Kexin nodded.

"You’re really worried about me." Nan Chen raised his smile and wrinkled his eyes with beautiful texture.
"You are worried that I will be hurt by him, aren’t you?"
Kexin bit her lip slightly. She was worried about him.
She is really afraid that her brother will hurt him like that again!
Once, it was Nan Chen’s night, and my brother shot so hard at home.
This is my brother’s house …
There’s no guarantee that my brother won’t hurt him with his hands.
"Brother, if you start work again …"
Nan Chen’s smiling eyes are deep and bright at night. "Xin Er can’t get enough of my expression when she sees you worrying about it 1000 times and 10000 times."
But he’s joking at a time like this.
夜生活"Don’t worry, it will be fine."
"But I’m so worried."
Nan Chen chuckled at night, "He won’t let his sister have no husband."
Kexin’s mood is even more boring. She is worried that he will comfort him as if nothing had happened.
"Hin, your brother won’t do anything to me. If you really want to do anything to me, I won’t be in good condition in front of you now."
Kexin slightly lowered his eyelids and bit his lip and said, "My brother has a deep prejudice against you."
"I know!" He smiled and drooped his eyelids. The faint smile was still so charming.
Kexin turned to look at Nanchen night, so that he was somehow sad.
No matter what he does, his brother will never have a good attitude towards him.
Although those things have passed, it is difficult for anyone to forgive them easily.
She can understand her brother!
But she didn’t want him to be embarrassed by her brother because of herself.
Nan Chen night hold her hand "hin son your brother is angry with me is I should! I can’t even forgive myself for doing those things! "
"You didn’t mean to do that to me."
He has always been a good man! Even if he never loses his temper with his domestic servants, it is because of his parents’ grudges that he will do so. Besides, it is indeed their family that is sorry for him. If his mother had not selfish destroyed his family and robbed his father, his mother would not have died of despair.
"No matter what I hurt you, it’s true that your brother is angry with me, but my heart feels better! I am willing to bear whatever he does except let me leave you. "
"I’m sorry" kexin choked up.
"Silly girl, I’m sorry. I should say," Nan Chen looked askance at her at night. "Xin Er, I will try my best to prove to him that you are very happy to marry me."
Of course she believes that he will give her happiness.
She always knew that.
"Why are you crying?"
Kexin hurriedly wiped her tears. She was so touched.
Mujia villa
After the doorman reported the night, Xi Han took Mu Lingtian out to meet them.
MuLingTian ChaDou with one hand and took the night city culvert with the other.
But he doesn’t look very good. He eats people.
Garden road far away to see a pair of matching figure slowly.
Holding hands, the two men smelled of happiness all over.
Mulingtian looks unhappy and looks at them. They haven’t walked into his extreme sarcasm yet.
"I’m still dressed in coquettish when I’m old."
Smell speech night Xihan hurriedly pulled his clothes glaring to shut him up.
These days, she’s been trying so hard to please him with all kinds of beds. Is it all in vain?
What’s the matter? This man still can’t control his mouth.
Kexin just walked into the night and left MuLingTian toward Kexin, which was a big hug. MuLingTian’s face was distorted directly.
"Why didn’t Xiner come back today to say a word?"
Kexin saw Mu Lingtian’s "forgetting to call". She thought about talking, but she didn’t know how to say it and was afraid of her brother’s words.
"How could you forget this girl? I’m so ready to make a call before!"
"Sorry sister-in-law"
"I haven’t seen you for a few days. Let me have a good look at our family’s Xin ‘er." Night Xihan opened the distance between them and looked at it again and again, holding Kexin’s little face. "Nan Chen’s night is good. It has rounded up our family’s Xin ‘er a lot."
Kexin was embarrassed to blush.
"Our daughter is getting more and more beautiful because of love."
Being teased by Ye Xihan makes Kexin even more shy.
"Sister in law …"
Night Xi Han squinting funny.
This little girl is more shy than she is
Looking at her little red face, don’t say it’s Nanchen night, but she can’t help but want to kiss two people hard.
Just say that her husband is worried that it is unnecessary for others to know how happy and sweet they are together!
"Don’t worry, Xin-er, let Nan Chen come home at night."
Mu Lingtian, who has always been regarded, suddenly smiled coldly. "Is he also worthy of our house?"
Night Xihan is really Mu Lingtian. As soon as he meets Nanchen Night, he will be full of fighting capacity, and his mouth will not stop for a moment!
"Your brother forgot to take medicine today and ignored him."
Kexin couldn’t help laughing, but when she saw her brother’s ugly face, she hurriedly stopped. She felt that some sister-in-law dared to make fun of her brother like this …
Give her a hundred guts!
"I’ll give your brother some medicine later." Ye Xihan said with a smile and called them in. "Let’s go in!"