Because of this, I didn’t take a picture of Xu’s mother entering the demolition room at the right time

The whole song dynasty is more inclined to the statement that’ Xu Qiang put Xu Mu’s body in the demolition area’. If this is the case, the main responsibility will not be constant.
Yu Tingchuan said, "It’s a nail on the head. Now that Hengyuan, a network news, has come forward to clarify those false reports, they will slowly sink away."
"I am boring" is just a little worried about you.
Song Qingcheng didn’t say the second half of the sentence. Realizing that her worry was superfluous, she changed the subject and asked, "Is there a dinner party at night?"
"Make an appointment for dinner with a director."
"Drink less wine"
Her words are full of heart.
Yu Tingchuan just came out from the chairman’s office wearing a wrist watch and holding a mobile phone in his left hand. After listening to the words, he told him to be awed and gentle. Before ending the call, he did not forget to tell her to eat well alone and not to be picky about food.
I met Li Dong in the balcony of Yutingchuan Hotel on the evening of October.
Although Xu Dong has been outside the box, he doesn’t know what to talk about inside. When Li Dong left around nine o’clock, his face was not very good.
Li Dong walked into the ladder and thought about Yutingchuan talking just now.
"Green Fragrant Garden is not a high-end project of Hengyuan. Although it is led by Hengyuan Real Estate Company, it is really necessary to immediately stop this loss. Hengyuan also fills in the loss. The demolition workers of Green Fragrant Garden can start construction without credit and hard work, but this kind of accident is that our top management misread the management ability responsible for real estate or someone deliberately expects Li Dong to help me analyze it tonight."
The light Yu Tingchuan’s eyes are gentle, as if he really asked him for experience, but Li Dong’s heart sank, even though his face looked as usual.
"Hengyuan is a national enterprise and a listed company in Hong Kong. Li Dong has Hengyuan shares in his hand. It should be whiter than me to get a large dividend every year." Yu Tingchuan said slowly, "Hengyuan is almost nine years old. If something goes wrong, it will be my father and your uncles."
When Li Dong heard this, he finally stopped being silent. "I, the director of the company, naturally hope that the company will steam the green fragrant garden. I have also heard that it is no wonder that the person in charge of this project really has a headache when encountering this nail."
Yu Tingchuan leaned back against the back of the chair and smiled. He leaned over and took the lighter and lit the cigarette with his fingers curled up in the smoke. "In the evening, I went to the chairman’s office. My father meant that he hoped to sit down with the Xu Qiang and have a good talk. The problem of Xu Qiang has not been demolished for a day or two. There is never a shortage of opportunistic people. Developers will eventually compromise and increase the price by 1,100 yuan per square meter. At least, there are 100,000 pieces of Hengyuan to deal with this kind of situation in the early years. I am afraid this way will not work.
Li Dong has seen the video of Zhang Ping answering reporters before coming.
That kind of tough behavior is in contrast to Yu Tingchuan’s good attitude at the moment, which is why Li Dong can’t gag instead.
Sure enough, Yu Tingchuan said, "Zhang De is ready to file a lawsuit against the demolition accident at the latest on Wednesday. Since he refuses to accept private coordination with dialects, it is easy to go through judicial procedures and save the matter from further deterioration and expanding influence."
Li Dong frowned thoughtfully after opening "this will be bad? Now the network media is developed, sometimes it is easy to pull a string of Hengyuan. Although the industrial park in Shenzhen caught fire last year, it was not stabbed out, but it was afraid-"
"What are you afraid of?" Yutingchuan interrupted Li Dong’s words and saw that the other side was awkward and the corners of his mouth raised a faint smile.
Li Dong was speechless at the moment.
Yu Tingchuan’s tone eased a lot. "There is a saying that immortals fight and mortals suffer. I invited Li Dong to eat this meal tonight in the hope that you would take a few words for me. Now I am afraid that Li Dong can also go straight to the holy audience."
The word "direct hearing" made Li Dong look embarrassed.
What surprised him more secretly was that Yu Tingchuan clearly knew that Yu Qidong had come to his senses outside the words.
☆, Chapter 32 Yulinjiang This second son is too unique to do things.
As soon as his thoughts turned, he hoped that he was thinking too much.
There are many women in Yulin River, but there are several children who can enter Hengyuan. Besides Yu Qidong and Yu Tingchuan, there is also an old seven who can’t help the wall.
Thinking of Yu Chengye and Li Dong’s face softened, he said, "Your father and I have been friends for decades, and we are still young, so I will talk to your father later."
