Original title: Common wealth is "Sui Sheng as a big wins" (the people’s forum) Common wealth is the essential requirements of socialism and is an important feature of Chinese style modernization.

Some time, "seeking" seeking magazine’s important articles "solid promoting common prosperity" emphasized: "Adapt to the changes in my country’s main contradictions, better meet the growing needs of the people, must promote all the people together As a result of the ability to make a happiness, constantly consolidate the party’s long-term ruling foundation. "Throwing a voice, interpreting all the Chinese Communists for the people, all relying on the value of the people, highlighting our party to continue to promote all the people’s common wealth . "Governing the way, the people are beginning." "Common wealth is a basic goal of Marxism, and it is also a basic ideal of our people since ancient times.

We promote economic and social development, and it is necessary to realize all the people’s common prosperity.

From the beginning of the establishment of New China, "Now we implement such a system, such a plan, can be more stronger a year, one year, one year, more stronger.

And this rich is a common rich, this strong, is a common, everyone has a copy of the "New History", and we will become rich in the new period of the reform. We will have a central issue in the future from the beginning of the reform. . Socialism is not a few people rich, most people are poor, not that.

The greatest superiority of socialism is a common prosperity. This is a thing that reflects the essence of socialism. Wealthy requirements ", we have always firmly firm people’s position, emphasize the essence of poverty, improving people’s livelihood, achieving common prosperity is the essential requirements of socialism, is an important embodiment of our party and the party and government.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly pointed out: "The realization of common prosperity is not only an economic problem, but also a major political issue of the relationship between the party.

We must never allow the gap between the rich and the poor to get more and more, the poorer is getting more rich, and it is never possible to have an insurmountable gap between rich people and poor people. "After the reform and opening up, our party profoundly summarizes the opponent’s historical experience. Recognizing that poverty is not socialism, breaking the traditional system constraints, allowing some people, part of the region, promoting the liberation and developing social productivity. Party’s 18th National Congress since, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC central Committee to gradually achieve common prosperity of all the people in a more important position, and take effective measures to protect and improve people’s livelihood, to win tough fight poverty, building a moderately prosperous society, to create a good to promote common prosperity Conditions. The facts are fully proved that doing a good job in the work of the party and the country, it is necessary to achieve good, safeguard, develop the fundamental interests of the most broad masses of the people as all the starting point and the foothold, more consciously enable reform and development results more and more fair. Hui and all the people. The nine-story platform, from the tiredness. Xi Jinping General Secretary emphasized: "China is in the first stage of socialism, but we can’t do a transcendence stage, but it is not to gradually realize common prosperity. There is no way, but to do what you can do according to the existing conditions, you will be able to win, and you will continue to move towards all the people’s goals.

"Promoting all the people’s prosperity is a long-term task and is also a reality task.

The foot is down, for a long time, to make a more active effort to this goal, so that the people can really feel the fact that the common prosperity is visible, touching, and realistic.

  Development is socialism and development must be committed to common prosperity. Just as General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Chinese people talk, the Chinese Communist Party speaks, the Chinese Communist Party’s leaders speak is the calculation!" As long as we always adhere to the people-oriented thinking, one thing is one thing, then one year One year, it will be able to continuously promote a more obvious substantive progress of all people’s common prosperity! (Editor: Zhou Yu Ting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.