When they found that Xuanye Sato had lost an arm and his strength was greatly reduced, they attacked Xuanye Sato in unison.

The spiritual power of Mount Olympus is abundant, but it is not inexhaustible. However, Xuanye Sato is like a spiritual power absorber. If Xuanye Sato stays on Mount Olympus for less than two years, the spiritual power of Mount Olympus will be exhausted.
The master of the ancient holy shura Vatican couldn’t wait to kill Sato Xuanye because he was afraid of Sato Xuanye’s fiend strength, and no one dared to make a move.
But this time Sato Xuanye failed and returned to Staplos. They can take the opportunity:
Chapter 139 Capture wild dogs
Trinis was the first to attack, and then Sergilios joined the fray.
Sato Hirono, although follow focus’s wing suffered a big loss during the match, its strength plummeted, but the lean camel was bigger than the horse and fought Trinis and Segirico alone.
But when Staplos also attacked, Sato Hirono was overwhelmed.
In addition, many spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Church, Sato Xuanye, did not strike back and was slapped by Segiricos vest to vomit blood on the spot.
Once again, I saved Sato Xuanye’s life or his elusive technique.
Hiding from the ruins of the ancient holy shura, Sato Xuanye did not leave Mount Olympus. Without the spiritual power of Mount Olympus, the humiliation he suffered would be wiped out forever.
I found a secret place on the periphery of Mount Olympus to hide, and Sato Xuanye used the selfhealing method in the alien intelligence program to heal my wounds.
This injury is no less serious than the broken arm injury in Lake IssykKul. It took Hirono Sato more than a week to recover.
Although the injury doesn’t matter, the strength is far from being restored. Sato Xuanye still dares to wander around the periphery of Mount Olympus and has to hide his whereabouts to avoid being discovered by the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura.
Two or three days later, Sato Hirono sadly found that the spiritual power around Mount Olympus became extremely thin. It is no wonder that when he first started Mount Olympus, the peripheral spiritual power was almost absorbed by him.
If you can’t enter the periphery of the core hinterland of Mount Olympus, you won’t be able to recover your strength until June, let alone seek revenge from Jiao Yi.
What makes Sato Hirono even more frustrated is that Huaxia Jiaoyi’s strength has increased horribly every time. Even if his alien martial arts are restored to the third and fourth order, refocusing the wing will end in panic.
However, he didn’t have the guts to venture near the site of the ancient holy shura. It is a question whether he can get away if he is besieged by those spiritual practitioners again.
However, no matter how thin the spiritual power around Mount Olympus is, it is a hundred times better than other places. Sato Hirono has the patience to try to regain his strength and then kill Staplos and his troops in one fell swoop to enjoy the spiritual resources of Mount Olympus.
However, the fact is still different from Sato Xuanye’s expectation.
Stapoulos, who was driven away by Sato Xuanye, couldn’t sleep well. After all, Sato Xuanye was completely offended. Once Sato Xuanye turned over, it would be a disaster for them.
However, Staplos and others also know that it is impossible for Sato Xuanye to restore his strength without spiritual power, and the whole West La and even the whole earth are really suitable for spiritual cultivation, and there is Mount Olympus.
If Xuanye Sato leaves Mount Olympus, there is nothing to be afraid of, but it is most likely that Xuanye Sato will leave Mount Olympus to rub his spiritual strength.
Sostapoulos and his three masters decided to thoroughly search the mountains and strengthen patrols.
In the first month, Soushan team was led by Staplos, Segiricos and Trinis, but Sato Xuanye was never seen.
Later, Staples relaxed and stopped leading the search himself, but the ordinary brother did not stop patrolling Mount Olympus.
At first, all spiritual practitioners were cautious, but after more than a month, they didn’t even see the shadow of Sato Xuanye, and the brothers of the ancient holy shura relaxed. They wanted to come to Sato Xuanye and almost died. Where did they have the courage to stay on Mount Olympus?
Sato Hirono, a spiritual practitioner who came in droves, was humiliated and avoided. If he was led by the three masters of the Holy Shura Church, he could run away like a lost dog.
But one day more than a month later, Hirono Sato finally seized an opportunity to vent his evil spirit, and a spiritual practitioner was finally alone.
This spiritual practitioner is called Julius, and the younger brother of the ancient holy shura is a sinister and despicable tourist.
Billy uz nickname wild dog is as good at attacking eggs and digging anus as African wild dogs. Sato Xuanye will be hit by Segiricos, which is Imbili Usta’s crotch harassment
To be honest, even if Sato Xuanye’s strength is far from being restored, he is afraid of Staplos and his three masters in the whole ancient Shengshura Vatican. The patrol of the ancient Shengshura Vatican is just worried about disturbing Staplos and them.
夜生活But the existing Billy uz, a Sato Xuanye, is absolutely sure to take him and will not disturb others.
Indeed as expected Billy uz didn’t come to make any noise, so he controlled Billy uz.
Julius was terrified, and Xuanye Sato actually returned to Mount Olympus.
It’s a pity that he can’t speak but act to give the news to Staples. It will be a cruel fate for them to wait for him.
But what happened to Julius was much more terrible than he thought.
Wild dogs didn’t expect to fall into the hands of old hands. You were very arrogant and proud when you were in the Vatican Hall. Guess what the old man will do to you.
Pyrrhus naturally replied that Sato Xuanye actually smiled, but in Pyrrhus’ eyes, his smile was more terrible than the ten levels of hell demons.
Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so fast. I always have to drink your blood bit by bit, eat your meat bit by bit, and then throw your bones to the wolves in the back hill.
Hirono Sato didn’t scare Julius. He really did what he said.
Grabbed Billy’s arm, Sato Hirono opened his mouth to show his dense white teeth, and Billy’s frightened gaze actually bit Billy’s wrist vein.
Julius didn’t feel pain, but the great fear of blood loss chilled his heart and his vitality disappeared little by little with the blood loss.
Sato Hyuno drank the blood of Pyrrhus to vent his hatred for Pyrrhus, but the blood poured into his stomach and Sato Hyuno almost jumped with excitement.
There is a lot of dense and pure spiritual power in the blood of Pyrrhus.
This discovery made Sato Hirono change his plan, and he didn’t have to hide and absorb the pitiful spiritual power outside Mount Olympus, which could kill the spiritual practitioners of the ancient holy shura and enjoy it.
Hirono Sato’s hate eyes gradually became hot, revealing the greed of a beast.
At first, it was passively swallowing the blood in the vein of Perius’s wrist. When the blood flow became smaller, Sato Xuanye took the initiative to suck it.
A lot of blood loss made Julius faint, and there was no blood in his face.
The blood in the wrist vein gradually dried up. Sato Hirono looked up and aimed at the neck of Pyrrhus. His mouth was full of blood, and his bloody teeth were exposed. He aimed at the artery behind the neck of Pyrrhus and bit it:
Chapter 14 The third and sixth order!
Sucked the blood of Pyrrhus, Sato Xuanye’s spirit was greatly boosted. The spiritual power obtained from Pyrrhus was almost equal to his practice outside Mount Olympus for more than a month.
I found a shortcut to absorb spiritual power, and another plan was quietly born in Sato Xuanye’s heart.
There are dozens of spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura church. If their blood department is drained and their alien martial arts can be restored, it is very likely that they will directly break through to the fifth order.
The third alien martial arts practice to the fifth order, he Sato Xuanye will no longer have to hide and hide, that is, Jiao Yi will kill them, and the five of them will not be afraid to join hands.
It is feasible to absorb the spiritual force of all spiritual practitioners in the ancient holy shura Vatican into their own bodies.