Tired of leaning against the stone pillar, I relaxed my tight muscles, and then I was greatly relieved.

The right shoulder hand is still very painful, and the separated skin seems to be stitched up. However, I feel that the shoulder dressing method is very rough. If I want to move my body slightly, the bandage will pull the muscles and there will be the possibility of secondary tearing of the wound.
What a careless person, but as he saved himself, Natsume didn’t say anything anymore.
Take off the lining, tear the red bandage slowly, and then look at the place where the quasiperson appeared just now.
Maybe there is something.
It’s a partition. In addition to an old energytype video camera in the field of vision, there is only one footstool left. No, there are a bunch of benches on the surface, so hurry up and tie them.
品茶论坛I walked over and picked up the bandage, and a smell of disinfectant came out. I would have dumped it in disgust before, but now Natsume needs this thing
Try to wipe off the blood with extra bandages, and then skillfully wrap it around your right shoulder. Natsume did this kind of thing in the past, and that was when he was injured. After all, he used to be himself and didn’t know how to ask for help.
Even if you feel pain, or you feel sad, you won’t show it in front of others. What? Until now, Natsume didn’t know it was his own defect, but after he came to this world, he found himself changing, which is really ridiculous.
A little bit wrapped around the wound, seeing that the blood was still dyed red, Natsume sighed, sighing at the cost of his wrong choice.
However, compared with those things, Natsume wants to find out more about when it was recorded in the prospective people’s knowledge.
It has been recorded that she can’t be seen by outsiders, and she can’t appear in front of outsiders except Natsume. So what about that day?
Is it a calculation? Is it a guess? Or did he deliberately tell himself that he imagined it? Natsume denied it, and did not hesitate to do everything to the prospective person the day before yesterday. Instead, he let Natsume kill the record with a very positive tone.
To tell the truth, Natsume doesn’t like recording very much, but that girl is also her benefactor and a representative of the world observer, and there will be trouble in dealing with it. Natsume doesn’t intend to confront the’ silent recording frame’.
But think about it again, the other party is obviously very sure. If it is talking nonsense, it will not be said that Natsume will be killed and recorded, but this secret will threaten Natsume.
After all, in the face of the weak in the battle, profit is the best way than killing.
Wrapped up the bandage, Natsume tried to move his right hand. Although he could not move greatly, he was much better than before. This kind of resilience is not recognized by Natsume as something that human beings should have.
It may also be a kind of unification, speeding up the recovery of wounds.
If only it could heal before the wound appeared, then Natsume would not die, even if she broke into the women’s bathhouse, no, even if she broke into the 11th district government hall, don’t worry, right?
Natsume shook his head, even with that kind of ability can’t save the situation now.
What will the Lu Lu order do?
Declare Natsume dead to expose ‘arhur?
No matter what he did, Natsume felt that it was difficult for him to gain an advantage, and most of the meetings with Lu Lu on the plan to rob the Japanese liberation front ended in failure.
At the same time, Natsume also noticed a problem, that is, there is a degree of shyness. At present, it has reached a point, and it is still 2 points short of completing the strategy, but it is unclear where the 2 points are obtained.
For Natsume, the best way to have a high degree of goodwill is to save Lu Lu Xiu from crisis in front of him. In that case, the influence of’ hero’ will be slightly stronger.
Let’s talk about it later. If it doesn’t work, it’s hard to bow.
But it is estimated that it will be killed, so forget it.
Wearing a coat, Natsume plans to leave and go back to college.
This is the east of the military region, and the college is in the northwest. From here, you can vaguely see the bell tower full of light bulbs.
It takes some time to walk, and there is no car at this time. It seems that we can walk slowly.
Kururugi Suzaku?’
The next morning, after an hour’s rest, Natsume yawned and wrapped his right hand bandage in search of Lu Lu’s figure in the college. He was coming out of the main teaching building of the college when he was blocked by three soldiers.
Like a conditioned reflex, Natsume put his hand behind his back, but there was nothing there.
Is this Kururugi Suzaku?
Answered one of the soldiers, Natsume nodded in response.
Princess euphemia wants to see you.
See me? Ah, good.