Yu Tingchuan was noncommittal about this.
Li Dongduan picked up the teacup and said, "Now young people are impetuous. This child is still good, but he is occasionally guilty. If the nail is really with him, your father will not spare him this time."
Yu Tingchuan smiled but didn’t move. He looked at Li Dong and said, "Li Dong and my aunt have been close friends for many years, so my aunt’s death anniversary is near this year."
This aunt Yutingchuan called Li Dong an understatement, and the corner of her eye couldn’t help but jump.
The man sitting opposite didn’t seem to find him strange. He picked up chopsticks, put a piece of sashimi into a small dish, and picked up a small white bone China pot. Soy sauce overflowed from the mouth of the pot, and the salty cut was flat and sashimi was fainted by soy sauce. Then Yu Tingchuan slowly put the bone China pot back in its place.
"Li Dong loves to eat three fish bones. I’ll order one for you tonight."
Yutingchuan talking white bone plate has been pushed in the past.
Li Dong didn’t reach for it, because Yu Tingchuan chatted with him, and the sound rang again in the box. "My eldest brother has been lying in the hospital for so many years, and it’s time to get up and do more activities. If a person lies down for too long, he will be wiped out."
I heard that Li Dong didn’t continue playing Tai Chi.
He sighed and opened his mouth. "I still remember the first time I saw you was a cement factory in Hengyuan. At that time, you just appeared at the office door with a class bag. At that time, I knew that your father had picked up a child and went home, but I didn’t expect you to come to his place of work to find him."
Section 379
In the 1990s, Hengyuan Company was not as large as it is now, and many things still needed Yu Qidong and his partners to do personally. At that time, due to the explosion, Qi Dong and his family were unhappy and simply stayed in the factory.
"When you see five or six people talking at the desk, you are not afraid or shy. Just tell your father that your mother has a stomachache and let him go and see your mother."
Li Dong said that his face showed his memory. "At that time, we old men were still energetic, unlike the old people who are now bent on seeking safety."
品茶  title=Yu Tingchuan changed his sitting posture, but he was calm and carefree. He heard Li Dong say,’ Be safe’, and his handsome facial features could not see joy and anger.
After a while, he just smiled and tapped his fingers on the ash to slowly open his mouth. "It’s not a bad thing to seek stability, but also to prevent someone from overstressing in the process of seeking stability, don’t you think?"
We are both wise people, but even if we talk, our doorways are clear.
Li Dong recognized that they, the Yu, always suspected the nailing to him or Yu Qidong, and he sighed with a faint sigh. "Your father’s behavior is the most like that of his three sons when he was young. Your father has been deliberately holding you down over the years. We old guys can see that in ancient times, you were just a commander in chief who was keen on guarding your business. Your wrist is too rigid and may not be suitable."
"Your father didn’t let you into the board of directors because of this concern. In the past six months, you have not been as strong as you used to be, but all directors have a saying in their hearts that you can’t come back overnight after excessive tilt."
Yu Tingchuan didn’t answer the question, "Did you see my father before you came?"
After telling the truth, Li Dong continued thoughtfully, "In recent years, there have been many enterprises investing in the automobile industry, but the real results are few. In May, the video company’s assets reorganization certificate will be shared with the directors. It is not incomprehensible that they are worried about this."
"Have you talked to his director?"
"Did you happen to meet and talk?"
Li Dong looked at the light, Yu Tingchuan lifted his shirt cuff and relaxed. "Liang Dong, they also mean to hope that the company can come to Hengyuan’s great cause one step at a time. How about the big capital turnover? Your position should be better than ours. If you accidentally fall into it, it will not be as simple as stopping the project."
Yu Tingchuan heard a sentence
The elevator arrives at the negative floor of the hotel.
Li Dong’s ear seems to have Yu Tingchuan’s sentence’ It seems that Li Shu is really old’. Aside from the words, it’s a pity that the’ Li Shu’ makes him more touched.
Once Yu Tingchuan called his uncle Nian.
At that time, Yu Qidong had an accident, and Yu Tingchuan became the general manager of Hengyuan. There were not many others, but Yu Tingchuan didn’t show anxiety. He promoted the construction of Yungang project by one hand. The day before the board meeting, Yu Tingchuan personally called him Li Shu for the first time.
Li Dong still remembers the respectful tone. Compared with this Li Shu tonight, it made him have a bad feeling.
As the ladder door opened, Li Dong walked out and took out his mobile phone to dial out the words.