Jin Dong hurriedly dragged her out before that little Lu Lu, you and your sister-in-law continue to love us first.

Why, why haven’t I finished?
Her strength didn’t reach Jinjing, so he dragged her out the door. As soon as she turned over, she pressed Jinjing against the wall with a fierce face and said
Why are you pulling me?
Goddess, I am saving you, okay? If you talk nonsense again, believe it or not, you will never see the sun.
Xiao Lu Lu is terrible, but others don’t know him, but he knows something about it. If it weren’t for her being a sister-in-law’s best friend, it would be estimated.
Jiao Jiao snorted at all.
I feel that Simon Simon has been wronged with him.
Accept, appoint, bend, and forget
Are you kidding?
Anyone with eyes can see how far Lu Qing has spoiled Qin Miaomiao. If anything happens to Qin Miaomiao today, it is estimated that he will suffer in this square.
That Jiao Jiao, I think you may have misunderstood Xiao Lulu’s special pain.
That’s because you don’t know that Simon Simon always cried with me that Lu Qing just turned a blind eye to her. Now it’s better, but a man’s nature is cool thin. Who knows how long it will take? Can you guarantee that Lu Qing can be a generation to Simon Simon?
Well, there’s really no guarantee, but I can guarantee that my life will be good to you.
Jiao Jiao a face of Meng force this is caught off guard by confession leng for a minute, she slapped him on the back of the head, laughing instead of laughing, said
I’m tired of trying to do things like this.
Jin Jing is about to be stunned. Why can’t she believe what people say is true?
The atmosphere in the box is rather strange. Lu Qing Rui Li’s eyes swept from childhood.
Powerful coercion, two top players’ legs trembled, and cold sweat came out.
What is the first rule of being a bodyguard?
protecting employers
品茶Go and get punished.
The punishment of al-Qaeda makes people numb when they think about it, but Han Shu told them that they did make the stupidest mistake and should be punished.
Wait, I was wrong about Lu Qing. Can you not punish them?
Lu Qing stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair. Okay, it’s a chicken nest again.
He looked down at her eyes narrowed, but it was a little cold. You’re not finished yet. You can forget it when you finish your palm.
She was short of breath immediately, didn’t she just bite her teeth and say
They were punished and I took their place.
Oh, so helpful.
Lu Qing looked up at the small two small six light way
You want to run around the city for one night?
Running around the city for one night will kill you.
After biting her lip for a while, she gnashed her teeth and said, Okay, I’ll run.
He got up and went out, but he held him back.
What are you doing?
Do I agree? Your body and legs belong to me. It’s still me when you run off.
Small two small six caught off guard and was fed a mouthful of dog food.
Those who talk have benefits:
Chapter 19 She doesn’t deserve that face
Finally, of course, it’s a night around the city, which is very light for al-Qaeda’s punishment
Qin Miaomiao felt very sorry for them and prepared milk for them early in the morning.