Tehran, frightened by his naive evil sample.

Turn your head and stare at him. Unbelievable.
He Lianyin smiled and said "good morning" with an open heart.
"…" Tehran, one mouthful blood in the throat almost didn’t vomit.
"What’s the matter?" He Lianyin naturally took her back to her arms and pressed the head line to get up. The voice was cold. "Dai Mu asked the doctor to come over and Xiao Yin’s forehead was a little hot, as if he had a fever."
Hailan frowned and broke his arms and tightened his body sheet. His face was cold. "What are you doing, Mr. Helian?"
Vivid questioning tone
He Lianyin smiled blankly. "Miss Xiao was drugged last night, did you know?"
Tehran, didn’t speak sip tight pale lips.
"I saved you" He Lianyin stared at her Gherardini "Miss Xiao, do you know what I will save you?"
Chapter 12 Warm family of three
See navy don’t talk HeLianYin chuckled "because you don’t name is xiao, your name is Xiang"
Tehran, with a shock.
He Lianyin got up.
Looking at his slender and handsome figure in front of the French window, it seems that she has been staring at him all her life. Her pupils are deep and dark. "Maybe you don’t believe it, but I have proof."
Tehran, said nothing.
He took two steps closer.
Sunlight poured in obliquely from the floor-to-ceiling window like crystal, warming his and her contours.
Section 291
He handed a pile of information to Hailan. "Look at this information and you will know what will happen to you in J City, what will be shipwrecked and what will be amnesia."
Tehran, as if what severely hit her body slightly flash took a step back.
He Lianyin held her at the right time. It was difficult to hide the pain in her eyes when she tightened her fingers, which indicated that she was suffering. Her head was very painful, but she didn’t want to show that she was holding her temples and her lips were pale. "Did you investigate me?"
She whispered softly.
"Is your head hurting again?" He Lianyin hugged her slender arms with a domineering but gentle taste. "You sit down first and I’ll call the family doctor."
桑拿网"Go away!" She pushed him away and her eyes were sharp. "Would you and I believe such a ridiculous thing?"
He Lianyin zheng heart suddenly unbearable pain.
Tehran, sneer at "with your position want to get a just consistent with my information and what’s the difficulty? Hehe, you violated me, and I was afraid that I would call the police to arrest you and make up such a thing, right? "
He Lianyun’s pupils tightened. "What do you think of me so much?"
"What? If I really said something to Yin, why didn’t you say it when you first met me? You investigated, and I know that I was in J City when I was shipwrecked, so I made things up based on this information, didn’t I? You know I don’t like you and I won’t be with you. You are very white. If you say so, I will probably believe it, but out of my feelings and guilt for forgetting Sichuan, I will never say anything and forgive you, right? "
He Lianyin suddenly raised his head and his eyes were full of shock. "How can you not like me? Xiao Yin, we have been together for more than ten years. We have been married. Tong Tong is your child. If you don’t believe us, we can test dna. I know it’s normal for you to doubt me now. I’m not angry. I won’t take what you said seriously until you recover your memory. If you don’t believe me, then you can find a trusted person, Tong Tong, to test dna. Does he naturally have an answer for your child? Whether the three of us are a family will naturally have an answer. "
Navy lip color is getting paler and paler.
He Lianyin added, "When I first met you, I didn’t go to see you because your face changed, Xiao Yin. Your appearance changed in the past. I dare not jump to conclusions. After checking your information, I realized that your face changed because of being attacked by a shark. I didn’t pick you up immediately because I was afraid of scaring you. You lost your memory. I was afraid that my rash appearance would cause you disgust."
Tehran, speechless.
She bowed her head.
Dare not look at his dark eyes like a whirlpool. She turned her head away and endured the pain deep in her head. Reason pulled away for a moment. "It hurts …"
Before knowing the truth, the first reaction of normal people is to resist He Lianyin. He can understand her mood just now, but he believes that Xiao Yin has begun to believe him now. After all, they have lived for more than ten years. Xiao Yin has a certain familiarity with him. He seems to see the light and hope. He said in a dumb voice, "I know it’s hard for you to accept this for a while, but I hope you can look at this information. If your head hurts today, don’t look at it. When you want to know what you were like in the past, just look at me."
Tehran, painfully hold your head.
Once she puts her guard down and listens to him, her head will be in unbearable pain, and her nerves will tighten and her pupils will tighten.
HeLianYin heart in a surprised to let go of the data went to the head of a bed and dialed the line.
"Call a doctor," He Lianyin said with a cold expression.
Tehran, whole body cold sweat consciousness chaos trembling body "I’m sorry, please let me go, I have to go back first"
No matter whether what He Lianyin is saying is true or not, she can’t listen because her head hurts too much.
He Lianyin didn’t speak tightly, pressed her against the bed and forbade her to move.
"You have a headache now. I’ll call a doctor to show you. Don’t move. After reading it, I’ll send you back. Be good. I really won’t hurt you or force you …"
She croaked in pain
He Lianyin’s eyes were shocked. He didn’t know that things in the past would make Xiao Yin so miserable. What’s wrong with her? What could be so painful?
The family doctor came here with a bunch of therapy. He Lianyin let go and gently held her shoulder with the other hand. Several maids held the navy doctor to diagnose her.
The doctor first looked at her eyeball.
Then I pressed her head.
Hailan is in pain.
The doctor suggested giving her an injection to stop the pain first, because her head was so painful that she needed an injection to relieve the pain.
Aside He Lianyin nodded his eyes without temperature.