Is it that I always think of that man in my head these days, so she has become too sensitive?

Pushing the door and entering the night, Xi Han was in a daze.
In the huge office, the big curtain, the floor-to-ceiling curtain, is tightly pulled to prevent a ray of light.
The light here is very dark, but Xi Han still clearly captured a black shadow.
The room was so quiet that I could hardly hear him ring except for my weak breath.
In the dark, she couldn’t see his face clearly, knowing that he was leaning back in a chair decadently, and the smell of nicotine was thick in the air, which made him look a little lonely in the smoke.
This kind of atmosphere brings inexplicable tension and depression to Ye Xihan.
"Chief … President, this is the document you want!" Night city culvert some cramped into the low head put files in a large black desk.
My eyes were attracted by the unruly, arrogant and unruly Longteng carving the desk, and my heart didn’t panic.
It feels so familiar, like …
With his back to the night, Han leaned back on the sofa, and Mu Lingtian showed his body shaking violently when he heard her voice.
This sound … It’s him! Him?
Something has been hidden deep in my brain, and it has sprung up like a flood, and my brain has broken like a shadow and played it.
He suddenly opened his scarlet eyes.
Turn around and "raise your head!"
Suddenly, the male voice on the top of her head made her stare at the totem in a daze. Night Xihan was slightly surprised, and she could lift her eyes and look intently at those dark eyes as deep as obsidian. When she caught her heart and gave a black frame, that beautiful little face passed by with a touch of panic.
God, it’s him! Is it really him?
The man I haven’t seen for five years-Mu Lingtian!
Mu Lingtian’s eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s eyes. Night Xihan’s little face, pale with panic, is dim, and his eyes are burning up. He slowly got up and took his slender legs and approached her step by step.
Night Xihan panicked and shrank back. Looking at this beautiful face with deep outline and angular points, he said in his heart that it was not a taste, but it was more heartache.
Instead, she was so calm that he couldn’t recognize that he was a stranger to himself five years ago, and five years later …
"willing to come back?" Deep voice, hard and angry … Damn woman, she’s finally willing to come back! But at the moment he heard her voice, he remembered something. Although the picture was incomplete, his heart kept falling for a long time. What was the reason for that feeling? Because of this woman!
"I don’t know what you said?"
"I don’t know what to say?"
Hard cold sounds, words and strokes, the dangerous breath in the heart of night Xihan is getting closer and closer, and the strong sense of oppression makes her first reaction is to run away. She can’t help but curl her hands into fists, sweat slowly seeps into her palms and turn around quickly for a second.
Suddenly, an overbearing force pushed her against the hard wall, and the door slammed hard for a second, and the pale mouth was tightly bitten by a pair of hot lips.
The faint smell of tobacco penetrated into the lips and teeth of Yexihan …
Suddenly those clear eyes cage with a thin layer of water mist …
She struggled obstinately to get rid of this kiss that made her crazy, even if it was so infatuated with her. "Please let go …"
Mu Lingtian ignored this long-lost kiss and deepened it all the way! Sweep every inch of her lips and teeth
It took a long time for a deep voice to overflow from his thin lips. He whispered affectionately, "Baby … my baby …"
The big hand is overbearing. Grab her small hand and put it on the top of your head. The strong body will squeeze her small body tightly and press the wall …
"President … I think you mistook me for someone else … I’m not familiar with you …" Night Xihan breathed a little short and spoke vaguely.
Finally, Mu Lingtian took a bite of Xi Han’s red lip and let her go. She stared coldly at her arms with a reddish face and asked, "Not familiar?"
Night Xihan gasped and stared back at him.
Mu Lingtian evil raised his eyebrows and bowed his head close to Ye Xihan’s ear, whispering and asking her tone, gently picking a big hand and touching her red mouth.
桑拿"You this little mouth is really naughty! But I really miss its taste. "
"MuLingTian you bastard! Let me go … "
Mu Lingtian turned a deaf ear to the anger of Ye Xihan, and put his hand directly into her skirt.