past. Besides, it was inconvenient for Li Yuanfen to pull her action. At this moment, Fang Relan leaned in to say something that would fuel her fire, and even more suspicious, she waved her hand without thinking about slapping. It didn’t really hit the spot again.
Fang ruolan burying his face in shame and injustice can’t help bursting into tears.
"Fang Yi!" Xia Xue hurriedly hold Fang Relan not guilty and grateful "you bitter provoke her! Know that she hates you as much as she hates me … "
"I’m afraid she will hurt you!" Fang Ruolan protected Xia Xue and said, "You’re coming to Jin Woo. It’s not good to see you arguing with his mother!"