Mom, rest assured that the only sister has always been calm, and nothing can beat her.

For Shen, Hao Changqing, the only one, is still a little powerful in shaping his image.
So the only thing in his eyes is indestructible, and nothing can hit her.
You seem to like Miss. Zhao Xin speed skater looked at his son with kindness in his eyes.
Although it was a mistake at the beginning, Zhao Xin speed skater never regretted it for so many years.
Even if there is nothing left, she still has a son to accompany her.
Like it very much? The only sister is very powerful. He still remembers the first meeting scene. At that time, the only thing was simply handsome.
A few words made the man find nothing to refute.
Get along well with your only sister, and don’t touch what belongs to your only sister. Shen Shi doesn’t belong to us. It’s your only sister’s mother who made it herself. No one can erase it.
Zhao Xin speed skater is also afraid that he can’t stand the temptation to do something. Money will really make people want to put a lot of money.
I know my mother and I won’t touch anything that belongs to my only sister. Hao Changqing was well educated
Well, Zhao Xin speed skater smiled and looked at his son’s eyes with relief.
The only one who came out here was Mo Yu driving. What the hell is going on? What did people say over there?
It’s not convenient to talk about it in there just now, but it’s different now. There are two people in the car.
Just when the Public Security Bureau called, it was said that Duan Yinghong died because of poisoning!
These things haven’t arrived at the scene yet, so we can’t check them. Many things are still uncertain.
I’m curious who poisoned people in front of many of us in such a big way.
What the hell is it that people want to do that? Suddenly, the only thing that comes to mind is Duan Yinghong.
Are you the only one who wants you to die? Shen only wants you to die a lot. Don’t worry so much.
Who is it? Who is it? What is so deliberately trying to persecute yourself?
Don’t think the wife will know soon. The ink royal face is not very good. These people are the only ones.
Mo Yu went to pick up Mo Ao Han first and three people went to a mental hospital together.
Now the scene of death is isolated, and no one dares to go in except the police.
What’s going on, Director Wang? Didn’t you send someone to protect Duan Yinghong?
Before Mo Yu left, the temperature dropped rapidly, just like the cold weather in October.
Captain Mo also checked that it was our negligence that we didn’t value people. I’m sorry. Now, no matter what, apologize first
Mo Yu is definitely not a goodtempered person.
A proud cold you go to see what’s going on ink royal tilted at his third brother.
Well ink proud cold and turned around and walked before wearing gloves began to check the body.
The only person who looked at the quiet bed without any temperature was not touched.
She always felt that it was too cheap for her to let Duan Yinghong die.
Mo Yu looked at the body and didn’t know what to think.
Mo Ao Han checked for a while and came out to take off his gloves and wiped his fingers with a wet towel.
It is indeed poisoned to death. Arsenic trioxide, also known as arsenic, should be familiar to everyone.
But the only thing I was surprised to hear was this name.
Isn’t this in charge of pharmacy? What will be here? These hands are a little too long.
Is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to kill Duan Yinghong.
Is it because Duan Yinghong knows their secret that they are eager to kill them or because of some other reasons?
Isn’t this poison fatal if you eat it? Let’s go and see if there are any suspicious people today.
A proud no ink cold looking at the only.
She’s not a big dose, she’s a very small dose, so the dose may be a few days ago, not today.
Because the dosage of this medicine is very in place, you can see that you are an expert.
And the other party should be good at pharmacy and made sustainedrelease tablets, so the goal is even bigger and the base can’t be found.
Listen, Mo Aihan explained that the only thing that happened was a look at the body.
Call Shen Yan if you touch the words. It’s his wife who will arrange it himself.
Look at that person who has lost his breath, the only feeling is quite a lot.
After calculating for a generation, I finally got nothing or no one died.
Now Shen Shuang’s whereabouts are very secret, so he can’t find his roots.
Looking at this situation now, the only feeling is headache. She has a hunch that the other party will never kill Duan Yinghong as simple as that.
Should there be any other moves or goals to achieve?
But what is the purpose of being so mad?
In a dark room
Ah, ah, ah, ah, Shen, the only Shen, the only one I hate you, I hate you is full of hatred and murder.
Screaming at the top of my lungs to vent my compassion.
What, what, what is going to kill my mother? What, Shen, the only one, you are so cruel and cruel.
The woman looked at the photo in her hand, which was the photo of Duan Yinghong’s body, and this man was Shen Shuang who had been missing for a long time.
A woman in a red cheongsam looks at the mouth of the person who is completely crazy now and evokes a radian.
Hate it, hate it, only in this way can I maximize what I have
It’s terrible to be alone, and even worse, it’s a woman
桑拿按摩Shen only Shen only won’t kill you, I won’t give up, I won’t give up. Shen Shuang’s hooked eyes in the past are now gloomy, cold and hateful.
What if you hate it? If you are as weak as you are now, you will be like your mother. Even if you die, no one will sympathize with her. Even your socalled father will ignore her.
The female voice is faint, but it has a bit of charm to confuse people.
Tell me what you want me to do to kill Shen, the only thing you want me to do! Shen Shuang, get up with the photo.
What can I do? The woman repeated it as if she were not sure.
I can do anything, but I need Shen to die. The instant hatred made the woman feel better.
Including abandoning this face? The woman looked at Shen Shuang’s beautiful face.
Shen Shuang’s eyes flashed when he heard this. It is this face that he loves most at ordinary times.
But it’s still a dark corner, no matter how beautiful it is.
This dark corner looks at Shen, the only bitch who can’t do it like happiness.
She just wants Shen’s only pain and wants her dead.