Because of this, I didn’t take a picture of Xu’s mother entering the demolition room at the right time

The whole song dynasty is more inclined to the statement that’ Xu Qiang put Xu Mu’s body in the demolition area’. If this is the case, the main responsibility will not be constant.
Yu Tingchuan said, "It’s a nail on the head. Now that Hengyuan, a network news, has come forward to clarify those false reports, they will slowly sink away."
"I am boring" is just a little worried about you.
Song Qingcheng didn’t say the second half of the sentence. Realizing that her worry was superfluous, she changed the subject and asked, "Is there a dinner party at night?"
"Make an appointment for dinner with a director."
"Drink less wine"
Her words are full of heart.
Yu Tingchuan just came out from the chairman’s office wearing a wrist watch and holding a mobile phone in his left hand. After listening to the words, he told him to be awed and gentle. Before ending the call, he did not forget to tell her to eat well alone and not to be picky about food.
I met Li Dong in the balcony of Yutingchuan Hotel on the evening of October.
Although Xu Dong has been outside the box, he doesn’t know what to talk about inside. When Li Dong left around nine o’clock, his face was not very good.
Li Dong walked into the ladder and thought about Yutingchuan talking just now.
"Green Fragrant Garden is not a high-end project of Hengyuan. Although it is led by Hengyuan Real Estate Company, it is really necessary to immediately stop this loss. Hengyuan also fills in the loss. The demolition workers of Green Fragrant Garden can start construction without credit and hard work, but this kind of accident is that our top management misread the management ability responsible for real estate or someone deliberately expects Li Dong to help me analyze it tonight."
The light Yu Tingchuan’s eyes are gentle, as if he really asked him for experience, but Li Dong’s heart sank, even though his face looked as usual.
"Hengyuan is a national enterprise and a listed company in Hong Kong. Li Dong has Hengyuan shares in his hand. It should be whiter than me to get a large dividend every year." Yu Tingchuan said slowly, "Hengyuan is almost nine years old. If something goes wrong, it will be my father and your uncles."
When Li Dong heard this, he finally stopped being silent. "I, the director of the company, naturally hope that the company will steam the green fragrant garden. I have also heard that it is no wonder that the person in charge of this project really has a headache when encountering this nail."
Yu Tingchuan leaned back against the back of the chair and smiled. He leaned over and took the lighter and lit the cigarette with his fingers curled up in the smoke. "In the evening, I went to the chairman’s office. My father meant that he hoped to sit down with the Xu Qiang and have a good talk. The problem of Xu Qiang has not been demolished for a day or two. There is never a shortage of opportunistic people. Developers will eventually compromise and increase the price by 1,100 yuan per square meter. At least, there are 100,000 pieces of Hengyuan to deal with this kind of situation in the early years. I am afraid this way will not work.
Li Dong has seen the video of Zhang Ping answering reporters before coming.
That kind of tough behavior is in contrast to Yu Tingchuan’s good attitude at the moment, which is why Li Dong can’t gag instead.
Sure enough, Yu Tingchuan said, "Zhang De is ready to file a lawsuit against the demolition accident at the latest on Wednesday. Since he refuses to accept private coordination with dialects, it is easy to go through judicial procedures and save the matter from further deterioration and expanding influence."
Li Dong frowned thoughtfully after opening "this will be bad? Now the network media is developed, sometimes it is easy to pull a string of Hengyuan. Although the industrial park in Shenzhen caught fire last year, it was not stabbed out, but it was afraid-"
"What are you afraid of?" Yutingchuan interrupted Li Dong’s words and saw that the other side was awkward and the corners of his mouth raised a faint smile.
Li Dong was speechless at the moment.
Yu Tingchuan’s tone eased a lot. "There is a saying that immortals fight and mortals suffer. I invited Li Dong to eat this meal tonight in the hope that you would take a few words for me. Now I am afraid that Li Dong can also go straight to the holy audience."
The word "direct hearing" made Li Dong look embarrassed.
What surprised him more secretly was that Yu Tingchuan clearly knew that Yu Qidong had come to his senses outside the words.
☆, Chapter 32 Yulinjiang This second son is too unique to do things.
As soon as his thoughts turned, he hoped that he was thinking too much.
There are many women in Yulin River, but there are several children who can enter Hengyuan. Besides Yu Qidong and Yu Tingchuan, there is also an old seven who can’t help the wall.
Thinking of Yu Chengye and Li Dong’s face softened, he said, "Your father and I have been friends for decades, and we are still young, so I will talk to your father later."
Yu Tingchuan was noncommittal about this.
Li Dongduan picked up the teacup and said, "Now young people are impetuous. This child is still good, but he is occasionally guilty. If the nail is really with him, your father will not spare him this time."
Yu Tingchuan smiled but didn’t move. He looked at Li Dong and said, "Li Dong and my aunt have been close friends for many years, so my aunt’s death anniversary is near this year."
This aunt Yutingchuan called Li Dong an understatement, and the corner of her eye couldn’t help but jump.
The man sitting opposite didn’t seem to find him strange. He picked up chopsticks, put a piece of sashimi into a small dish, and picked up a small white bone China pot. Soy sauce overflowed from the mouth of the pot, and the salty cut was flat and sashimi was fainted by soy sauce. Then Yu Tingchuan slowly put the bone China pot back in its place.
"Li Dong loves to eat three fish bones. I’ll order one for you tonight."
Yutingchuan talking white bone plate has been pushed in the past.
Li Dong didn’t reach for it, because Yu Tingchuan chatted with him, and the sound rang again in the box. "My eldest brother has been lying in the hospital for so many years, and it’s time to get up and do more activities. If a person lies down for too long, he will be wiped out."
I heard that Li Dong didn’t continue playing Tai Chi.
He sighed and opened his mouth. "I still remember the first time I saw you was a cement factory in Hengyuan. At that time, you just appeared at the office door with a class bag. At that time, I knew that your father had picked up a child and went home, but I didn’t expect you to come to his place of work to find him."
Section 379
In the 1990s, Hengyuan Company was not as large as it is now, and many things still needed Yu Qidong and his partners to do personally. At that time, due to the explosion, Qi Dong and his family were unhappy and simply stayed in the factory.
"When you see five or six people talking at the desk, you are not afraid or shy. Just tell your father that your mother has a stomachache and let him go and see your mother."
Li Dong said that his face showed his memory. "At that time, we old men were still energetic, unlike the old people who are now bent on seeking safety."
品茶  title=Yu Tingchuan changed his sitting posture, but he was calm and carefree. He heard Li Dong say,’ Be safe’, and his handsome facial features could not see joy and anger.
After a while, he just smiled and tapped his fingers on the ash to slowly open his mouth. "It’s not a bad thing to seek stability, but also to prevent someone from overstressing in the process of seeking stability, don’t you think?"
We are both wise people, but even if we talk, our doorways are clear.
Li Dong recognized that they, the Yu, always suspected the nailing to him or Yu Qidong, and he sighed with a faint sigh. "Your father’s behavior is the most like that of his three sons when he was young. Your father has been deliberately holding you down over the years. We old guys can see that in ancient times, you were just a commander in chief who was keen on guarding your business. Your wrist is too rigid and may not be suitable."
"Your father didn’t let you into the board of directors because of this concern. In the past six months, you have not been as strong as you used to be, but all directors have a saying in their hearts that you can’t come back overnight after excessive tilt."
Yu Tingchuan didn’t answer the question, "Did you see my father before you came?"
After telling the truth, Li Dong continued thoughtfully, "In recent years, there have been many enterprises investing in the automobile industry, but the real results are few. In May, the video company’s assets reorganization certificate will be shared with the directors. It is not incomprehensible that they are worried about this."
"Have you talked to his director?"
"Did you happen to meet and talk?"
Li Dong looked at the light, Yu Tingchuan lifted his shirt cuff and relaxed. "Liang Dong, they also mean to hope that the company can come to Hengyuan’s great cause one step at a time. How about the big capital turnover? Your position should be better than ours. If you accidentally fall into it, it will not be as simple as stopping the project."
Yu Tingchuan heard a sentence
The elevator arrives at the negative floor of the hotel.
Li Dong’s ear seems to have Yu Tingchuan’s sentence’ It seems that Li Shu is really old’. Aside from the words, it’s a pity that the’ Li Shu’ makes him more touched.
Once Yu Tingchuan called his uncle Nian.
At that time, Yu Qidong had an accident, and Yu Tingchuan became the general manager of Hengyuan. There were not many others, but Yu Tingchuan didn’t show anxiety. He promoted the construction of Yungang project by one hand. The day before the board meeting, Yu Tingchuan personally called him Li Shu for the first time.
Li Dong still remembers the respectful tone. Compared with this Li Shu tonight, it made him have a bad feeling.
As the ladder door opened, Li Dong walked out and took out his mobile phone to dial out the words.

She doesn’t even know why. Shy is a strange word, but she just feels shy at the moment.

And she just doesn’t think it’s a good idea!
Especially unwilling to show him herself, but she doesn’t want him to be unhappy.
How contradictory!
Nan Chen’s eyes are dark and her throat is slipping unconsciously. Is this definitely to seduce him? What’s the trick of this little thing? Good. He’ll make her regret her childish behavior at the moment!
He breathed heavily in the air for a long time, but I didn’t hear his voice
Raised his little face and glanced at him quietly and found that his face was not as happy as he said.
Little face can’t help but be more wronged. "You lie! You don’t look happy at all "and it seems very painful! Is she ugly? So he saw himself in pain?
品茶论坛Nan Chen took a cold breath at night. Oh, damn it, little thing!
This deer-like blur is absolutely fatal to him.
"I didn’t lie to you!" He answered!
"But you didn’t laugh!" Not laughing means unhappy! Kexin is so recognized!
"Want me to laugh?"
"yeah!" She thinks he looks good when he smiles! And she loves it.
"Climb up to me!"
"Ah?" Ke Xin stare at a small mouth and grow into a cute O-shape.
"Cross your legs and sit by me …" Nan Chen night continued to abduct.
"Don’t you want me to laugh? Then listen to me! "
"Oh, all right!" Kexin should be ashamed to cover the place where he felt very shy and slowly sat down according to his instructions. Of course, he never dared to look at his eyes.
"Very good!" The dark eyes of Nanchen night can almost ignite a fire.
"Don’t hide here, you are beautiful!" Pull her little white arm, and his hot eyes stare at her beautiful body.
Kexin was even more shy when he looked at her little face like this. She was flustered and didn’t know that she felt ashamed to be optimistic about him! And bare body ma sense.
Reach out and cover his eyes, pouting and blushing, "Don’t look!"
"Ha ha!" Nan Chen chuckled at night and loved her little appearance at the moment. "What’s not allowed for me?"
"I … I feel so ashamed of my face …" Kexin told him what she thought and she felt that those places could not be seen!
"It’s normal for a baby to be looked at by his own man …" Nan Chen replied seriously without breaking her hand to block her sight. He likes her game! I am more willing to cooperate with her, but in the end, he will definitely not spare her easily. Tonight, she will wait for mercy and say no!
"Really?" But it is true that she prefers that he doesn’t like it!
"Of course!"
"Still don’t!" I want to open my hand, but she still feels awkward. Oh, I still feel shy!
"Then don’t look!" Nanchen night sinks.
"Are you angry?" Judging from his tone, he felt angry.
Kexin felt that she had done something wrong again. She looked at the eyes as if they were small animals about to be abandoned. "Do you hate me again?"
"Then why do you hate me?" She wants to know why!
"Because you don’t show it to your man!"
"Then you won’t hate me if I show you?"
"yes! Not only do I not hate you, I will like you! "
"Really?" Listen to him and you will like yourself? Kexin is a little happy and expecting.

"What? Qiu Chuji is dead? I don’t believe it! " Zhou Botong suddenly rushed over and grabbed Ling Feiyang by the collar and asked, "What’s going on? Tell me quickly!"

