On this day, Master Yi Deng was explaining Buddhism to Ling Feiyang in the bamboo forest of the temple. A Miao girl covered in blood suddenly stumbled into the temple gate.

"The emperor’s grandfather Tianlong Temple had an accident!" The Miao girl saw Yi Deng’s master’s heart fall like a big stone and just shouted out this and fainted.
Chapter 16 Miao girl Yuan Jun
It took a long time for the Miao girl to wake up slowly and turn around and say in a weak voice intermittently, "The emperor’s grandfather … an unknown master … broke into Tianlong Temple … forced the master to hand over the six-pulse Excalibur … and the sword score master was killed by them …"
"Is there such a thing?" Although Master Yi Deng is profound in Buddhism, it is also a big move to hear about it.
A few little novice monks hurriedly helped the girl into the stone house. Master Yi Deng carefully examined her injury, but now it is still difficult for him to work. He has to ask Ling Feiyang to heal her. It took more than two hours for the female injury to get better.
桑拿会所"According to my judgment, the master who robbed the cheats is likely to have it with Mongolian Khan Temujin!" Ling Feiyang guessed
"The old monk Ling Shaoxia’s idea coincides with mine," Yi Deng said. "The master of Tianlong Temple in Dali didn’t want to be frustrated by this. The abbot of Tianlong Temple, Master Kuchan, was killed by my brother. I must go back and investigate this matter!"
"There are still about two months to go to Dali from Junshan …" Ling Feiyang thought of this and said, "Master, let me go with you before your skill is fully recovered!"
"All right!" Yi Deng knew that Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills were as high as that of losing his martial arts skills now, so he said, "But it will take three days for Ah Yuan’s injury to recover. You stay here and cure her first, and then you two will come together!"
Little novice monk in the temple packed his bags for Master Yi Deng, and Yi Deng immediately said goodbye to Ling Feiyang and left alone.
"My name is Yuan Jun, the adopted daughter of Wu Santong, the third brother of Master Yi Deng. My adoptive father sent me to Tianlong Temple to study martial arts and worship the bitter Zen master. I didn’t expect this to happen only a few days after I arrived at Tianlong Temple …" Miao girl explained to Ling Feiyang.
Even if Yuan Jun doesn’t say Ling Feiyang, he has already guessed ten * * This Yuan Jun is an orphan girl who was adopted by Wu Santong only to grow into a girl. Because of her youth and beauty, Wu Santong has a crush on her. Wu Santong knows that this kind of psychology will hurt Yuan Jun sooner or later. Cut off her affection and send her to Tianlong Temple to learn from her teacher.
In the original work, Yuan Jun later married Lu Zhanyuan Bing Xin’s apprentice Li Mochou, who tried to ruin the wedding because of his love for Lu Zhanyuan, but was stopped by a monk from Tianlong Temple. This monk is naturally Master Yi Deng’s brother Kuchan, that is, Master Yuan Jun.
I didn’t expect that the butterfly effect caused by Ling Feiyang’s crossing led to the murder of the bitter Zen master before, but it was not what Ling Feiyang could have predicted.
This Yuan Jun is about 16 or 17 years old, and her skin color is white and greasy, and she looks beautiful and charming, and her personality is cheerful and provocative. Ling Feiyang has almost all the advantages of Miao girls. Every day, she changes her medicine and touches her body, but she will try her best to restrain herself.
Ling Feiyang feels like a different person since she had Huang Rong. Although she hasn’t pushed her sister for more than three months, she doesn’t feel itchy and difficult to scratch.
In the past three days, two people have repeatedly made skin-to-skin contact with Ling Feiyang, but Yuan Jun gradually fell in love with him. Miao girls are not as straightforward as Han people. Seeing that their injuries are almost healed, there will be no chance to get in close contact with Ling Feiyang in the future. Yuan Jun focused on deciding to fix Ling Feiyang quickly.
Ling Feiyang gave Yuan Jun a dressing change for the last time, and just unveiled the shoulder gauze for her. Yuan Jun did not cover his chest with his hands as before, but generously showed a pair of towering breasts to Ling Feiyang.
The mountain peaks and gullies are unusually beautiful. Two pink peach blossoms give off intoxicating fragrance, and the string of Miao silver collars with jade neck shows a noble and pure temperament.
"Is it nice?" Yuan Jun asked Ling Feiyang with a flush on his face.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is nostalgic, but I don’t know if the answer is to pull up her skirt and cover her chest.
"Don’t you like it?" Yuan Jun’s face showed disappointment.
