On June 28, the number of applicants in Guangzhou exceeded the number of people in the enrollment plan, organized computer shakes from various district education bureaus.

This year is the second year of Guangzhou "Citizen Tong", and the private middle school that needs to be shake is 90, which is 5 above last year.

As of press time, Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter statistics discovery, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Panyu four district competition shakes are reduced by last year, but the total number of degrees in the public school also decline, so the signing rate, Yuexiu Sign Increased, Haizhu, Tianhe, Panyu, the signing rate in Panyu declined.

  According to the enrollment information of this year’s private junior high school, the reporter statistics discovered in the Guangzhou Volunteer Education School Admissions Registration System. This year, 48236 children who reported to the primary and middle-aged children, and 90 people who need to share the number: Baiyun District and Zengcheng District The most is 15, 11 Tianhe District, 10 Panyu District, 9 Huadu District, 7 Haizhang District, 7 Huangpu District, 7 Tsuen District, Yuexiu District 5, Nansha District 4. From the Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Panyu 4th District’s shake number data, this year, the private junior high school report seems to be cooling. The number of registrations in the four districts requires a reduction in the number of applicants. The number of competition in Haizhu District has decreased the most, 10,669 people last year compete, 8441 this year, reducing 2228 people. Yuexiu District was 8,515 last year, 8,193 people this year, reducing 322 people.

Tianhe District is competitive in 6121 people last year, 5428 people this year, reducing 693 people. Panyu District is 5,481 people last year, 5,155 people this year, reduce 326 people. However, the total number of degrees in the public school also declines, so the signing rate in the stronger, the summons in Yuexiu are slightly improved, the margin, Tianhe, and Panyu have declined trend. Top schools, last year, the admission ratio is more than 20: 1; the second middle school should have a degree in the secondary school; the admission ratio of the six-middle Pearl River Middle School and Nanwu Experimental School is also about 8: 1.

  This year, the most competitive school in Haizhu District is medium great, and the admission ratio is more than 14: 1, and the admission ratio of the Zhujiang Middle School and Nanwu experiments remains over 8: 1. According to the Guangzhou Compulsory Education Stage, I have been admitted to the primary school graduates who have been admitted to the Guangzhou Citizen School Primary School registration system for admission; the age-aged children who have not been admitted can be From July 19th to 23rd, from August 23 to 27th, he participated in the first grade of the people’s first grade.

It should be noted that the provisions of each district have been slightly different, and parents should query clear.

(Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Jiang Wei report).