Zhou Botong was trapped in the island of Huang Yaoshi for more than ten years. Ling Feiyang knew everything about the outside world, so he picked up some important events and told him. Although Zhou Botong was stubborn, he was not confused. He temporarily restrained his playfulness and listened carefully to Ling Feiyang’s story.
喝茶约茶  title="If this hateful Huang Laoxie hadn’t trapped me here, my disciples and grandchildren wouldn’t have suffered so much injustice!" Zhou Botong suddenly put the resentment in his heart on Huang Yaoshi and shouted at the top of his voice, "Huang Laoxie, you little puss-head, get out of here! I want to find you desperately!"
Zhou Botong’s superb gas-filled cry shocked Ling Feiyang’s ears to numb, but there was still no movement after calling for more than a dozen peach blossoms in succession.
Zhou Botong was so tired that he sat down and said nothing. Ling Feiyang also sat next to him and comforted him. "I will definitely take you out of this peach blossom array after dawn!"
"With these stones, you can get out of the peach blossom array?" Zhou Botong asked with disbelief.
"You don’t understand that this is called’ left-handed rule’ plus’ stone positioning * *’. If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet!" Ling Feiyang pointed to the four words and said, "If I can’t walk out of this peach blossom array, I will yell these four words ten times, but if I can walk out, you should yell ten times!"
Ling Feiyang had long known that Zhou Botong’s playful personality had made a bet with him. Zhou Botong rolled his eyes a few times and then clapped his hands and shouted, "Good, good, then we have a deal that whoever loses is an idiot!"
"Don’t you ever pick up all my marked stones again!" Ling Feiyang has guessed his mind from Zhou Botong’s expression.
"Okay, okay, then I won’t play this bet!" Zhou Botong’s trick was exposed, but he didn’t want to admit that he was a fool, so he pursed his mouth like a child who did something wrong.
Ling Feiyang bent down to pick up the small stones one by one. Zhou Botong also leaned in to help him pick up the stones and said, "I have been trapped by this peach blossom array for more than ten years. If you can take me away, I can promise you anything you want!"
Zhou Botong’s words were really early when Ling Feiyang calculated that Ling Feiyang’s face was motionless and said, "You are my granduncle. Should I help you and how dare I learn martial arts from you?"
"You said you were embarrassed. You must be thinking about letting me teach you martial arts!" Zhou Botong said, "I can’t leave until tomorrow. I’ll teach you some martial arts tonight!"
At this time, it was already a month when Zhou Botong went to the peach blossom bushes and the moonlight began to punch. This fist did not carry any wind, but it seemed to be weak on the surface, but it was just a trick to avoid the heavy weight. It was Zhou Botong’s 72-way "boxing" that created martial arts.
"This fist is a soft fist, but the top martial arts in this day can’t be learned overnight. Guo Jing also learned the essence of this fist for more than a month …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Zhou Botong, but he had already finished a set of fists.
"Remember?" Zhou Botong asked ling Feiyang.
"Of course I can’t remember you playing so fast …" Ling Feiyang said naively. "It’s good that I can learn two or three of your seventy-two tricks one night …"
"That how to do! What should I do! " Zhou Botong seems to be more anxious than Ling Feiyang. After a while, he suddenly said, "I’ll teach you these boxing moves when I have a chance. Today I’ll teach you a quick practice first!"
Ling Feiyang was overjoyed and quickly said, "Thank you, granduncle!"
Zhou Botong went on to say, "My fist moves really depend on sixteen words, namely, mind formula, loose mouth, wind and dream, rushing to the poor and making tricks, and tong Yong’s bow worm. The most basic of these sixteen words is this word!"
Zhou Botong suddenly stretched out his right palm and said, "Give me a push and I’ll try your kung fu!"
Ling Feiyang stretched out his palm in accordance with the words, Zhou Botong’s right palm offset, and then coagulated his strength, but his arm just arrived in Zhou Botong and suddenly disappeared.
"Shen Shen demonstrated strength!" Zhou Botong was very dissatisfied with Ling Feiyang’s strength. Ling Feiyang also knew that his own strength could not hurt him, so he poured into Zhou Botong with authentic real strength.
"How small you are, you must have surpassed Liu Chuxuan’s deserved strength, and Tan Chuduan is not lost to Wang Chuyi." Ling Fei Yang Li kept coming to Zhou Botong, but Zhou Botong still kept talking. It seems that Ling Feiyang’s palm was deformed without any effort.
Suddenly Zhou Botong will arm a shrink ling float in the sky to detain unstable straight forward!
Zhou Botong grabbed Ling Feiyang’s arm and stopped him. Then he said, "See clearly that this is the essence of the word” tactic. If you lack it, it will not harm you. If you can’t rush it, you need to transport it to the moves, and you will get unexpected results."
After more than an hour, Zhou Botong explained the key points of the word ""to Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang felt that he benefited a lot, and then he thought that some martial arts in the True Religion, the Ancient Tombs School and the Jiuyin Zhenjing were very good. It seems that the trick of "Kang Long has regrets" can make this skill change subtly, so that he can use his strength to defeat the enemy.
At this time, it was already late at night, but it was natural for Zhou Botong to meet a person with so many talents. He was very excited and said, "I have taught you for so long, now you can play a game with me!"
"What game?" Ling Feiyang asked
"The Four Kingdoms War!" Zhou Botong said cheerfully.
Chapter 9 Hands fighting each other
"The four kingdoms war? Isn’t that just fighting with your hands? " Ling Feiyang has long wanted to ask Zhou Botong for this kung fu, but Zhou Botong has taken the initiative to come out because of his fun.
"My left hand is one person’s right hand is one person’s, and your hands are two people and four people’s melee. It must be very interesting for no one to help anyone! You are optimistic, I will show you one first! " Zhou Botong said that it was true to hit the right hand with a palm, and the left hand opened it and punched it, but it was his own fist moves.
Zhou Botong hands pushing left and right to defend himself and his playing is very fierce. Ling Feiyang looked at his heart and admired him.
"You won’t be distracted yet. Let’s play the Three Kingdoms War first!" Zhou Botong said with a clap of his left hand to Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang hurriedly also tried his best to parry. However, Ling Feiyang’s hands still beat Zhou Botong’s first-hand view of being forced to resist Zhou Botong’s right hand, but after several moves, Zhou Botong’s left hand gradually became overwhelmed, and his right hand, in turn, helped to repel Ling Feiyang’s offensive so repeatedly that Wei, Shu and Wu fought for a long time before stopping to rest.
"Have fun! I’ll teach you distraction! " Zhou Botong picked up two branches from the ground and handed them to Ling Feiyang.
"I have to practice drawing circles with my left hand and my right hand first, right?" Ling Feiyang asked
"Cong!" Zhou Botong praised.
Ling Feiyang squatted down to try to converge his mind and tried to draw different shapes with his hands. However, after trying many times, it was not the same party, the same circle, or the square was not square, and the circle was not round, so there was no possibility of success.
Physiologically speaking, the so-called multi-tasking means that the frontal lobe of the human brain assigns different things through nerve fibers, which should be an innate function of human beings, just like computer multi-process processing system. However, as the baby grows up, the cerebral cortex enables people to pay more attention to the most important secondary trigger conditions, which leads to the gradual degradation of multi-tasking. As the social environment becomes more and more complicated, most people have disappeared, not to mention multi-tasking, even if they are single-minded, they can almost do it.
However, a few people in this world have retained the skill of "one mind and two minds". For example, in the original work, Zhou Botong, Guo Jing and Little Dragon Girl have one common feature, that is, their nature is pure and their mind is distracted.
Ling Feiyang’s nature is not simple at all, and there are countless distractions in his heart, especially for women. In the eyes of ancient people, it can be said that sin is unforgivable
"It seems that I can’t even take the first step. Is it my fate to fight with my hands?" Ling Feiyang looked at all kinds of irregular graphics on the ground and gradually became disheartened.
"Even if you can’t learn such a simple thing, you don’t want to admit that you are an idiot!" Zhou Botong also gradually lost patience with him but didn’t know that Ling Feiyang couldn’t learn this technology precisely because he was not an idiot.
It was already late at night, when Zhou Botong couldn’t play into the Four Kingdoms War, and suddenly he fell asleep on the lawn. Ling Feiyang was still unwilling to continue practicing with branches in both hands, but he felt a sense of drowsiness and gradually lost his mind.
Ling Feiyang seems to see two gentle and graceful beauties coming up to him. One is Han Xiaoying, and the other is Bing Xin Ling Feiyang. She can’t help but stretch out her hands and hold Han Xiaoying’s shoulders with her left hand and hug Bing Xin’s waist with her right hand. However, both hands haven’t touched the beauty body yet, but the two beauties suddenly disappear in a flash.
"It turned out to be a dream … I can’t see you again until Xiao Ying Bing Xin doesn’t know …" Ling Feiyang’s heart was so missing that he found himself with his hands still holding the branches, so he absently wrote the words.
"Xiao Ying, Bing Xin" Ling Feiyang finished writing these four words and fell asleep completely.
"wake up, wake up!" Ling Feiyang was awakened by Zhou Botong at first light the next day.
"When did you write these four words?" Zhou Botong pointed to the writing and asked Ling Feiyang eagerly.
Ling float in the sky to some sleepy but see these four words immediately wake up!
"Before I went to sleep, I actually wrote two different words in both hands at the same time!" Ling Feiyang thought, "This difficulty is much higher than’ drawing a square with left hand and drawing a circle with right hand’! Can I have one heart and two minds? "
Ling Feiyang immediately picked up the two branches from the ground and squatted down to draw squares with his left hand and circles with his right hand. However, it was counterproductive. He finally drew two irregular shapes.
"Still can’t? So what happened last night before going to bed? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is a mystery, so I don’t think about this problem for the time being, but my heart still has some hope for this matter.
"It seems that you didn’t write it at the same time, and I learned to be single-minded?" Zhou Botong was very disappointed and immediately asked, "These four words seem to be the names of two women. Are they your lovers?"
"Should be …" Ling float in the sky is not hiding.
"Why do you want so many women? I have a headache …" Zhou Botong said with a sigh and seemed to think of Liu Guifei of Dali.
"Do you miss women too, granduncle?" Ling Feiyang jokingly asked
"Women are really annoying. I have offended my friends, offended my senior, and lost my virginity, so I can’t practice my magic … although I don’t want to marry her, I can’t forget her, and I don’t know whether she is well now … Women are even more shameful. It’s a big deal to teach her to touch acupuncture points and let her touch acupuncture points all over your body … On the whole, I advise you not to mess with women …" Zhou Botong, a woman, immediately talked endlessly without a preface.
Ling Feiyang didn’t have the patience to listen to him say these * * affairs with another idea in his heart.
"I have copied the book of Jiuyin Zhenjing from Chen Xuanfeng’s skin for a long time, but it is part of the book in the stone chamber of the tomb of the living dead, and there is still a lack of a Sanskrit writing outline. According to the plot, Jiuyin Zhenjing should be here in Zhou Botong. If I can extract this part of the scripture that has not yet been reached, I can no longer be restricted in practicing the book!"
"As early as Wang Zhongyang’s deathbed, he ordered all his true brothers not to practice martial arts in the Nine-Yin True Sutra, and I was really taught three generations of brothers, Zhou Botong, who had always been obedient to his brother. It was definitely impossible to lend me this Sutra …"

Allen pouted or nodded.

