After taking a taxi to Fang Jun’s home, Gu Xiaomi hesitated, how to speak? If Fang Jun apologizes, should she forgive him? Gu Xiaomi thought as he walked into the ladder, rising higher and higher. Gu Xiaomi became more and more nervous as he watched the ladder change figures. She gave Fang Jun a chance. She decided to ask Fang Jun to forgive him, and she would forgive him.

Gu Xiaomi knocked on the door and didn’t respond. She knocked hard or didn’t respond. Where did Fang Jun go? Just as she turned to go, the door suddenly opened with a fragrance. Gu Xiaomi knew that this was Li Mei’s sole love for hane n5. Otherwise, Gu Xiaomi turned around and saw Li Mei’s slender legs, a4 waist, forward and backward, and her delicate makeup always kept a false smile.
Xiaomi is you. Come in. Li Mei was not surprised and warmly greeted Gu Xiaomi.
Li Mei is familiar with her slippers from the shoe rack and smells like a hostess.
This pair is me Gu Xiaomi said, pointing to Li Mei’s slippers.
That’s when Gu Xiaomi and Fang Jun went shopping six months ago. It was Mickey and Minnie Fang Jun who felt childish and said that they didn’t wear Xiaomi to soften the foam before they brought them home. Now these shoes are wearing Li Mei’s feet. Gu Xiaomi is very angry, and she keeps staring at Li Mei.
Two people are so rigid that neither of them will compromise.
Millet, why are you here? Fang Jun came out of the bedroom and saw two people, so he was a little flustered.
Fang Jun, you explain how this happened. How could she do this? Gu Xiaomi squeezed words through his teeth.
Fang Jun bowed his head and said nothing.
Li Mei looked at Fang Jun and walked quickly to Fang Jun’s side. He straddled Fang Jun’s arm and said,
Xiaomi, since you have seen it, I won’t deceive you. I have been with Fang Junhao for more than a month. This time, it is not appropriate for you to go to Shenzhen with him. Let’s separate.
Fang Jun is it true? Gu Xiaomi shouted.
I looked at Xiaomi and cried. My eyes were full of sadness and accused Fang Jun of some unbearable things. He felt that he had done unforgivable things.
Fang Jun me Li Mei saw Fang Jun softhearted and pulled him behind him and said to Xiaomi.
Xiaomi, you give up. You can’t give him anything with Fang Jun. You can’t help him. You know how he got his Shenzhen job depends on me. I can help him. You can be a stumbling block to him. Look at yourself. Besides being cute and coquettish, what qualifications do you have to accompany Fang Jun?
Gu Xiaomi looked at Fang Jun. Fang Jun didn’t speak or stop Li Mei. Gu Xiaomi was disappointed. She pushed away Li Mei, squatted and picked up Minnie slippers and threw them into the trash can.
I wish you happiness Gu Xiaomi turned and left Fang Jungu.
Gu Xiaomi in the ladder can’t cry.
She cried all the way until her tears dried up, and then she went home and put herself into the bedroom.
Chapter II beijing beijing
Gu Xiaomi locked herself in the bedroom for three days. In these three days, she didn’t respond to how Wang Yali knocked at the door. Wang Yali couldn’t call Yuan.
Gu Xiaomi, why are you so worthless? The dog men and women are not worth it. Yuan rang rang while knocking at the door.
You are quick to come out. If you don’t come out, I can smash the door and go in.
On what Yuan said, Gu Xiaomi didn’t answer. When Yuan shouted tired, he sat outside the door and stayed with Xiaomi for one afternoon.
Evening round to go home, round took Wang Yali hand and said aunt, don’t worry. Xiaomi is a strong person. She hasn’t thought about it yet. You can rest assured that you can call me if there is anything.
Round away, Wang Yali went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of wonton and took it to Xiaomi’s door.
Xiaomi, come out and eat something. You haven’t eaten for three days. Don’t let your mother worry if you want to damage your body. It’s hard for your mother.
Wang Yali cried. After her father left, Gu Xiaomi had never seen Wang Yali cry. She was a strong woman and loved people. She was always elegant and capable, as if she were an indestructible female King Kong. After all these years, Gu Xiaomi was raised by herself like an eagle to protect Xiaomi, but some Xiaomi knew that Wang Yali was pretending to be strong and she was afraid.
Wang Yali cried bitterly outside the door, and Xiaomi felt sorry for herself. She endured it for too many years, and Xiaomi was her real support. Once Xiaomi fell down, Wang Yali would never get up again.
Gu Xiaomi couldn’t stay any longer. She couldn’t stand this picture of Wang Yali. She opened the door and pulled Wang Yali up from the ground. Wang Yali clung to Gu Xiaomi and wouldn’t give up. It was very uncomfortable for them to stay in her arms. When they were young, Xiaomi relied on Wang Yali all the time, but since that incident, Xiaomi was not so close to Wang Yali. I always felt that there was something between them.
Before the dinner table, Wang Yali kept picking vegetables for Xiaomi, and the rice bowl was full. Since Xiaomi came out of the room, Wang Yali has never come out of the kitchen and cooked a lot of delicious food in a different way. I can’t wait for Gu Xiaomi to make up for it for three days.
