Close my eyes, I feel that my hands touch the strings uncontrollably, as if they have their own thoughts, playing freely and casually.

I feel that there seems to be more and more people watching me around, and around here I hear a sound that seems to say a perfect word to play with me.
I feel very clearly in my heart that this is a woman’s voice, and it is getting more and more coordinated. When I finish playing this last note, I hear the continuous clapping around me.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Lin Chi in front of me. He said to me in amazement, "Brother Lei, you are amazing. You and that beautiful woman just now seem to be one soul. Neither of them paused so tacitly."
"A woman" I asked Lin Chi.
"yeah, a woman with short hair like a dream."
At this moment, many pictures suddenly appeared in my brain. I got up from my chair and looked around at everything around me, including flowers, grass, people watching me, and even more pure places in my mind
I gave the guitar to Lin Chi and let him go. "Thank you, buddy, thank you for the guitar."
With that, I walked out of the crowd. She was here just now. It must be her.
At the moment, I am looking for a fire in my heart, which is instantly lit up in the night. I saw and saw the figure running with me in the same pace ahead.
I was so scared to see her running ahead.
In the square where gorgeous lights gathered, she stopped running ahead and looked up at this huge tree covered with light.
I stopped and looked at her quietly in front of me, and in a flash, she turned around.
I’m at the same level as her, and it’s full of light, so I can see her face more clearly.
She smiled, and I smiled. I slowly got up my feet and walked towards her. She didn’t retreat, and she didn’t dodge. Instead, she smiled at the man who chased her so far like Lai.
When I came to her, she finally said to me, "Sir, are you tired of chasing me so far?"
I asked her, "Miss, are you tired of running so far behind my back?"
Yan Jiaxin took the initiative to take my hand, turned around and pointed to the beautiful fireworks in the sky and sighed, "Vienna is beautiful."
I pulled her all over the sky and kissed her again in an instant.
I won’t let go this time. I’m going to take her home and give her a real home.
I let go of her and looked at her with a very serious eye. She said "Come home with me to our house" again.
I led her toward our happy paradise.
It took 300 days to finish it. I finally finished it. From the time I signed the contract for 17k, I have finally achieved my goal. This is my best effort to finish it. I also admit that there are many shortcomings in No.1 middle school. Let the story really start and end. Some things will not be explained in detail. There will always be something left in each room for others to daydream. Everyone has different opinions. If too many opinions will make people feel disgusted, it may be best to watch it with their own thinking.
There have been some drafts of the new story, and the new story will be more exciting than pure nature. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if you are looking forward to it. If you want to play a new role, you can chat privately and add me qq5335122. I’ll try to join.
I hope to support Sanjin friends, but I can continue to support them. No, I don’t want more people to like every role of my pen. Well, I’m going to have a rest, too. See you later.
I also wish all friends can find their natural girlfriends and find their own happy paradise.
Mr. mo mo
1 Duyier
Moshi group a city is the leading chaebol.
At the moment, a new conference is being held, and the name of the cloud is flashing.
The man with a cold face on the rostrum is the focus of media’s scrambling to record.
Dark and deep eyes, high nose, sharp corners, bright and clean face, white gestures, flaunting his elegance.
At present, this talent is just in his early thirties, but he is the helmsman of Mohs. His wisdom, composure, coldness and extravagance have fascinated many women.
And such a he is also let a city media love and hate intertwined.
品茶论坛If the news wants him to touch Mo Chengkun, even if there is a little bit, it will definitely become a hot spot, so they have to love it.
But even though Mo Chengkun has too many stories, no one dares to open them. How can they not hate it?
At this moment, Mo Chengkun will hold the newly designed jewelry in his hand, and the light projection surface of the hall will shine with many-hued light.
Today, all this is also a necklace that is said to be inlaid with 99 diamonds.
"This jewelry collection is the only one of the top diamonds." When he began to introduce this product to everyone, it was full of his own personality charm, and the music hall echoed.
They haven’t returned to absolute being, but he has been silent.
There are not many words, not even a word of going through the motions, but there is no denying that everyone is boiling.
Everything that comes next is based on this jewelry. Ask him to cooperate and answer one by one.
At that time, it was just sunny in Wan Li, but suddenly it began to rain heavily.
Chu Yannai can try her best to escape the sudden downpour while struggling to get rid of the fans chasing behind her.
When the mobile phone suddenly starts calling for its owner, the people behind it are still chasing after it.
Consciously want to be faster, but often unlucky, and then my feet are sluggish.
Seeing the office building in front of her, she breathed a sigh of relief, took off her high heels, gritted her teeth and started running away.
I just stopped talking and came in again.
"I said, aunt, have you arrived yet?" Just press the answer key, and the leader’s flustered voice came out from the other end.