Chapter 46 Mr. Tang has no shortage of women

Shen Xinyu took a shower, and sure enough, someone sent several sets of unlabeled clothes rooms, and it seems that they have also cleaned up the bedside with a small pink box.
Tang Shiyan came in from the outside and put his arm around her waist and said, Can I show you?
Shen Xinyu held back her curiosity and looked down at her bathrobe and said, I’ll change first.
Tang Shiyan smiled and let her sit on a chair.
The girl’s eyes paused when she picked out a cotton dress from the rack and pinched it into it with a pink dress.
This size?
Feel my heart jump uncontrollably.
The size is not right? Men come in a low voice at the right time.
Shen Xinyu shook his head quickly. Nothing is quite appropriate.
And it’s very accurate
See people quickly drill back to the bathroom, Tang Shiyan walked with his head deep across a smile in his eyes.
My little girl wants to pay back a lot, but he hasn’t really seen anything yet. He just called Aunt Wu to confirm the size.
Shen Xinyu will think a little too much. Let’s not talk about those words. Seeing that scene this afternoon will make her understand enough that there will be no shortage of women around Tang Shiyan. Whether it is status or appearance, this man is beyond ordinary people, like a mountain standing at the highest altitude.
But when I changed my clothes, I saw that Yuan Yaoren was sitting in an armchair playing with the lip corner of a mobile phone with a smile, and she felt that Shen Maozhu was probably really lucky for her.
In the pink box is a set of handmade stationery, delicate and delicate, cool to the touch. I don’t know what material it is. Shen Xinyu is curious to pick up a pen and see the pattern.
Don’t you like it? Tang Shiyan raised his head when he didn’t know.
What is a cat? Shen Xinyu turned and waved his pencil face with a cute cat pattern.
Well, it feels like you. Tang Shiyan supported Ba and thought, Very cute.
Clever and cautious, he will show his sharp claws from time to time, and he is very clingy at night.
I look like a cat?
Shen Xinyu felt a little strange in his heart, but he stared at the pencil and didn’t say it.
But the last sentence was a compliment, wasn’t it? Isn’t it cute?
Eyelashes blinked and the girl’s eyes flashed a smile. I like it very much.
Well, Tang Shiyan couldn’t see that the mood should be light.
Shen Xinyu bit her lip and suddenly let go of her pen and went to the man’s cheek to take the initiative to kiss a thank you
Tang Shiyan stare blankly for a lift eyes.
Seeing the girl’s eyes bend and smile at him, the sunshine reflects the girl’s charming face, and the powder lips are more dazzling than the teeth.
Somehow he seems to have been shaken.
I felt something move in my chest, cleared my throat, and bowed my head and took a sip of tea.
Tang Shiyan had a banquet to attend in the evening, but Shen Xinyu didn’t want to go, and the weather was not so good today. Tang Shiyan didn’t insist on ordering people to send dinner again, so he left with assistant Li.
It’s already early in the morning when I come back
Section 63
The room was quiet, and the table meal had been taken away by the students. Tang Shiyan simply took a shower and looked at the girl who had fallen asleep and couldn’t help but smile.
Looking very good, a little girl sometimes has the audacity to visit him in a strange city before she has enough money in cut class.
I don’t even know how she found the right position
But in the end, I gave up for some reason and wanted to sneak back alone.
Tang Shiyan sat on the bed and touched the girl’s red cheeks, tender and smooth as if she could pinch the water with one force.
It’s just a little hot
The man immediately sat up and touched the girl’s forehead when his eyes sank.
桑拿按摩S people’s hospital
One day, assistant Li pushed open the VIP ward door with two legs filled with lead. Mr. Tang made an appointment for Dr. Wu to make a house call tonight. She is a specially invited … female doctor.
Tang Shiyan girl put a cool towel and looked back at him. What’s the matter?
It’s impossible for his appointment to make such a mistake.
Assistant Li carefully handed the registration form in her hand. Miss Liao cut her off. I heard that she just returned to China.
Tang Shiyan frowned and glanced at Assistant Li without going to see the registered SLR. Who is in charge?
This … Assistant Li was speechless. He really didn’t know that.
It’s my decision. The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open and a group of people in white coats came in. First, a tall young woman with a blue medical mask covered her eyes looked at Tang Shiyan. Didn’t you come to see a doctor? Also pick a doctor?
Assistant Li silently retreated to the side …
Tang Shiyan looked at the person who came in and narrowed his eyes and his face sank.
When the Lord saw it, he immediately came over to make a circle field. Mr. Tang and Dr. Liao are highly paid in our hospital, so please come and take care of the medical skills. I absolutely trust you.
A woman smells elegant and takes off her mask to reveal a beautiful and delicate face. He knows best if he doesn’t explain what my medical skills are.
Check it first. Pass me the thermometer and stethoscope.
See several medical staff began to work Tang Shiyan look back from his pocket and pulled out a lighter to lift his feet and went out.
Assistant Li left the house silently, and the eyes of the guards swept the two figures in front of the bed from time to time, and his heart was really bloody by the dog.