Oh, let’s hear it.

Snow Wolf charming smile anyway, now it is in somebody else’s hands. This man’s strength is absolute. If she wants to save her life, she must be smart enough to see her weight, or wait for the opportunity to act.
Who sent you here? What’s the purpose of your coming in?
Shit, we don’t know their details yet. Then she’s nervous.
Don’t be so rude, a href” arge”bnk. Just think about it. Can you find a rich man? Do you have to say this?
The rich man smiled.
Otherwise, you think it’s ok for me to fight with handsome men and get shot.
She said with a smirk in her heart, but she secretly called it bad. This shota root doesn’t know who he is in today’s banquet list. That President B shouldn’t be watching, so there is no lethality. How can he be such a superrunning club president? If he thinks too much, he definitely thinks too much.
Ha ha, do you think it’s interesting for you to make such a gag? Don’t you say that I have many ways to make you believe?
She has the face of an angel, but at the moment she looks like a demon from hell, but she is too dark to understand this little threat.
Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth. If you have to be passionate, I can’t help it.
Hehe, interesting, interesting.
This side was caught, and something happened over there. After the song was finished, Yan couldn’t wait to leave Xiao soul with Ni, but when she turned around, she found that the snow wolf was gone. Damn it, what happened?
Baby, show you my private villa. I’m sure you’ll like it very much.
Wait, my friend is missing me.
That Yan looked around.
She may have found her home tonight, so you’d better leave her alone.
Rose smiled and looked at Yan’s heart and couldn’t help cursing. At the key moment, where did the snow wolf go? Forget it, and then drag it away to be afraid of this. That Yan will be suspicious. It is better for her to follow him.
Well, maybe you’re right. I really shouldn’t bother her.
It’s purely a duck chase. Ni followed Yan to leave. When she saw that this cow force could not form a skyhigh sports car, a few words came to her mind.
really rich
Rose really doesn’t want too many words to shape a sports car here, because you can’t imagine a word no matter how professional words are. It doesn’t matter what the car looks like. What matters is that it’s worth more than 10 million people. The guy next to him is still very windy and coquettish. He said that it’s really his entrylevel garage, and dozens of them are limited. The gap between the rich and the poor is so obvious that Ni can’t help but think that people are different.
Riding on the copilot motor sounds really cool. It’s like a subwoofer. It’s like going out of the door. It’s crazy to die. It’s not driving. It’s like driving a rocket. Nima has a feeling of flying. The wind roared past her ears. Don’t let her hair and lace ribbons blow away. In the moonlight, she seems to have strayed into the car mirror. She can’t help but narrow her eyes. He has met many beautiful women, but he rarely meets such a woman who is to his liking. If she is not close, then maybe he will let her live as his pet
After a while, I saw another villa no different from the palace in the dim light. These calves are really
Well, shall we have something to drink?
Connie is really a little nervous
Drink, but I’d rather eat you now. You are more attractive than wine.
As she said, the posture of men and women pressing her against the sofa was very ambiguous. arge”bnk danced wildly and G reminded her of an animal lion.
It’s as if the satisfaction of watching her prey makes her feel overwhelmed.
You are so anxious. It’s not good.
What do you think? As far as she’s calm, the ring has long been prepared. If you want her to plunge into his meat a little, the drug horse will make him unconscious. This specific medicine is usually used by local security personnel to save lives.
I think you women all like men to take the initiative, and it doesn’t mean that when women love to be sarcastic, don’t just say that it’s good to say bad.
Fuck you, who’s so melodramatic? If you don’t want it, then what the fuck is more logical?
I like the atmosphere. Let’s have a drink, okay? You don’t want the bad atmosphere to spoil the fun.
Yan looked at her and it was a clever little woman. Anyway, this is his territory. It is absolutely impossible for a duck to fly away when it comes to its mouth.
Okay, what do you want to drink, Lafite? I don’t think you’re so vulgar.
Lafite is not the best in red wine. Of course I don’t choose wine. It’s better to choose the right thing than the expensive one.
This remark deepened Yan’s love for her.
This is my private winery. There are ten barrels of Niang red wine. You are the first lucky woman to taste it.
He got up and went to the wine cabinet to untie his shirt, and the diamond cuff was folded twice to reveal a small arm. Ouch, this line is really beautiful. He reached out and took out a crystal bottle, which was very elegant. The round bottle cap was a blue teardropshaped gem, and a bottle should be so luxurious. Rich people are rich people.
Then I am deeply honored.
Your grandmother added silently in the second half of her leg, no wonder these chicks want to get rich one after another. Not everyone is a god in this life.
When Yan turned around, Ni wanted her finger ring to let Ya get some sleep quickly, and then she could find some information herself, but she just wanted to find out that the reflective effect of the wine cabinet was so good that it was easy to leak, so she took it.
Watching the mellow wine pour into the big red wine glass, the wafting fragrance made Ni intoxicated. It was really good wine.
try it.
Take it and pass it to me. First, I went to smell the glass, then I waved it and looked at it. I knew it was extremely extreme and tasted it again. Mom absolutely forced me to steal it. It was not sour or astringent. It was not Bordeaux red wine. It was a little strong, but how could it make it too fucking delicious if I didn’t make it?
Although she could tell from her expression that she was going to talk, he still asked.
It’s very good. It’s a pity that your private winery doesn’t sell this wine. I said it’s a pity that you can’t drink people. You must not lack this money to sell wine.
Her words made Yan Xiao proud.
All the kids in the club begged me to let me sell them the wine, but I couldn’t help but give them a drink when I was in a good mood.
Brother, this wine of yours is good, but it’s not so desirable. Look at him tilting his body and slightly raising his neck to drink. It’s a good opportunity to measure his body. Naturally, he leaned over and the ring was exposed and went straight to the exposed arm of Yan.
S: Please leave a message if you have any sister papers.
V5, handsome boy, you are so handsome that I …
Slight stabbing pain makes Yan’s eyebrows wrinkle, followed by a great sense of dizziness. Of course, when the glass falls to the ground, it will be quickly caught by the rose, otherwise it would be a pity to spill such a good wine.
Drink all the wine in that strict glass, and Ni greatly praised it.
Good burp
I’m still very satisfied. I had a hiccup.
Rich people are rich people.
Kick off the highheeled shoes and walk barefoot on the carpet. There are not many rooms in the main building, but which one is where he puts important things? Usually, the novel opens a room at will and touches an arm bracelet, which instantly becomes a small hand light source, which is very good and not too ostentatious.
How come there is more than 100 square meters in the novel room, and then there is a circle around it. The novel books are all classified and then arranged in order from A to Z. Ni couldn’t help but spat lightly. Ya is an obsessivecompulsive patient. After reading it for a long time, there is no problem at all. This cheongsam is just in the way. I put the front and back two curls to the side, got a bow, and then squatted down, but I still can’t see anything wrong. The rich people are so boring and make such trouble. Why are you pushing Rose so hard? Just slip away and find a position and find it a bit.
The bracelet goes forward and looks at these microeconomics in front of it.
What’s wrong with it? But what’s wrong with it? She can’t come out. It’s right, it’s in order. It’s all arranged in order. So, after arranging it in the right order, it’s pa. The size of a safe becomes a door that automatically opens. Looking at this safe in front of her, Nelly is happy.
Haha, little kind, I told you, can’t beat me?
When crossed, I was ready to crack the password of the safe. The girl once again laid eggs, hurt, chrysanthemum and tightened. These words mean double doors. What about the G refrigerator? It is designed to cheat the safe.