"I listen to mommy."
The two ladies in the house hurried after them.
Mrs. Qi looked at Allen and then at Lin Ya and asked, "Yaya, do you think the children should come with me today?"
Lin Ya frowned and bent down to ask Allen for advice. "Does Grandma Qi let you go to her house to play?"
品茶论坛But the little blurt asked, "Is Mommy going?"
Lin Ya’s face was embarrassed. "Mommy doesn’t go, Mommy has work to do."
Allen shook his little head. "Since Mommy won’t go, Allen won’t go either."
His wife a listen to panic "don’t ah Allen grandma at home to prepare a lot of toys for you! You live with grandma for one day. "
As he spoke, he was going to pull Allen’s arm, but the little one said, "I don’t want it!"
Then quickly flash to hide behind Lin Ya.
Mrs. Qi looked at Lin Ya somewhat naively. "Yaya, what can I do?"
My own grandson refused to go back with her, which is really killing me!
Mrs. Mu said airily, "Since the child doesn’t like it, forget it."
Wu Meifang was unhappy when she heard it. "What do you mean, forget it? I’ve been preparing for so long. Forget it every time! Besides, he will have to come home with me sooner or later! "
Allen hide behind Lin Ya dark and liquid to see looking at the two men you sentence her sentence.
Hold Lin Ya’s leg tightly and say, "I’ll go wherever Mommy goes."
Wu Meifang begged her eyes to look at Lin Ya when she heard this. "Ya Ya or …"
Before she finished mu lady sink a face, "don’t even think about it! My daughter-in-law ran to your house. This is nothing! "
If this is a big article for the intentional media, her son will face it! Where does she want to put her fake face?
"Yaya ~" Mrs. Qi ignored her and begged Lin Ya.
Luo Linyu directly reached out and grabbed Lin Ya’s arm. "Come back with me!"
"Yaya!" Wu Meifang also grabbed Lin Ya’s other arm.
"Stop arguing!" Lin Ya shouted a little, and then looked at the ground. Allen said, "Mommy will take you to Grandma Qi’s house. You can stay for a while. If you want to stay, we can go back to Grandma Mu’s house together, okay?"
Mrs. Qi was happy when she heard this. "That’s a good idea!"
Luo Linyu is really reluctant, but Lin Ya has already opened her mouth and she can’t help it.
"Then I will accompany you!"
In case of being photographed, at least the media with her will not dare to make it up too much.
Forty minutes later.
Several people rushed to Qijia Mansion, where Mrs Qi made people make tea, and then led Allen to his room to see toys.
There is a pile of toys in the house, and almost all kinds of limited toys are collected! It can be seen that this time Chyi Yu has made great efforts to please here!
Obviously, his move was effective. Allen was quickly attracted by those toys.
Lin Ya, watching him play happily, feels that he should not want to go back with himself today.
Mrs Qi and Mrs Mu accompanied him in the toy room.
Linya came out of the stairs and found Chyi Yu’s house.
I looked up and saw the man coming out of the room.
She is no stranger to Qijia. In the early years, before Chyi Yu moved those crooked thoughts to her, she often came and went.
Later, Mrs. Qi went to kiss Tang Yuanshan before she gradually alienated Chyi Yu.
The man obviously saw her, too, and came towards her with a smile.
Lin Ya casually asked, "Didn’t you go to the company today?"
"I just got back from talking with a few guests."
Lin Ya listened to the light and said "Oh"
Section 13
Then I heard Chyi Yu say, "Do you mind coming to my room?"
Lin Ya said with a shrug "Good"
She followed him to step in, lifted her eyes and glanced at the room, which was no different from before.
The cabinet is still standing against the wall, and even the table is still the same.
Seeing these reminds her of the time when she was a child.
Chyi Yu went over and picked up a photo frame of the table.
Asked, "Remember this?"
Lin Ya’s low eyes saw a girl in a white dress sitting in a dark brown wooden photo frame and looking down at one
When was that yourself? It’s been so long that she can’t remember.
She couldn’t help bending her mouth when her fingers brushed the photo.
Seeing this photo reminds her of a lot of the past.
It seems that her fate began to change from that year. In that year, Tang Yuanshan married Zhang Meili and brought Tang Ying. In that year, her family moved from J City to Kyoto.
Chyi Yu put the photo frame like a memory, and it seemed to be intentional. "That was the first time I saw Tang Wan beautiful and refined, which made me fall in love at first sight."
Hearing this, Lin Ya rolled her eyes. "It’s not love at first sight, it’s a big heart!"
In the second year, he urged his mother to kiss!
How old was she when I went? Underage! What about him? It seems that ten years old is still a few months away!
Chyi Yu listened and smiled. "Well, she said she was going to sue me for child molestation! Do you remember? "

My wife is also welcome to come to me in high heels, and then her beautiful eyes are not good at staring at Zhao Siying. "What do you want to talk about when you come to our husband and wife?"

I sat down, but my wife was still there. I pulled her, and she was willing to sit down. Even if she sat down, her wife was still staring at Zhao Siying.
桑拿It doesn’t matter how angry my wife is if she doesn’t set a trap for me to cheat. Anyway, this anger is not about fighting for who I love.
"Girl you go upstairs first" Zhao Siying rushed YuQingXue commanded.
My little girl is reluctant, but this time she is very obedient and pursed her mouth and went upstairs.
"Miss Zhao, you need a solution from our husband and wife …"
I was just about to question Zhao Siying. I didn’t expect my wife to simply grab the coffee table cup and throw it at Zhao Siying’s face. Fortunately, this is clean water and not hot, otherwise Zhao Siying will be disfigured.
Zhao Siying closed her eyes and smoked her cheek muscles. Obviously, she was angry, but she suppressed her anger and smoked tissue to clean the water stains on her face. However, a lot of water in the neckline didn’t come to clean it, and it flowed into her neckline. My clothes were wet and my eyes were straight.
I was worried about her jealousy around my wife. I peeked at her carefully and found that her attention was full of Zhao Si. Only then did I feel at ease and continue to appreciate the beauty in spring.
"Zhao Siying, why do you want to leave our marital relationship? If you don’t give me an explanation today, don’t blame me for being rude to you."
It’s the first time I’ve seen my wife so angry.
Zhao Siying’s face is also dark and blunt, and his wife tries to reckon, "I’m sorry that I specially invited you here today just to apologize. I’m also entrusted by my friends. I hope Miss Su won’t get angry."
"I’m Mrs. Sun, not miss."
"I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. I know you hate me for setting up a trap away from your husband and wife, but I mean it for the best."
"A kindness?" I can’t help but sneer at "what good intentions can a husband and wife leave others"
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look. "The person who asked me to do this is my good friend. She told me something. As far as I know, Mr. Sun, you don’t seem to believe your wife."
"What do you mean?" I frowned.
Zhao Siying gave me a slightly meaningful look and then looked at his wife and asked, "Mrs. Sun, do you dare to say that your husband and wife have no problems recently?"
"We …" My wife looked at me in an awkward way. I glared at Zhao Siying with a black face. "What are you trying to say?"
Zhao Siying smiled slightly smugly. "I won’t beat around the bush when the person who commissioned me to set up the bureau told me something. Mr. Sun, why do you suspect that your wife is cheating? That person didn’t tell me, and I don’t want to get into it. But she wanted to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be misinterpreted and cheated. I cooperated to set up this bureau to test your loyalty to your wife on the one hand and to let you know that it doesn’t feel good to be wronged on the other."
I frowned deeply. Who would be so idle as to interfere in our husband and wife’s private affairs and not tell Zhao Siying that it is not necessarily true? What if she is out again?
I quickly looked at my wife, who frowned deeply and seemed to think about the truth of her words.
Zhao Siying went on to say, "I know you doubt whether what I said is true or not. I thought there would be a showdown before I did anything, so I signed an agreement with that man today. Although this agreement has no legal effect, it can hardly prove that everything I did was inspired by her and she really wanted your husband and wife to be happy."
Zhao Siying pulled the tea table drawer and took out a contract and handed it to me.
I took it and opened it with my wife. I found that it was a handwritten agreement, but Zhao Siying actually painted the name of the person at the signature.
"What are you doing? What are you going to do?"
I am angry and stare at Zhao Siying.
"I’m sorry, Miss Sun. I don’t want her to know that I betrayed her."
"Hum, I want to set up a chastity memorial arch after making a watch." My wife rudely hurt her by saying that I smiled awkwardly next to her, which was reasonable but too rough.
Zhao Siying didn’t get annoyed, but smiled faintly. "I’m sorry, Mrs. Sun. We agreed early in the morning that we can’t get her out because she still wants to be friends with you."
"So this is someone around me. You didn’t draft this agreement, did you?"
"I didn’t write it"
"That’s good. I told you that this handwriting is so familiar. This nosy woman is a person around me. She is so familiar with my family’s affairs and her handwriting is so familiar …"
My wife was lost in thought, then she took out her mobile phone and opened some documents and photos. Some people signed them one by one. Before Li Jie’s signed photo, she stopped and sighed, "How could it be Li Jie?"
"Is it her?" I was shocked. How is that possible? Does she have a stomachache when she is full? I cann’t believe I have nothing to do to get involved in our husband and wife
"I didn’t expect Mrs. Sun to be so clever that I didn’t say anything." Zhao Siying immediately picked herself clean.
Section 9
I took a deep look at her and then at the agreement in my wife’s hand, and I felt something was wrong.
What, Zhao Siying suddenly asked my wife to explain so much, and did Li Jie really write this agreement? If she writes about what she wants to do, do we have to mind her own business?
My wife and I are so gullible. Why did we go there long ago? We just lied for our wife and lied to me. Besides, she is an unfaithful woman. She may want me to see if my wife and I have a harmonious relationship. A woman like her wants my wife to cheat and then mock me.
I think this agreement can be forged afterwards, so I can study Li Jie’s handwriting for me. I can imitate it for a long time. Will this be another game for Zhao Siying? But what is her purpose?
And …
All kinds of doubts are rising and wandering in my heart, which makes my head so big
The body of the Chapter 56 【 Li Daitao stiff 】
"Why did you suddenly choose to show your cards to us and say these things? Since you are entrusted, you should be loyal to people."
Although I appreciate Zhao Siying’s sudden honesty, I’m not sure how sincere she has shown. Now I’m going to analyze my doubts one by one and get answers from her.
Otherwise, we can’t say anything on the basis of this agreement, and maybe it will mislead us to find trouble with Li Jie.
Zhao Siying gave me a deep look and replied, "Lin Miaomiao informed me that she persuaded me to have a showdown with you."
"She?" I frowned.
"That’s right, Miss Sun doesn’t know if your wife told you that she wanted to play along. Lin Miaomiao played a good play in front of me and was teased around by you. I might as well confess and be lenient as soon as possible."
The wife sneered, "Yes, Lin Miaomiao did promise to act well in front of me. I didn’t expect to defect with you in an instant. How many benefits did you give her to make her so dead set on you?"
"The advantage is not that it was my daughter who helped her when she was in the most difficult time. She was grateful."
Zhao Siying’s words made me want to roll my eyes. What am I grateful for? It’s just holding someone’s bed and threatening them. Although it’s shameful for Lin Miaomiao to betray his wife, I don’t blame her for bowing to the mother and daughter when I was taken so desperately.
My wife snorted and was too lazy to talk nonsense with her. I continued to ask, "Well, I can believe that you listened to Lin Miaomiao’s persuasion and chose to abandon evil …"
Zhao Siying interrupted me and said, "Mr. Sun, I know you doubt my sincerity. Do you have this need? Your wife is very powerful, but I can’t play with her. I have to confess all this to her."
"Huh?" I was surprised and confused. I looked at my wife and whispered in my ear, "Remember my private investigator friend? He helped me find out that several of them were false accounts, tax evasion and hard evidence of tax evasion in Zhao Siying Company. If I publish these things, she will die. "
I looked at my wife in amazement. I never imagined that my wife had such a powerful help behind her back. How could she know such a powerful private investigator that she could even get fake accounts?
The mystery of my wife’s body deepened, which made me more and more incomprehensible.
"Teacher Sun, you can trust my sincerity now."

Qin Miao Miao practice busy let small six get safflower oil for her medicine rubbed.

