These magic shields are not simple. Can you break them in a short time?

Before listening to Morus’ plan, Chen Mo felt that Connek’s arrangement of magic shields was easy to break, but when he came in and saw Chen Mo with his own eyes, he knew that it would take him three minutes to break some of the main magic shields with Big Fat.
When giving them, it is actually a minute and a half at most.
Kangnaike guards are easy to resist, but once Kangnaike guards find out that Fa entered the treasure room for the first time, they will ask Huangshacheng guards for help.
The guards in Huangshacheng are all level 75. When several guards come, they can’t resist it any more.
And Morus wants to escape smoothly, so it takes less than 3 seconds to get the magic shield, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that he can escape smoothly.
Chen Mo doubts whether Morus can do this, and Morus is only level 7.
The Morus np template is obviously a 7level ordinary model, which is far from being compared with the elite model np. Even if the level is high, the strength is limited. Like Chen Mo, one person can play a dozen 7level Morus.
Rest assured that I would have been prepared! You have to wait until the city guards come as I say, and I will be able to leave!
Morus waved Chen Mo not to worry.
The silence at the sight of this is not much to say.
Conneker’s treasure room has a large number of gems that Chen Mo has never seen. Chen Mo has no idea about it. It’s false, but it’s limited. Now it’s important for Morus to pay. Chen Mo has never thought of taking the opportunity to steal some gems or anything
However, Chen Mo quickly glanced at all the stones he had never seen before and swept them into his head one by one.
The silence followed him to the door of the treasure room. At this time, an alarm rang loudly, and Morus began to do it.
Chen Mo pushed the door of the treasure room out of the treasure room without much thought.
It’s simple to think of the door from the outside, but it’s simple from the inside.
Alarm? Someone tried to steal my jewels? Guard! Hurry up and see what’s going on!
In another tall building, a middleaged fat man was alerted by the alarm. He woke up and shouted in a hurry.
The fact is not true. Connek shouted that the guards were already running to the treasure room.
Mutation monster? What a huge mutant monster!
The guard came to the front of the treasure room only to see a mutant lion.
This is a variation of the devil’s power. The lion is nearly twice as big as the ordinary lion, and there are black blackening lines on it.
It’s amazing that the ordinary mutant lion is half as big as the normal lion. The guards were surprised to see this mutant lion twice as big as the ordinary mutant lion.
Three guards in the great variation lion oppression is slowed down.
Of course, this mutant lion was released by Chen Mo to confuse the guards.
Although he doesn’t mind being wanted, nothing is less than one thing. If possible, he still doesn’t want to be wanted by Connek.
And the way to Chen Mo is to think of a variation lion to resist the enemy.
The silence has three mount bars, one for the ghost queen and one for the mutant squirrel.
After the level rose to level 65, while the variation strength of the surrounding monsters increased greatly, Chen Mo caught a 7level variation lion.
Level 7 mutant lions can still play some roles if they are attached to the ghost queen.
The eye variation lion is so huge because the ghost queen is attached to it.
The ghost queen controls the mutant lion and threatens to guard it.
The third is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and seven Pledge
Variation lion is so cruel that three guards hesitate slightly.
They are ordinary guards and those guarding the city np can’t be better than the real strength, that is, they are better than Morus, and their fighting capacity is actually very weak.
Chen Mo can fight several of these guards by himself and has no strength.
However, the guards Chen Mo has seen are all good in strength, and Chen Mo, the home guard of Connek, is also new. They are all as powerful as the guards he has seen.
The alarm is still ringing. Get in!
At this time, another guard rushed over. Four guards were together, and they finally got up the courage to rush to the mutant lion.
Ghost queen manipulated the variation lion to pounce on four guards.
品茶论坛Such a weak guard?
As soon as I met Chen Mo, I knew that these guards were much weaker than he expected.
A little surprised, but it’s better this way. At present, the strength of the four guards, the ghost queen and the mutant lion unite and maybe they can really resist!
Communicate with the Ghost Queen. Chen Mo asked the Ghost Queen to try her best to resist and not let the guards in.
Ghost queen nodded and tried to control the variation lion to resist the guard attack.
When the ghost queen controls four guards, she is beaten by a mutant lion and enters the treasure room.
Idiot! You are all useless! I spent so much money to invite a bunch of fools! If you are afraid of something, you will be beaten and rushed in!
Without a long time, Connor, a middleaged fat man, hurried to come over.
Seeing that four guards were resisted by a mutant lion and entered the treasure room, Connor screamed with rage.