Chapter 24 Love of the World

"Tong Tong, what did you say that the little emperor bullied you and he hit you?"
Tong Tong’s black eyes looked at He Lianyin and saw that he shook his head gently and followed the force. "No, mom, I wasn’t bullied. You just heard wrong."
Twist the eyebrow to Yin "Tong Tong tells mom the truth"
Tong Tong looked at He Lianyin behind Yin and shook his head again. "Mom, I’m really not bullied."
Glanced back at He Lianyin with lip-biting. Eye pupil indifference "You warn him to try again"
Section 333
Helianyin one leng koo shrugged.
Won-hee, do you want to laugh?
He Liantong also endured the smile and dared not laugh.
Scene silence
HeLianYin lazy eyebrow motioning with his hand "okay, I don’t care"
按摩Then he walked back to the sofa, his legs crossed with Yuan Xi.
Sure enough, he is a wife and slave.
Yuan-hee chuckled while covering her mouth.
High soft bed
Looking at Yin’s eyebrows, Tong Tong "Tong Tong, tell your mother what happened at school today?"
"Really not"
"Dad said he didn’t know, but you didn’t tell the truth?"
Tong Tong’s mouth was flat. "Nothing happened. The little emperor secretly took away my business because he didn’t want me to associate with his sister. He told me to go outside the classroom and punish me, but he fought with him."
Instantly cold face to Yin "What’s the result?"
"It’s probably even. I didn’t win and he didn’t lose."
"The somebody else is to take away your career. Why don’t you tell them something? Why are you so violent? "
"I don’t want to talk nonsense with him."
To Yin a face of depression just at this time Song Jie walked into the room and said, "Young Master, wealthy family, young master Yuan Xi, young master Tong can have dinner."
He Lianyin got up, and the eyebrows were slightly folded. "It’s good to know that everyone is going upstairs to have dinner. You can call Chen Xi and Ah Xiao and ask them to come over for dinner. It’s crowded."
"Good" YuanXi take out a cellular phone to make a phone call.
Xiang Yin and He Liantong are still facing each other.
He Lianyin walked over and picked up Tong Tong with a soft expression. "Xiao Yin, come on, Tong Tong is still a child. That’s how they get along with each other. It’s good for our parents to know that children are not hurt. Boys are naturally passionate and occasionally fight normally."
"It’s not right for you to teach a child like this. You should reason with him."
He Lianyin chuckled, "I don’t think Tong Tong needs to speak any truth. I should know that he knows how to fight. It should be tolerable. Besides, neither of them has been hurt by anything but playing house and pinching each other."
To frown at Yin Mei’s heart
"Yes, we were all so grown up when we were young, maybe we will become brothers." Yuan Xi also helped He Lianyin to speak.
Tong Tong nu way "I will never become good friends with him"
"Yuanbao, did you call Ashi?" HeLianYin ignore tong tong anger turned to ask yuan xi.
"I called Ah Xiao and told Chennai Department Store to come over together."
He Lianyun had a smile in his eyes. "Are they together now?"
"I don’t know," Yuan Xi quipped. "Ah Xiao said they are friends now, but I don’t know what friends they are."
"Nineteen" He Lianyin’s eyes smile more strongly.
To Yin Yi leng "Are you sure?"
"Don’t believe you wait for yourself to ask Chennai." Then he held Tong Tong out of the room. "Let’s go to dinner, Xiao Yin. You can also call me if you want to invite friends."
I looked up at Yin for a moment. "Why don’t we all go to see Yu Zhou tonight?"
He Lianyin’s footsteps stopped and turned back. Yu Liying was very handsome. "What happened to him?"
"Yu Zhou is in the late stage of heart disease and must live on drugs and appliances. He is now in the hospital. Should we former classmates go and see him?" To Yin eyes calm.
Yuan Xi opened his mouth slightly. "Is he dying?"
"Yu Ge can probably live for three to five years if he speaks well of the situation." If the situation is not good for half a year, maybe.
He Lianyin tensed up and said, "Well, let’s go and visit him after dinner."
The night is deep
After dinner, He Lianyin and Xiang Yin all changed into a plain color dress. On the way, Xiang Yin made a message to Yu Ge, saying that he would now go to the hospital to visit Yu Zhou Yu Ge without saying anything. He held the words tightly, and there was thin water vapor in his pupil, which was touched by everyone.
In the black Maserati, Yuan Xi sat in the driver’s seat, and He Lianyin sat behind Yin. All three of them were silent and no one spoke.
Tong Tong didn’t follow him. He is still a child with weak physical resistance and is not suitable for staying in a hospital where germs are wanton.
"Are Chennai and others coming?" Ask Yoon Yuan-hee.
"Yes, I have just told them about the situation in the boat, and they have all come over."
"Good" hold your arms tightly to Yin, and your eyes are silent.
Soon Maserati stopped at the hospital.