Frowning, "How did it hurt like this? Otherwise, body double would be fine."
Jiao Jiao grinned. "No, I can be a newcomer. I can play the heroine. Others say that my hidden rules are jealous to death. If I go to body double again, I estimate that the spittle star will drown me. Besides, the winner is not as big as body double."
Qin Miao Miao followed her eyes to communicate with the director.
It is said that the most handsome face of a serious man can really reverse the types of all beings. Looking at the whole entertainment circle, it is estimated that no one can compete with him, especially acting.
Such a character base is regarded as a shrine.
Qin Miao Miao looked at him and thought of Lu Qing’s nose, which should be more outlined, more stereoscopic, with thicker eyebrows, a little higher than Lan’s, and the background should be more generous. The profile is better for her husband.
She shook her head to prevent herself from thinking about what was going on.
Everyone thought of him. Last night, she didn’t know what possessed her, so she confessed directly, and then she got angry. Lu Qing said that his body told her how much she loved her.
Her waist still hurts.
"What do you want to look so rippling?
Jiao Jiao suddenly Simon Simon embarrassed hurriedly return to absolute being.
"Ahem, I didn’t think of anything."
"You’re full of peach blossoms, and you haven’t tried to cheat anyone yet. I think the man in your family said that Lu Shao has been very good to you recently, but you should be on high alert and be careful that he is on a whim. If he is not good to you behind, divorce him directly and share half of his property."
"Or I’ll find you some younger brothers to cuckold him."
Qin Miao Miao sobbed at the corner of her mouth. If Lu Qing heard her talk, it would really kill her.
Not far away, Xiaoliu caught a glimpse of Jiao Jiao. Tut tut dared to say such a thing. She was not as timid as usual.
Remembering what Lu Qing told him, it’s still reasonable to make the girl have less contact with the young lady. It’s easy to confuse her to find her little brother to cuckold Lu Shao.
She is really tired of living.
Qin Miao Miao can’t laugh or cry: "Jiao Jiao, don’t talk nonsense. My husband and I are fine."
"Tut tut called her husband. It seems that he gave you a fascinating soup. Anyway, men are so virtuous. If he bullies you again, you tell me and we will plot again."
Small six look at Jiao Jiao’s eyes more and more bizarre, and resolutely support the policy of less land to keep little lady away from this woman who is more handsome than men.
"What are you talking about? So happy."
Lan came over. He was a villain in his film, dressed up a little decadent and abnormal, but still handsome and thrilling.
Small six very alert to watch him alert alert less enemy approaching carefully again carefully.
The Happy National Day Club will be updated from time to time, and occasionally it will be smaller. Let’s wait slowly:
Chapter 216 Hello, Aunt Xiao Biao
Jiao Jiao eyed haze slightly satisfied with Qin Miaomiao bit her ear.
"I think he is good. If you kick Lu Qing, you can consider him.
What a mess? It seems that the former Qin Miaomiao complained to her too much, which led to her bad impression of Lu Qing and encouraged her to climb the wall easily.
"You like you"
Jiao Jiao shook his head. "It’s not my thing. I like to be soft and cute. Listen to me. I ravage the type."
Lan stared at the two women whispering and couldn’t help but hum a.
桑拿网"I’m still alive."
"Best actor, you talk to Simon, Simon, and I’ll go and watch the play next to you."
Before leaving, I gave Qin Miaomiao a glad eye to let her have a good grasp.
Small six nerve a tense up ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Just as he hesitated, he withdrew his hand. Hum, you are fast.
"Simon Simon, you have something on your shoulder."
Lan swept away the fallen leaves on her shoulders. Qin Miaomiao looked at his eyes and called them gentle like water, scaring her with a shiver.
"You should call my cousin Lan. You want to use me as a shield again. Which girl do you want to dump?"
Lan wry smile "Simon Simon you so don’t believe me"

Gao Xi’ an said bitterly, but no one could answer his words. The tactics were worked out by everyone, but after all, Gao Xi’ an had to say it.

They have studied this array for a long time to make up for the lack of ap in the output, but the mouse was broken by a Riven, and this famous cow in Riven can never be limited by an ad.
"Wait for the result …"
Analysts sighed, and they felt a sense of frustration, even the mood of the command field was gone.
"This is China’s big move! It’s really effective! "
On the other hand, Xiaoyue praised China’s choice.
"Well, the main control of the Korean team is Leona, followed by Ritz and Dashu, but in the face of the control of Gariod’s Ritz Dashu, it is impossible to interrupt him. The big burden naturally falls to Leona, but Leona has to protect the mouse from being cut to death by Riven, which becomes a dilemma," Liker said.
"What about changing trees to protect mice?" Abortion question
"There are widows in the front row, and there is no hard control over Gariod. You can bypass him and kill in the Korean team!" Liker said
Abortion nodded, and she especially wanted to know who found the breakthrough point of the South Korean team. This array was really too busy, and a heavy hero played such an excellent effect.
However, as we all know, it was an accident that all this happened. If it was him, he wouldn’t be so late in the selection.
If the South Korean team had known before that Lu Zhan Gariod would never have put a hard-core hero field.
They don’t lead much in this game, but the morale of the Korean team has dropped again and again because of the land show.
The more Gariod’s anti-magic equipment, the stronger the opponent’s ap.
Ritz is also late, but Gariod is the first. Ritzgen can’t beat him. He is much harder than Fatan’s famous Ritz.
It’s not surprising that the last two equipment ice battles were completed in three minutes, but the last land exhibition actually produced a twin shadow!
Chapter 3 Take the fourth game!
Twin Shadow is an uncommon equipment. Besides the basic effect, this active skill can make you shine. The little ghost will slow down the other hero when he finds it.
约茶The last piece of equipment, everyone will show a Langton or resurrect the Class A defense equipment, but it is still an attack!
"Addition imposes the moving speed and reduces the enemy’s speed. This is not to give the other party a way out!" Liker said
"Well, there’s cooling down. He’s excited. The Holy Grail plus this twin shadow, 4% minus D, is enough. I don’t think his talent should be minus D. This set of arrays has made up a big 12-second move. Now it takes more than 7 seconds a minute. It doesn’t seem long at all!" Xiaoyue said
"Don’t stick to one pattern … he gives people the feeling that a hero can get up with equipment. He has no waste in his hand!" Liker ponders that every game of land exhibition is an innovation.
"Praise words are all suitable for him!" Abortion finally said 1
Next, the key game of the fourth game between the two sides began.
45 minutes has taken a long time. It seems that today’s game has been dragged on for a long time.
The first shot was made by China team Lu Zhan. Gariod judged that the other team had a row of views at the big dragon, so he went to the river and pressed a twin shadow on the partition wall at the corridor of their home.
Two transparent ghosts wagged their tails and bent forward, only to meet the mouse that came to hide.
"Is it luck or judgment? !”
The audience didn’t think about it, so the two sides hit each other.
Gariod, the twin shadow deceleration mouse, flashed and chased away!
The partition wall has twin shadows and the partition wall flashes. IMP didn’t escape at all.
For the first time in this game, one person was bigger, but it was the most important person in the other team.
"This is what the twin shadow reason! With the twin shadows attacking Gariod, it has become a stable opening point. "
It happened that at this time, Leona lined up in the Zhengda Dragon Canyon when she needed it.
It takes 2 seconds for Lu Zhan to finish reading the big move. In 2 seconds, no one in the Korean team came near except Ritz.
They didn’t expect the mouse to be invisible when it was caught. Natural support was slow.
But the China team didn’t give up this opportunity, and both the blind monk and Riven rushed over.
What, this game didn’t let Tianlan choose his favorite emperor?
Isn’t the Emperor more suitable to cooperate with Gariod?
Many people have thought so, but the blow of Lu Zhan has already said the answer.
Blind monks seldom beat the first hand in this game.
China’s team has Tian Lan and Lu Zhan, which won’t be Lu Zhan and Tian Lan’s Lu Zhan. He doesn’t need the emperor to help him circle people. He needs the blind monk to kick Leona away!

"Get up. I’m not leaving. I’m watching you from behind."

The sudden words behind me made me get up straight from the floor, and I didn’t hesitate to smoke my soul, as if I had returned to my body immediately.
Hugging her, my mouth choked: "Don’t go, really don’t go."
It turns out that parting scares me so much, and it makes me lose my mind.
Chapter 15 My Gift
Surprise is always disappointing, and the situation suddenly appears. It turns out that I hate leaving me so much and I am so hesitant.
I’m really afraid that Yan Jiaxin will leave my life one by one and my surroundings one by one just like them.
This city is my dream and my dream city. I want to make a fortune here, have friends here and have relatives and loved ones here.
She has a scent that I have never smelled before, as fresh as cloves. "You make me afraid to see you go straight. I am really afraid that you will leave my city one by one like them."
At the moment, I really rely on holding her like a child. I am used to loneliness, but I am not used to parting.
"I’m afraid that you’re walking on the left and I’m walking on the right. I’m afraid that if you go away, there will really be no one around me." I released my nature and said whatever I wanted to say.
"But I didn’t go far. The tree behind you looked at you, and you were so desperate and hesitant."
"I dare not gamble because I don’t want to watch you leave one by one and I can stay where I am."
She pushed me away and smiled. I’m sure it was so pure but so disturbing. "Do you know what? Will everyone leave?"
I shook my head and looked blank, which showed that I was not white. I wanted her to tell me what people would leave and why.
"Because everyone has found their own goals, I will go until the cause is truly stable. I should also go and live with my dreams and find a stable harbor. I don’t want him to be handsome or rich. I want him to give me the most personal help when I need help. I can rest assured that I can do my favorite thing. It is enough for people to love me like grandpa."
This is her dream and the reason why she left. For Yan Jiaxin, the origin is a sustenance from her grandfather. She wants to keep the origin real and intact, and watch it grow and grow like a child.
When it grows, it’s time for her to let go. She can exert great pressure to pursue her happiness and find her harbor.
As for me, can I find my own sustenance like her?
"Then what is your dream?" I finally asked her with confusion and curiosity.
"Love that purest, truest and most beloved is also my heart to feel the life perfusion."
She walked to the back, and I lit a cigarette with her and watched her walk. The back was so secure, and she walked step by step. It was so pedaling but it was very secure.
I don’t know where she will go at all, because I think if I follow her ahead, I won’t lose my way. Even if there is no light on this road and there is no flashing neon lights, I can naturally walk for money as in the daytime.
喝茶约茶The surrounding temperature is getting lower and lower, and the snow is falling slowly in this gloomy day. She stopped and held out her hand to pick up the falling snow. It was so quiet.
"It’s snowing." She looked up at the sky, and the snow was falling slowly on her face, which made me feel like I saw such a picture, and the purple lilac was like being covered with a white coat.
She turned to look at me and said, "Do you like snowy days?"
I nodded, "I like it because it happened to snow on the day I was born."
"Me, too," she said again, taking out her mobile phone. "It’s my birthday as soon as this night passes. I’m glad I can see snow every birthday."
She didn’t say anything. She walked on. The snow was not heavy yet. I followed Yan Jiaxin slowly to the place where I used to eat. She drove me to my residence.
"What gift do you want?" I asked her at my own door. She smiled and didn’t give me an accurate answer. After saying the word "casual", she walked towards the building.
I lay in my bed and thought about what gift to give her, but I didn’t have a definite idea because I didn’t know what to give to match this girl.
At twelve o’clock, I called Yan Jiaxin on my mobile phone, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she fell asleep. I wanted to give her a blessing first. It seems that I can wait.
After another hour, I still didn’t fall asleep. I took out my mobile phone and played with it for about half an hour. When I was bored, I put my mobile phone aside and thought about falling asleep again, but I still couldn’t sleep.
It’s already three o’clock in the morning, and I have no choice but to lie down, even if I get up at night to play games. I just sat up from the bed and got up, and I found that snowflakes were falling outside the window. I opened the window and watched the snowflakes falling slowly outside the window, and I smiled happily.
Looking at the layers of snow on the ground, I suddenly came up with inspiration.
With this inspiration, I opened the door directly and went to the building. The snow kept getting bigger and bigger, and my hand touched the ground. The snow was freezing cold.
I wanted to get a glove before I found out that I was wearing a pajamas key. I didn’t have any thoughts or hesitation in the original coat. After I got a good position, I started to get a base. After I finished the base, I grabbed a handful of snow from the ground and rubbed it for a while. Then I rolled it on the ground and put it on the base. This cycle was repeated.
At 6 o’clock in the morning, when I inserted those two branches into the snowman, I finally sighed with peace of mind. I reached out and rubbed it for a while, trying to rub my cold hand to rub it.
"Happy Birthday" I finally started talking to her, and at the same time I was running nose and shivering from time to time.
"Thank you. Why do you have a cold?" She seemed to hear something was wrong with me.
I don’t want to disturb her mood today because of this topic, just say "you open the window"
She sighed with doubt and soon opened the window. Looking at the window, her expression was surprised. I held back my trembling and put on a smiling face, pointing to the snowman next to her and shouted, "I hope you like this gift."
In order to write Yan Jiaxin better, I am a snowman, and she immediately pulled up the window after I shouted. I wondered what was going on, didn’t she like it?
I began to lose myself and stared at the snowy man next to me. I lamented and turned around to go to the building. At this moment, a sudden embrace hugged me directly.
"Thank you for the surprise. Thank you for the gift."
Chapter 16 Lao Lai and Ugly Girl
"Lei Hao, you know, I was really shocked when I opened the window. Looking at this snowman, I was so familiar and touched. I vaguely remember that when I was a child, my grandfather always accompanied me to build such a snowman on a snowy birthday. At that time, the snowman was my best friend in winter. Although he could not talk, I could change his expression by hand. I laughed at it and made faces at me. It could also make faces at me."
Yan Jiaxin held me tightly in her hands, and now my mood is driven by her words full of memories.
Her mouth is full of memories. "When I was a child, I had no friends. I was an ugly girl who studied hard. No one wanted to play with me or communicate with me. Everyone always looked at me with such disgust. I always had this idea: Did my parents abandon me because of my ugliness? The more I think about it, the more I feel inferior. I hate myself more and more. What could be such an ugly girl with such inferiority? I dare not look in the mirror and face the ugliness."
The more I talked, the more she choked and became more sad. I patted the girl on the back and comforted her in a silent way to listen to the girl.
Her words continued: "Fortunately, my grandfather didn’t abandon me because of my ugliness. He always told me that Xin Er is not ugly. Xin Er is a kind-hearted girl, just like a snowman, who smiles with the truest smile to make people warm. If a snowman smiles, it can warm people all winter, but Xin Er smiles all season."
She let me go and took the silver pendant from my neck. Inside it was a small photo of an old man, a little girl and a moderate snowman. The old man touched the child’s head and the little girl hugged the snowman with open hands. She was very happy.
"Every birthday in these years, I will take out this photo and look at it. I feel that Grandpa is with me next to me."
I nodded and said it was really hard for me to compare this ugly girl in the photo with Yan Jia Xin. One was that her teeth were not filled and her young face was so fat, while the other was so memorable and perfect.
She went to the snowman’s side, put a scarf around him, and found a row of decorations to dress him up.
Watching her busy, I didn’t stare blankly. I accompanied her to make it up. After making this snowman, she started to build it by herself.
Building this snowman is next to a snowman, one big and one small, just not alone.
During the whole process, she gave me the gloves because she said that she wanted to feel and make them physically and mentally. After the construction, her hands were as cold as mine. I grabbed her hands and wrapped them around her hands and rubbed them warmly.
"Name it," I said to her.
She nodded and replied, "That man wrote a" such as ".
After that, she went to the snowman and erased Yan Jiaxin’s three words before writing another word. I didn’t see what she wrote. I went to the snowman and wrote it by myself.
When we finished writing the same time, we got up and looked at each other’s names, and then we all burst out laughing.
She patted me and smiled from ear to ear. I didn’t expect us to have such a tacit understanding, and even the names were so wonderful.
"How did you come up with it?" She stopped smiling and asked me. She was not angry at my name, but she was very indifferent and happy.
I replied to her in this way: "I wrote it when I thought of it. Aren’t you too?"
"Well," she asked me again, "Will New Year come again?"
"Make a snowman again"

