A few days ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, and the Municipal Taxation Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Doing a Goodline of the Subject Category Training Institutions for the Students in the Commendation Education Stage" "(Hereinafter referred to as" Notice ")," Disciplinary Training Institutions Registered as Non-profit Organization Guidelines "" Discipline Training Institution Transformation Guidelines "" Automatic Training Institutions Termination Guidelines "on existing disciplinary school training institutions Registering related work such as non-profit institutions to refine deployment. According to the requirements, the proof training institution shall suspend enrollment and charging before completing the non-profit organization. For the organizers who did not choose non-profit legal persons, they did not actively stop training activities, and they ended their school qualifications within the prescribed time limit. The business license has been obtained, and the profit organization in which the discipline training business registered in the market regulatory department shall apply to the original examination and approval authority to renew the school license. If the civil affairs department is registered as a private non-enterprise unit, at the same time The market supervision department logs out of the main body of the profit organization.

  Have a school license, in accordance with the discipline of the discovery of the relevant training institutions in the civil affairs department, have not yet been processed by private training institutions, and the original examination and approval authority shall apply for the school license, according to "Guangdong Province non-profit" The sample of the private education and training institutions "re-approval the new charter, and the non-profit organization continued to carry out training activities according to law. Agency for the discipline training business of the operational license has been taken to other business scope (including but not limited to high school training, non-learning training, adult self-study training, etc.), which can be transformed into the original approval authority. After applying for the content of the school, after receiving the new school license, apply for a change legal person to register by the original registration authority. If the school training institution determines the dissolution mechanism, it shall, according to the relevant laws and regulations, after the resolution of the decision-making body of the school training institution, apply to the original approval authority.

The original approval authority should be approved in time, and the training institution will clear the property according to law, and apply to the registration authority in a timely manner.

(Full Media Reporter Liu Xiaoxing).