Although the communication between the two sides was stumbling, Jiang Weihan and them still heard a general idea.

Two years ago, a celebrity from Azeroth visited the planet Sireser with his wife and children, calling on all races in Sireser to unite, because the world will soon be invaded by the Burning Legion.
Few people will believe the words of celebrities except the hobgoblin prophet, who has great prestige among the hobgoblin clan. He called on the hobgoblin to stop the war with the Zodanga Empire and actively prepare for the coming demon invaders.
The Zodanga people, that is, Jiang Weihan’s fourarmed people with graygreen skin and long horns, accepted the armistice agreement on the surface, but secretly detected that the goblins had been preparing for the war. After that, these greenskinned goblins were preparing for the armistice agreement to paralyze them, and they were secretly on high alert.
However, the Burning Legion really came, and it was the most powerful empire of the Zodanga people. Emperor Nodis attracted them. After the war broke out, the Zodanga people were defeated, but the hobgoblins led by the celebrities became the first counterattack burning legion and won a victory. With the expansion of the war, more and more races and troops joined the celebrities in the whole Shireser war. After a year of hard resistance, they finally stabilized the situation and the burning legion entered the stalemate stage
It was also at this time that Jiang Weihan and his team put on a holy shelter to drop the sacred light beam, and they saw it before they brought troops here.
Jiang Weihan, the general of Dangue, who has similar appearance characteristics to the famous generation, respectfully saluted.
It is precisely because the celebrities once said that their family came from the Greiser hobgoblins in Azeroth that it is convenient to communicate with them. Some wise people have learned a little Azeroth.
This celebrity aroused Jiang Weihan’s strong interest in them. Each of the four of them is brilliant. Who can’t recognize the deep admiration and worship in the tone of these wise creatures who call them celebrities?
Although it is neutral and slightly derogatory, it refers to the savior and the great hero!
They became more and more curious about the true identity of this Azeroth visitor.
No matter who he is, this man is not simplein just two years, he integrated the resistance of the whole planet or became the supreme commander of indigenous creatures as an outsider. This is not something that ordinary people can do. Khadga specially took a look at Jiang Weihan and suddenly laughed. Speaking of which, you are really a little similar, Jiang.
Isn’t it? Jiang Weihan arrived in Azeroth as an outsider and also revealed that the Burning Legion invaded almost two years ago and became a leader, a strange hero and a savior.
I can’t compare with him. Jiang Weihan smiled and shook his head. I have the support of Azeroth heroes and people behind me. If I were away from them, maybe I would be a famous person now?
Kyle corners of the mouth become warped become warped Khadga laughed, what a celebrityha ha, but if you come to Alonso Faaoge, you will be the savior of Azeroth and you will never be mediocre.? It is always gold that shines!
Celebrity! The temporary translator looked at Jiang Weihan with admiration. His general language was not good. He barely recognized that Khadga called Jiang Weihan a famous generation. Suddenly, Jiang Weihan was also a strange hero who came to this world as a famous generation, and Jiang Weihan’s performance on the battlefield was even more shameful.
Famous people! The hobgoblin danced and said a few words of aboriginal language to other aborigines, and soon the whole aboriginal Coalition army shouted enthusiastically.
Celebrity! Famous generation!
Jiang Weihan they looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
Half a day later, they finally met the modest celebrity, and at this time, all kinds of speculations made HwaSung Do exclaim the most incredible Khadga.
Turayan is you!
The human commander who came out of the khaki dome also saw the exclamatory Master Bai Hu through the crowd. He rubbed his eyes and also exclaimed, Khadga? Why are you here?
Isn’t it coming? Khadga blinked wittily, and two close friends who had not seen each other for years hugged each other through the crowd to be continued.
Chapter 415 Alien Commander Tulayan
You left without saying a word. I can’t see you in my generation. Khadga took a little sour nose and raised his sleeve and wiped his red eyes.
They are really old friends, from the second war to the expedition across the dark door. Although they are not blood brothers, they have a brotherhood beyond blood brothers.
I can’t see you either. Turayan sighed. He turned to see Jiang Weihan and they looked back at Khadga. Why don’t you introduce me?
品茶论坛This is Jiang Weihan, the leader of the Vololand Federation, and the other two are his heroes’ Kayle The Judicator’ Lord Kyle’ Virtual Walker’ Casadin Pavilion’ Khadga, who introduced them one by one and then said to Jiang Weihan,’ This guy who doesn’t grow a beard is Turayan!’
Before meeting people, Jiang Weihan always wondered who had visited the world first. This person must have extremely high military talent and leadership skills, and he is very charming and modest.
Putting these conditions together, Jiang Weihan deduced that it was probably Turayan.
The only possible mistake is that the former aborigines realized that this person came to Shireser with his wife and children, but it is easy to understand that Aurelia Windrunner disappeared with Turayan, but the child is not easy to explain, because the two children Alator have been in the Glory Castle and have not disappeared together.
Now it seems obvious that this couple of human beings and high elves have another love crystallization.
After introducing each other, Turayan took them inside. Everywhere he passed, everyone saluted him and called him a celebrity enthusiastically.
Although Turayan has become the commander of hundreds of thousands of troops, he is still a little overwhelmed by the joking eyes of his old friends. After he arrived in his reception room, he waved away the others, and suddenly these old people from Azeroth were left in the room.
You are really good’ celebrity’! Without outsiders, Khadga finally burst out laughing.
Turayan blushed, I knew you would laugh, but I’m not used to people always calling me a savior. It’s good to wake myself up.
That’s quite reasonable, Khadga slowly stopped laughing. But we heard that you became their commanderinchief in just two years. It’s really rare. Are these Shiresers particularly simple or are you particularly easy to win their trust?
Turayan shook his head. These two years are two years for Shireser, not two years for Azeroth.
How do you say? They all looked at Turayan.
That’s a long story.
This alien commanderinchief is only in his thirties now, much younger than Khadga’s original age, but his experience is really rich.
According to the Azeroth calendar, it is now the 24th year of the Dark Gate, and it has been ten years since Tulayan and Aurelia disappeared.
At that time, Aurelia was just pregnant and had our second child. He recalled the past with some sighs. You should know that pregnant women are usually slowwitted and have poor alertness. She was assassinated by the devil when she was on patrol. Later, I tracked her all the way to the distortion and it took a lot of effort to save her.
After a pause, he slowly said, Then after some twists and turns, we helped get rid of the devil’s pursuit in a creature of light and finally moved to Sireser.
Is it Naru?
Yes, that’s Naru. It seems that you know them, too? Turayan gave them an unexpected look and then continued, Aurelia gave birth to our first daughter soon after she came here. Her name is Sif. She is really beautiful and very likable!
Recalling his daughter Tulayan’s face with a happy smile.
So now Sif is almost two years old?
Yes, according to the calendar here, she is two years old. Turayan nodded and then smiled. She is already so tall! He compared his waist, which is more than one meter high.
Can a twoyearold child grow that tall? Khadga looked at Turayan suspiciously. It’s only seven years old to have a height.
But according to Azeroth’s algorithm, she should be twenty years old now, Turayan explained. One year in the Shireser calendar is almost equal to four years in Azeroth.
That’s really interesting, but it seems normal to think that you became a commander in chief when you were young. Caderas teased and pointed to Jiang Weihan. Jiang Weihan Pavilion in front of you really became the leader of Azeroth in almost two years.
Turayan was very curious about Jiang Weihan, but it was not convenient to ask too many questions when we first met. Now there is Khadga, and he immediately asked him. Soon, he probably knew that this pavilion, which is several years younger than him, really made great achievements.