Walk over to Shengrong and have a good chat with Zhao Tingyun and others.

ChengRong and LanKeFuBo said hello to eyes a turn can’t help but say with smile, "everyone has no chance to get together on weekdays. Today, everyone is here. I might as well go and play."
He is the host, so no one will object to coming here again, even if it is fun, no one will be stupid enough to refuse.
So they all agreed and nodded, and the line of people was mighty on the second floor.
When I went to the chess table room, what was really blinding ChuYan?
夜生活She seldom gets together with these people in the circle, and her understanding of them is very limited.
There’s almost everything here. You can play anything you want.
When everyone comes, someone will decide what to play.
They chose to play and someone formed a team.
Chuyan they this line of nature is not moving.
Waiting for Shengrong to speak.
Chengrong lit a cigarette and smoked Chuyan. I didn’t expect Chengrong to smoke.
It’s the first time I saw it
But it’s nothing unusual.
Sheng Rong thought for a moment and then said, "Let’s play ball first."
They didn’t object to Sheng Rong’s eyes turning to play. "But let’s change the way of playing."
"Oh," they wondered.
There’s nothing strange about ChuYan. She’s too lazy to play. She hasn’t even thought about it.
Only to find that Shengrong had picked her up.
"I’m better than Zhao Zong." He smiled slightly and was somewhat mysterious. "But I don’t play."
Zhao Tingyun looks a little ugly. Sheng Rong and he don’t play with each other. Who do you want to shoot? This is not looking at him.
But I’m not happy. Some people here, Sheng Rong, are the first one who can’t offend him. He knows that Mo Chengkun has worked hard recently and he can’t let Mo Chengkun win him away.
Otherwise, it is a bit difficult to bring Mo Chengkun down.
Thinking about asking, "How do you always fight that sheng?"
Mo Chengkun was not surprised.
Sheng Rong smiled "I don’t fight" and reached a finger at Chu Yan "She helped me fight"
ChuYan one leng how to pull yourself?
All eyes are on ChuYan.
Before she crustily skin of head, "I’m not good at it."
Sheng Rong didn’t give her a chance to refuse. "Let’s have a bet." He snapped his fingers and said, "Let’s start with 300,000 to win over there."
They immediately talked about it.
Have to please ChengRong pressure ChuYan.
However, some people still don’t have so many taboos that they are overwhelmed by Zhao Tingyun.
Isn’t this a pendulum?
Chu Yan said that she was not very good at it, but Zhao Tingyun knew how to play. These are experts.
Zhao Tingyun never thought it was ChuYan.
Eyes narrowed slightly looked ChuYan a few eyes and then the right corner of my eye went to the right lip angle followed by a wide "ok, I’ll play"
Looking at ChuYan with a smile, "Miss Chu is merciful."
ChuYan a listen to paused and then can’t help but sneer at.
She said she wouldn’t hit them, and she really believed that she wouldn’t.
Isn’t Zhao Tingyun’s remark a straightforward irony?
Others call ChuYan. He has suffered several losses in his hand, but he can’t bear this tone.
Ha ha a smile "since Zhao Zong said so, I’ll keep some for you."
Words fall to one side.
But someone pulled me.
Turned to see is Mo Chengkun.
He frowned slightly ChuYan swept his one eye.
"Don’t try to be brave" worried tone
Chuyan felt a slight warmth in her heart, gave him a reassuring look and walked forward.
All this soon everyone didn’t see the scene of two people.
Chuyan went to the billiard table and picked up a pole, a beautiful spin, natural and agile.
They were all surprised by her skill, but there were also some surprises.
It’s just a flower stand. Who wouldn’t?
It doesn’t mean much
But I listened to her talk about "how to play English, American, French or Kailun".
Many people were stunned by her series of questions.
While Zhao Tingyun listen to eyes a slight flash know ChuYan is not simple.
What happened before may be just an excuse for her.
Thought of here, he lost his cigar, walked over and took a pole, but without ChuYan’s fancy, he painted it with powder, and his eyes were a little random and he laughed "whatever you want"
ChuYan don’t like his eyes frowning slightly. When he heard this, he looked up at him and smiled "good".
Wiping her hands with magnesium powder, she aimed at the pole in a standard posture.
"Bang", the sound is crisp, the rules are set, the rules are scattered.
They looked at one leng this slightly.
Where is not a big fight is a sophisticated one, okay?
Chu Yan doesn’t mean that others look up at Zhao Tingyun "it’s your turn"
She is really good at billiards, not blindly confident.
There was a time when she was a Taiwanese player.
Almost participated in the international competition.
And here ChengRong and MoChengKun looked at are slightly with a smile in the eyes of the light is getting deeper and deeper.
There is no doubt that Chu Yan won in the end.