The "Code Service" platform is an innovation proposed in Hainan in the context of the trade-wide, and is a comprehensive service convenience platform for Hainan’s use of large data resources combined with health, integrating Hainan office integration and life integration.

Through the "One Code and Talk", the personal government services such as provident fund, social security, public security, and traffic control are integrated into a special service, and the government matters are implemented "Pocket Appointment, Pocket Handling, Pocket Tracking".

As of May 23, 2021, the accumulated registered users exceeded 22 million.

Since this year, the "code service" platform focuses on the information resources such as medical insurance, social security, etc. Since the launch of pilot services, it has been widely recognized by the elderly group.

As of May 23, there were a total of 7889 online applications.

In addition, this year’s "code service" platform and Haikou, Sanya, Wenchang, Qionghai and other cities, "smart enrollment" work, integrate data resources such as housing, household registration, guardian and social security payment, and the home is automatically compared, and parents only You need to fill in the relevant information on the hand, you can apply for an online application. The whole process takes only 3 minutes to provide students with efficient and comfortable work experience, greatly reduce the workload of the school enrollment staff and effectively saving social resources. Next, "Code Service" platform depth docked integrated online government platform, "small passenger car shake", talent service platform, etc., expanded in the field of medical health, social security, medical insurance, etc., providing better personal affairs for the masses Experience. (Hainan Provincial University Data Management Bureau Xu Ying Poetry Dandan) (Editor: Liu Yangyang, Xi Xiuqin).