Gao Xi’ an said bitterly, but no one could answer his words. The tactics were worked out by everyone, but after all, Gao Xi’ an had to say it.

They have studied this array for a long time to make up for the lack of ap in the output, but the mouse was broken by a Riven, and this famous cow in Riven can never be limited by an ad.
"Wait for the result …"
Analysts sighed, and they felt a sense of frustration, even the mood of the command field was gone.
"This is China’s big move! It’s really effective! "
On the other hand, Xiaoyue praised China’s choice.
"Well, the main control of the Korean team is Leona, followed by Ritz and Dashu, but in the face of the control of Gariod’s Ritz Dashu, it is impossible to interrupt him. The big burden naturally falls to Leona, but Leona has to protect the mouse from being cut to death by Riven, which becomes a dilemma," Liker said.
"What about changing trees to protect mice?" Abortion question
"There are widows in the front row, and there is no hard control over Gariod. You can bypass him and kill in the Korean team!" Liker said
Abortion nodded, and she especially wanted to know who found the breakthrough point of the South Korean team. This array was really too busy, and a heavy hero played such an excellent effect.
However, as we all know, it was an accident that all this happened. If it was him, he wouldn’t be so late in the selection.
If the South Korean team had known before that Lu Zhan Gariod would never have put a hard-core hero field.
They don’t lead much in this game, but the morale of the Korean team has dropped again and again because of the land show.
The more Gariod’s anti-magic equipment, the stronger the opponent’s ap.
Ritz is also late, but Gariod is the first. Ritzgen can’t beat him. He is much harder than Fatan’s famous Ritz.
It’s not surprising that the last two equipment ice battles were completed in three minutes, but the last land exhibition actually produced a twin shadow!
Chapter 3 Take the fourth game!
Twin Shadow is an uncommon equipment. Besides the basic effect, this active skill can make you shine. The little ghost will slow down the other hero when he finds it.
约茶The last piece of equipment, everyone will show a Langton or resurrect the Class A defense equipment, but it is still an attack!
"Addition imposes the moving speed and reduces the enemy’s speed. This is not to give the other party a way out!" Liker said
"Well, there’s cooling down. He’s excited. The Holy Grail plus this twin shadow, 4% minus D, is enough. I don’t think his talent should be minus D. This set of arrays has made up a big 12-second move. Now it takes more than 7 seconds a minute. It doesn’t seem long at all!" Xiaoyue said
"Don’t stick to one pattern … he gives people the feeling that a hero can get up with equipment. He has no waste in his hand!" Liker ponders that every game of land exhibition is an innovation.
"Praise words are all suitable for him!" Abortion finally said 1
Next, the key game of the fourth game between the two sides began.
45 minutes has taken a long time. It seems that today’s game has been dragged on for a long time.
The first shot was made by China team Lu Zhan. Gariod judged that the other team had a row of views at the big dragon, so he went to the river and pressed a twin shadow on the partition wall at the corridor of their home.
Two transparent ghosts wagged their tails and bent forward, only to meet the mouse that came to hide.
"Is it luck or judgment? !”
The audience didn’t think about it, so the two sides hit each other.
Gariod, the twin shadow deceleration mouse, flashed and chased away!
The partition wall has twin shadows and the partition wall flashes. IMP didn’t escape at all.
For the first time in this game, one person was bigger, but it was the most important person in the other team.
"This is what the twin shadow reason! With the twin shadows attacking Gariod, it has become a stable opening point. "
It happened that at this time, Leona lined up in the Zhengda Dragon Canyon when she needed it.
It takes 2 seconds for Lu Zhan to finish reading the big move. In 2 seconds, no one in the Korean team came near except Ritz.
They didn’t expect the mouse to be invisible when it was caught. Natural support was slow.
But the China team didn’t give up this opportunity, and both the blind monk and Riven rushed over.
What, this game didn’t let Tianlan choose his favorite emperor?
Isn’t the Emperor more suitable to cooperate with Gariod?
Many people have thought so, but the blow of Lu Zhan has already said the answer.
Blind monks seldom beat the first hand in this game.
China’s team has Tian Lan and Lu Zhan, which won’t be Lu Zhan and Tian Lan’s Lu Zhan. He doesn’t need the emperor to help him circle people. He needs the blind monk to kick Leona away!