"Lu sorrow, can you stop being such a wet blanket?" Su Man released her crossly.

At this time, I heard that there was a crowd at Exit 5. It turned out that Shen Qiang had returned to China. Every time she returned to China, she made a high-profile meeting. Weibo praised her for coming to pick up the plane when she returned to China.
It’s just a way to win popularity, but Su Man disdains it.
No matter where she goes or comes back, she hates it. No one knows that even if there are fans coming, she will tell everyone that it is best not to come, not to give gifts, and to pay attention to safety.
夜网论坛Actually, she doesn’t like excitement, but she likes to be alone.
She also has difficulties in choosing the most restless career, Star.
Sue diffuse doesn’t even have a look out of the corner of her eye. Shen Qiang is worried about Lu and glanced at it in a hurry.
When she was an assistant to Shen Qiang, she knew that Shen Qiang looked like a queen when she liked this kind of day everyone would fly.
"Let’s go. There’s nothing to see." Su Man pushed his suitcase to leave.
Lu sorrow also helped push a follow to leave.
When they went outside, they saw the Bentley license plate number that Gu Nanqing often took. It was very easy to remember that the two Geely numbers were composed.
While Gu Nan leans in the back seat with high-quality and expensive windows half lowered to reveal his perfect side face like a knife.
It’s amazing at a glance
There are 345 places where the two people leave the car.
And the car Gu Nanqing also saw the sorrow of Lu and Su Man on both sides of the line of sight, each with its own mind
"Gu always hello" Lu sorrow greeted him.
Gu Na nodded his head as a response, but his eyes fell on Su Man’s face and he glanced at her lightly without speaking.
This is the first time they have met since they broke up in discord.
By this time, Shen Qiang had come out surrounded by her assistant and new agent. Her beautiful face was painted elegantly with burgundy sunglasses and her bright red lip was like a blooming rose.
When she walked to the front of Gu Nan’s Bentley, she swept the original place. Su Man and Lu You proudly raised her head and gently lifted it when they passed by, but they could hear the smug cold hum as if they were challenging Su Man, and they looked after Su Man to pick me up instead of you!
Gu Na inclined to see Shen Qiang coming after this just pushed open the door car.
He is tall, graceful and heroic, and his eyes are still full of peach blossoms.
Shen Qiang stretched out his snow-white arm before his brisk steps, smiling like a flower and holding Gu Nan’s arm. It looked extremely happy. "Thank you for coming to meet me, Nan."
"Should" Gu Na inclined her arm in arm with a handsome face and a shallow smile.
"I didn’t expect Su Man to return to China. It seems that no one answered the plane." Shen Qiang smiled with some schadenfreude. "If Su Man doesn’t mind taking the South Locomotive, go home together, but your little assistant can take a taxi by himself."
"Thank you for your kindness, Miss Shen. We won’t bother you to get along with Manager Gu alone. Oh, and Lu You is my friend, not my little assistant. Please remember Miss Shen!" Su Man also smiled gracefully and hit back smartly, saying to Lu You around him, "Let’s go home."
Su Man turned away without a trace of nostalgia.
Lu sorrow also followed in her footsteps, so they got into the car and drove away.
"What’s wrong with you and Manager Gu?"? Manager Gu doesn’t know that you are coming back today? " Lu sorrow think two people atmosphere is very strange.
"As you can see," Su Man didn’t answer Lu’s question directly.
She leaned against the back of the chair and looked out of the window. Her elbow window gently closed her eyes. "I sat on the plane for more than ten hours and didn’t sleep well. I’m sleepy for a while. Please drive slowly and call me when you get home."
Lu sorrow saw that Su Man had closed his eyes and rested. I thought of her hard work in filming and didn’t want to disturb her. She had a good rest.
Lu sorrow drove to the Rhine city gate to react. Lin Mo-chen has settled his home here from the ink garden.
If she goes there, she may meet Lin Mo-chen. When she thinks of this, her heart will get throbbing. She is a little nervous, a little afraid and some don’t know how to face it.
Sue diffuse took the salute from the car to see Lu sorrow still leng car didn’t untie the seat belt.
"What’s the matter with you? Have you lost your soul? " It was already late when Su Man looked at a wrist watch. Come on, it’s five o’clock.
"Or I’ll wait for you here" Lu sorrow sip lip difficult way.
Su Man seems to feel a different atmosphere. "Hmm … something is wrong. Is manager Lin bullying you?"
"Not him" Lu sorrow hurriedly denied.
"If it’s not him, it’s someone else who bullied my good sister. I will destroy her on behalf of the moon." Su Man can see through Lu’s worries at a glance.
Although Su Man is two years older than Lu You, Su Man’s life experience is more complicated than Lu You.
"Long Lin Mo-chen has a little sister next door who grew up together. She likes that very much, but Lin Mo-chen chose to be with me, so others said that I was a third party who destroyed their feelings … Mom, I really didn’t expect this." I opened my heart to my friend Lu You and spoke my mind.
Why didn’t Lu worry about asking Lin Mo-chen these questions when he first got married? However, the outside world said that he was not close to women, and she didn’t ask. I didn’t expect things to develop like this
"Little sorrow what is small three, you know? It means to interfere in other people’s emotional life and destroy the original couple and lovers. "Su Man explained to her," Then I ask you if Lin Zong and his neighbor’s little sister are lovers or couples? Are they in love? If this little sister has a unrequited love for manager Lin, then you are not a third party, but you are husband and wife now, and she is the third party when she comes in. "
Lu sorrow was suddenly enlightened by Su Man’s advice.
She thinks Su Man is right. Her eyes are full of admiration for Su Man. "I’m so long. I said it makes sense. Why didn’t I think of it?"
"That’s because you’re in chaos and the authorities are fascinated, and I’m a bystander. I can see better than you. You’re already in the whirlpool." Su Man gloated. "There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s go."

The little girl heard the grievance and pouted, "Is Jun Qian’s brother too distrustful of me?"

"No, I have no confidence in myself." Jun Qian raised his hand and touched the top of her head. "Don’t try to hide. I simply think that I may not protect you well, and I may not control the magic weapon to bring you trouble." After all, he has just been promoted and he hasn’t found the feeling yet.
"If only I could sit and talk to these giant eagles calmly," Qin Xiao sighed regretfully.
At this moment, there was a loud noise in front of the mouth, and a huge number of sand cones came from all directions to form a sand ball that surrounded Jun Kuang, and then the sand ball kept shrinking, although it was as small as half its size, and it suddenly exploded when it was taller than Jun Kuang.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Tao "bird" nest 3
The explosion swept through the surrounding dust and threw itself at Jun Qian and Qin Xiao with a full face. They were too surprised by the sudden changes in front of them to guard against the sudden changes. The aura of heaven and earth around them surged violently, forming a strong wind blowing on their faces, which made their skin ache, and it seemed that the continuous spread of the wind wall threatened to force them to retreat.
"Jun" Qin Xiao looked anxiously at the explosion center.
"He is not so easy to get hurt." Jun Qian held her shoulder to avoid her making a move, but was trapped.
Their opponents are resourceful and cunning than all the opponents they have met before, which makes him have to pay more attention.
After the baptism of war, Jun Kuang destroyed him and joined forces with many powerful races to make a large array of refining and refining, and successfully let a group of monks escape from the cauldron. How could Jun Kuang be injured by such a weak attack?
It can be seen that male cultivation is not advanced. Now, a lot of mysterious power must have been almost exhausted. If the former sand ball is a male, the last trick must be that the male will hand it over to you crazy today.
"Little sister, do you like the roasted wings in Orleans?" Jun Qian gave Qin Xiao a half-joking look.
"Nothing is tasteless when you eat with a mouthful of sand." Qin Xiaozhen fell into dust and took out a water bag to gargle
Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and pointed forward without regret.
Looking at the past along his direction, Qin Xiao found that when you were crazy, you had already put a pair of wings in your hands, and you must have been hurt badly.
The giant eagles have put on fighting postures, and it seems that they will lay down their lives to attack if they are mad at men.
"Look at them, they are United." Jun Kuang looked at the man with a funny smile. "It’s not worthwhile for you to attack and hurt the enemy for a thousand times."
"I didn’t grasp the distance well." The man also put all his eggs in one basket. I didn’t expect Jun crazy to burst into a frightening momentum instead of being unscathed, forcing him to explode because he was excited. This is the reason for his injury.
The man ruthlessly rubbed his teeth and looked at the monarch. "Let my people go. We are just born. We can leave here and return to the dreamland with the wishes of our ancestors. You are powerful. I admit that I have overreached and provoked your majesty. I do things alone when they are not wrong. I hope you can be lenient."
"You said you wanted to leave here." Jun’s crazy eyes rolled and he wanted to speak, but he saw a giant eagle rushing over with anger.
You are crazy about hurting "bargaining chips", so take a step back a little. I don’t know that the giant eagle actually picked up the male wings and flapped up the giant wind and flew out dozens of feet away in an instant.
Seeing this, the giant eagles followed suit and left two of the strongest "rear guards" to make sure that his giant eagle had escaped before turning away.
You are crazy to hold your arms and laugh and watch them leave the direction and say to Qin Xiao, "If you are somewhat sure."
"If you mean that I can track down their nests," the little girl proudly raised her hand. "We have finally left the body mixed with a black silk thread, and we will find their nests along the silk thread."
Qin Xiao leads the way. Within a moment, the three brothers and sisters are already in front of a cliff. There are many tall trees at the top of the cliff. There are many bird nests at the top of the trees. I think it should be a gathering place for giant eagles.
"One two" Qin Xiao carefully counted the number of bird’s nests.
"I don’t count," Jun said with laughter. "Previously, you saw that it should be the elite of the clan. It is impossible to have elites. There are also some old, weak, women and children, and so are animals." He paused and said, "Of course, we are not here to kill this meaningless thing. What we want to do is another thing."
"What is it?" The little girl was puzzled.
"It’s a more important hostage, of course." Jun Qian gave me a bad smile. "We have to throw something out while they are not paying attention." He didn’t say what to do if he wanted to buy one.
Qin Xiao glared at him angrily, carefully looked at each bird’s nest and asked Jun crazy, "Are you interested in the egg with special color?"
Almost all bird’s nests contain bird’s eggs. Ordinary bird’s eggs are light blue or have some white spots, and one of them is more than half as big as ordinary bird’s eggs, and the pattern is very broken. The cracks are not like bird’s eggs at all.
Besides, there must be something special about this egg, which is guarded by a giant eagle so precious.
"I bet 50 cents that the cliff is not a bird’s egg." Jun smiled modestly. "But I’m more curious about its taste when I heard that eating an animal’s egg can instantly rise and repair it."
"Do you want bacon and fried eggs?" Jun Kuang sighed in his heart when he felt the blazing light.
"Actually, I prefer roasted wings."
You are too lazy to ignore him and turn to Qin Xiao. "The one in the middle is probably the dragon egg."
Qin Xiao seems to have heard of the "dragon egg", but the dragon egg seems to be very big, not to mention the bird’s nest. Even the whole mountain can be occupied by half, which doesn’t look like such a thing at all.
桑拿会所"A dragon’s egg can’t be judged by its appearance. For example, a dragon can’t judge by its appearance. There are many branches and veins, and of course its body shape may be different." Jun Kuang said, "Remember that my master often had an ice-blue dragon with little ice?"
Smell speech little girl carefully wanted to think "seems to have"

Kexin nodded.

