Gao Zhiqiu returned to the dormitory after two theoretical classes at noon the next day.

As soon as I entered the room, I found that everyone was dressing up, trying on skirts, putting on makeup, tying their hair, tying their hair … Busy.
Gao Zhiqiu put it away and was about to pick up her backpack and leave Huang Xiaoyu. "Wait, Zhiqiu, you’re not going to date like this, are you?"
"…" Gao Zhiqiu one leng looked down at himself.
White cotton-padded jacket, black velvet pants, a pair of simple cotton shoes … and a red scarf because of the cold weather.
It is also her usual dress in winter.
Huang Xiaoyu looked "angry and indisputable". "Please, do you have to dress up at least for dating your boyfriend during the big holiday?" Come on, let me help you make up. "
"No," Gao Zhiqiu quickly refused, "I have to work first."
"That’s all the more reason to put on makeup. It’s Christmas today. Which customer doesn’t want to see a pretty girl?" Said Huang Xiaoyu a pull up her desk and picked up the powder puff to wipe her face.
Gao Zhiqiu refused to say, "Then you … lighten it, not too strong."
"Roger that!" Huang Xiaoyu said that he was skilled in helping her make up.
Almost a minute later, "OK!"
Gao Zhiqiu looked at herself in the mirror. This time, her makeup was not as thick as it was during the performance. She just painted her eyebrows and eyeliner, and she looked much more natural without eye shadow and lipstick.
"Isn’t it beautiful?" Huang Xiaoyu smilingly asked
Gao Zhiqiu nodded, "Xiao Yu, your makeup skills are really good."
Huang Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow proudly. "Of course, my mother taught me to make up when I was fifteen."
"So early?" My roommates were surprised to hear this.
桑拿会所"Yes," Huang Xiaoyu said while collecting tools. "My mother said that there are no ugly women and lazy women in this world. Makeup is a skill that women must learn-she also said that women should be elegant and exquisite at all times. There is a saying that women who like themselves must dress up well since they are going on a date, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu listened to the phrase "women like themselves", and her lips unconsciously raised a radian.
On the other side, Yu Jinchuan just changed his clothes and the door was knocked on a few times.
"Come in"
The door opened and old lady Yu came in and asked with a smile, "Is Jinchuan all right last night?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I have to go out for a trip."
"ah? Where to go? It’s almost six o’clock, "said Mrs. Yu with some dissatisfaction." I asked your eldest sister-in-law to introduce you to a girl who is twenty years old this year. She will come home for dinner tonight. Did you hear that? "
Yujinchuan immediately frowned. "Mom can’t stop me …"
"What’s not? Jinchuan, you don’t really listen to your father and don’t plan to have a girlfriend, do you? "
Yu old lady nasty when earnestly advised to get up "jin chuan, your father he stubborn you can’t also be confused, I tell you that men should get married first, just like your father is not married to me at the age of twenty? With a stable family and a woman behind you, you can worry about your career. Do you think mom is right? "
Yu Jinchuan nodded "yes"
Old lady Yu didn’t expect her son to be so happy. She immediately said, "It’s really nice to meet that girl later. By the way, I still have photos …"
As he said, he reached out and reached for his pocket.
"No, mom," Yu Jinchuan immediately held down her arm and pondered for a moment. It seemed as if he had made up his mind and said, "I already have someone I like."
"What?" Yu old lady suddenly dumbfounded.
Two minutes later, the old lady Yu came to the building excitedly, and she was so happy that she even hummed a tune in her mouth.
"Flower baskets and flowers are fragrant. Listen to me sing and sing and come to Nanniwan, a good place in Nanniwan …"
Yu Zhengzhong looked up from the newspaper and frowned at her. "What’s so happy?"
Old lady Yu crossed her face and said, "Do you want to know?"
Yu Zhengzhong hasn’t spoken yet …
"I won’t tell you!" Old lady Yu proudly finished and walked into the first floor with a smile.
Yu Zhengzhong "…"
Three grandchildren in the room are doing their homework.
It is said that doing homework is actually a depression because his twins are sitting in a crooked position with crayon paper in their hands and drawing ghost symbols.