"I like you very much," said Ling Feiyang truthfully.
"Then why don’t you look at it more?" Yuan Jun’s eyes are blurred and his expression is full of temptation.
"A glimpse is the most beautiful" Ling Feiyang said calmly.
"I just want to let you glance a few more times!" Yuan Jun smiled gently and reached out to untie the Miao family’s pleated skirt and slipped to the ground to show the perfect body part.
Yuan Jun * * exudes a far cry from the vitality and passion of the Central Plains women. Ling Feiyang has not seen a woman’s body for a long time, but she still picked up a sheet to cover her body.
"It seems that you don’t like me at all …" Yuan Jun suddenly burst into tears.
"But we just met for three days …" Ling Feiyang sat by the bed and stretched out his hand to wipe away her tears.
"What’s the matter with three days! I don’t care whether you like me or not. Anyway, I fell in love with you at first sight. I like you and I want to marry you! " Yuan jun suddenly said bluntly
"Girl …" Ling Feiyang immediately shocked his mouth and didn’t know how to answer. He was silent by the bed.
"You must marry me. I don’t want to marry my adoptive father!" Yuan Jun suddenly said, "Although I respect him and admire him, it is not love, but it is a pity that he is not white at all …"
Miao women, though open-minded, have no reason to have sex with men who have just met for three days. Ling Feiyang suddenly understood Yuan Jun’s intention to do so when he heard this sentence.
"Although your adoptive father likes you, he is a gentleman and will not force you!" Ling Feiyang comfort way
"Brother Ling, my mind is half empty …" Yuan Jun said, "I’m not that kind of casual girl. I really like you!"
Ling Feiyang exulted in his heart, but it was also too dangerous to "fuck", so he said, "You are really a kind girl. Now we have to go to meet Master Yi Deng and talk about it later …"
In Yuan Jun’s heart, Nai Hao dressed, and each of them rested for one night. The next morning, they left the temple in the mountain and hurried to Dali, Yunnan.
Three days later, Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived in Dali. Now Duan Zhixiang, the God of Dali, has ordered the martial law of Dali City to be posted everywhere to arrest the murderer who killed the abbot of Tianlong Temple. However, it has been half a month, but it is still a place where Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived at Tianlong Temple outside Dali according to the prior agreement with Master Yi Deng.
At the foot of Cangshan Mountain, there is a magnificent temple, three magnificent pagodas stand tall in Erhai Lake, and three long reflections are cast in Erhai Lake. The reflection of the pagodas seems to scatter golden light when the sunset shines obliquely into the water.
"This is Tianlong Temple!" Yuan Jun stretched out his slender fingers and pointed to the temple ahead.
When they came to the gate of Tianlong Temple, they didn’t see a monk temple, and there was no sound of chanting Buddha and knocking on wooden fish inside.
"How can it be so quiet?" Ling Feiyang thought about seeing the door of Tianlong Temple ajar, so he gently pushed it away. However, the scene before him was so shocking!
Chapter 161 A bloody battle Tianlong Temple
Ling Feiyang pushed open the door of Tianlong Temple and immediately saw hundreds of bodies lying upside down in the compound!
Some of these bodies are monks in the temple, and some are soldiers of Dali Kingdom who are guarding the temple. Every body looks miserable, green eyes stand out, and the death is extremely horrible. It is a strange poison!
Tianlong Temple is a monk of the emperors of Dali, which can be called the foundation and pillar of Dali. I didn’t expect it to be destroyed at this moment!
"Master Yi Deng won’t …" Ling Feiyang’s dark call in his heart is not good. He rushed into the temple like flying. These bodies were searched one by one. Suddenly, he saw a gray old monk "corpse" lying on his back to see his figure. Indeed, he looked like Master Yi Deng, but he didn’t know what insect had bitten him. There were two long bridled eyes hanging down!
"Master …" Ling Feiyang settled his mind and went to the crowd to see this "corpse" suddenly opened his eyes. A flail knife was drawn from the abdomen and suddenly cut to Ling Feiyang’s neck!
At this time, the blade is less than two feet away from Ling Feiyang’s neck. If it were someone else, I’m afraid it would be a head fall to the ground! However, Ling Feiyang’s martial arts is not what it used to be, and the strain rate is much faster than that of ordinary people. Although he was hastily attacked, he can still immediately lean his head back and avoid this fatal knife!
Seeing the blade wiping the tip of the nose across Ling Feiyang hasn’t come yet to adjust the posture, only to see that another blade is coming to his neck!