"You’re really worried about me." Nan Chen raised his smile and wrinkled his eyes with beautiful texture.
"You are worried that I will be hurt by him, aren’t you?"
Kexin bit her lip slightly. She was worried about him.
She is really afraid that her brother will hurt him like that again!
Once, it was Nan Chen’s night, and my brother shot so hard at home.
This is my brother’s house …
There’s no guarantee that my brother won’t hurt him with his hands.
"Brother, if you start work again …"
Nan Chen’s smiling eyes are deep and bright at night. "Xin Er can’t get enough of my expression when she sees you worrying about it 1000 times and 10000 times."
But he’s joking at a time like this.
夜生活"Don’t worry, it will be fine."
"But I’m so worried."
Nan Chen chuckled at night, "He won’t let his sister have no husband."
Kexin’s mood is even more boring. She is worried that he will comfort him as if nothing had happened.
"Hin, your brother won’t do anything to me. If you really want to do anything to me, I won’t be in good condition in front of you now."
Kexin slightly lowered his eyelids and bit his lip and said, "My brother has a deep prejudice against you."
"I know!" He smiled and drooped his eyelids. The faint smile was still so charming.
Kexin turned to look at Nanchen night, so that he was somehow sad.
No matter what he does, his brother will never have a good attitude towards him.
Although those things have passed, it is difficult for anyone to forgive them easily.
She can understand her brother!
But she didn’t want him to be embarrassed by her brother because of herself.
Nan Chen night hold her hand "hin son your brother is angry with me is I should! I can’t even forgive myself for doing those things! "
"You didn’t mean to do that to me."
He has always been a good man! Even if he never loses his temper with his domestic servants, it is because of his parents’ grudges that he will do so. Besides, it is indeed their family that is sorry for him. If his mother had not selfish destroyed his family and robbed his father, his mother would not have died of despair.
"No matter what I hurt you, it’s true that your brother is angry with me, but my heart feels better! I am willing to bear whatever he does except let me leave you. "
"I’m sorry" kexin choked up.
"Silly girl, I’m sorry. I should say," Nan Chen looked askance at her at night. "Xin Er, I will try my best to prove to him that you are very happy to marry me."
Of course she believes that he will give her happiness.
She always knew that.
"Why are you crying?"
Kexin hurriedly wiped her tears. She was so touched.
Mujia villa
After the doorman reported the night, Xi Han took Mu Lingtian out to meet them.
MuLingTian ChaDou with one hand and took the night city culvert with the other.
But he doesn’t look very good. He eats people.
Garden road far away to see a pair of matching figure slowly.
Holding hands, the two men smelled of happiness all over.
Mulingtian looks unhappy and looks at them. They haven’t walked into his extreme sarcasm yet.
"I’m still dressed in coquettish when I’m old."
Smell speech night Xihan hurriedly pulled his clothes glaring to shut him up.
These days, she’s been trying so hard to please him with all kinds of beds. Is it all in vain?
What’s the matter? This man still can’t control his mouth.
Kexin just walked into the night and left MuLingTian toward Kexin, which was a big hug. MuLingTian’s face was distorted directly.
"Why didn’t Xiner come back today to say a word?"
Kexin saw Mu Lingtian’s "forgetting to call". She thought about talking, but she didn’t know how to say it and was afraid of her brother’s words.
"How could you forget this girl? I’m so ready to make a call before!"
"Sorry sister-in-law"
"I haven’t seen you for a few days. Let me have a good look at our family’s Xin ‘er." Night Xihan opened the distance between them and looked at it again and again, holding Kexin’s little face. "Nan Chen’s night is good. It has rounded up our family’s Xin ‘er a lot."
Kexin was embarrassed to blush.
"Our daughter is getting more and more beautiful because of love."
Being teased by Ye Xihan makes Kexin even more shy.
"Sister in law …"
Night Xi Han squinting funny.
This little girl is more shy than she is
Looking at her little red face, don’t say it’s Nanchen night, but she can’t help but want to kiss two people hard.
Just say that her husband is worried that it is unnecessary for others to know how happy and sweet they are together!
"Don’t worry, Xin-er, let Nan Chen come home at night."
Mu Lingtian, who has always been regarded, suddenly smiled coldly. "Is he also worthy of our house?"
Night Xihan is really Mu Lingtian. As soon as he meets Nanchen Night, he will be full of fighting capacity, and his mouth will not stop for a moment!
"Your brother forgot to take medicine today and ignored him."
Kexin couldn’t help laughing, but when she saw her brother’s ugly face, she hurriedly stopped. She felt that some sister-in-law dared to make fun of her brother like this …
Give her a hundred guts!
"I’ll give your brother some medicine later." Ye Xihan said with a smile and called them in. "Let’s go in!"

Kouga couldn’t help biting his handsome eyes again and bursting out. Sen’s cold heart secretly vowed to have a birthday. He would definitely be sworn with Li Zhenyu!