Mom, I want to leave for a change. Gu Xiaomi said while eating chicken wings.
桑拿Ya-li wang soup hand stopped carefully ask
Where do you want to go? How long?
As far away from Fang Jun as possible, I will go north if he goes south.
Wang Yali hasn’t spoken since Gu Xiaomi said that she wanted to go to the North. She silently helped Gu Xiaomi pack things and moved things from the shopping mall to her home. She was afraid that Xiaomi could not stand the northern climate. She bought several pairs of cotton trousers, but she didn’t think it was warm enough. Wang Yali bought one online with a thick layer of wool to wear to Oyimiakang cotton trousers. She was afraid that despite Xiaomi’s nose sensitivity, she bought a lot of nasal spray drugs and packed a small sorting box. Western medicine and Chinese patent medicine even stuffed it into the suitcase.
In two days, Wang Yali packed up three big suitcases. Gu Xiaomi looked at three tense suitcases and said, Old lady, you are exaggerating. I am going to the north, not to live in the wild in Beijing. I can go there and buy so many. How can I get them myself?
What will you buy? You will buy something fancy and untrue.
That’s too much. Can we take less? Gu Xiaomi said that she was about to open the box. Wang Yali was just about to stop the box that had not come. It bounced open like a spring and the contents jumped out.
Look at me, I have to reload, said Wang Yali, and I have to squat down and put something in it.
Don’t pretend, I’ll see what I didn’t take out. Gu Xiaomi said, and went out to pay for something.
This one has, hey, don’t pay this one, hey, that one also has. Two people just took it out and I put it back for a whole afternoon, and finally compromised on two suitcases.
Looking at the two big suitcases in the living room, Wang Yali felt very uncomfortable, but she knew that Xiaomi was not suitable to stay here now. Fang Jun and Li Mei left yesterday. Gu Xiaomi knew, but she deliberately avoided talking about Wang Yali’s understanding that Xiaomi’s threshold was not yet a temporary escape, but if Xiaomi can escape a little bit, just escape. After all, this millet will think of Fang Jun when it looks at this familiarity, so Xiaomi will suffocate.
The light in Xiaomi’s room is still on, and Wang Yali walks into Xiaomi’s room with a box in her hand.
Xiaomi was lying in bed and saw Wang Yali come in and turned over. Wang Yali sat on the bed and opened the box in her hand.
Take this card of Xiaomi. I’ll save money for you and give it to you later, but maybe you can spend money outside now than at home. He said and stuffed the card into Xiaomi’s hand.
I have a room in Beijing. Here is the key. You take it.
Yes, old lady, when did you buy a house in Beijing without telling me? Gu Xiaomi sat up.
It was a long time ago. It’s an old house. I haven’t seen it in the past for so many years. I don’t know what it looks like when you get there. If it’s ok, live there.
Go to Beijing and see when you want to come back. Wang Yali touched Xiaomi’s head.
Gu Xiaomi looked up at Wang Yali. I don’t know when Wang Yali’s hair began to turn white. There were many wrinkles around her eyes. Xiaomi really felt sorry for Wang Yali, but he just didn’t know how to get close to her.
Yeah, I will. You don’t worry about me. How old am I? Gu Xiaomi shook Wang Yali’s hand. This is the closest way she can do it.
Well, it’s getting late. Go to bed early. I have a plane to catch.
Said ya-li wang walked out of the millet room gu millet looked at ya-li wang figure silently say mom’s sorry.
Wang Yali’s room light went on all night and got up early to make breakfast for Gu Xiaomi. She made Xiaomi’s favorite steamed buns. Gu Xiaomi looked at Wang Yali with red eyes and knew that she must have cried again. Wang Yali’s eyes were like this every morning when her father just left. Whenever this time Gu Xiaomi would avoid looking at Wang Yali’s eyes, she was afraid to see through Wang Yali’s weakness, because she knew that Wang Yali was strong and she had the courage to face life.
Mom, don’t send me for a while. I’ll just take a taxi myself. Otherwise, don’t you still have activities in your fitness club?
Wang Yali joined a fitness club after retirement. She has nothing to do with practicing yoga, dancing and climbing mountains.
Yes, Wang Yali said while tidying up the dishes.
The third chapter at first sight
Gu Xiaomi dragged her luggage out of the house. This is the first time that she left home. Because the university is also a city school, she went home in a few days, and there were not many senior classes. She stayed at home with Fang Jun every day and had classes. Two people came back to school by bus hand in hand, but she was determined when she thought of Fang Jun’s footsteps. She turned back and walked out of the house. Wang Yali always entrusted I must eat on time and talk frequently.
Oh Xiaomi dare not look back.
When I got to the building, Gu Xiaomi looked at her window. There was a figure behind the curtain. She knew that Wang Yali secretly looked at her. Gu Xiaomi took a deep breath and turned away with the box. She knew that Wang Yali must have looked at her at the window at this time. She felt that her back was wet. It was her and Wang Yali’s tears.
The plane took off, looking at the smaller and smaller buildings on the ground, looking at everything I used to know, and Gu Xiaomi closed his eyes. Goodbye to the sea, goodbye to mom, goodbye to Yuan and never see Fang Jun again.