Ou porcelain saw that the blood on his cheek was completely dried up, and the dark brown lining his pale skin was shocking.

She avoided the subtle question before and reached out and touched his cheek. Were you scared when there was a car accident in Lingyi City that night?
Are you afraid of risking your life to go to Bo?
A smile appeared on Ling Yicheng’s thin lips. Fear!
She knew if he wanted a woman because of his high status.
Ou Porcelain’s contemptuous pie mouth was really good at that time, and she was so excited.
Ling Yicheng was despised by someone, lightly picked her eyebrows, then buckled her and kissed her until she was panting. He whispered in her ear, I’m afraid you won’t be my woman.
What will happen in a second is always known.
European porcelain has endured several times, and Lingyi City is also ready to go.
But the man didn’t move.
Ou porcelain was rubbed and abused by him, and his heart was already silently surrendered.
She even wants to die early and live early.
But nothing happened afterwards.
Ling Yicheng got up from her body with slender fingers and unbuttoned her clothes and buttoned them one by one again.
Then he rubbed her hair. Take an early rest tonight and I’ll take you to see grandpa.
Ou porcelain grabbed his wrist for the purpose that his trousers were propped up in a tent.
LingYi city where are you going? Hospital?
Ling Yicheng’s face changed slightly and his eyes were cloudy. Do you know what you are talking about, little porcelain?
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Actually said he went to the hospital?
Does Ou Porcelain mean that he is going to the hospital to find Yu Qingqing for release?
It’s not that he doesn’t want to touch her because there is Keranran in the room.
夜网论坛He didn’t have a hobby of being watched while having sex with Ou Porcelain.
The porcelain hanging eyes didn’t answer.
She didn’t know that stupid question she just blurted out.
Who cares who he goes to?
Isn’t it just a relief that he’s gone?
Ling Yicheng saw that she was so remorseful that she pulled back her hand and knocked her forehead with a chestnut. What are you thinking about all day?
He has said that he has her as a woman, and she seems not to listen at all.
This is the first time that Ling Yicheng has been rough with her.
What seems to be a hard knock is actually a gentle touch.
But Ouci feels very painful.
Finger rubbed his forehead, eyes suddenly red.
Ling Yicheng left after tossing her over and over again.
When he disappeared for several days, he kept Yu Qingqing’s side and Ou Porcelain felt that he had a good grievance these days.
Now Ling Yicheng is around her, not only not comforting her, but always bullying her.
Sniffling a foot may be dipped in the past roll! Lingyicheng, get out of here!
Her mood has completely collapsed.
Ling Yicheng is really a little puzzled by women’s minds.
It was like they made up just now, and then she suddenly got angry?
But it’s not white or white. What he is good at is violence.
Conveniently buckle the porcelain ankle and easily drag her to your front arm. The porcelain has been in his arms.
Ling Yicheng, what are you doing?
Ou porcelain pushed him desperately.
Ling Yicheng picked him up with a sullen face and left.
Binhu Yicheng
Ou porcelain was thrown into the big bed in the master bedroom by Ling Yicheng.