Lu Sasha lay in Wu Tianyou’s arms enjoying his tenderness and occasionally stole a look. When he saw that he seemed to be in a trance, but his handsome face expression was hideous and cold, he knew that he had made a dead enemy with Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue! She can’t help laughing, even if the whole world knows that she is a fake pregnancy? It is enough for Wu Tianyou to trust her!
Zhen-yu li some accident-she was still a perfect match! Xia Xue saw a flash of surprise in the black eyes of the man, and there was a bit of meaning. He gently licked a tear from the corner of her eye and pitied the tunnel "The first time … why didn’t you tell me?" Waiting for him until he found out his mistake, he had made her suffer too much.
"Now you know … can you restrain yourself …" Xia Xue bit his silver teeth. There is a creature called man in this world. He talks about cherishing you, but she can’t see that he has half a convergence.
"It’s a wonderful thing to trust you to me!"
The night is getting deeper and deeper, and a room is full of beautiful spring scenery. I don’t know when the lights have gone out, and there are dragons, phoenixes, red candles and tireless flames flickering.
When Xia Xue woke up, some strange environment in front of her eyes made her feel a little trance. At that time, she didn’t know where she was. Her body ached slightly and she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows. So last night, she played back her mind with passion and blushed for her cheeks.
But then she woke up, and she quickly glanced at the wall and hung the clock, and saw that the hour hand had pointed to the point, and it was not good to get up and wash her hands.
The mirror reflects Xia Xue’s rosy cheeks and bright hickey on her neck. She remembered that the man was wild last night and she couldn’t help burning her cheeks again.
Five minutes later, Xia Xue came out and opened the cupboard to change clothes. The weather was getting hotter. The silk scarf seemed a little weird, covering the neck marks. She chose a high-necked pleated chiffon shirt with a pair of jeans and tied a ponytail behind her head. It was pure and pure like a college student who had just left school.
After changing clothes, Sister Xu pushed open the bedroom door and said to Xia Xue with a big smile, "Little Lady, let’s go to the restaurant for dinner!"
Young lady? Just one night, her family status has changed. Yes, she is already a Li Zhenyu woman. Although there is no formal wedding, she was recognized by all the elders of the Li family last night (except Du Hua). She consummated with Li Zhenyu, and now all the servants in her Li family have already become a part of this family.
"No need, I’m late for class!" Xia Xue reluctantly smiled at Xu Jie and hurried upstairs with her bag.
I didn’t expect the old lady, Li Yuanfen and Fang Ruolan to wait for the building long ago. When they saw Xia Xue, they all greeted each other with three faces and smiled into three flowers. "Wake up? Go to the restaurant to eat! "
Xia Xue was a little surprised that all the women in the family were waiting for her. Of course, there were still many touches. "No need, I have to go to school at once when it’s time for class!"
"Jin Woo has asked for three days off for you, so you can eat with peace of mind!" Old Mrs. Li looked at Xia Xue with a smile and her eyes were very happy. "He went to the company to deal with some things and said that he would come back soon to accompany you shopping!"
"…" I heard that Zhen-Yu Li helped herself to have a fake Xia Xue, and then I slacked off and listened to the old lady Li, saying that Zhen-Yu Li would come back from the company later and go shopping with her. I couldn’t help but think of yesterday’s car. He said he would accompany her to buy clothes.
Shirley’s three women accompanied Xia Xue to the restaurant with hospitality.
Sister Xu asked the kitchen to have a big breakfast. Fang Ruolan smiled and said, "Come on, we’ve all eaten!"
Xia Xue smiled shyly and picked up chopsticks. Three women watched and enjoyed breakfast slowly.
"You don’t have to go to class after you are a woman in Jin Woo! Can’t the Li family afford a woman? " Liyuanfen smiled and said with certainty, "quit your job!" Stay at home with the old lady and take care of Tingting, and add a descendant to the Li family as soon as possible! Aren’t these things busy enough for you? Where can I spare the time and energy to go to work? "
Xia Xue holding chopsticks hand a slight delay and didn’t speak.
Mrs. Li nodded and seemed to agree with her daughter’s words. She winked at Fang Ruolan next to her and said, "Go!"
Fang Relan immediately got up and didn’t know what to do.
Xia Xue ate breakfast slowly, thinking that if she told Li Zhenyu her mind, let him tell her elders that her attitude might be more tactful! After all, in front of Shirley’s old lady, she directly refused to give some face to her elders.
In a short time, Fang Relan returned. She sent a card to Xia Xue and said with a smile, "There is one million in it for you to spend money! When the flowers are finished, say that a horse will put money in it! "
The appetite is not big. Xia Xue put chopsticks when she felt full. She pushed the card back to Fang Relan and looked up at the three women in the Shirley family. Her voice was very peaceful but firm. "I have a job and love my job and love the school children! Work not only makes me gain money, but also makes me gain enrichment and joy! Teachers are very relaxed, with weekends, holidays, a year and winter and summer vacations, which are enough for me to accompany my family. I really don’t want to quit this job! Can you understand me? "
Xia Xue has a sincere tone. She tries to communicate with her elders on an equal footing, hoping that they can understand her.
桑拿会所Shirley the old lady and others looked at each other and exchanged glances. It seems that Xia Xue’s resolute attitude cannot be changed in a short time.
"If you can’t bear to quit your job, you can do it for the time being and wait until you get pregnant, so you can have a safe baby!" Fang Relan still smiled kindly and pushed the card back to Xia Xue and said, "This card is more convenient for you to buy a dress and a bag! Li Jia woman, you can wear it in line with your identity! "
Rao is Xia Xue’s counterpart Ruolan’s excellent impression. When she heard this, she still felt uncomfortable as if she had been stabbed. She got up and tried to keep smiling. "Jin Woo didn’t choose me because of what clothes I wore and what bags I took. Tingting liked me, nor because of these places … I feel that I am in a good state of life now. I don’t want to spend too much money and energy on brand-name clothes, brand-name bags and those expensive jewelry. I’m really not interested!"
Fang Relan realized that she had made a gaffe and apologized embarrassedly. "Look at my good mouth and did something bad! Xia Xue, don’t argue with Fang Yi! "
"Fang Yi is so kind, where can I be ungrateful!" Xia Xue affectionately shook La Fong Ruolan’s hand to show his understanding. "But everyone has different values of life. In the past, my self-sufficiency day was ordinary, but I was very fulfilling. Do I want to keep this habit?"
"Of course!" Fang Ruolan comforted her with a smile. "Look at what you said. It’s so pitiful to be seen by Jin Woo and bullied by our mother!"
Shirley the old lady nodded and praised with satisfaction, "It was an unusual girl. No wonder it could tempt Jin Woo! It’s a good boy not to covet money and glitz. "
Seeing that his mother was satisfied with Xia Xue, Li Yuanfen also smiled and praised, "Jin Woo is blessed to have Xia Xue as his wife!"
Xia Xue quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She was glad that all the elders in the Shirley family couldn’t drive so much. She kept the card too much, and she refused it. She finally won the first step-keep her original life!
Deep in the solid, Xia Xue still has a bad feeling. She is deeply afraid that she is used to attaching to Li Zhenyu and Li’s family. One day … she can’t imagine the consequences! The only thing that can make her invincible is to try to keep her original life, not to change too much and not to rely too much!
Xia Xue accompanied three elders to talk and laugh. In the morning, the little unhappiness caused by two small things, work and bank card, has long since vanished. Her personality is gentle, gentle, generous and cultivated, and she knows how to move. It is very comfortable to get along with each other. Therefore, not only the old lady Li and Fang Ruolan like her, but even Li Yuanfen praised her again and again.
"It was a sincere girl! Educated, polite, not vain, not greedy, not temperament, not inferior to everyone! " The more Li Yuanfen looked at it, the more satisfied he was. "When can Yichen take me home to a girl like Xia Xue? I don’t care even if she has a family background!"
Fang Ruolan comforted, "Master Yichen is so handsome that he chased his girl to the sea. If he goes, he will definitely be able to bring home a girl that will satisfy you!"
Liyuanfen couldn’t help but sigh, "There are so many girls chasing Jin Woo. Ask him which one he can take a fancy to? Not to mention others, Su Lin has been pestering him for many years. Is he half tempted? Fate is a rare thing! "
Just then, three people suddenly saw Du Hua coming angrily and coming straight at Xia Xue.
Xia Xue felt that Du Hua was threatening and had long been secretly vigilant, so when Du Hua waved the jade palm, she could parry "Why did you hit someone!"
Du Hua waved out the slap and was fended off by Xia Xue’s arm. He wanted to fight again but was stopped by Li Yuanfen.
"Sister-in-law, what are you doing!" Li Yuanfen was a little surprised and puzzled. "If you can’t talk well, just do it!"
To tell the truth, Li Yuanfen’s poor impression of this sister-in-law is due to Li Zhenyu’s show of respect, otherwise she would call her sister-in-law and feel that fall in price is very dissatisfied with this tone.
"Get out of my way, I’ll tear this bitch up!" Du Hua’s eyes are red with anger and her teeth are gnashing. It’s like she has a blood feud with Xia Xue.
Fang Relan hesitated for a moment or didn’t dare to stop before.
Shirley old lady is angry with a pounding crutches snapped, "what’s the matter! It’ s hard to get a daughter-in-law into the house after a long day’ s troubles. You’ re a mother-in-law who doesn’ t take good care of her, but slaps her face and puts something in her head! "
Seeing the old lady angry, Du Hua didn’t dare to be too presumptuous. He stared at Xia Xue with his poisoned eyes, as if a chained German shepherd would pounce and tear Xia Xue to pieces at any moment.
Xia Xue looked at Du Hua with hatred eyes, but he knew the reason because there was also a person who died last night. For the same reason, he couldn’t wait to kill her and Li Zhenyu. Of course, Li Zhenyu is Du Hua’s own son. Even if he does something, Du Hua won’t blame him, but will double his share and take it out on her.
"Aunt Du, can I ask you what you did to me?" Xia Xue coldly said.
"Play dumb!" Du Hua can’t say how bitter he is, but he is even more angry. I didn’t expect Xia Xue to be so insidious not only because he is vicious, but also because he knows that Wu Tianyou is her illegitimate daughter-in-law and publicly admits that he is partial to blocking her with this problem. That’s right, the mistress of Li’s family, Lu Shasha, is going to beat his daughter-in-law. This doesn’t make any sense.
Xia Xue corners of the mouth radian more cold and cheerless eyes also slowly frost "I really puzzling! What did I do wrong? I hope Aunt Du can point it out to me, otherwise how can I correct my mistake! "
"Bitch, how can you be so vicious! What good can you do if someone miscarries a child? When Jin Woo marries you, it’s like marrying a Sang Men star wife and a virtuous husband. Do you encourage him to do something unnatural all day? Is there any peace in our family? " Du Huayue said more and more angry and couldn’t help waving his hands again.
Liyuanfen grabbed Du Hua and slapped Xia Xue, which was unreasonable. "Sister-in-law, what did you get? Who had a miscarriage? Besides, who can make you so excited about abortion? You should worry about when Xia Xue’s belly is happy. This is much more reliable than worrying about some unrelated people’s abortion! "
"It is simply inexplicable that the more you live, the more you fall back!" Folded in the old lady to Du Hua more and more hate anger repeatedly pounding the crutches "hang it all! How dare you! "
"Don’t be angry, old lady. Take care of yourself!" Fang Relan hurriedly stepped forward to help the old lady Shirley. At this moment, her eyes glanced at Li Zhenyu’s return. She blinked again and let go of the old lady Shirley. She used to help Li Yuanfen to persuade Du Hua, "Sister, stop that now! Xia Xue is a sensible child, and the old lady likes her. You must have brought some irrelevant people to embarrass her! What does it matter who has a miscarriage? It’s more important than anything to make Xia Xue’s belly bulge faster! Sister has always been clever, so how can you not tell what’s important … "
"pa!" Du Hua was in a rage and tried to hit Xia Xue several times, but she hid in the past. Besides, it was inconvenient for Li Yuanfen to pull her action. At this moment, Fang Relan leaned in to say something that would fuel her fire, and even more suspicious, she waved her hand without thinking about slapping. It didn’t really hit the spot again.
Fang ruolan burying his face in shame and injustice can’t help bursting into tears.
"Fang Yi!" Xia Xue hurriedly hold Fang Relan not guilty and grateful "you bitter provoke her! Know that she hates you as much as she hates me … "
"I’m afraid she will hurt you!" Fang Ruolan protected Xia Xue and said, "You’re coming to Jin Woo. It’s not good to see you arguing with his mother!"

Is it that I always think of that man in my head these days, so she has become too sensitive?

Pushing the door and entering the night, Xi Han was in a daze.
In the huge office, the big curtain, the floor-to-ceiling curtain, is tightly pulled to prevent a ray of light.
The light here is very dark, but Xi Han still clearly captured a black shadow.
The room was so quiet that I could hardly hear him ring except for my weak breath.
In the dark, she couldn’t see his face clearly, knowing that he was leaning back in a chair decadently, and the smell of nicotine was thick in the air, which made him look a little lonely in the smoke.
This kind of atmosphere brings inexplicable tension and depression to Ye Xihan.
"Chief … President, this is the document you want!" Night city culvert some cramped into the low head put files in a large black desk.
My eyes were attracted by the unruly, arrogant and unruly Longteng carving the desk, and my heart didn’t panic.
It feels so familiar, like …
With his back to the night, Han leaned back on the sofa, and Mu Lingtian showed his body shaking violently when he heard her voice.
This sound … It’s him! Him?
Something has been hidden deep in my brain, and it has sprung up like a flood, and my brain has broken like a shadow and played it.
He suddenly opened his scarlet eyes.
Turn around and "raise your head!"
Suddenly, the male voice on the top of her head made her stare at the totem in a daze. Night Xihan was slightly surprised, and she could lift her eyes and look intently at those dark eyes as deep as obsidian. When she caught her heart and gave a black frame, that beautiful little face passed by with a touch of panic.
God, it’s him! Is it really him?
The man I haven’t seen for five years-Mu Lingtian!
Mu Lingtian’s eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s eyes. Night Xihan’s little face, pale with panic, is dim, and his eyes are burning up. He slowly got up and took his slender legs and approached her step by step.
Night Xihan panicked and shrank back. Looking at this beautiful face with deep outline and angular points, he said in his heart that it was not a taste, but it was more heartache.
Instead, she was so calm that he couldn’t recognize that he was a stranger to himself five years ago, and five years later …
"willing to come back?" Deep voice, hard and angry … Damn woman, she’s finally willing to come back! But at the moment he heard her voice, he remembered something. Although the picture was incomplete, his heart kept falling for a long time. What was the reason for that feeling? Because of this woman!
"I don’t know what you said?"
"I don’t know what to say?"
Hard cold sounds, words and strokes, the dangerous breath in the heart of night Xihan is getting closer and closer, and the strong sense of oppression makes her first reaction is to run away. She can’t help but curl her hands into fists, sweat slowly seeps into her palms and turn around quickly for a second.
Suddenly, an overbearing force pushed her against the hard wall, and the door slammed hard for a second, and the pale mouth was tightly bitten by a pair of hot lips.
The faint smell of tobacco penetrated into the lips and teeth of Yexihan …
Suddenly those clear eyes cage with a thin layer of water mist …
She struggled obstinately to get rid of this kiss that made her crazy, even if it was so infatuated with her. "Please let go …"
Mu Lingtian ignored this long-lost kiss and deepened it all the way! Sweep every inch of her lips and teeth
It took a long time for a deep voice to overflow from his thin lips. He whispered affectionately, "Baby … my baby …"
The big hand is overbearing. Grab her small hand and put it on the top of your head. The strong body will squeeze her small body tightly and press the wall …
"President … I think you mistook me for someone else … I’m not familiar with you …" Night Xihan breathed a little short and spoke vaguely.
Finally, Mu Lingtian took a bite of Xi Han’s red lip and let her go. She stared coldly at her arms with a reddish face and asked, "Not familiar?"
Night Xihan gasped and stared back at him.
Mu Lingtian evil raised his eyebrows and bowed his head close to Ye Xihan’s ear, whispering and asking her tone, gently picking a big hand and touching her red mouth.
桑拿"You this little mouth is really naughty! But I really miss its taste. "
"MuLingTian you bastard! Let me go … "
Mu Lingtian turned a deaf ear to the anger of Ye Xihan, and put his hand directly into her skirt.

Tehran, frightened by his naive evil sample.

