"Where did you get Amber?" long summer was happy and confused. Because Amber was old, he was not able to pay for such a box of chocolates for the time being.

Amber proudly told long summer, "Today, in the manual model making class, I made a small model of the multi-functional plane that was better than his classmate and teacher. I brought him back from Belgium and gave me this box of godiva handmade chocolates as a reward."
The teacher said that eating chocolate properly will have many benefits, such as relieving depression, improving memory, delaying aging, enhancing epidemic force and so on. "
夜网论坛As she spoke, Amber carefully looked at long summer Phoenix’s eyes. "Mommy, you are in poor health recently, so you should eat some chocolate. Eating chocolate can restore your health, restore your good mood and make you more and more beautiful. I, Su Huahua, will always be a beautiful woman."
There is a sour heat in the eyes, and my heart suddenly warms up. long summer can’t help but hug Anbao. "Anbao, you are so happy when you grow up. Thank you for chocolate."
Long summer asked Anbao to climb into the hospital bed and face her face to face. "How about Laibao and Mommy eating together?"
Bai chubby little arms were held high, and Amber confidently showed long summer his imaginary biceps like a hero. "Mommy, I’m a boy. I’m very strong. I don’t need chocolate. I want some for Mommy. Mommy, eat quickly."
"Amber, if you eat with Mommy, Mommy’s body will recover faster." long summer’s eyes almost burst into laughter.
Amber blinked her beautiful eyes and thought for a few seconds, then she promised long summer, "In this case, I’ll eat with Mommy."
Amber gave long summer this godiva chocolate gold foil branded portrait of Mrs godiva with exquisite silks and satins. The gift box alone looks so noble and elegant.
The gift box is skillfully matched with 25 unique and exquisite chocolate hearts, pearl white round obsidian black spherical chalcedony purple wave amber brown, each of which is carved with classic ogo or beautiful patterns.
Rich and colorful appearance, silky and fragrant taste bring people the ultimate enjoyment from vision to taste.
The afterglow of the sunset in the ward gently sprinkled long summer and Anbao’s clean faces with golden happiness and sweet halo. One big and one small talked and laughed and shared this warm and unforgettable delicious moment.
"long summer, I am now the marketing director of a luxury company in Y City. I have been on a business trip in Beijing for several months these days. I don’t see you. Do you miss you? Is it convenient for you to come out for dinner at night?" long summer, who was immersed in the afternoon office, suddenly received WeChat from Qin Chen.
Who said that loss must be a gain? Sometimes loss also means gain, such as Qin Chen.
Qin Chen, who left Yu’s regiment, was no longer the blind girl who was lost in love. She finally found her true home and started her new life journey.
In this way, Qin Chen long summer feels gratified and sincerely wishes her.
As night fell, long summer came to the restaurant where Qin Chen invited her to dinner on time. She handed Qin Chen the menu. "I’ll treat you to a meal with friends from afar."
"This how line is I ask you out to say yes I treat you is I treat you" Qin Chen pushed the menu to long summer again.
"How about you come to Beijing and I invite you? How about I go to Y city and you invite me?" Finally long summer suggested.
Qin Chen stared at long summer and looked serious. "long summer, will you really go back to Y City?"
Long summer realized that his words just now were uttered without thinking.
Yeah, will she really go back to Y City?
Maybe even she doesn’t know how to answer this question.
Some people say that they love someone and a city.
She loves Yu Enze and she loves Y City.
She has left all her love in this city, but she finally chose to leave.
If you let her go back to Y City, what name will she go back in?
The man in my heart
be reluctant to part with
Or what?
As far as she is concerned, she is sorry for him
She hurt him too much. She is not qualified to go back to Y City. She doesn’t deserve him to meet again.
I know your heart is always trying to get close to me, but I just want to be far away from you. I don’t want you to hear my heartbeat. It’s always your heart that speeds up. Leaving you is the best way for me to love you. I love you very much. You have always been in my heart.
"I’ll see you later" took long summer a long time to get out.
"Is it just me? Don’t you miss him?" Qin Chen kept a sharp eye on long summer
Long summer was silent.
Qin Chen like a sigh and then hold the hand of long summer "long summer even because of Anbao and Enze you won’t go to see Enze again?"
Long summer suddenly raised his head and looked at Qin Chen with a calm face. "Qin Chen, what did you say?"
Qin Chen smiled and locked long summer’s eyes tightly. "long summer, what I said is not very clear in your heart? Anbao is more and more like Enze. I won’t fail to see that Anbao is really you and Enze child, right?"
Long summer alpha males.
"Qin Chen, I hope you don’t tell Enze" long summer has a deep voice.
"long summer, will you keep this from Enze? Don’t you think it’s unfair to Enze and Amber?" Qin Chen’s tone was mixed with some reproach.
"It’s all my fault, but I’m willing to make it wrong." long summer took back Qin Chen’s holding her hand, and the rising water blurred her guilty eyes. "Qin Chen has married Chen Moran, and I can’t finish with Enze. I hope that Amber and I can live in peace and stability without disputes and troubles."
Corners of the mouth pulled out a bitter smile Qin Chennai shook his head "long summer, do you know that you are much luckier than me? I really envy you.
I think I love Enze as much as you love him. I have waited for him for so many years, but his response to me is always a decisive refusal.
I’m Bai Enze, too. He is very kind to me. I take care of me and cultivate me. He treats me like a family. He can give me all kinds of rare treasures in this world without stint. Even if I want the stars, he may try his best to help me pick them.
However, I don’t want any rare treasures. I want his heart, but he would rather give me the whole world than his heart, because his heart has always belonged to you. "
Gently wipe away tears from the corner of my eyes. Qin Chen sighed heavily again. "This is the cruelest sentence that Enze said to me when he refused me."
If you hurt him, he still loves you deeply, and his devotion to you has reached the point of madness. Frankly speaking, I am jealous of you, jealous of you to the bone.
Enze is so extraordinary, a man is better than you and me, and women are all in love with him, and he has already closed his heart and frozen himself in a lonely world.
After all these years, he is still alone, and he won’t love women except you.
Long summer Enze, you pay too much. You hide him. You still have a child. Don’t you feel cruel to him? Don’t you feel sorry for Enze at all? "