I couldn’t help glaring at the two men and kicking Xu Ran. How can he return it?

At this time, Xu Ran dare to say that he left him a face by himself. I’m embarrassed to drive away if the guests don’t leave, right? Besides, it’s going to rain. Don’t worry if people leave like this?
Lin Ya didn’t good the spirit white her one eye too lazy to speak one more word.
After several people sat around the table, Muchuan was embarrassed again. The woman didn’t mean to invite him at all.
She didn’t speak Xu Ran also dare not to hit the gun.
Lu Yuan glanced at Lin Ya with one eye. Is the guest still there?
In exchange for the girl’s unkind look, I didn’t tell you that a guest didn’t prepare dinner for the guest. The identity of the guest was so expensive that I was afraid I couldn’t eat these simple meals.
This little woman is going to completely vomit Muchuan with him and consciously go out I’m not hungry for you to eat
As soon as he left, Xu Ran couldn’t help but say, Yaya makes people hungry all night? Are you willing?
Lin Ya wrinkled her eyebrows and said in a very unpreparedness tone, If you can’t bear to let him eat well.
Xu Ran finally gave up Liu Yuan, who was still the fastest eater.
After eating, I turned my wheelchair and went out.
He looked at Muchuan from the eaves and said, There should be food in the kitchen. If you don’t mind doing it yourself.
Muchuan stood there for a long time before he said good
It rained in the middle of the night after a peaceful night.
When Lin Ya got up early in the morning, Xu Ran had arranged breakfast.
She looked at the door and it was raining outside. When she turned around, she saw the man in the next room looking outside, too.
She started out and went to the kitchen.
Muchuan received liuyan words after a while.
After talking for a long time, men should occasionally say one or two words.
Lin Ya kitchen went to the bedroom after dinner.
The rain can’t go anywhere. What’s more tragic is that the cell phone signal is gone after a rain.
Just look at the nest bed
Xu Ran went out with porridge and called Muchuan, by the way.
That man really didn’t eat all night last night. She was really afraid of starving him.
After being hungry all night, Muchuan’s stomach really hurts a little.
I just took a sip of the bowl of porridge and felt heartburn!
The man frowned and let go of the bowl in his hand
Xu Ran noticed an abnormal frown and asked, What’s the matter?
Muchuan twist twist eyebrow way nothing
Then I managed to take a few mouthfuls.
Xu Ran gave him a confused look and said nothing after all.
For several meals, Lin Ya avoided sitting at the same table with that man.
The next night, when Lin Ya was washing dishes, Xu Ranyi muttered, Why does a big man eat less than a woman?
品茶论坛Lin Ya washed the bowl and gave Xu Ran a slant head and didn’t say anything.
Gave her a Xu Ran white way heart? Ask yourself.
Put those bowls away and Lin Ya said, I’ll go to the county seat to buy something someday.