Turn your head and stare at him. Unbelievable.
He Lianyin smiled and said "good morning" with an open heart.
"…" Tehran, one mouthful blood in the throat almost didn’t vomit.
"What’s the matter?" He Lianyin naturally took her back to her arms and pressed the head line to get up. The voice was cold. "Dai Mu asked the doctor to come over and Xiao Yin’s forehead was a little hot, as if he had a fever."
Hailan frowned and broke his arms and tightened his body sheet. His face was cold. "What are you doing, Mr. Helian?"
Vivid questioning tone
He Lianyin smiled blankly. "Miss Xiao was drugged last night, did you know?"
Tehran, didn’t speak sip tight pale lips.
"I saved you" He Lianyin stared at her Gherardini "Miss Xiao, do you know what I will save you?"
Chapter 12 Warm family of three
See navy don’t talk HeLianYin chuckled "because you don’t name is xiao, your name is Xiang"
Tehran, with a shock.
He Lianyin got up.
Looking at his slender and handsome figure in front of the French window, it seems that she has been staring at him all her life. Her pupils are deep and dark. "Maybe you don’t believe it, but I have proof."
Tehran, said nothing.
He took two steps closer.
Sunlight poured in obliquely from the floor-to-ceiling window like crystal, warming his and her contours.
Section 291
He handed a pile of information to Hailan. "Look at this information and you will know what will happen to you in J City, what will be shipwrecked and what will be amnesia."
Tehran, as if what severely hit her body slightly flash took a step back.
He Lianyin held her at the right time. It was difficult to hide the pain in her eyes when she tightened her fingers, which indicated that she was suffering. Her head was very painful, but she didn’t want to show that she was holding her temples and her lips were pale. "Did you investigate me?"
She whispered softly.
"Is your head hurting again?" He Lianyin hugged her slender arms with a domineering but gentle taste. "You sit down first and I’ll call the family doctor."
桑拿网"Go away!" She pushed him away and her eyes were sharp. "Would you and I believe such a ridiculous thing?"
He Lianyin zheng heart suddenly unbearable pain.
Tehran, sneer at "with your position want to get a just consistent with my information and what’s the difficulty? Hehe, you violated me, and I was afraid that I would call the police to arrest you and make up such a thing, right? "
He Lianyun’s pupils tightened. "What do you think of me so much?"
"What? If I really said something to Yin, why didn’t you say it when you first met me? You investigated, and I know that I was in J City when I was shipwrecked, so I made things up based on this information, didn’t I? You know I don’t like you and I won’t be with you. You are very white. If you say so, I will probably believe it, but out of my feelings and guilt for forgetting Sichuan, I will never say anything and forgive you, right? "
He Lianyin suddenly raised his head and his eyes were full of shock. "How can you not like me? Xiao Yin, we have been together for more than ten years. We have been married. Tong Tong is your child. If you don’t believe us, we can test dna. I know it’s normal for you to doubt me now. I’m not angry. I won’t take what you said seriously until you recover your memory. If you don’t believe me, then you can find a trusted person, Tong Tong, to test dna. Does he naturally have an answer for your child? Whether the three of us are a family will naturally have an answer. "
Navy lip color is getting paler and paler.
He Lianyin added, "When I first met you, I didn’t go to see you because your face changed, Xiao Yin. Your appearance changed in the past. I dare not jump to conclusions. After checking your information, I realized that your face changed because of being attacked by a shark. I didn’t pick you up immediately because I was afraid of scaring you. You lost your memory. I was afraid that my rash appearance would cause you disgust."
Tehran, speechless.
She bowed her head.
Dare not look at his dark eyes like a whirlpool. She turned her head away and endured the pain deep in her head. Reason pulled away for a moment. "It hurts …"
Before knowing the truth, the first reaction of normal people is to resist He Lianyin. He can understand her mood just now, but he believes that Xiao Yin has begun to believe him now. After all, they have lived for more than ten years. Xiao Yin has a certain familiarity with him. He seems to see the light and hope. He said in a dumb voice, "I know it’s hard for you to accept this for a while, but I hope you can look at this information. If your head hurts today, don’t look at it. When you want to know what you were like in the past, just look at me."
Tehran, painfully hold your head.
Once she puts her guard down and listens to him, her head will be in unbearable pain, and her nerves will tighten and her pupils will tighten.
HeLianYin heart in a surprised to let go of the data went to the head of a bed and dialed the line.
"Call a doctor," He Lianyin said with a cold expression.
Tehran, whole body cold sweat consciousness chaos trembling body "I’m sorry, please let me go, I have to go back first"
No matter whether what He Lianyin is saying is true or not, she can’t listen because her head hurts too much.
He Lianyin didn’t speak tightly, pressed her against the bed and forbade her to move.
"You have a headache now. I’ll call a doctor to show you. Don’t move. After reading it, I’ll send you back. Be good. I really won’t hurt you or force you …"
She croaked in pain
He Lianyin’s eyes were shocked. He didn’t know that things in the past would make Xiao Yin so miserable. What’s wrong with her? What could be so painful?
The family doctor came here with a bunch of therapy. He Lianyin let go and gently held her shoulder with the other hand. Several maids held the navy doctor to diagnose her.
The doctor first looked at her eyeball.
Then I pressed her head.
Hailan is in pain.
The doctor suggested giving her an injection to stop the pain first, because her head was so painful that she needed an injection to relieve the pain.
Aside He Lianyin nodded his eyes without temperature.

On this day, Master Yi Deng was explaining Buddhism to Ling Feiyang in the bamboo forest of the temple. A Miao girl covered in blood suddenly stumbled into the temple gate.

"The emperor’s grandfather Tianlong Temple had an accident!" The Miao girl saw Yi Deng’s master’s heart fall like a big stone and just shouted out this and fainted.
Chapter 16 Miao girl Yuan Jun
It took a long time for the Miao girl to wake up slowly and turn around and say in a weak voice intermittently, "The emperor’s grandfather … an unknown master … broke into Tianlong Temple … forced the master to hand over the six-pulse Excalibur … and the sword score master was killed by them …"
"Is there such a thing?" Although Master Yi Deng is profound in Buddhism, it is also a big move to hear about it.
A few little novice monks hurriedly helped the girl into the stone house. Master Yi Deng carefully examined her injury, but now it is still difficult for him to work. He has to ask Ling Feiyang to heal her. It took more than two hours for the female injury to get better.
桑拿会所"According to my judgment, the master who robbed the cheats is likely to have it with Mongolian Khan Temujin!" Ling Feiyang guessed
"The old monk Ling Shaoxia’s idea coincides with mine," Yi Deng said. "The master of Tianlong Temple in Dali didn’t want to be frustrated by this. The abbot of Tianlong Temple, Master Kuchan, was killed by my brother. I must go back and investigate this matter!"
"There are still about two months to go to Dali from Junshan …" Ling Feiyang thought of this and said, "Master, let me go with you before your skill is fully recovered!"
"All right!" Yi Deng knew that Ling Feiyang’s martial arts skills were as high as that of losing his martial arts skills now, so he said, "But it will take three days for Ah Yuan’s injury to recover. You stay here and cure her first, and then you two will come together!"
Little novice monk in the temple packed his bags for Master Yi Deng, and Yi Deng immediately said goodbye to Ling Feiyang and left alone.
"My name is Yuan Jun, the adopted daughter of Wu Santong, the third brother of Master Yi Deng. My adoptive father sent me to Tianlong Temple to study martial arts and worship the bitter Zen master. I didn’t expect this to happen only a few days after I arrived at Tianlong Temple …" Miao girl explained to Ling Feiyang.
Even if Yuan Jun doesn’t say Ling Feiyang, he has already guessed ten * * This Yuan Jun is an orphan girl who was adopted by Wu Santong only to grow into a girl. Because of her youth and beauty, Wu Santong has a crush on her. Wu Santong knows that this kind of psychology will hurt Yuan Jun sooner or later. Cut off her affection and send her to Tianlong Temple to learn from her teacher.
In the original work, Yuan Jun later married Lu Zhanyuan Bing Xin’s apprentice Li Mochou, who tried to ruin the wedding because of his love for Lu Zhanyuan, but was stopped by a monk from Tianlong Temple. This monk is naturally Master Yi Deng’s brother Kuchan, that is, Master Yuan Jun.
I didn’t expect that the butterfly effect caused by Ling Feiyang’s crossing led to the murder of the bitter Zen master before, but it was not what Ling Feiyang could have predicted.
This Yuan Jun is about 16 or 17 years old, and her skin color is white and greasy, and she looks beautiful and charming, and her personality is cheerful and provocative. Ling Feiyang has almost all the advantages of Miao girls. Every day, she changes her medicine and touches her body, but she will try her best to restrain herself.
Ling Feiyang feels like a different person since she had Huang Rong. Although she hasn’t pushed her sister for more than three months, she doesn’t feel itchy and difficult to scratch.
In the past three days, two people have repeatedly made skin-to-skin contact with Ling Feiyang, but Yuan Jun gradually fell in love with him. Miao girls are not as straightforward as Han people. Seeing that their injuries are almost healed, there will be no chance to get in close contact with Ling Feiyang in the future. Yuan Jun focused on deciding to fix Ling Feiyang quickly.
Ling Feiyang gave Yuan Jun a dressing change for the last time, and just unveiled the shoulder gauze for her. Yuan Jun did not cover his chest with his hands as before, but generously showed a pair of towering breasts to Ling Feiyang.
The mountain peaks and gullies are unusually beautiful. Two pink peach blossoms give off intoxicating fragrance, and the string of Miao silver collars with jade neck shows a noble and pure temperament.
"Is it nice?" Yuan Jun asked Ling Feiyang with a flush on his face.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is nostalgic, but I don’t know if the answer is to pull up her skirt and cover her chest.
"Don’t you like it?" Yuan Jun’s face showed disappointment.
"I like you very much," said Ling Feiyang truthfully.
"Then why don’t you look at it more?" Yuan Jun’s eyes are blurred and his expression is full of temptation.
"A glimpse is the most beautiful" Ling Feiyang said calmly.
"I just want to let you glance a few more times!" Yuan Jun smiled gently and reached out to untie the Miao family’s pleated skirt and slipped to the ground to show the perfect body part.
Yuan Jun * * exudes a far cry from the vitality and passion of the Central Plains women. Ling Feiyang has not seen a woman’s body for a long time, but she still picked up a sheet to cover her body.
"It seems that you don’t like me at all …" Yuan Jun suddenly burst into tears.
"But we just met for three days …" Ling Feiyang sat by the bed and stretched out his hand to wipe away her tears.
"What’s the matter with three days! I don’t care whether you like me or not. Anyway, I fell in love with you at first sight. I like you and I want to marry you! " Yuan jun suddenly said bluntly
"Girl …" Ling Feiyang immediately shocked his mouth and didn’t know how to answer. He was silent by the bed.
"You must marry me. I don’t want to marry my adoptive father!" Yuan Jun suddenly said, "Although I respect him and admire him, it is not love, but it is a pity that he is not white at all …"
Miao women, though open-minded, have no reason to have sex with men who have just met for three days. Ling Feiyang suddenly understood Yuan Jun’s intention to do so when he heard this sentence.
"Although your adoptive father likes you, he is a gentleman and will not force you!" Ling Feiyang comfort way
"Brother Ling, my mind is half empty …" Yuan Jun said, "I’m not that kind of casual girl. I really like you!"
Ling Feiyang exulted in his heart, but it was also too dangerous to "fuck", so he said, "You are really a kind girl. Now we have to go to meet Master Yi Deng and talk about it later …"
In Yuan Jun’s heart, Nai Hao dressed, and each of them rested for one night. The next morning, they left the temple in the mountain and hurried to Dali, Yunnan.
Three days later, Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived in Dali. Now Duan Zhixiang, the God of Dali, has ordered the martial law of Dali City to be posted everywhere to arrest the murderer who killed the abbot of Tianlong Temple. However, it has been half a month, but it is still a place where Ling Feiyang and Yuan Jun arrived at Tianlong Temple outside Dali according to the prior agreement with Master Yi Deng.
At the foot of Cangshan Mountain, there is a magnificent temple, three magnificent pagodas stand tall in Erhai Lake, and three long reflections are cast in Erhai Lake. The reflection of the pagodas seems to scatter golden light when the sunset shines obliquely into the water.
"This is Tianlong Temple!" Yuan Jun stretched out his slender fingers and pointed to the temple ahead.
When they came to the gate of Tianlong Temple, they didn’t see a monk temple, and there was no sound of chanting Buddha and knocking on wooden fish inside.
"How can it be so quiet?" Ling Feiyang thought about seeing the door of Tianlong Temple ajar, so he gently pushed it away. However, the scene before him was so shocking!
Chapter 161 A bloody battle Tianlong Temple
Ling Feiyang pushed open the door of Tianlong Temple and immediately saw hundreds of bodies lying upside down in the compound!
Some of these bodies are monks in the temple, and some are soldiers of Dali Kingdom who are guarding the temple. Every body looks miserable, green eyes stand out, and the death is extremely horrible. It is a strange poison!
Tianlong Temple is a monk of the emperors of Dali, which can be called the foundation and pillar of Dali. I didn’t expect it to be destroyed at this moment!
"Master Yi Deng won’t …" Ling Feiyang’s dark call in his heart is not good. He rushed into the temple like flying. These bodies were searched one by one. Suddenly, he saw a gray old monk "corpse" lying on his back to see his figure. Indeed, he looked like Master Yi Deng, but he didn’t know what insect had bitten him. There were two long bridled eyes hanging down!
"Master …" Ling Feiyang settled his mind and went to the crowd to see this "corpse" suddenly opened his eyes. A flail knife was drawn from the abdomen and suddenly cut to Ling Feiyang’s neck!
At this time, the blade is less than two feet away from Ling Feiyang’s neck. If it were someone else, I’m afraid it would be a head fall to the ground! However, Ling Feiyang’s martial arts is not what it used to be, and the strain rate is much faster than that of ordinary people. Although he was hastily attacked, he can still immediately lean his head back and avoid this fatal knife!
Seeing the blade wiping the tip of the nose across Ling Feiyang hasn’t come yet to adjust the posture, only to see that another blade is coming to his neck!